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everyone's fucking bored
2015-09-08 21:21
Except one guy in the back
2015-09-08 21:23
wow this is way bigger than LAXNess Arena
2015-09-08 21:22
Germany felo 
Yeah, and the croud looks way more hyped!
2015-09-08 21:24
I can hear the VP chants already!
2015-09-08 21:25
wtf is this? My parents bathroom is larger... It even has more people in it.
2015-09-08 21:27
From right: shox, maniac, rain, maikelele, random grill, dennis, scream and spyleader:P Did I get it right?
2015-09-08 23:21
Norway kakkopp 
you dont even know what right is
2015-09-08 23:27
2015-09-08 23:36
Norway kakkopp 
the right is left and left is right but i ment the other left of the left that you ment was right
2015-09-08 23:39
ScreaM skipped leg day Kappa
2015-09-09 02:42
Nice shed!
2015-09-09 09:17
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