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Germany B34NS 
FACEIT League Season 2 Champion
2014-10-24 16:07
is it me or they all fat as fuck ? its that fucking shirt that makes them a belly ( full homo )
2014-10-24 19:01
it's the shirt indeed
2014-10-25 00:51
JW aka' babyface
2014-10-24 20:06
it kinda looks like olof and krimzz don't feel like they are a part of the team :D
2014-10-24 20:11
1+ they look so distant.
2014-10-24 20:17
because that's how they actually feel
2014-10-25 03:56
They are all very good friends and they have a really good team-spirit!
2014-10-26 04:40
wish JW would at least try to learn english. lazy.
2014-10-25 00:39
wtf are you talking about? everyone in this picture speaks more than good enough English.
2014-10-25 03:56
Actually he speaks it very well, i talked with him without problems on LAN.
2014-10-27 18:16
n1 wallpaper
2014-10-25 03:55
2015-02-23 20:27
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