6th of March 2014
Match over
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Top player in match
Yegor 'markeloff' Markelov
Past 3 months Player Diff
Rating 1.30 0.30
Kills / round 0.87 0.18
Deaths / round 0.60 -0.09
Assists / round 0.07 -0.07
First kills / round 0.07 -0.03
KAST - -
ADR - -
Maps 1
Head to head
France cedd 
KennyS to 30 bomb etc...
2014-03-06 04:13
easy for mystik ASD is an overrated team! imo
2014-03-06 05:47
Finland coswell 
Agree on that! Doubt they could win against a team who has really stepped up. Wins over LDLC and LGB were pretty convincing.
2014-03-06 13:19
Singapore The_Fiend[fA] 
Mystik to stomp!
2014-03-06 06:14
interesting match ! GL HF
2014-03-06 09:57
It's not as one sided as people might think. CM are heavily dependant on KennyS and when he wasn't around they got rolled pver by Wizards. People may hate ASD because they've not been performing up to par but ASD can very well nick this bo1 online match.
2014-03-06 11:24
i still believe in mystik :D prntscr.com/2ycqvl i bet on gp cuz they r strong enough to beat mystik, but imo asd is shit i mean they r not in form.. soo mystik ftw
2014-03-06 12:52
suNny | 
Finland m1skaa 
If Mystik wins Astana Dragons I'm pretty sure they will win GP as well...
2014-03-06 18:43
It's not as one sided as people might think - I agree with that. Bringing up the Wizards match though I don't really understand - there's only two players left in CM that played in the lineup that lost to Wizards and this lineup actually beat Wizards the only time they met. I don't think CM results are varying based on kennyS's performance either - he has been very consistent throughout all their matches, it's whether kio, Sf & co make their frags that decides whether they win or lose
2014-03-06 19:53
I agree with most of what you said however, the earlier line up was nowhere worse. They were on par (almost) with the current CM line up. CM is HEAVILY dependant on Kennys especially on their nuke. They do well on CT side if Kennys manages to land the kills outside or clutch the round later in his rotations, if he doesn't they don't really win a whole lot of rounds.
2014-03-06 19:59
I didn't say it was better or worse, just that it was a completely different team and that this team beat the same Wizards. I agree that kennyS is really important for Mystik's game, I am just saying that his performance does not vary a lot so it is not the thing that makes them win or lose, because he lands the shots all the time, it is his teammates' performance that makes or break Mystik :p
2014-03-06 20:09
Fair enough mate. I agree mostly. Guess we'll find out.
2014-03-06 20:14
suNny | 
Finland m1skaa 
ASD win this all the way
2014-03-06 12:05
KennyS > ASD
2014-03-06 12:49
2014-03-06 13:04
Bulgaria R4D1 
wtf why people are so stupid asd will be top3/4 at katowice asd will crush anyone there meybe they will finaly get titan and nip , kennyS wrong ex astana strong
2014-03-06 13:11
At katowice maybe if they practice a lot, but today they won't do a shit m8.. just take a look at previous matches..
2014-03-06 14:59
Bulgaria R4D1 
dont get me wrong i dont like them i am just being realist
2014-03-06 15:39
Why CM-K1CK 9-16 ? LOL.
2014-03-06 13:29
2014-03-06 17:10
suNny | 
Finland m1skaa 
Why couldn't markeloff destroy Mystik? :Kappa:
2014-03-06 18:45
He can but too drunk for this
2014-03-06 18:57
2014-03-06 14:30
13 value on astana ^_-
2014-03-06 15:24
2014-03-06 17:31
switch babyz
2014-03-06 17:42
screenshot winnings xd
2014-03-06 19:48
i.imgur.com/rgFiLpm.png gogo CM. my 1st big bet! i hope it will be worth for me
2014-03-06 17:36
awp redline and glock abmber fade on asd, you always let me down, NOT THIS TIME!
2014-03-06 17:47
ASD lose against Wizards 10-16 and CM Win against Wizards 16-0 that will be hard for ASD i bet to for them but shit ^^
2014-03-06 21:08
Norway dufFstAr 
2014-03-06 17:48
Easy AstanaDragons i bet me skins ;P Easy Skins for me
2014-03-06 17:58
7 on CM lets Go dont fail now!
2014-03-06 18:23
I think it's finally time for Astana to win something!
2014-03-06 18:34
who picks map? how does it work?
2014-03-06 19:32
each team eliminate map one by one untill 1
2014-03-06 20:05
Singapore The_Fiend[fA] 
ffs win a game for once please, skineloff and co... prntscr.com/2yfzth
2014-03-06 19:33
rape incoming , by CM
2014-03-06 19:44
CM too easy
2014-03-06 19:57
will be nuke:D
2014-03-06 21:06
asd will win, and than they lose to fnatic
2014-03-06 21:09
gob b | 
Iceland shine4t 
Wizards win vs ASD Mystik wins Wizards 16-0 And I have my bet on ASD. nice.
2014-03-06 21:10
+ :(
2014-03-06 21:17
have also betted on ASD. prepared for a huge loss. #yolo
2014-03-06 21:11
Singapore The_Fiend[fA] 
+1 #believe
2014-03-06 21:15
2014-03-06 21:17
Singapore The_Fiend[fA] 
That is some major #believe right there.
2014-03-06 21:21
Brazil hunte[R] 
who still bet on ASD? cant believe that..
2014-03-06 21:21
wtf is goin on with CM? 2:4 on ct side? for real ;o
2014-03-06 21:34
astana reborn,
2014-03-06 21:40
its not over yet, CM have nice attack on nuke
2014-03-06 21:44
why i always bet on the wrong team damnit!
2014-03-06 21:40
astana is trolling all the time
2014-03-06 21:41
cm will win, promiz
2014-03-06 21:57
u will make someone happy
2014-03-06 22:16
ASD won't win
2014-03-06 22:24
GG CM, bb skins
2014-03-06 22:12
ddos kids ..
2014-03-06 22:13
go cm
2014-03-06 22:14
Germany DerDoktor 
Gj ddos fags!
2014-03-06 22:18
What's going on?
2014-03-06 22:21
kennyS getting ddosed and dosia needs to leave for katowice, i think they will bring in mou for dosia when kennyS comes back
2014-03-06 22:22
Germany DerDoktor 
GMX and Sf are ddosed as well!
2014-03-06 22:23
Looks like someone bet on ASD huehuehuehuehue
2014-03-06 22:25
all CM getting ddosed
2014-03-06 22:25
sad, when betting comes back all little ddos kids come out :(
2014-03-06 22:25
This game was so confusing :D
2014-03-06 22:49
fck you ddosers.. for real. it ain't even fun.
2014-03-06 22:24
this will never fucking stop will it... jesus christ
2014-03-06 22:24
so it's been ddoses and now they have to replace dosia? gg my fucking skins
2014-03-06 22:25
mine too :D
2014-03-06 22:34
awp redline and glock amber fade..my only good skins, FUCK YOU ASD
2014-03-06 22:36
M4a1 Bright Water a Glock Fissure and a Doomkitty Famas.. Not the best but they look nice :/
2014-03-06 22:37
Not really, 15 - 11
2014-03-06 22:39
Come on >< !!
2014-03-06 22:25
2014-03-06 22:35
Half the reason I even make bets is to add to the excitement of the matches. Knowing that you can lose all your skins really gets you into the game and cheering on whatever team you want winning. If you have a guaranteed win there's no fun in it. Wish the DDoSers would see it the same way
2014-03-06 22:36
gob b | 
Iceland shine4t 
Agree so badly. It's not really fun if you win every bet because then you would basically just be always winning and you would never have any like excitement. I really don't care that much about my skins, and the only reason I want to win more skins is so I can bet them also :D Which in the end will end with me with no skins but it's so much more fun to watch games you don't care about really that much
2014-03-06 22:48
just play this match later and go to fnatic asd
2014-03-06 22:33
Nuke goes T-map
2014-03-06 22:36
2014-03-06 22:44
Clan Mistakes
2014-03-06 22:46
GG ddoser won
2014-03-06 22:46
items return again..lol
2014-03-06 22:46
gob b | 
Iceland shine4t 
If match is draw are skins just given back on CSGO lounge ?
2014-03-06 22:47
2014-03-06 22:48
2014-03-06 22:48
Germany DerDoktor 
Draw because of DDos ez win for cM! Go die fucking DDoskids! And stop betting!
2014-03-06 22:47
2014-03-06 22:49
Wrong match ;p
2014-03-06 22:49
France cedd 
matches like this are total bullshit thanks betting and ddos'ers, really making the game worse
2014-03-06 22:48
Morocco RaZorrrrrrr 
2014-03-06 22:48
8-7 t half than ddos starts and they saved ASD Right.
2014-03-06 22:49
how relevant is the 8-7 t half? CM was in the lead 14:10 when harts (the IGL) had to leave and MaT join because of DDoS.
2014-03-06 23:08
ignore turks. youre right ofc.
2014-03-06 23:41
ddosers must die
2014-03-06 22:48
When asd get serious, they can beat anyone, too bad they don't give a shit most of the time..
2014-03-06 22:50
ye and clan mystik played with mat and having players always crashing,they won because they were "serious"
2014-03-06 22:51
They didn't won :)
2014-03-06 22:53
rofl, ASD had 8 rounds on T side, that's usually enough for a team at their level to win the match. Right after this score CM started to claim they were getting ddossed, knowing that dosia had a flight to catch. CM were still able to scramble together a few rounds and ASD ( and any team that is either being ddossed or plays against people who claim they are) were not able to get in to their groove. What I am trying to say is that CM getting ddossed while ASD are in the lead halfway through on the T-side does not really make sense at all, and ASD cannot be blamed for anything. They should have won this match based on their first half score.
2014-03-06 22:55
oh so now you win games based on first half scores,n1 random users
2014-03-06 22:58
katowice is gonna be interesting with some of these recent results, that's for sure.
2014-03-06 22:59
2014-03-07 00:00
bet on fnatic and asd 15-15 on both 2 rounds away from untold riches :(
2014-03-06 23:40
+ 100 value on fnatic + 150 value on ASD
2014-03-06 23:52
come hug it out :(
2014-03-07 00:29
At least we didn't loose items :)
2014-03-07 13:41
gg CM
2014-03-06 23:40
Where can I see the replay?
2014-03-07 08:56
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