17th of September 2014
Match deleted
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14:16 (10:5; 4:11)STATS
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Player of the matchwon with 36.5% of the votes
Georgi 'WorldEdit' Yaskin
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Rating 0.00 -1.00
Kills / round 0.83 0.16
Deaths / round 0.80 0.13
Assists / round 0.20 0.07
First kills / round 0.17 0.07
KAST - -
ADR - -
Maps 1
Head to head
2/10 13 SLTV StarSeries VII
16 - 8
cly ez pz
2014-09-17 00:11
WorldEdit and flamie pls start pov rats detected
2014-09-17 00:15
so you hate nip as well for being "rats" against fnatic a year ago at that overtime-thing?
2014-09-17 09:31
cool fake
2014-09-17 19:40
2014-09-17 21:20
Depends who has the better hacks, cLy or flamie :P
2014-09-17 02:38
2014-09-17 05:29
Vietnam hcd 
remember to record POV,if not,cheaters will report u cause cheating #kappa
2014-09-17 09:37
God Cly.
2014-09-17 12:27
Russia polt94 
worldedit vseh pobedit
2014-09-17 12:31
what happened to ubique?
2014-09-17 14:16
HMMM. imgur.com/eKLydNC Maybe ez skins? Maybe lost...
2014-09-17 14:32
Germany 'ezpz 
I support PKD because it's a german team but i dont think dat will do it. I hope for you and your skins but dat didnt performed very good last games. Good luck mate.
2014-09-17 14:42
Yea thanks! :DD But did you watch dat vs lc last night? Or dat vs fnatic? I think dat was really impressive vs fnatic yesterday and thats why i put so much value to the bet. :Dd
2014-09-17 15:43
I am also all in on DaT just because I realy dont like PKD after that they did HR yesterday...
2014-09-17 19:53
2014-09-17 21:07
dAT played well against fnatic yesterday. I think now when there is no reason to throw they will try the best and the best is more than enough to beat Planetkey
2014-09-17 14:37
Finland Malixoxo 
Planetkey still hasnt kicked cLy? He got busted cheating, does that mean anything in Germany anymore?
2014-09-17 14:44
2014-09-17 17:16
maoaN | 
CIS maoaN 
he won german LAN EPS finals? lol ohh no he cheatet in MM who gives a fucking shit... every progamer has cheated in their lifes
2014-09-17 20:02
"every progamer has cheated in their lifes" Do you really believe in this?
2014-09-17 20:15
musnt be in csgo. i do believe
2014-09-17 20:16
atleast in gta my frend
2014-09-17 21:11
Finland Malixoxo 
Name one other pro gamer that has cheated, while being considered a pro gamer and allowed to continue competing in that same game. With barely any punishment whatsoever. Also not every pro gamer has cheated at some point in their careers, thats the mindset of a cheater "surely everyone has done this, its not so bad that I do it". Imo the biggest problem is the message that is being sent by Planetkey and the community: You can cheat, get busted and there will be no reprecussions! Is that really what the scene needs? We have already copious amounts of cheaters plaguing matchmaking, ESEA and now even in top level. It should not be acceptable, he should receive at least a few years bans for all online and LAN competitions. Allowing him to play creates a moral hazard and encourages others to follow suit. He is a gigantic douchebag and so are his teammates and organisation. I will personally not watch any of their games ever again, not that they would be too interesting to begin with but still.
2014-09-18 19:30
nuke, bb skins it was nice to have you for few days :)
2014-09-17 20:13
Why is dAt so bad ? They were good on lan
2014-09-17 20:36
Korea ws0 
dat always win when underdog
2014-09-17 21:05
ty for skins :DDDD
2014-09-17 21:09
prntscr.com/4nrb14 thx for the skins cLy fanboys.
2014-09-17 21:10
hahah easy skinnns. won against them when they were like 65% and won with them when they were like at 32%.. £lounge odds<3
2014-09-17 21:10
what a game!
2014-09-17 21:12
did everyone record their pov demos? yes? what a pity, i guess they cant complain this time :(
2014-09-17 21:37
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