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cis reunion?
2016-07-09 04:13
Sweden TomodachiOM 
so many awesome people in 1 pic
2016-07-12 18:13
slav corner
2016-07-12 19:16
So glad for players cheering for each other!
2016-07-12 21:47
A who is who of CIS players watch Jan 'wayLander' Rahkonen during FlipSid3 Tactics's decider match against Ninjas in Pyjamas on the third day of play at the Lanxess Arena. The qualification of the Ukranian team meant three out of the three CIS teams in atttendance at the Major moved on to the play-offs on the main stage.
2016-07-12 22:28
Brazil SUVACO 
they tagged everyone in the picture, except the player who everyone is watching -_-
2016-11-04 03:04
CIS teams were quick out of the gate with roster changes in the off-season
2016-11-04 08:17
Latvia kjyy 
very good pic
2016-12-31 12:28
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