8th of May 2014
Match over
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Kenny 'kennyS' Schrub
Categories Player Diff
Rating 1.88 0.89
Kills / round 1.24 0.55
Deaths / round 0.48 -0.21
Assists / round 0.04 -0.09
First kills / round 0.20 0.10
KAST - -
ADR - -
Maps 1
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If Titan performs as they did this week end, I guess they'll win :) (also : first)
2014-05-05 16:45
Where is the page where you can see all of the upcoming matches? Not only the 5 next like of the frontpage? Ty
2014-05-06 11:03
2014-05-08 16:11
fnatic strong !! jw easy
2014-05-07 06:08
World soen 
titan easy
2014-05-08 18:25
clan-kennyS 16-09 ez skins ez life my odds: kennyS 70-30 fnatic
2014-05-07 22:39
Why not 16-12 .. Holy one ?
2014-05-08 01:32
that's why. 16-09 :D
2014-05-08 22:47
2014-05-08 22:47
fnatic will take this , JW VERY STRONG
2014-05-08 00:13
Did you even watch the game yesterday? Sure JW is VERY STRONC but his teammates are not(if you watched the game yesterday atleast).
2014-05-08 02:08
2014-05-08 00:55
Poland Calar 
IF its going to be Mirage fnatic will take this, else Titan will win.
2014-05-08 00:58
titan won against vp on mirage...and vp > fnatic
2014-05-08 03:00
2014-05-08 03:21
lets hope fnatic dont veto their best map at this match too
2014-05-08 01:27
Titan will win
2014-05-08 01:41
Titan 16-10, ez skin ez life
2014-05-08 08:37
bet fnatic bet fnatic!!!
2014-05-08 09:49
Titan come awn!
2014-05-08 09:51
fnatic hasn't been themselves for quite a while .... if you have to bet skins on this match it has to be Titan :). Kennys > jw .
2014-05-08 10:09
2014-05-08 10:15
GTR > all !! but its time for fnatic to show up !
2014-05-08 11:20
ScreaM > all !! but its time for titan to wake up !
2014-05-08 11:21
plz carn kick current team and get new!
2014-05-08 11:28
Put this game on hold for 30 minutes, will ya? So I can make it home in time :)
2014-05-08 11:40
Fnatic winning only on mirage
2014-05-08 13:58
actually fnatic has pretty good chances on win
2014-05-08 14:15
World 1663 
JW stronk fnatic win plss
2014-05-08 14:36
The Battle of The Worst inc :D
2014-05-08 17:24
All depends on map, but I think that fnatic have chance to win, but yesterday they lost to LDLC @d2, and I guess Titan atm are better then fnatic, they are just on lose streak. Betting for Titan, cause kennyS. Titan 55% - fnatic 45%
2014-05-08 17:26
ez 4 titan
2014-05-08 17:29
Lithuania aMii 
depends on map, but I believe in fnatic: Fnatic 16-13 hard skinz hard lyfe
2014-05-08 17:52
Nice match! :)
2014-05-08 20:23
fnatic ez pz
2014-05-08 20:24
never trust swedish teams. they don't know which maps to ban.
2014-05-08 20:35
2014-05-08 20:50
R.I.P Skins
2014-05-08 21:12
you have the seum ?
2014-05-08 22:51
kennyS > JW , titan win it for me.
2014-05-08 20:57
ilost my awp redline st and ak fire sepent st during tyloo and legends.... so betting today ...plz tekk who is going to win.... i hope its titan
2014-05-08 21:06
Titan will lost this one!
2014-05-08 21:16
Just because of your grammar they will win.
2014-05-08 21:54
ahahahahahahah +1
2014-05-09 11:27
Go Go Fnatic !!
2014-05-08 21:39
fnatic usually performs bad against titan and frenchs teams. titan ez 16-7
2014-05-08 21:50
Dream Titan lineup (will never happen): Ex6TenZ, NBK, ScreaM, KQLY, shox Dream LDLC lineup (will never happen): Happy, apEX, Maniac, kennyS, Sf
2014-05-08 21:52
why sf and not kisohima?
2014-05-08 21:52
IMO Sf is slightly better than kioShima, and Sf already played with all those LDLC guys, so he knows how to play with them properly.
2014-05-08 21:56
Kioshima is better than Sf in both individual skill & experience. Don't know why would you chose KQLY over kennyS, when they're the same in terms of individual skills. I would also choose apEX over shoxie, cuz Titan needs a first fragger & apEX is pretty good at it.
2014-05-09 05:26
gl Titan! :)
2014-05-08 21:53
Is fnatic stupid?! Why wouldn't you veto against Titan wtf. D2 is arguably fnatic's weakest map and Titan's strongest. Will be pretty one sided again
2014-05-08 21:57
they said they play their worst maps to practice :D
2014-05-08 21:58
you can practice your maps in scrims etc. but not in official matches? Where is the logic in this point? O.o
2014-05-08 21:59
ask them :D
2014-05-08 22:02
did they say this as an official statement? If so then you really have to question them
2014-05-08 22:03
i saw it on reddit maybe a joke or not i dont know but schneider sad something imgur.com/F5ctFCr
2014-05-08 22:05
hm na that rather sounds like he is pissed off all the people asking him about the map votes, seems to be kinda ironic
2014-05-08 22:07
Official matches are the best ones to practice. And this is just a minor league. LAN events are much more important, we call all agree with that (specially like the one they won last year). I see their point. :)
2014-05-08 22:15
Holy fuck D2... I hoped fnatic learned something from yesterday. I really wished to see nuke or Mirage. Rip skins
2014-05-08 22:02
they all want to trolling me.... why the hell fnatic play d2??? yesterday they loss again LDLC 16-0 and now they think they win again titan??? thats such a huge joke
2014-05-08 22:10
all my bets are faild by stupid swedes xD
2014-05-08 22:11
no all ur bets is failed by a stupid german!
2014-05-08 22:14
kennys king
2014-05-08 22:13
lol they did it AGAIN, how is it possible to be so stupid
2014-05-08 22:14
fnatic is so bad, if u bet anything on em u deserve to lose :D. so thx for ez items fnatic fanboys :D
2014-05-08 22:14
2014-05-08 22:16
Ex6TenZ threw
2014-05-08 22:16
Imagine my face when i watch scorebot and see kennyS killing 3-4 fnatic guys and own teamm8.. some feed him coz he looks to be hungry lol
2014-05-08 22:19
SmithZz. plz stop this game
2014-05-08 22:20
schneider what a fucking retard
2014-05-08 22:21
2014-05-08 22:21
score plz.
2014-05-08 22:27
Brazil mth^ 
11-2 4 titan
2014-05-08 22:27
Germany ayyy 
fnatic really bad :/
2014-05-08 22:28
gogo titan
2014-05-08 22:28
every team kennyS joined became Clan-KennyS
2014-05-08 22:28
fnatic throw rounds so hard, reminds me of the 2012-13 VG when they lost 2vs3 2vs4, 3vs4 all the time
2014-05-08 22:28
2014-05-09 05:30
how can any1 call fnatic professional's? This is just a pain to watch. They should really talk things over and get their head straight. Disappointed!
2014-05-08 22:28
wow both has soooooo bad aim
2014-05-08 22:31
wtf is going on in this game L
2014-05-08 22:31
2014-05-08 22:31
Got raped by LDLC on Dust 2 so we can probably beat Titan on it
2014-05-08 22:32
2014-05-08 22:40
2014-05-09 11:14
He is talking from fnatic's point of view, tard.
2014-05-09 11:35
was referring to the fact that jw played alone vs ldlc brainless retard
2014-05-09 11:44
2014-05-08 22:32
World nm:E 
Close range strafing and spraying, hoping to be the lucky one that doesn't get randomly headshotted first is nothing uncommon in competitive CS:GO. One of these scenes would have haunted a player the rest of his career in 1.6, in GO it's completely normal.
2014-05-08 22:34
titan throwing?
2014-05-08 22:40
gg wp titan
2014-05-08 22:44
Germany ayyy 
scream so fucking insane
2014-05-08 22:46
csgolounge win/lose (0-6(today my first bet)
2014-05-08 22:48
selber schuld wenn du auf fnatic zurzeit wettest gegen titan :D
2014-05-08 22:49
World nm:E 
lol poor guy
2014-05-08 22:49
Do they even practice? wonder what carn makes of this, usually previous rosters were decent online. gg
2014-05-08 22:49
they must be practicing for sure, but they seem in a very unstable situation, jw today on facebook said they will be back soon, they feel uncomfortable for a reason we don't know.
2014-05-08 23:01
Same, they should be dropped immediantly and replaced with good players. I don't care if it's an international team either.
2014-05-09 10:05
kennys haters say?
2014-05-08 22:50
ez money ez life <3 imgur.com/SXObuax
2014-05-08 22:57
them odds (return) are quite good on Titan vs fnatic
2014-05-08 22:58
Yeah pretty low, it was odds 2.03 on that double at first but the value on titan felt down a bit. If I can double my money I think it's o.k and just for fun pretty much :)
2014-05-08 23:01
2014-05-08 23:00
Nope DanskeSpil - biggest danish betting site :)
2014-05-08 23:00
wp titanS
2014-05-08 22:59
retarded people here is it, they made a mistake yesterday playing d2 for a reason I don't know, but today I saw the veto, there were cache, d2, and mirage, fnatic had to veto cache because it's not their map at all, then titan vetoed mirage and tricked them, it's all because titan vetoed inferno at the first.
2014-05-08 22:59
2014-05-08 23:29
I'm not joking :P, vetoing inferno by titan wasn't expected in my opinion :D
2014-05-08 23:32
fnatic fanboy.
2014-05-09 00:28
2014-05-09 10:06
2014-05-09 10:36
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