29th of November 2013
Match over
Match stats
Top player in match
Adil 'ScreaM' Benrlitom
Categories Player Diff
Rating 1.20 0.21
Kills / round 0.87 0.19
Deaths / round 0.69 0.00
Assists / round 0.17 0.03
First kills / round 0.15 0.06
KAST - -
ADR - -
Maps 3
Head to head
France mSx-- 
2013-11-29 17:29
will the looser be eliminated ?
2013-11-29 17:29
2013-11-29 17:30
yes single-elimination-bracket
2013-11-29 17:30
lol what happens if astana dragon wins their match against reason ?
2013-11-29 17:35
AD vs complexity
2013-11-29 17:35
I suppose they will play coL to get into semis.
2013-11-29 17:36
lol it would've be better if CPH to threw that match instead?
2013-11-29 17:37
Maybe, maybe not. After all wolves beated VG at ESWC and CoL just beated VG today. So VG could be a better opponent for wolves :)
2013-11-29 17:40
well the groups are a kind of "4 team double-elimination with the top2 advance into the playoffs" so this is the consolation-final (CPH W just won the Upperbracket final and are top2 just as well as the winner of THIS match)
2013-11-29 17:41
2013-11-29 17:40
2013-11-29 17:41
This is a quater final match. Nothing to do with coL. The winner of this match plays NiP in the semis. The winner of coL vs Astana/Reason plays fnatic in the 2nd semi.
2013-11-29 17:42
yes i thought this would be the thread with astana - reason (because he asked about astana) that's why i was confused
2013-11-29 17:44
World LASS0 
2013-11-29 17:29
gonna be huge GO VERYGAMES CMON FFS !!!
2013-11-29 17:29
bb CPH ^^
2013-11-29 17:29
2013-11-29 17:30
Finland x4^ 
This is going to be so awesome. Go Cph!
2013-11-29 17:31
fucking amazing match :) I hope scream gets on top of his game
2013-11-29 17:33
can someone give me link for device cfg pls ?
2013-11-29 17:34
no, why would you need that anyways?
2013-11-29 17:35
cuz i love watching him play CS:GO such a joy
2013-11-29 17:35
ughmm but whats the point of having his cfg?
2013-11-29 17:36
i just want it dude..Whats the problem in this?
2013-11-29 17:41
cuz you wont become better at shooting enemies or gain magical powers from that cfg
2013-11-29 17:42
why do you feel the need to tell him what he can and cannot do?
2013-11-29 18:43
why do you care that i careee
2013-11-29 19:49
i dont care, i just dont think its in any way necessary that you reply to him if you dont have what he asks for.
2013-11-29 20:26
stop doing shitty things like that.pros' cfg cant help u be better in game..u can make your own cfg on what u depend.if u use this cfg u would be like bot.
2013-11-29 17:36
yo,i know this,but i need his cfg :)
2013-11-29 17:36
pls dont let anders cast this
2013-11-29 17:34
cw have any chanses if pick nuke train mb dust or mirage.
2013-11-29 17:35
Huge match for VG PLEASE WIN!! PLEASE
2013-11-29 17:35
rip cph
2013-11-29 17:35
both 1/4 in the same time or no?
2013-11-29 17:36
omg stronk match
2013-11-29 17:36
2013-11-29 17:37
CPH looked strong, hopefully ScreaM can find his pair)))
2013-11-29 17:37
I want VG to win but my gut feeling is telling me CPHW will win. ><
2013-11-29 17:38
shox' awp is my last chance to do something. don't fuck me up, shoxie.
2013-11-29 17:39
50/50 gl
2013-11-29 17:41
Vg 2-1 but it will be rly close, maybe ot in the 3rd map :)
2013-11-29 17:42
this is a best of three match. cph vs vg is a strong match and i think vg will come on top. on the other hand if Astana dragons eliminate reason they will play vs complexity. I think this is a bad matchup for the americans even though i would love to see them in semis with the swedes and vg.
2013-11-29 17:51
gl VeryGames!!!!
2013-11-29 18:10
bo3 nvm vg wins
2013-11-29 18:32
!drop !drop !drop
2013-11-29 18:31
Winner plays against who next? HTLV bracket is bugged :(
2013-11-29 18:33
Ty good guy!
2013-11-29 18:45
GOGO CPH this is your moment
2013-11-29 18:35
2013-11-29 18:38
ScreaM c'mon (!)
2013-11-29 18:40
go VG!
2013-11-29 18:50
cph 16-12
2013-11-29 18:51
so dumb VG vs NiP will be a possible semi-final
2013-11-29 18:55
2-1 vg :(
2013-11-29 19:05
2013-11-29 19:09
VG show us why ure top1
2013-11-29 19:16
VG vs NiP is coming VG rip in piece vs NiP
2013-11-29 19:25
US RIP in pieces from..... w8 im gonna search the team name! *Recursive
2013-11-29 20:46
ScreaM WAKE UP plzzzzz
2013-11-29 19:45
guys I have a twitch problem, I always get a black screen but I can hear the sound, but when I click on the ''big-screen'' button it works, how to fix?
2013-11-29 19:48
inferno again ?
2013-11-29 20:07
E quê ? é pra hoje isto ?
2013-11-29 20:09
não, eu não vi a sua mãe.
2013-11-29 20:44
2013-11-29 20:52
and as always, eco round for VG
2013-11-29 20:14
Very nice eco round done by VG!
2013-11-29 20:15
one of my fav goes home :(( gl both + gl coL on the other match
2013-11-29 20:18
is ScreaM afk or ??? totaly transparent
2013-11-29 20:24
2013-11-29 20:34
he sux
2013-11-29 20:37
To many mistakes early on t side from wolves. an xyp an dupreeh rly need to use their brains more. CW have so much firepower but not enough brain:/(this goes for all 3 danish top teams sadly) they need to be a bit more sneaky. an fetish rly need to call some more fakes. they are to easy to read. sry duppe<3
2013-11-29 20:42
Nico ragequit? :D oh dude.. you use to kill some noobs from Astana, SK.Gaming etc, but this is the 1st best worldwide csgo team! (just kidding.. Nico comeback and is still top3 awper!)
2013-11-29 20:43
ScreaM @waking up buddies
2013-11-29 20:47
Is he doing better? I'm so nervous and can't watch it :D
2013-11-29 20:50
he's doing wayyyy better yup :) was by far the best fragger of the match
2013-11-29 20:50
xDdD when i posted it: 4k 3hs and at the end he reached 28frags
2013-11-29 20:51
VG has finally arrived. "y0 wazzzuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup dreamhack - we are gonna headshot heeeeeeeere, we are gonna headshot theeeeeeeeeeeeeeere, gonna headshot fucking everywheeeeeeeeeeeere"
2013-11-29 20:50
its CS:GO rule: when 1 of these guys are on fire (f0rest , ScreaM , GeT_RiGhT , shox) his team can win against all teams!
2013-11-29 20:50
scream waking up and smashing the danes badly
2013-11-29 20:50
CW gogogo !
2013-11-29 20:50
Wolves back 2 Copenhagen really soon.
2013-11-29 20:53
VG = too strong :0
2013-11-29 20:54
The End Scream woke up. Especially missed him. Now, once everything seems easier. May the way to the end. VG + with ScreaM at the highest level > world.
2013-11-29 20:55
2013-11-29 20:58
Yeah, can perfectly see that, getting 16-5'd on arguably VG's best map ;)
2013-11-29 21:42
fanboy words
2013-11-29 21:42
I guess ScreaM can not play competitively cs during the mourning hours. Now the monster is awake and "angry hungry"!
2013-11-29 20:56
2013-11-29 20:59
more like ScreaM eldiablo, as he is proclaming himself :)
2013-11-29 21:11
2013-11-29 20:58
2013-11-29 21:02
ex6 wth
2013-11-29 21:02
this caster's voice is unbearable. mute him plz
2013-11-29 21:21
cannot stand his voice anymore. i muted the stream
2013-11-29 21:37
an then dupreeh an xyp goes nuts:D CW lookin good atm!!
2013-11-29 21:23
2013-11-29 21:27
this on lan?
2013-11-29 21:28
no online qualifiers
2013-11-29 21:31
with no anti cheats too
2013-11-29 21:38
thanks. i was wondering why cheaters are doing so well. someone said that he thinks it's lan, so i wasn't sure. thanks again.
2013-11-29 21:44
hibernatus ?
2013-11-29 21:31
2013-11-29 21:33
vg ftw!
2013-11-29 21:36
waddup now VG wooooooooooh
2013-11-29 21:38
Danes :) Nordic brothers.
2013-11-29 21:41
Amazing match
2013-11-29 21:41
2013-11-29 21:41
http://i.imgur.com/tTXpYeb.png i can be a pro too :D
2013-11-29 21:41
2013-11-29 21:42
vg overdose on inferno, not often u see nathan that bad...
2013-11-29 21:43
Now this tournament is getting really interesting.
2013-11-29 21:44
Is only me or all the teams are so damn prepair...all four QF 2-1....close games beetwen best teams in this moment.
2013-11-29 21:44
Ive been watching the coL games naturally but I'm definitely downloading the demo for this match. I'm very impressed but not at all surprised by the Danes
2013-11-29 21:45
if nico gets back to his level like he had in spring this team is a potential top3-contender everwhere they'll attend (if they aren't it already)
2013-11-29 21:59
Nice Dupreeh :*()()
2013-11-29 21:46
2013-11-29 21:47
How ironic is it that such an important match will be decided on a map these two very organisations have harshly criticized in terms of its competitive suitability? Volvo p, l fucking s.
2013-11-29 21:47
in fairness, volvo has made updates to the map since the two teams criticised it still needs work tho
2013-11-29 21:55
criticized* though*
2013-11-29 22:59
wow gret quarters here we see VG win 16:6 then lose 16:5 whereas in the other quarter we saw AD wint nuke 16:9 vs coL wheres the 2nd map went to coL 16:7 ahahaha no 2digits rnds given away for the respective winners :)
2013-11-29 21:51
VG's worst map now. Bye bye VG
2013-11-29 21:55
cph better win, my skins on ya
2013-11-29 21:58
Go VG!
2013-11-29 22:01
2013-11-29 22:05
is the new mirage still ct sided?
2013-11-29 22:05
Is more balanced but still ct side.
2013-11-29 22:08
looks pretty good for cw then ;)
2013-11-29 22:11
more balanced, the old mirage was 52% ct sided, so this is 51% ct sided? rofl
2013-11-30 13:13
xhype wtf , ace ^^
2013-11-29 22:07
That is like the sickest round I have ever seen. Holy shit, Xyp
2013-11-29 22:07
There have been way sick'er rounds in this tournament so far, but that was crazy indeed!
2013-11-29 22:08
Problem is that I only saw the matches from yesterday. Has been to school all day and went directly to work so I almost missed 1st map. Also missed the groupstage C and D, so I havent seen the rounds from the matches.
2013-11-29 22:28
Oh, you'll see the highlights hopefully, crazy shit has been going on! xD
2013-11-29 22:44
Xyp9x !!!!!!!! endgame counter-strike :)
2013-11-29 22:07
Lurppis destroy this match...OMG!!!
2013-11-29 22:07
this is sensational !
2013-11-29 22:07
xyp9x is fucking unbelievable
2013-11-29 22:07
Damn Xyp9x is monster
2013-11-29 22:07
"That is sensational, I'll give you that" Lurppis working very hard to be a bitch here.
2013-11-29 22:07
xyp9x acEEEEE
2013-11-29 22:08
thats why i have xyp9x in my dreamteam as a clutcher (i guess "aimstar" is the name there right?)
2013-11-29 22:08
CW has been looking so freaking solid throughout this entire tournament! Even as a Vg fan I must say they're looking like a real contender for the grand final!
2013-11-29 22:08
xyp9x STRONK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2013-11-29 22:08
gg verygames! :/ go home!
2013-11-29 22:08
I wish VG lose so NiP can finaly win something
2013-11-29 22:08
sounds like nip hasnt won enough in csgo till now let the other teams get some cash as well :D
2013-11-29 22:11
well they lost last few events because of VG. I wish they win this #100k
2013-11-29 22:11
naaah either VG should win (would be nice for them as they aren't playing fulltime etc.) before another (3rd) team starts to rule or the 3rd one should start now. :D
2013-11-29 22:13
Lol. I want NiP win also but I really want also to see NiP vs VG again to prove themselves again that they are top1.
2013-11-29 22:12
2013-11-29 22:08
where is your ScreaM now? go forth my danish brothers!!!!!!!!!
2013-11-29 22:10
2013-11-29 22:10
2013-11-29 22:11
i have NEVER seen such a weak verygames. EVER!
2013-11-29 22:11
Seems that we don't gonna see NiP vs VG tomorrow.
2013-11-29 22:11
Hopefully not, Sweden vs Denmark a lot better!
2013-11-29 22:12
You only say that because NiP would smash CPH x[
2013-11-29 22:16
I say that because Danish and Swedish rivalry is the biggest of rivalries, in history. We've fought more wars against each other than any other two countries, let's have another brotherly slaughter at Lund 1676, this time at DreamHack 2013! =D
2013-11-29 22:20
denmark won more wars though xoxo
2013-11-29 22:27
If we count in CS i would say sweden now have gotten ahead :D
2013-11-30 04:59
We was ahead before CS......
2013-11-30 13:08
do you count in the time of the vikings? Cause those wars arent really written down but most ppl know that danes was one of the most feared
2013-11-30 14:13
There was no country called Denmark during the era of vikings, so that's an invalid statement.
2013-11-30 14:28
VG - CPH Wolves should be 1st semi, second should be winner of Astana - Complexity === MUCH BETTER FINAL
2013-11-29 22:12
hahahaha you dont give a fuck about Fnatic & NiP :D
2013-11-29 22:15
Ok, fuck Astana, get NiP instead :) fnatic are bad compared to those 5.
2013-11-29 22:32
verygames came in like a WRECKING BALLLLLLLLLLLL
2013-11-29 22:16
they lost their aim? Xyp9x kill 3 VG with 10-15 hp... spraying both like BOTs
2013-11-29 22:17
seems like they are totally off at this event :x
2013-11-29 22:22
Yeah, sure w/e. Unlucky?
2013-11-29 22:37
CAN VERYGAMES FUCKING START TO CHECK CORNERS??????? seriously, they loose this game because they are too lazy to check corners.
2013-11-29 22:26
2013-11-29 22:26
+1 Keeps draging Tosspot down and playing the cool guy
2013-11-29 22:27
hello nip fanboy :)
2013-11-29 22:46
Hello VG fanboy and lick ass , how are you? PS: Retard or retard? PSS: Read again retard.
2013-11-29 22:47
hahahahha you mad! dont be mad dude romanian c*nt XP
2013-11-29 23:17
tosspot so amazing caster.
2013-11-29 22:26
#101 he thinks he is commenting some wrestling match i guess.
2013-11-29 22:36
"bad things happen when scream gets hot" xd
2013-11-29 22:27
you are awesome verygames! throw 5vs3 SO EASY!
2013-11-29 22:36
French era is already over I guess, hey Scandinavia, viking lands to rule them all?
2013-11-29 22:35
so ?
2013-11-29 22:46
CPH had their chance here, they didn't take it tho. so many dumb CT round losses on mirage :/
2013-11-29 22:39
nico :<
2013-11-29 22:39
g g !
2013-11-29 22:39
2013-11-29 22:43
2013-11-29 22:43
mistakes mistakes mistakes! :) 30 sec holding without checking their back! thats not verygames!
2013-11-29 22:43
Denmark jjh 
gg wp
2013-11-29 22:45
great bo3!
2013-11-29 22:45
2013-11-29 22:45
FU VERYGEL,YOU DON'T DESERVED THIS WIN but I'm glad that NiP is gonna rape your ass tomorrow.
2013-11-29 22:46
Do they have internet in Romania?
2013-11-29 23:08
Strong english.
2013-11-29 23:13
what a game. GG CW and gz VG
2013-11-29 22:46
THANK GOD! now: tomorrow check corners and dont peek vs. awp all day long and its ezpz! well done verygames!
2013-11-29 22:46
Much respect for CPHW. Great team, great play, great entertainment. Gg.
2013-11-29 22:46
omg... what a pity... but nevertheless, AWESOME match CPH Wolves, really really well played guys! :)
2013-11-29 22:56
2013-11-29 22:47
2013-11-29 22:47
2013-11-29 23:05
CPH have deserved, VG really suck, very lucky team...
2013-11-29 23:21
2013-11-29 23:31
How can CPH lose against noobs like this.. Cmoon
2013-11-30 13:09
Feels bad for CPH. Nice upset from VG tho!
2016-12-08 18:56
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