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Aliens are real.
2015-03-12 14:51
2015-03-12 16:08
REZ | 
United Kingdom counterpxl 
2015-03-13 00:20
Is this the same stadium where ems'14 took place?
2015-03-13 07:44
2015-03-13 08:30
then how come the main stage/venue has gotten smaller, or will the finals take place in the big circular arena again, any ideas?
2015-03-13 12:46
the games up until the final will be played in a place beside the Spodek. The Spodek is used only for LoL this year, and for the finals of each game
2015-03-13 13:54
Thanks for the info mate.
2015-03-13 14:16
Semis and final
2015-03-13 14:24
2015-03-15 22:44
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