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NiP with the winner trophy
NiP with the winner trophy
2015-02-01 02:55
Friberg holding Cup looks like.
2015-02-01 03:02
lmao it does
2015-02-01 03:46
actually its xizts arm behind maikelelelele
2015-02-01 06:59
if you look more carefully in the hands of forest. Xizt's hand on Maikelele's shoulder.
2015-02-01 14:52
2015-02-03 17:01
Our boys :)
2015-02-01 03:19
Friberg is holding the cup. Maikelele's right hand is on Xizt right shoulder, Friberg's right hand in on Xizt left shoulder. The hand on Maikelele's left shoulder is Xizt left hand. Now you're wondering: "But where's GeT_RiGhT's left hand then?" . . . On Xizt's butt.
2015-02-01 12:55
Ayy lmao Not funny
2015-02-01 12:58
Plot twist... Both hands on Xizt shoulders, are his own hands.
2015-02-03 17:13
you guys have way to much time on your hands, or is it their hands.
2016-09-01 23:48
his hands x)
2016-09-02 23:03
if you look more carefully in the hands of forest, Forest take cup. Xizt's hand on Maikelele's left shoulder. Xizt's hands what one on Friberg's butt, other one on Get_Right's butt.
2015-02-01 14:55
f0rest | 
Estonia Rebae 
The NiP of late 2014 to early 2015 is back, temporarily
2016-08-30 16:00
Poland Mateo29 
best nip is back
2016-08-30 19:20
2018-03-03 19:12
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