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Best coach ever
2016-04-14 17:04
feelings bro feelings
2016-04-14 17:52
esea tiai loo
2016-04-14 17:52
United States MAY0 
stays up till 4 am watching demos beats the reigning major champions FeelsGoodMan ;-;
2016-04-15 01:49
Xyp9x | 
Other GunnerL 
FailFish + NotLikeThis , but in a happy way :s Tyloo deserves the feelz though, going to look out for them, they might be one of Asia's last hopes for now ;_;
2016-04-15 03:56
United States MAY0 
Yes TYLOO has my full support over here in America I hope they achieve their top 8 goal soon
2016-04-15 03:57
Xyp9x | 
Other GunnerL 
I hope to see them gain more experience in this Malmo tourny, and then maybe see them at a future Valve Major, PLEASE WIN THE ASIA MINOR FOR COLOGNE ;-; I'm sure a lot of people might want Tyloo stickers now. :v
2016-04-15 04:11
such a good coach
2016-04-15 04:43
i actually dropped a tear when they won, beatiful story
2016-04-15 11:03
Europe g_G 
2016-04-15 14:50
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