Europe wetZd 
VG go!: )
2013-06-23 00:55
Hong Kong SHiFT^up 
Without wantz, not sure if CPH will win. Hopefully CPH crushes VG though.
2013-06-23 01:35
2013-06-23 03:00
sick match i think VG now a little better
2013-06-23 10:02
India n0vaP 
socN>wantz xD
2013-06-23 10:51
CPH should take this
2013-06-23 10:59
go VG!
2013-06-23 12:54
Norway puap 
Going to be repeat from the CSS days. VG>
2013-06-23 13:11
Not so easy but CPH should take this
2013-06-23 13:29
go VG
2013-06-23 14:56
Iran Animal1ty 
VG ezpz
2013-06-23 18:24
United Kingdom tomtmh 
No wantz.. vg 16-8
2013-06-23 19:56
2013-06-23 21:58
Hong Kong SHiFT^up 
So many technical issues...
2013-06-23 22:22
greatfrag, the channel with the most unpleasant and PATHETIC chronicler of the history of counter-strike. unbearable, not funny. Perhaps it amuses the children who bend over in laughter a word like "fuck", "tits", "ass" and "pussy" ... I seriously hope one day you can read this comment because I really hope of losing their sight or become silent. BABAAAAN, fired --- iiiiiiiiiinteresting
2013-06-23 22:36
Portugal Cyborgy 
shut up
2013-06-23 22:41
sad bad trueeeeeeeeeeeee
2013-06-23 22:59
Lighten up cs isn't just for ragers its a internet match not a grand final. Also COK, your english makes little sense " because I really hope of losing their sight or become silent." -You want them to become Helen Keller?
2013-06-23 23:09
ARTeMis | 
Australia zebO 
Hahahaha, I watched his ESC vs LDLC game a few months ago and I pissed myself laughing.
2013-06-23 23:19
Sorry for not being super serious 24/7 and liking a break away from the usual dull casting, obviously you're one of those people who are super serious, but if you wanna be a debbie downer then no one will ever agree with you because no one likes a debbie downer mkay. Also he never says things like ass or pussy or tits, and he's not the only caster to say fuck.
2013-06-24 00:07
Georgia Fatal Fighter 
why you even bother to write comment like this one? you don't fucking like him? don't fucking watch it, no one makes you to do it, no one gives a shit about your opinion.
2013-06-24 05:53
If you don't like it, do not watch it and shut up. greatfrag is my favourite channel. And I'm 30 years old, fyi
2013-06-24 06:10
agreed Rahim is horrible.
2013-06-24 17:06
+1 , dont know what people see on him...he looks so retarded lmao
2013-06-24 17:18
no wantz no win!!!
2013-06-23 22:41
Portugal Cyborgy 
why cph wolves suddenly became bots?no hacks anymore?
2013-06-23 22:41
Why would they become bots ? They played good game against LDLC Its cos VG looking rly impressive.
2013-06-23 22:44
Hong Kong SHiFT^up 
It seemed like they were just screwing around the whole first half, not trying to even plant the bomb and staying at spawn. Painful to watch CPH like that.
2013-06-23 22:48
the hacked vs nip at dh too, and last month when they won 2 small lans in dk(against ww,fnatic etc.) maybe because they have a new guy in team or this game is so shit sometimes your choice.
2013-06-23 22:48
Hong Kong SHiFT^up 
Nah, they didn't cheat. This game they aren't even trying to win...bought deagles on T second round after losing pistol round; stayed at T spawn on eco-rounds; pistol round on second half, CPH had zero people at bombsite A (2 at long A near pit). They're screwing around or something...
2013-06-23 22:53
2013-06-23 22:56
i was sarcastic ofc they don't cheat
2013-06-23 23:02
Iran Animal1ty 
16-5 GG
2013-06-23 22:57
wow all players of VG were doing crazy, gg.
2013-06-23 22:58
France Sheld 
VG looked so strong :o
2013-06-23 23:03
well played vg
2013-06-23 23:08
autosniper too overpowered - it's making the game boring
2013-06-23 23:22
Norway puap 
VG steam rollin as expected. VG will easily win the EMS one finals next weekend. A new era has began boys, and it's the era of the French masters, VG. Sorry NiP fanboys, but the reign is over.
2013-06-23 23:37
Lol :P What makes you believe NiP will loose a game to VG, when they never have lost a game to them in over half a year :D
2013-06-23 23:45
cuz they have shox now.
2013-06-24 07:54
Portugal Cyborgy 
lol thats one of the reasons,the more the matches they play against each other,the probability of vg beating nip increases
2013-06-24 08:12
but he says "a new era has began". Based on what? First of all, they need to win a game versus NiP.
2013-06-24 11:31
Norway puap 
I was simply stating that this is the start of the VeryGames domination era. That doesn't mean that it starts the second they beat NiP, it simply means that NiP will be a small obstacle along the way.
2013-06-24 16:39
Still, the unbeaten lan champions is unlikely to be "a small ovstacle along the way" :D
2013-06-24 17:00
Norway puap 
Not unbeaten btw:P It will be hard the first time(this weekend in Cologne), but after that it shouldn't be any harder than beating Na'vi.
2013-06-24 17:19
Stupid troll.
2013-06-24 17:22
We will see, they have proven nothing so far with shox.
2013-06-24 17:21
Finland Kklz 
This is not cs:sauce, not gonna happen. Ever.
2013-06-24 20:04
Finland Kklz 
Nope, sorry. Ex6 will choke on hairgel again when they get 15 rounds vs nip and loose in overtime.
2013-06-24 16:16
CPH domination!!!
2013-06-24 05:57
you mean damnation?;)
2013-06-24 07:56
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