28th of April 2014
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seriously 02:50 :D
2014-04-28 02:39
Portugal kazac 
nice hour to watch I should say ahah
2014-04-28 02:43
2014-04-28 02:44
wtf why so late?
2014-04-28 02:44
They're playing through the entire thing today since FACEIT has another qualifier tomorrow I believe.
2014-04-28 02:46
go wizards, show some good strats :D
2014-04-28 02:47
So fucking big delay was on faceit...
2014-04-28 02:48
2014-04-28 02:57
wtf olofm very nice h2k....
2014-04-28 03:00
Costa Rica Hosh 
do you know the score of the last VP vs Wizards game? who won?
2014-04-28 03:09
Spain akproxx 
2014-04-28 13:07
olofm shouldn't be allowed to play as a stand in because LGB already got invited to the League. Then people will bring in f0rest in the future just to win, it's not fair at all.
2014-04-28 03:03
Sweden pyth 
Yeah I agree but they were forced(?) to play this now at night when they got work tomorrow since it got delayed by 3 hours so I understand why admin accept it.
2014-04-28 03:08
That's true, it's very late right now, but my point is that no invited players should be allowed to participate in qualifiers for other teams. I'm sure that they could have found another player than olofm for this game, but they thought he would be the "best" choice, even a BIG boost if you compare him to Hoyland. If the rule I'm talking about existed, they would be forced to bring in another player and it would be fair :) Ofc there would be no problem to play with olofm if LGB weren't invited or even participating in the League!
2014-04-28 03:17
Musamban1 also had to work and he still played
2014-04-28 11:10
musambani is just amazing right now!
2014-04-28 14:14
Wizards looks strong, even at middle night after many hours, and nice strats See them and wish good in future
2014-04-28 03:28
Wizardz = too strong today agains all the opponents, at one point even felt liek they could beat any team out there on this particular day today, tis just everything works out the way they want :) gg
2014-04-28 03:28
16:7 Wizardz won gg
2014-04-28 03:30
gg easy for wiz
2014-04-28 03:31
wizards growing. smart and amazing game, nice strats. WIZARDS!
2014-04-28 03:31
well done wizards! deserve this qualifer
2014-04-28 03:33
Chile Cristoff 
GG Magos, Grande coño :D
2014-04-28 03:43
loWel has stepped his game to another level , well deserved wizards !
2014-04-28 04:02
France cedd 
wizards played well today. props.
2014-04-28 04:41
Looking forward to see them on a international event. 2 years of CSGO and none of these players have been outside Spain.
2014-04-28 08:55
Spain Donra 
Not true, kairi and meison were in CPH 2013 with karont3.
2014-04-28 09:01
Germany ayyy 
k this makes them famous all over the world
2014-04-28 12:21
MusambaN1 and FlipiN started playing at the end of 2013, and began to compete on international games this year. loWel is his first "semiprofesional" team that he has been, so let them a few time more. As you know spanish economy is not good, so they must be confident and 100% of their shape to spend money on a travel, and this isn't happened yet.
2014-04-28 14:24
''MusambaN1 and FlipiN started playing at the end of 2013'' hope you mean at csgo otherwise ur clueless
2014-04-28 17:55
rofl obviously
2014-04-28 19:03
2014-04-28 13:57
congrats wiz! I hope this is the step to start seeing them on LANS, gl in spring league grabbing this 20k
2014-04-28 14:17
Finland cockcheek33 
yes online league))
2014-04-28 14:20
please stop the online bullshit. MusambaN1 and Flipin have been on LAN tournaments on the 5 continents since the year 2004. Spanish teams have always been shit online (by the time Sweden had 100 mbit/s connections we still had 3MB and 70 ping on spanish servers), and mostly on LAN 2, but there have been some moments where those teams performed way above their internet results. Musamban1 has been also considered a 1.6 international star, like other players as foxj from portugal, a guy known by everyone to be a great player. Only that Musa has played ten times the lans he has, and with much better results. If you check his awards, you'll see that he has gotten great results in ten times more LAN events than 70% of the actual "pro" scene, if you count those as the top8 from EMS one. The problem is that nowadays no spanish org can afford to send a team to an international event, less even if it's CS:GO where the spanish scene is minuscule. It also doesn't help that most of the pro or semipro players have adjusted themselves and they are not willing to go anywhere if it means a cost for them or if there's no real chance of winning anything. Back in time people would pay their LANs with their own money, today that's impossible.
2014-04-28 16:59
2014-04-28 17:09
Norway duffz00r 
2014-04-28 17:46
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