1st of December 2012
Match over
Top player in match
Patrik 'f0rest' Lindberg
Past 3 months Player Diff
Rating 1.43 0.43
Kills / round 1.00 0.33
Deaths / round 0.57 -0.10
Assists / round 0.00 -0.13
First kills / round 0.14 0.04
KAST - -
ADR - -
Maps 1
Head to head
22/11 12 DreamHack Winter 2012
16 - 10
19/11 12 THOR Open Qualifier #6
16 - 2
tarik | 
Sweden Joacim 
ESC takes this!
2012-11-30 22:57
2012-11-30 23:01
I ´hope so two, even if i'm a Swedish person. I have allways liked NEO in Team Pentagram, ESC etc. I Also like the other players alot after i have been seen them all earlier when they played CS 1.6! ;-) Gogogo ESC! <3
2012-12-01 13:37
2012-11-30 23:08
ofc NiP on chemical doping
2012-11-30 23:09
ESC 16:12
2012-11-30 23:26
nice score guess but u were wrong about teams :/
2012-12-01 18:11
hehe thanks
2012-12-01 20:43
Netherlands adzer 
NiP 16-10
2012-11-30 23:53
I fancy NiP for taking the pioneer role in CS:GO but would like an upset here in this matchup, lets see what it could lead to. But such scenario most likley just wont happen, or? Tell me ESC-guys. :) still not enough practice? ..
2012-12-01 00:18
hope for ESC
2012-12-01 01:01
stream:) ))
2012-12-01 01:34
Denmark rizc 
2012-12-01 12:35
2012-12-01 02:19
eh i can't remember betting tendency with 98% for swedish team in match with Poles Team with Neo.
2012-12-01 12:15
How do people even bet? I have -1400
2012-12-01 12:25
dont whine i have -4900 lol
2012-12-01 13:34
go ESC!
2012-12-01 12:23
ESC easy nip noobs
2012-12-01 13:22
Slovakia EvErisT 
the best match
2012-12-01 13:42
NiP but gl ESC
2012-12-01 13:42
gl taz&co
2012-12-01 13:46
when semifinals?
2012-12-01 14:02
NiP 16-5
2012-12-01 14:09
sick game incoming :D both teams best of luck ;)
2012-12-01 14:10
Czech Republic hawai`` 
NiP will overwhelm ESC. They still need some more time.
2012-12-01 14:24
Poland joeb 
gl esc :) good progress so far!
2012-12-01 14:25
2012-12-01 14:26
NiP > world easily so...
2012-12-01 14:26
2012-12-01 14:27
2012-12-01 14:29
2012-12-01 14:28
esc show us your power!!
2012-12-01 14:29
go ESC!
2012-12-01 14:29
semifinals today?
2012-12-01 14:30
what is the ip adresse for this hltv please?
2012-12-01 14:30
They'll put it in few mins.
2012-12-01 14:32
hed0r | 
Afghanistan gaIaxies 
game will be live 15:30 ;]
2012-12-01 14:38
NEO | 
India raiNzZ 
delayed :|
2012-12-01 14:33
2012-12-01 14:43
esc pro gamersssssss nip fuck xaxaxaxaxa
2012-12-01 14:58
Xizt | 
Bulgaria HellRose 
i hate this delay :((
2012-12-01 14:58
Slovakia j0fa 
good luck ESC
2012-12-01 15:02
i cant see ESC winning this match...
2012-12-01 15:05
2012-12-01 15:14
Go ESC you can do it
2012-12-01 15:24
2012-12-01 15:25
2012-12-01 15:27
2012-12-01 15:31
2012-12-01 15:32
nip 16:5
2012-12-01 15:32
Go NiP, esc out... again :]
2012-12-01 15:35
Poland sz0u 
Out ? hahahaha
2012-12-01 15:36
India niks 
four teams go through each group :)
2012-12-01 15:36
Poland El Vis 
will the ladder be played today or tomorrow?
2012-12-01 15:43
not today
2012-12-01 15:42
Slovakia pgb1 
esc not out yet, but will be after first playoff game neo noob as hell
2012-12-01 15:36
if esc think about take second pplace in tab they must min. draw this match...it's possible? Mayby if Get_Right will be play with blindfolded:/
2012-12-01 15:37
get_right even no sound NiP wins... sad but true :(
2012-12-01 15:41
ESC seems stronger but still far from beating nip :)
2012-12-01 15:39
easy for esc, go kuben, go loord!
2012-12-01 15:40
Brazil Lkas 
easy esc
2012-12-01 15:40
ESC easy
2012-12-01 15:42
how can u even say it? cant believe how many trolls and idiots we have here
2012-12-01 15:45
relax man, your favorite food is here
2012-12-01 15:51
It's time to NEO risen:)
2012-12-01 15:42
Slovakia pgb1 
neo can only clean forests mouse >D
2012-12-01 15:44
the same as f0rest did with neo's mouse on 1.6
2012-12-01 15:47
Poland sz0u 
hahaha +1 :D neo da king
2012-12-01 15:48
2012-12-01 15:51
Slovakia pgb1 
2012-12-01 15:51
ok, SK did.
2012-12-01 15:52
2012-12-01 16:58
ANGE1 | 
Russia monte:) 
2012-12-01 15:44
Get started already! have to go work in a hour ;S
2012-12-01 15:48
2012-12-01 15:49
easy for esc
2012-12-01 15:50
How many rounds esc need to leave the group ?
2012-12-01 15:50
15 since they have a bad difference
2012-12-01 15:52
they will play the play-offs anyway :D
2012-12-01 15:52
Are ESC out or whats happening? If they win X amount of rounds are they still in? Someone has any info? :P
2012-12-01 15:51
they will play the play-offs anyway :D
2012-12-01 15:52
Ok, thanks :)
2012-12-01 15:57
no because they would loose more rounds than rounds they would win so they need at least 15 rounds
2012-12-01 15:52
top 4 advance.
2012-12-01 15:53
I was thinking the same but: "The top four teams from each group will progress to the quarter-finals, which will use a best-of-three format."
2012-12-01 15:53
yeah but I guess they gonna get a better seed then
2012-12-01 15:54
probably yes
2012-12-01 15:56
2012-12-01 15:53
PASZA: yyoioiooo P.Lindberg <f0rest> CKRAS: yop PASZA: girls : ) TaZ * BENQ: yo A.Friberg <friberg> CDON: Hello x) C.Alesund <GeT_RiGhT-A-> BenQ: big muscle! PASZA: ;p R.Landström <Xizt>SteelSeries: boioz R.Landström <Xizt>SteelSeries: booz R.Landström <Xizt>SteelSeries: and girls PASZA: fiflaren you are my target on this match R.Johansson <Fifflaren> Telia: hahaha C.Alesund <GeT_RiGhT-A-> BenQ: not in real life? C.Alesund <GeT_RiGhT-A-> BenQ: I would like to see!
2012-12-01 15:53
lol pasha
2012-12-01 15:57
Poland sz0u 
admin can u Ban this lekarnik ? everytime same situation...
2012-12-01 16:01
NEO ctrl and full auto on the sky
2012-12-01 16:02
I ve seen TaZ playing on verygames deathmatch server like for 5-6 hours xD... thats too much.. they re trying very hard
2012-12-01 16:04
esc easy
2012-12-01 16:04
neo :D
2012-12-01 16:06
wait.. mmm is kuben right?
2012-12-01 16:08
2012-12-01 16:09
mmm is loord, czo&#322;owy denser is kuben
2012-12-01 16:09
2012-12-01 16:11
bad play by esc (2vs2) i must say. it would look totally different in 1.6 imo.
2012-12-01 16:09
ofc, the map is totally different
2012-12-01 16:10
2012-12-01 16:10
8-3 NiP(CT) de_train
2012-12-01 16:11
8-3 NiP as CT on Train
2012-12-01 16:11
score ?
2012-12-01 16:15
2012-12-01 16:16
stop trolling czech shit
2012-12-01 16:17
stop trolling
2012-12-01 16:17
ESC is not playing too bad actually
2012-12-01 16:16
10-5 not bad!
2012-12-01 16:17
ESC not bad at T side _train, lets see at CT side :D
2012-12-01 16:17
ESC is playin pretty good
2012-12-01 16:18
Boys all report lekarnik post,pls.
2012-12-01 16:19
playing like that on de_train ESC can challenge even VG.
2012-12-01 16:21
f0rest and TaZ, sick!
2012-12-01 16:22
taz stronk
2012-12-01 16:22
wOw great round by f0rp and TaZ
2012-12-01 16:22
742 2 stronk
2012-12-01 16:22
2012-12-01 16:22
jesus, f0rest is such a beast.
2012-12-01 16:23
f0rest is just so insane, nice fight back by taz E: taz again! :D
2012-12-01 16:24
f0rest is insane in this game, dat aim
2012-12-01 16:23
taz! omg!
2012-12-01 16:24
Bulgaria FAVORITE! 
2012-12-01 16:24
wow taz
2012-12-01 16:24
Taz keeping them in it :P
2012-12-01 16:24
2012-12-01 16:24
Taz n1!
2012-12-01 16:24
taz rly beast
2012-12-01 16:24
2012-12-01 16:24
TaZ <3
2012-12-01 16:25
TaZ strong nip wronk :DD
2012-12-01 16:25
Poorly played by fifflaren on this one. TaZ just did what he had to nothing special.
2012-12-01 16:25
fifflaren lol
2012-12-01 16:26
fifflaren fail rsrsrs
2012-12-01 16:27
2012-12-01 16:27
whats the team scores?
2012-12-01 16:27
"pacany strilajut prosta nierealna" hahahahah
2012-12-01 16:27
Kinda hilarious how NiP players keep shooting thru smokes with easy while ESC players cant see shit thru them
2012-12-01 16:27
God this streamer fucking sucks. His comments are so dumb its unbelievable.
2012-12-01 16:27
Why are you even watching his stream then? Do it yourself or check GoTV if it's not up to your retarded standards.
2012-12-01 16:47
Cause watching a stream means beeing ok with the commentary? Ashamed of sharing the same flag.
2012-12-01 17:36
He's doing it for free. If it doesn't suit you, GTFO. There's no point complaining about it.
2012-12-01 17:55
2012-12-01 16:28
how xizt with 10 less frags has more score than gtr?oO
2012-12-01 16:29
The scoreboard sucks tbh, defusing the bomb give you 7 points, and for planting the bomb is 3 points :E
2012-12-01 16:32
oh,fail then xD
2012-12-01 16:33
its better than give you frags like in 1.6 edit:i mean false frags
2012-12-01 16:38
I'm glad the console doesnt show who killed who. If it would, here would be: xxx killed yyy with hs xxx killed aaa uuu killed by worldspawn xxx killed kkk with hs x20 times
2012-12-01 16:30
2012-12-01 16:31
Its a shame they lost both pistol rounds, could have been much closer if ESC actually got a bit of cash momentum going.
2012-12-01 16:30
taz best in ESC
2012-12-01 16:31
2012-12-01 16:31
neo is horrible at this game atm.
2012-12-01 16:34
He has been the best for as long as they have played GO
2012-12-01 16:34
is it online or lan?
2012-12-01 16:32
2012-12-01 16:32
2012-12-01 16:34
Finally neo awping
2012-12-01 16:35
get right seriously good player but all his kills are from behind...
2012-12-01 16:37
why are you such an hater of gtr?
2012-12-01 16:38
I'm not lol just such an annoying player to play against..
2012-12-01 16:44
you actually are, nearly 50 % of your comments is about GeT_RiGhT. not really, you know why he is behind the enemy often? he read the game. Something you cant do when you stream. And another thing, that's he's roll in the team. god damn, haha GeT_RiGhT have been the best player the last 3 years.
2012-12-01 16:50
What are you talking about I have made like 3 comments about get right in like 2 months? You got the wrong guy kid.
2012-12-01 16:54
this is actually the second comment i see in the past 2 weeks, stop talking shit and think a bit before you talk.
2012-12-01 17:23
gg esc easy
2012-12-01 16:37
fifllaren is really uselss with awp and RARA movement are better
2012-12-01 16:38
16:12 NOT BAD :)
2012-12-01 16:38
good match :)
2012-12-01 16:38
16-1 16-12 Progress
2012-12-01 16:38
16-2 16-10 16-12 :)
2012-12-01 16:39
Like NiP actually needed to win the game to be first in the group, and actually needed to show strats. Not hating on ESC they are obviously improving, even tho i cant see anyone beside Taz and pasha with a decent aim
2012-12-01 16:41
yeah, taz aim is incredible good, in 1.6 as well he was better aimer than neo imo and one of the best in the world
2012-12-01 21:43
I dont think he was better in 1.6 but in GO he is for sure, not even close. Taz aim is just one of the best in the world
2012-12-01 21:57
Especially when you consider they lost both pistols and got eco'd in that match.
2012-12-01 16:41
+1 well said i think they can challenge VG right now.
2012-12-01 16:43
Donno if they're ready for VG just yet... they did lose to a far weaker french team than verygames in buykey. They just need to keep putting in the hours and improve on their own individual skill (In go..) so they can be more consistent. They'll be a top 3 team in 2013 i think.
2012-12-01 16:47
at least good fight ESC
2012-12-01 16:38
NIP saving strats
2012-12-01 16:38
Let the polish mafia think otherwise!
2012-12-01 16:41
lose but in this match esc look very good ;)
2012-12-01 16:39
Great match! well played by both teams
2012-12-01 16:39
Great game by ESC
2012-12-01 16:39
wp ESC glad to see them in good shape
2012-12-01 16:39
wp polish!!!
2012-12-01 16:39
Bulgaria FAVORITE! 
2012-12-01 16:39
ESC did very well before the match started i bet like 16:4 16:5, but it finally ended on 16:12.
2012-12-01 16:39
gg well played by taz
2012-12-01 16:39
World fgt 
good game ESC :) nip hacked ;x
2012-12-01 16:39
TaZ! Great play.
2012-12-01 16:39
Taiwan SCVready 
wp ESC
2012-12-01 16:39
really well played ESC :)
2012-12-01 16:39
ZywOo | 
Sweden Le_Dieu 
Seems like ESC have finally gotten some hold of the game atleast.
2012-12-01 16:40
NiP was just running around and killing they didn't even use grenades
2012-12-01 16:40
NiP's first place was already secure. They just had to play the game and not show much of their strats but oh well, im probably getting flamed for stating something obvious *anti-polish shield activated*
2012-12-01 16:43
Sweden jasjwl 
?? they had at like 3 each every round!!:)
2012-12-01 16:43
wp ESC
2012-12-01 16:40
esc to quaterfinal or bye bye ?
2012-12-01 16:40
top4 advance esc still alive :D
2012-12-01 16:43
Top 3 or/ 2 pass the pools?
2012-12-01 16:40
2012-12-01 16:42
tax next level
2012-12-01 16:41
It's top 4 advance and ESC are on third place.
2012-12-01 16:41
top 4 really ? thanks for info
2012-12-01 16:42
actually they are 4th
2012-12-01 16:42
I don't know those rules, but according to ESWC's rules ESC should be 3rd because they won against zNation, but zNation also won against BuyKey so i'm not sure
2012-12-01 16:46
I think the round difference is deciding here
2012-12-01 16:48
it's a pretty strange situation so maybe
2012-12-01 16:48
are you sure it s not cause buykey won vs esc?
2012-12-01 17:02
esc is 4th
2012-12-01 16:44
TaZ, loord MVPs of ESC. but the mvp of the match was f0rest in my opinion. sick headshots!! :)
2012-12-01 16:43
2012-12-01 16:44
If they are 4th.. they will proly face Vg first ;/
2012-12-01 16:45
may be
2012-12-01 16:46
i think they are 3rd
2012-12-01 16:48
NiP should replace Fifflaren if he doesn't improve with a better awper if they want to keep winning in 2013.
2012-12-01 16:44
they'll change him after they start losing
2012-12-01 16:46
Taz well played. Esc made progress i want tp see esc vs vg in semi
2012-12-01 16:43
If ESC are 4th in the group A, it means they are gonna meet 1st placed team from groub B or another?
2012-12-01 16:45
Probably the worst match by NiP so far in GO. Fifflaren have stept up one level and kept the stats good as CT.
2012-12-01 16:45
or maybe: Problaby the best match by ESC ?
2012-12-01 16:46
Not. Did you see how many poor misses NiP did? I was laughing many times when they did look like some public players.
2012-12-01 16:51
LOL, you crazy
2012-12-01 16:52
I can´t say that ESC are good at all when one player like Scream is raping the whole ESC. Scream is amazing, but ESC "was" a topteam in 1.6.
2012-12-01 16:56
wait 4-6 months and ESC NVI Fnatic will be destroy NiP
2012-12-01 17:02
Tired of excuses. How can other team with same playtime as ESC, Na´Vi be better already? Those team haven´t played together an have a better chemistry also.
2012-12-01 17:05
after wathcing most Jas match i would say shoxie is even better and more complete ,do you agree
2012-12-01 17:03
Yes, Shoxie are probably one of the best and most complete players in GO. He is my favorite player.
2012-12-01 17:07
i'm not saying that esc is GREAT, but you compare nip with pub players, that's LOL.
2012-12-01 17:10
Their style was that because of no tactic at all. When I have watched almost every match of NiP and know their style, you see very fast when they are not seriously.
2012-12-01 17:16
They had first place secured. Why would they even bother showing strats when there was absolutelly nothing to in stake you know?
2012-12-01 17:39
obvious troll
2012-12-01 16:55
cool story jacek
2012-12-01 16:55
Jacek ? hahaha
2012-12-01 16:56
2012-12-01 17:02
2012-12-01 18:23
Slovakia kubiaxk 
wp esc :)
2012-12-01 16:55
f0rest sick taz amazing
2012-12-01 17:04
OMG it's so sad. ESC can beat Nip. It's possible but they are low versus other teams. I belive that they can be on top. I'm disappointed but I belive in u guys.
2012-12-01 17:25
Maybe they know Xizt style of tactics, f0rest and GeT_RighT style of play, maybe they watched demos, maybe NiP saved tactics for playoff, nobody knows. I hope they meet in the playoffs for a real game
2012-12-01 18:14
Gotta love how all poles comes in with their 'OMFG ESC BEST TEAM DE CSGO?! :D MEN THEY LOW OTTHER TEIMS BUT GOD NIP jajaja' The only good players in ESC are Taz and Neo. End of discussion.
2012-12-01 17:29
"The only good players in ESC are Taz and Neo. End of discussion." you mean Taz and pasha, right? Neo is absolute garbage at this game atm.
2012-12-01 17:41
China Specster 
Marcus, Marcus.... clean your mouth before you talk about Neo, if you saw all neo's matches you wouldn't say that, but obviously you saw few of them. You must feel very happy using "grabage" to the best cs1.6 player in the whole history, since you couldn't use this word before, you do this now, too much damaage done by neo and G5 to you swedes :)
2012-12-01 18:06
What you just wrote is nothing but assumptions and stupidity put together. First of all i saw all of ESC matches until now, and its obvious pasha and taz are far superior than any of the other 3 teammates. Secondly, neo beeing "the best cs 1.6 player in the whole history" is nothing but your personal opinion, since theres no way to determinate who was the best player, f0rest or neo. This is not 1.6, its cs:go and IN THIS GAME, neo is nowhere near his 1.6 skill. If your a blind fanboy of him i understand its hard for you to see this. And i couldnt care less how much damage g5 did to swedes, it was always a great show beetween them ;) i like watching good matches, couldnt care less who wins since i dont have a favorite team. Keep failing
2012-12-01 18:55
Neo = 1.10 rating Pasha = 1.09 rating Taz = 1.01 rating Facts, not opinions. Peace
2012-12-01 20:31
Those ratings are of what exactly? all the games ESC had in this tournament or all the games ESC had since they changed to CS:GO? Brazilian understanding overpowered
2012-12-01 21:07
What do you think? Hint: HLTV.org denied entry into Mind Sports :)
2012-12-01 22:20
neo is a noob at this game..
2012-12-01 21:47
Agree, but still 1st @his team. If he's a "garbage", taz and pasha will be surely more "garbage" than him
2012-12-01 22:26
I mean if you watch them play i think its pretty obvious taz aim is godlike in comparisson with neo's, neo is nothing but a.. normal player at this game to say the best..
2012-12-01 22:38
still neo got more frags. Interesting opinion... Oh wait..
2012-12-01 22:41
Oh lord almighty. In this tournament has become clear who are the only 2 players in ESC who can play at NiP's level for example, and neo is far from it. Talking about this tournament ONLY, before this tournament they were all playing like shit.
2012-12-01 22:43
Only this tournament matters?Why am i surprised?:) Sory, they surely only played once against NiP right? hltv.org/?pageid=188&matchid=13424 hltv.org/?pageid=188&matchid=13417 Where is taz here? Im done with you Edit: "Believe me, lets ignore the past and statistics. Its not important."
2012-12-01 22:57
You fail to understand what im talking about. Im not saying neo kills more or less than taz or pasha, im saying taz and pasha SKILL LEVEL is far from the rest of their team ATM, ATM means at the moment in case you didnt know, and by at the moment OBVIOUSLY im refering at their current form, WHICH MEANS IN THIS FUCKING TOURNAMENT. God damnit its hard to make brazilians understand a simple post
2012-12-01 23:05
so? he can play better tomorrow.
2012-12-01 23:07
Look at his movement, at his aim. Hes pretty nothing but a regular player atm. He can play better tomorrow obviously, where did i stated he wouldnt? but ATM, hes bad.
2012-12-01 23:12
ATM is kinda subjective, isn't it? For me it only counts the last 30 min, sory. Nice logic :) Oh wait...
2012-12-01 23:16
I knew brazilians have the fame of beeing braindamaged but god damnit you take it to a completely new level. Happily your the first ive seen
2012-12-01 23:22
Are u familiar with the terms sarcasm and irony?Most of the time, im not only being ironic, im also being sarcastic. Google it to see the difference, if you wanna learn something, obviously. :) Im not criticizing your opinion Marcus. Read again all my replys and you will see me criticizing your logic, and that with sarcasm. Some key questions to understand me: Why should i agree with you if stats say otherwise and why should i dis-consider it? Why u state something that is clearly your opinion? You say i am "braindamaged", but you are still the one that cant understand me :/, sadly. Hope u do now :) Peace out
2012-12-01 23:46
Im not talking for you to agree with me, just to understand what im trying to go with. Its not my opinion like if you watched ESC playing today it was pretty obvious. Stats are a good, perhaps the most accurate way to evaluate a player, but that is not the case in this tournament. All i said was that taz and pasha are 10 levels ahead of their 3 teammates based on this ONE tournament, thats the only way to evaluate the current form and imprvement of a player dont you agree?
2012-12-01 23:56
Only replying cause u seem to be a nice guy. Promise i wont criticize you now :) Imo: Cs is random, players have lots of peaks and downs, cause of that, the only way to evaluate a player is by stats. You cant say a player has lowers skills compare to someone because of one day or one tournament(post 291). @Context of CS its illogical. I was refuting that idea. Example: Theres lots of tourns that f0rest played like shit @group stage and suddenly started to destroy everybody @playoffs. Betta?
2012-12-02 00:25
Same way i wont judge you now :) I know and agree that stats are the only way to evaluate a player even tho their far from beeing 100% precise, and i understand the example you just gave and agree, but i personally think in this case is more than a simple bad day, is more those 3 players not beeing used to the game, to the aiming mechanics and movement of the game Yet, therefore performing really poorly
2012-12-02 00:43
stop saying shit.
2012-12-01 18:06
Pretty much a fact
2012-12-01 18:56
I am seeing only your opinion. Statistics say otherwise :) just saying...
2012-12-01 22:31
first of all, this game is garbage. simple as that.
2012-12-01 19:56
And if ESC was the best team in GO. This game would have been the best game for you. Just sayin
2012-12-01 20:05
ofc not. csgo is piece of crap, no matter who is/will be on top.
2012-12-01 20:28
Sad for u. All other top teams in 1.6 and Source went to GO. Maybe u have a bad taste.
2012-12-01 20:33
what's your point? both source and 1.6 are ~10yo games, no wonder some of the teams decided to try csgo, EVEN THO most of them have the same opinion about csgo like me..
2012-12-01 21:51
Because of the money, not because they actually think the game is better lol.
2012-12-02 13:36
ESC are getting better at this :), some more time and they will be at the top.
2012-12-01 17:29
pretty surprising from esc but i believe that NiP can beat them a lot easier than that especially on bo3
2012-12-01 18:23
go go go ESC !!!
2012-12-01 22:02
great play by TaZ sad that Neo doesn't play as good as he used to be in CS 1.6..
2012-12-01 22:16
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