11th of March 2014
Match over
Top player in match
Peter 'dupreeh' Rasmussen
Past 3 months Player Diff
Rating 1.37 0.37
Kills / round 0.96 0.28
Deaths / round 0.59 -0.10
Assists / round 0.26 0.13
First kills / round 0.15 0.05
KAST - -
ADR - -
Maps 1
Past matches
Dust2 16 - 13
Nuke 16 - 3
Inferno 15 - 15
Nuke 16 - 6
Nuke 16 - 10
Nuke 16 - 9
Dust2 1 - 0
Nuke 3 - 16
Dust2 5 - 16
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2014-03-11 20:20
bo3 ?
2014-03-11 20:20
aizy | 
Sweden Exxet 
2014-03-11 20:22
bo1 e: damn exxet too fast
2014-03-11 20:22
the faster one will win a prize ????
2014-03-11 20:28
ePeen enhancement
2014-03-11 20:45
Denmark Hulz 
Gl dignitas! :)
2014-03-11 20:20
yeee.. not gonna happened :/
2014-03-11 20:21
Denmark dR_JaCkPoT 
2014-03-11 21:31
lol! they did IT!!! GG WP!
2014-03-11 21:32
Ireland niux 
does anyone know map?
2014-03-11 20:21
2014-03-11 20:29
Denmark dR_JaCkPoT 
no bets :/
2014-03-11 20:23
bodyy | 
France G2kennyS 
Ex6TenZ & ScreaM >
2014-03-11 20:24
Dignitas to take this
2014-03-11 20:25
Watching Bayern - Arsenal in one screen and this one in the other one, hoping it wont be onesided
2014-03-11 20:26
2014-03-11 20:27
2014-03-11 20:29
Finland x4^ 
gl dignitas
2014-03-11 20:33
why didnt csgolounge add this match?
2014-03-11 20:39
yeah :\
2014-03-11 20:41
2014-03-11 20:44
nope sry, titan already got 3 rounds..
2014-03-11 20:47
2014-03-11 20:52
2014-03-11 20:55
2014-03-11 20:55
11-10 0_0
2014-03-11 21:12
10:10 so far hope for dig!
2014-03-11 21:12
Germany gg-wp 
man which fugger didn't make a bet available on this match over lounge? That match could have be the next big thing to bet on with only 10 percent for dignitas. the skins could rain you know. XD
2014-03-11 21:13
dupreeh is really underrated
2014-03-11 21:13
finally people realising :P
2014-03-11 21:15
Chile V2K^ 
-cajunb +Nico
2014-03-11 21:16
they kick Nico and replace him with cajunb! *cajunb is awesome there! 1.dupreeh 2/3. cajunb / device 4. xyp9x 5. fetish my own opinion :)
2014-03-11 21:18
Chile V2K^ 
dont like me
2014-03-11 21:24
RpK | 
Germany lloyd6077 
Dont like you either
2014-03-12 11:10
Xyp #2 easy. Then Cajun because dev1ce isn't consistent
2014-03-12 18:02
It is really hard to say who's the best of this team because they are very equal. But fetish probably the worst aimer, but he's very needed because he's a great caller. And dupreeh is probably the best aimer, but the rest I don't think is possible to say who's better...
2014-03-12 20:11
Titan - ... T_T
2014-03-11 21:18
Lmao, Fetish.
2014-03-11 21:18
Another VERY hard match for Titans winnign 1st half 10:5 to now losing it 13:11... n1
2014-03-11 21:19
Dom kallar dig för hater, yaaaayyy
2014-03-11 21:22
Well to be fair Katowice starts a day after tomorrow for Titan so no wonder they didn't use any strats at all for this. E.g. T pistol was matchmaking level for Titan, going 1 by 1 to apartments and eventually just running through smoke to B :D With that being said, dignitas looked really sharp individually especially on Ct side. :)
2014-03-11 21:26
You do know that dignitas are going to Katowice as well?
2014-03-11 22:48
Yes, but no one expects wonders from them. Im sure they didn't show the best they got for the exact same reasons as Titan but the difference is that EVERYONE wants to study titans demos, they need every little edge they can get against them. I fully believe that dignitas won because they were individually more awake and played well together as CT. However, I just can't see dignitas beating Titan this next weekend if they meet.
2014-03-11 22:52
They did beat them at DHW as well. I see no reason why dignitas shouldn't have a chance against Titan if they are paired up at Katowice. Point is tho, you made it sound like Titan only lost cause EMS is just around the corner, but truth is that these two teams were playing on the exact same terms.
2014-03-11 23:04
Yeah they were, sort of. I mean dignitas is a new team that has just recently flopped at Stockholm Invitational so a win over Titan means a LOT more to them than Titan winning dignitas here. It's a moral boost for sure and it comes at a perfect timing for the Danes as well. I think that Titan is the superior team of these two, however dignitas is definitely a contender and it has all the skill required to surprise at EMS.
2014-03-11 23:08
dignitas isn't really a new team. They have changed a few players in the past, sure, but calling them a new team is just wrong. But sure, hopefully they will carry on playing good into EMS :)
2014-03-11 23:20
the nade fetish threw makes you miss the 1.6 nades :(
2014-03-11 21:20
while it was cool with those kind of pixel perfect nades in 1.6 i dont think they would fit in CS:GO.
2014-03-11 21:22
15:11 for dignitas
2014-03-11 21:21
thx csgolounge, u did not give bet for this match))
2014-03-11 21:21
dignitas surprisingly strong CT hold.
2014-03-11 21:22
Denmark jjh 
well played dignitas! hope you'll show something like that in katowice
2014-03-11 21:22
Thx for skins
2014-03-11 21:22
what? this game wasnt on csgolougne o_O
2014-03-11 21:25
2014-03-11 21:28
2014-03-11 21:34
1) bet on egamingbets.com titan rate 1.156 dig 3.91 2) buy skins in market
2014-03-11 21:46
well didnt know that :) thnx
2014-03-11 21:48
dignitas win 16:11 gg
2014-03-11 21:23
titan playing old strats
2014-03-11 21:23
I would say no strats and no aim. Probably they dont give a shit. It was so obvious last match, Smithzz running through the mid port on dust 2 with the awp.
2014-03-11 21:26
haha yeah was funny game
2014-03-11 22:16
i feel TT threw this game :D
2014-03-11 21:23
hey kids How are your skins ? :D:D:D
2014-03-11 21:23
no bets on this match :>
2014-03-11 21:24
how the fuck is that possible
2014-03-11 21:24
looooool go home =D
2014-03-11 21:29
no bet retard :D
2014-03-11 21:24
2014-03-12 17:32
Denmark JtS 
No betting on this match.
2014-03-11 21:24
2014-03-12 17:32
no bet for this match..?
2014-03-11 21:24
2014-03-12 17:32
hahahah retard
2014-03-11 21:37
Do you think that your alah will forgive you for saying such a thing ?
2014-03-11 21:42
No, allah lost his skins on a match he couldn't even bet on. Now shut up.
2014-03-12 00:03
2014-03-12 17:32
2014-03-12 17:32
He obviously meant on csgo lounge as he didn't even justify himself.
2014-03-12 17:40
You can't bet skins on egamingbets, smart one.
2014-03-13 01:57
fuck you haters :)
2014-03-11 21:23
2014-03-11 21:23
2014-03-11 21:33
GG, so bad.
2014-03-11 21:23
titan saving strats :)
2014-03-11 21:24
so what? ... they got their ASS KICKED
2014-03-11 21:25
so did dignitas
2014-03-11 21:27
gg <3 both Teams
2014-03-11 21:24
Dupreeh > titan
2014-03-11 21:24
Lithuania epzX 
GG both teams ! :)
2014-03-11 21:24
titan saving strats obv.
2014-03-11 21:25
titan saving strats, dignitas onliners.
2014-03-11 21:26
shut it whiner..
2014-03-11 21:26
Verygames always had problems against CPH
2014-03-11 21:27
Denmark gunnark 
2014-03-11 21:39
Since ANEXIS they definitely do :p
2014-03-11 23:56
gj boys,KozaGouD must be proud of you!
2014-03-11 21:27
GG dignitas played really well :)
2014-03-11 21:27
I love to see Titan fans crack and cry. IF TITAN saves tacs.. Digni are too ;))))
2014-03-11 21:27
nobody is crying. titan will crush any team at katowice. so what?
2014-03-11 21:30
Nope. Titan is history
2014-03-11 21:32
Nope. Titan has not even become yet ;)
2014-03-12 01:35
nice fanboy words
2014-03-12 17:33
Unless they run into the mighty iBP again, rofl
2014-03-11 21:35
2014-03-11 21:38
2014-03-12 03:37
Then it means Dignitas will win in LAN against Titan if they both saved tacs this match - if not - they didn't save tacs.
2014-03-11 21:31
Except that Titan's tactics > Dignitas' tactics.
2014-03-11 22:55
U got it wrong. Dignitas saved their strats at DH just for this match. And it payed a lot.
2014-03-11 21:33
Insider? haha just put your gloves on and stop writing
2014-03-11 21:33
It is true isnt it ? Why else would they saved their strats at dreamhack invitational ? Its clearly cos of this online match. And it was worth it wasnt it ? Ur just dignitas hater go away hater.
2014-03-11 21:36
No you got it wrong. I support Dignitas and hate people like you who think that Titan are the only team saving tacs.¨ Saving tacs or not skills don't lie. And Dignitas are just as skilled as Titan
2014-03-11 21:41
You just became a troll. Nice
2014-03-11 22:01
Denmark jjh 
they were not saving strats at DH Inv. Fetish said that they prepared poorly that time cause he had exams, now you can clearly see that they have been practicing. as much as i am fan of dignitas, i see that titan were just not hiting their shots. if you don't kill the enemy, there is no difference either you are saving strats or not.
2014-03-11 22:02
2014-03-11 21:29
Titan isnt good team :)CM is better )
2014-03-11 21:31
2014-03-11 21:31
CPH wolves won many encounters against VG, particularly on nuke
2014-03-11 21:35
Canada rdss 
so all hltv trolls now can say dignitas top 1 ?
2014-03-11 21:34
No but we can accept the fact they just owned the best team in the world " at least on paper" While others can't see that... Wake up man Dignitas is still top5 team in the world.
2014-03-11 21:36
no-one ever claimed Dignitas wasn't a top5 team. Unless you are a retard.
2014-03-11 21:42
Im a retard but not nearly as big a retard as you.
2014-03-11 21:49
2014-03-11 21:35
how lucky no bet on this match lol, or we would see a 95% people to lose their gun skins. :D
2014-03-11 21:37
only stupid people bet on 95%
2014-03-11 21:41
Canada rdss 
maybe in dream wolrd with pink ponny and other onliners
2014-03-11 21:40
i woulda bet on dignitas :( gay go lounge so slow!
2014-03-11 21:40
To easy for DANISH TITANS <3
2014-03-11 21:43
youtube.com/watch?v=Blj19kyFM18 This is the danish Titans, don't mix it up!
2014-03-11 22:57
2014-03-12 17:42
all these online results don't mean anything before KATOWICE. I predict a lot of surprise
2014-03-11 21:45
New online team, thats great
2014-03-11 21:49
Start looking at your own country team K1CK before you talk about new onliners retard
2014-03-11 21:56
except most of dignitas are pretty much the best individual players in Denmark and have been to more LANs than you can count (more than ten).
2014-03-11 22:03
i think he can count to ten man
2014-03-11 22:07
With comments like that I wouldn't be so sure.
2014-03-11 22:10
Creds to Dignitas for beating Titan. However it seems that dignitas is Titans cryptonite, just like hellraizers are NiPs cryptonite. Dignitas would get their asses handed to them by teams like VP, fnatic, NiP and coL, but somehow they always seem to get the best of titan online. Guess it has something to do with their playing style.
2014-03-11 21:57
Denmark jjh 
well i can only see NiP standing a real good chance in beating dignitas easy out of your list, others are too inconsistent i'd say so anything could happen.
2014-03-11 22:07
"Dignitas would get their asses handed to them by the teams like VP, fnatic and coL." You're kidding right? First off, they never played against complexity before i believe, second they havent played against VP as of yet in 2014, and against fnatic they played for the first time with their new lineup.They did beat fnatic months ago in the EMS finals 2:0 so yeah, give them time.
2014-03-11 22:10
is it ex-copenhagen wolves?
2014-03-11 22:05
Denmark jjh 
2014-03-11 22:06
Brazil hunte[R] 
saving strats. wanna see teams playing hard? wait for ems one.
2014-03-11 22:08
titan n00bs as always
2014-03-11 22:17
Titan always have problems against dignitas and the Americans :p
2014-03-11 22:17
same as nip do with titan and HR ? :D kryptonite man
2014-03-11 22:39
nbk needs a device to control his fetish
2014-03-11 22:44
Just compare the strats that Titan ran here to any LAN match they've played ever. Here it was B rush, A rush, A split etc. dignitas was better but this match means nothing
2014-03-11 22:56
that's what the common loser use to say, grats
2014-03-11 23:12
common loser? you clearly do not understand cs at all
2014-03-12 09:46
That win means alot, for dignitas confident and it may tell alot about Titans shape atm.
2014-03-12 11:00
Titan is in perfect shape and prepared for any chalenge....dignitas just played better than Titan this map nuff said no bitching...
2014-03-12 11:09
Lmao man did you watch this match? The fact that titan used 0 strats at all means that this doesnt tell a thing about titans shape :D the entire point for them was to not give out anything before the big tournament.
2014-03-12 11:40
And the point for dignitas was ofc to give out all their strats before EMS:. how stupid are you?
2014-03-12 11:44
I never said that dignitas played with strats, actually I stated the complete opposite somewhere in this match page. Both of the teams were obviously playing with very standard setups and hardly any tactics whatsoever. Why you jump to conclusion like that? You are obviously a retard
2014-03-12 13:10
It's kinda fuzzy to say, titan lost because of they save strats. I belive they do, but skill aint all about strats. I think titan got out skilled, or titan wasnt so motivated to win at all.
2014-03-12 15:13
Yeah whatever man, this argument is pointless
2014-03-12 15:53
dupreeh, Xyp9x, Nico, coloN and device/Friis or someone would be best team. >> Titan
2014-03-11 22:56
u dont want device in? lol, crazy guy
2014-03-11 23:53
Good lineup for dust2 maybe 2 awpers one suspected hacker
2014-03-12 07:47
Please that shit again and again with Colon. The video was based on a buggy HLTV demo, the arms were missing yet in the in-game demo the arms are there. Further more he proved himself at lan several times.
2014-03-12 10:44
great job by dignitas :D
2014-03-11 23:50
2014-03-11 23:52
Dignitas so strongg, EMS will be very very interesting
2014-03-12 01:28
2014-03-12 01:54
gg dignitas
2014-03-12 05:41
Titan couldn't run strats let alone save them T side since they never had any map control. Dignitas was playing with house money though if they show the same CT aggressiveness on thursday it might be their best bet.
2014-03-12 07:44
They obviously chose not to do any proper strats, which is was really obvious from the pistol round till the end.
2014-03-12 11:41
Titan not number 1
2014-03-12 10:51
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