19th of July 2014
Match over
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Match stats
Top player in match
Ricardo 'fox' Pacheco
Past 3 months Player Diff
Rating 1.19 0.19
Kills / round 0.81 0.14
Deaths / round 0.66 -0.02
Assists / round 0.13 0.00
First kills / round 0.15 0.05
KAST - -
ADR - -
Maps 3
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Head to head
2014-07-19 21:49
Estonia rYm 
HR overrun
2014-07-19 21:49
k1ck ez
2014-07-19 21:49
kick can do it
2014-07-19 21:50
CIS Heeze 
Can't believe Im saying this but I honestly think that HR is going to lose against k1ck in a BO3 on LAN...
2014-07-19 21:50
Greenland razyN 
2014-07-19 21:51
GO k1ck. 3rd place is our!
2014-07-19 21:51
Add golounge :3 HR will throw this, i hope...
2014-07-19 21:52
ez for k1ck foxj >>>>>> markeloff foxj >>>>>> World
2014-07-19 21:53
16 x 0 in coming
2014-07-19 21:54
easy for foxj
2014-07-19 21:55
Korea ws0 
2014-07-19 21:56
Hr too easy. ITS 2-0 . NO CHANCES FOR K1cK!!
2014-07-19 21:57
2014-07-19 23:45
Hr 2-1
2014-07-19 21:58
ANGE1 | 
Russia monte:) 
HR need to relax. They won a lot of hard games at sltv. SLTV is their main tournament(ofc after EMS) I think k1ck can take this . But still i belive in HR.
2014-07-19 22:00
go k1ck go fox
2014-07-19 22:01
k1ck might surprise us all.
2014-07-19 22:01
2014-07-19 22:29
u w0t m8
2014-07-20 22:25
Germany R3cn 
K1ck will poopoo on HR 2-0 easy.
2014-07-19 22:02
I feel really bad for last game 0-16 HR , but i still believe and they can do it IF THEY WANT! GL TO BOTH TEAMS
2014-07-19 22:12
k1ck must be feeling tired, they wont put same concentration and efort, i would go for HR
2014-07-19 22:18
2014-07-19 22:20
$20 that kick will take dd2
2014-07-19 22:25
2014-07-19 22:30
No stream ? anyone can link me please?
2014-07-19 22:33
kick easy
2014-07-19 22:35
gl kick
2014-07-19 22:41
k1ck showed some really good games, glad to see that. To bad that they are not in the Final. :) gl k1ck.
2014-07-19 22:41
I think K1ck win cuz HR is First at SLTV StarSeries X and just play this for fun... so if u cut bet i would but u can't fuck CSGOLounge
2014-07-19 22:47
K1ck 2-0 HR
2014-07-19 23:04
k1ck deserve this place more than HR, pls disband fuckin n00bz
2014-07-19 23:37
ANGE1 | 
Russia monte:) 
Na`Vi fanboy. Hello
2014-07-19 23:38
Germany Bongskie 
probably lost hes skins :)
2014-07-19 23:40
Funny how people at this site relate all comments to shitty bets
2014-07-20 03:50
swag | 
Latvia `DinGo 
then explain us the hate of yours?
2014-07-21 17:55
Cause they are fuckin retards destroyed 2 good cis teams to make 1 decent and 1 bad as fuck
2014-07-21 18:17
swag | 
Latvia `DinGo 
haha not even funny. NaVi and HR both are in top10 best teams in world.So i wouldn`t call HR or NaVi a shitty team...
2014-07-21 20:10
It is today, back in last summer after changes astana was decent team only because they always win vs nip when navi couldnt do shit. Now navi finally can do some damage but their success depends a lot on guardian's perfomance and HR still a shit but now they only win vs titan and struggling so fuckin much vs lower teams such as epsilon (16-0 wtf???)
2014-07-21 22:04
swag | 
Latvia `DinGo 
As thoorin have said HR always struggle with lower tier teams.
2014-07-22 10:13
at 19:23? no :)
2014-07-20 12:56
Bad Stream - no quality settings + caster probably missed a funeral (anemic commentating).
2014-07-19 23:41
I don't have partnership yet so no quality option - had a long day and pretty much had 10minutes to setup the stream so sorry for the lack of excitement.
2014-07-19 23:45
easy for HR they said hahahahah for god sake boys
2014-07-19 23:41
ANGE1 | 
Russia monte:) 
that will be 2-1 bro. relax :x
2014-07-19 23:43
you watched the k1ck matchs? if you dont shut up bro :) k1ck deserve to be on final not on this
2014-07-19 23:46
hehe for god sake hehe
2014-07-19 23:44
2014-07-19 23:49
k1ck got 1st map! It's already good :P
2014-07-19 23:50
noobraisers hope foxj crush them on 2nd map 16-0
2014-07-19 23:50
Amazing k1ck
2014-07-19 23:51
k1ck playing really good this tournament.
2014-07-19 23:53
Individually they have talent, but as a team they never impressed me. Kick out ange1 and kucher, get two players and new IGL.
2014-07-19 23:56
2014-07-20 00:10
Seriously ANGEL1 Out? kucher is great too, imo this game is worthless for them and they obiously sad bcuz of 16-0
2014-07-20 00:13
16-0 should not happen with top team like this. Also, tell me how they can be this bad on the most common map in cs history. It's laughable. IGL needs to take responsibility and kucher is weak link of the team. adren+dosia+markel+new players with new IGL = top5 in world HR right now = worse than kick...
2014-07-20 00:21
Can you tell me who is better then kucher who speeks russians?
2014-07-20 00:52
ANGE1 | 
Russia monte:) 
none on CIS scene better then HR players. Maybe s1mple or flamie but HR players "willnt" play with them
2014-07-20 01:07
Thats what I'm saying here.. imo Kucher is great player with good and positive energies.. (I also love his hats :D)
2014-07-20 01:16
I am sure there is some lesser known talent in the second tier teams (Nastolgie or what they are called etc)
2014-07-20 01:45
Portugal Cyborgy 
you realize kucher has been their best player by FAR in Hr right?
2014-07-21 17:52
2014-07-20 00:00
ANGE1 | 
Russia monte:) 
Why this caster never press a TAB?!!!!Autodirector and nothing more..
2014-07-20 00:01
Turkey huth 
Thoorin won't even consider this match as a real one when he analyzes H2H matches between these two teams. So, don't even bother guys :P
2014-07-20 00:17
jR | 
Ukraine lancee 
Terrible stream, terrible voice, terrible tone. Won't even continue watching.
2014-07-20 00:36
There's gotv posted if you look up - feel free to watch that way :)
2014-07-20 00:56
jR | 
Ukraine lancee 
Ok I've probably sounded like an asshole, so I'll explain what I've meant. I thought you're from england, at least you sound like that. So it's okay that you're talking so slow and unclear, since you're not a native english speaker, I thought you are at first. Your main problem is that you sound like a nerdy 15 y.o., you're lacking balls in your streaming or sth. Your voice sounds pretty boring, makes me fall asleep. And I think you're lacking the game knowledge as well. Hope you'll understand what I mean and rethink those things in your future streams.
2014-07-20 01:46
Thanks for clearing it up this way! :) I try to do what I can to improve myself but the voice thing is hard, I can't control my pitch unfortunently, maybe if I started smoking but.. yeah i'll try to get pumped up some more. As far as the knownlegde goes I think im OK tbh - it's pretty hard to cast this alone as I have to focus on the playbyplay aswell as the tactical things ingame, which is a bit stressfull alone. In the future I can hopefully find a co-caster who can do the analytics for me :)
2014-07-20 02:06
jR | 
Ukraine lancee 
good luck ;-)
2014-07-20 02:08
WTF HR losing like that...
2014-07-20 00:43
Right now I see two teams extremely tired, playing some CS:GO... Which is a shame considering that this DH Valencia had very good Counter-Strike games... but it's just to many hours :\
2014-07-20 00:45
Yea... I don't really get why they don't play the final and 3rd place decider tomorrow? Would be better for the teams/players and the viewers would get better games.
2014-07-20 01:05
ANGE1 | 
Russia monte:) 
gg. 2-1 for HR. Nuke will easy especially if HR will start as ct
2014-07-20 00:49
This DH sucks, only 3 top teams, the rest is noobs playing. waiting for new big event.
2014-07-20 00:56
ANGE1 | 
Russia monte:) 
GF, EMS ONE, SLTV Lan are inc :)
2014-07-20 00:58
yeah. i miss top teams playing. Nip, VP, Na'vi, Fnatic, Titan and others.
2014-07-20 01:07
2014-07-21 00:25
2014-07-20 01:17
k1ck isn't a top team but gave much more entertaining match vs LDLC than epsilon
2014-07-20 01:27
ez skin ez life....oh wait, this match is not on CSGL, wrong place :p
2014-07-20 01:17
Watching all day. Falling asleep.......
2014-07-20 01:17
France blm' 
k1ck are playing since 5am. Respect Sorry reply
2014-07-20 01:34
Kinda shit this schedules..12 or 13hours..
2014-07-20 01:40
who win?
2014-07-20 01:37
HR take home the bronze...
2014-07-20 22:57
Kick throwing against eco in 1vs3...
2014-07-20 01:44
France blm' 
Respect k1ck!
2014-07-20 01:47
HR won :) GG :) :D :D
2014-07-20 01:47
AZK | 
United States Dood 
Time limit op
2014-07-20 01:47
ANGE1 | 
Russia monte:) 
gg wp.
2014-07-20 01:48
#RESPECT k1ck played from 5am and even at this time even though they lost they played their hearts out, ggwp k1ck.
2014-07-20 01:49
ye and if im not wrong they get nothing in 4th place
2014-07-20 01:55
Well they do get a 4th place. #thinkingpositive
2014-07-20 02:06
Portugal Cyborgy 
5 am?what?lol
2014-07-20 03:51
respect k1ck wp
2014-07-20 01:50
Nahhh! Second fake plant was too much!
2014-07-20 01:51
he hadnt time to plant, 3 sec lft :/
2014-07-20 01:52
More aggression - is what they need. GG anyways.
2014-07-20 01:56
yeah gg, nice to see that k1ck can performe
2014-07-20 01:59
shox | 
United Kingdom dezmondo 
i really think this was more of a case of HR underperforming than k1ck performing.
2014-07-20 03:27
im not sure if they underperform. take a look at their history. they have great team on paper which simply doesnt perform as good as should . i have no idea what they are lacking but old virtus pro (dosia fox etc) was way better imo. btw fox is still playing ?
2014-07-20 10:34
2014-07-20 04:36
Russia AR4ER 
gg hr :/
2014-07-20 07:18
2014-07-20 07:32
Russia NJM 
gg HR
2014-07-20 08:29
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