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damnit flusha stop making 10-year olds install cheats for you
2014-11-27 11:34
Portugal JrMan 
thats the main dreamhack admin, and hes not leaving flusha's side lmao
2014-11-27 11:36
Wouldn't be surprised if they posted a job application for an admin to watch flusha the entire time. "Dreamhack looking for admins We are hosting a cs go tournament and we need an extra admin to stand behind flusha at all times. If you think you have the right qualifications send an email to" :p
2014-11-27 11:47
they cant stop him from cheating as long as he is allowed to use his own mouse. just sayin' :) e: at least they took away their phones
2014-11-27 18:26
still haters lol
2014-11-27 20:48
im not hating i just wanted to state that there will be no proof he doesnt cheat until he plays matches without any chance of using hacks.
2014-11-27 20:54
my apologies, was just tired of all the god damn witch hunts lol
2014-11-27 20:57
np m8 :)
2014-11-27 22:08
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