3rd of November 2012
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Serbia bettt 
hehe go nip
2012-11-03 15:10
nip! gl nfaculty
2012-11-03 15:10
Lithuania alon9 
who would have expected that n!faculty will gonna be in semi-finals :D
2012-11-03 15:11
+1, but its nice to see. Im a bit sad about anexis, they played great in the groups
2012-11-03 15:12
I'm actually not suprised, ESC went without enough practice, Anexis are unmannered bads and FM.ToXiC was a disappointment.
2012-11-03 15:14
cl_makingsense = 0
2012-11-03 15:54
the number goes inside of quotation marks, saucer..
2012-11-03 15:56
the number doesn't need to be inside quotation marks 1.6r
2012-11-03 16:02
actually it's a tradition.
2012-11-03 16:04
sounds geeky to me.
2012-11-03 16:20
you failed yet again.
2012-11-03 22:10
France Kairos1g 
Go n!
2012-11-03 15:11
Sweden Salcc 
NiP fosho, gl boys.
2012-11-03 15:11
NiP 2-0 ...
2012-11-03 15:11
go nip cs:go
2012-11-03 15:13
Hope to see NiP in the Final. Sure, N!faculty played really good vs ESC and Anexis but I believe that the swedes are going to take this home. NiP vs VeryGames in the Final, yes please!
2012-11-03 15:13
Norway b1ue 
ESWC - 1st big cs;go tournament(rly random game for now), only bo1 in groups, no playoffs.. rlly shitty event. but gl for both teams
2012-11-03 15:14
What kind of groupstages have BO3..? And why are you saying there's no playoff when they're currently playing in one?
2012-11-03 17:23
2012-11-03 15:15
free ticket to final for nip
2012-11-03 15:16
Finland phoosi 
NiP 2-0
2012-11-03 15:17
i dont understand why is Nif true and ESC isnt? ESC -8 rounds and NIF -9 rounds?? or is it because IF won of ESC??
2012-11-03 15:18
Norway b1ue 
yea cuz they won with esc
2012-11-03 15:19
eswc.com/en/2012/game/csgo guys what do you say about that ?
2012-11-03 15:18
about what?
2012-11-03 15:21
check groups on this site. according to this esc has second place
2012-11-03 15:22
i think the same, should pass esc with -8 RD
2012-11-03 15:23
czek dis ya
2012-11-03 15:38
How this is possivel? Nifaculty has -9 RD Esc has -8 RD Should pass Esc, no?
2012-11-03 15:21
n!faculty has a straight win versus esc so it does not matter how many rounds they have overall
2012-11-03 16:23
Argentina nked 
2012-11-03 15:23
eswc.com/en/2012/game/csgo Here we have ESC on 2nd place in Group B!
2012-11-03 15:24
The script placed ESC into second place because they have a better RD. I'm pretty sure no one types the numbers manually, they just add a win, draw, or lose and a script calculates everything else. However, the winner of the game n! vs ESC has the advantage when the points are tied, and I'm pretty sure the script isn't coded to calculate this.
2012-11-03 16:14
:)))) ESC POWER!
2012-11-03 15:24
n! won vs ESC thats why, sad polish fanboys -.-'
2012-11-03 15:27
final today or tom?
2012-11-03 15:28
2012-11-03 15:32
ok thx
2012-11-03 15:38
2012-11-03 15:30
I'm very glad for Kirby's team that made it all the way into semis , but i am pretty sure road ends here :)
2012-11-03 15:38
i hope n! just shows a good game :)
2012-11-03 15:45
Argentina nked 
2012-11-03 15:51
I think n! already won their tournament.
2012-11-03 16:14
2012-11-03 16:16
Now n! is the best German team, over mouz Anyway I think NiP will take it in 2 maps, 16-6 16-8
2012-11-03 16:17
i dont think so if mouz was in facultys spot i believe they would have advanced as well
2012-11-03 16:36
2012-11-03 16:21
ip ?
2012-11-03 16:24
Sweden izta 
2012-11-03 16:31
wondering if n! has any chance..
2012-11-03 16:38
Host_Error: Server sent bogus string index 1024 for table modelprecache Unknown command "joingame" I get this every time i try to join the go:tv anyone know how to fix it? tried to verify intergity, didnt help.
2012-11-03 16:41
Did you download the map?
2012-11-03 16:45
yeah, got all the maps,unless some new version has been released since eswc started?
2012-11-03 16:47
this is de_nuke_ve, you need to download it
2012-11-03 16:49
did they release a new version of the ve map? i have nuke_ve already :o Anyways, il redownload it.
2012-11-03 16:56
Can me any say how i can see the match?
2012-11-03 16:48
guys what do i type into console to connect to game? 'connect' like cs 1.6? or..?
2012-11-03 16:55
how do you connect to the game? is it different than 1.6?
2012-11-03 16:58
Link to the stream: eswc.com/en/2012/stream/xulwcq Im pretty disappointed with this stream, its bullshit that just because the stream is german they only are switching between nifaculty players, and its the only stream with NiP vs nifaculty. And the commenting is so bad who allowed them to comentate...
2012-11-03 16:58
How can i download the map?
2012-11-03 17:04
rahim stream ??
2012-11-03 17:07
no sound stream?
2012-11-03 17:10
Don't watch that German stream on the ESWC website... here is better one own3d.tv/greatfrag/live/15465
2012-11-03 17:12
Nip is just too good for everyone else
2012-11-03 17:15
friberg is really good player
2012-11-03 17:23
Everytime I try to connect to anything I cannot. It says a problem with the map, where do I go to get a new one? Before anyone says stream! Well, it sucks connecting to foreign streams from inside China so I cannot.
2012-11-03 17:33
we cant remove that player names from GOTV? can we?
2012-11-03 17:48
spec_hide_players 1
2012-11-03 17:50
2012-11-03 17:56
whats the score here currently?
2012-11-03 17:50
The most boring match out of all 4. NiP needs stronger opponents :[
2012-11-03 17:50
Well good job for n! but honestly they were very lucky .. they aren't as good as Anexis in my opinion and NiP vs Anexis/ESC would've been a much better match to watch ! Area51 vs VeryGames is much more interesting.
2012-11-03 17:52
and how can they be better if n! beat them both :} NiP will beat them pretty easy too
2012-11-03 17:57
NiP can beat anyone easily at the moment .. but since it's a new game I think that they will not stay unbeatable for too long. I really think ESC lost the momentum after losing to VG like they did.. a team like that who used to win almost every tournament in 1.6 has a big ego, and losing to a source team (VG) is probably quite new for them, also losing to other Polish team (ths team) .. but overall I think they are better than n! and Anexis. Anyway .. yeah ok , they won them both - but they aren't a good team in my opinion.
2012-11-03 18:06
"a team like that who used to win almost every tournament in 1.6 has a big ego" they are not a team like u said :) they were good 2007 and next 4 years they won 4-5 tournaments only 2011 they were pretty good and still they weren't dominating :} people make them best cuz of their wcg eswc titles
2012-11-03 18:12
"they aren't a good team" .. LOL gz, you even reached the highest level of ignorance.
2012-11-03 18:12
of course vg vs 51 is more interesting but n! deserved to go through. they beat both esc and anexis and to be honest i doubt that esc or anexis are any better than n!faculty at the moment.
2012-11-03 18:00
2012-11-03 17:53
2012-11-03 17:53
2012-11-03 17:53
Taiwan SCVready 
ninja defuse!!!
2012-11-03 17:54
Germany Dok1 
2012-11-03 17:54
epic 2 rounds :]
2012-11-03 17:55
f0rest 3k + knife
2012-11-03 17:55
is the money system so much fucked up? loose a round after bomb plant and u get cash for awp+ grenades?
2012-11-03 17:57
agreed.almost every round n!faculty bought rifles and some player of NIP has not much money as they won 10+ rounds in a roll
2012-11-03 18:06
mantis one level upon his teammates
2012-11-03 17:59
don't talk bullshit, he isn't even italian.
2012-11-03 18:05
dont reply me french wannabe , did you even see the matches vs ESC or Anexis?! not everyone are some fake wannabe fanb0ys like you so go and rage somewhere else.
2012-11-03 18:45
oh really? hltv.org/news/9450-anexis-tie-vg-n-upset.. they are all pretty much at the same level, if someone is one step ahead of his mates then it's kirby for sure.
2012-11-03 18:51
i guess you are another of that nubs who is tabbing round after round only to see himself in top of the screen while his team is loosing...i'm done here. P.S without him they were in your country by now.
2012-11-03 19:02
first guess = wrong :) "without him they were in your country by now." what is this supposed to mean?
2012-11-03 19:05
n!faculty already won their tournament. Good game guys :)
2012-11-03 18:02
Damn I missed that ninja, can anyone make a highlight?
2012-11-03 18:03
Fifflaren stood in the front of him but shot the air
2012-11-03 18:09
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