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They won this tournament three times with $ 50,000 and a one time $ 100,000 and $ 250,000 the results yeaaaaa
2014-11-30 11:16
only 1 seconf place u moron, lol, learn to count
2014-11-30 16:03
50k + 50k + 50k + 100k = 250k Learn to count
2014-11-30 17:22
their team is like 3 weeks old, get a brain you confuse old nip lineup with new nip lineup. it s not the same!
2014-11-30 17:42
get a brain plz
2014-11-30 17:45
Can someone give to this guy a brain ?
2014-11-30 18:57
no place to put it
2014-12-04 01:22
Brazil jpfogato
OMG I can't believe I read that...
2014-12-04 13:34
Good job after switching player some just some weeks ago, friberg was a beast on inferno. my personal MVP
2014-11-30 12:32
Man, Patrick is so stoned...
2014-11-30 13:23
Maikelele and Friberg as well, they all just looks like "Where the fuck am I?" Finally GTR doesn't look like the most stoned player from NiP.
2014-12-04 00:41
Cos award ceremony was super stupid. Game ended, 2 seconds later the guy is saying "oh i gotta bring the 2nd place team out". Much cringe wow. They are all just sad that they lost such a close game :(
2014-12-04 10:04
Maikel MVP
2014-11-30 14:00
f0rest confused as to why they would give out a ps4 at a PC LAN event
2014-12-04 00:42
maikeleles satisfied grin quickly vanished when they gave the game away
2014-12-04 01:21
old but gold
2018-07-11 01:22
2020-07-16 20:56
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