27th of September 2014
Match over
Best of 1 * Round of 128
16:8 (9:6; 7:2)
OtherFragbite Masters (Part 1)Vod
OtherFragbite Masters (Part 2)Vod
OtherFragbite Masters (Part 3)Vod
Head to head
NeverCheat gl
2014-09-27 17:23
Russia vovke 
Andrue esl 1.6 cheating
2014-09-27 17:25
Only 4 ESL banned players in same the team lel recaption.com/uploads/200854fb1fb45ca6ec..
2014-09-27 17:29
they are clean for sure!
2014-09-27 17:31
2014-09-27 17:58
Denmark jjh 
2014-09-27 17:41
"Busted video" incoming.
2014-09-27 17:47
USSR is keeping it low
2014-09-27 17:53
why re kzy and crisby playing with this guys....
2014-09-27 17:54
kzy and Andrue esl ban ? this is germany !!!!!
2014-09-27 17:59
wtf, kzy didn't have a wh/aimbot. they were given money in the last round of an ESL versus (they were leading 15-8) and they got banned for it.
2014-09-27 18:01
lol that is ridicilous. they get banned for no fault of their own? something seems fishy here or ESL is full of morons
2014-09-27 18:13
yes, kzy and his mate were complaining but ESL didn't want to take it back. But it doesn't matter, cause his ban will expire in 2-3 weeks. It wasn't their server, so how should they give themselves money? It was the admin, and not them. There is a good interview here: csgo.99damage.de/de/interviews/4511-kzy-.. If you don't understand german you can maybe translate it with google.
2014-09-27 18:20
thats not true, kzy used the bug you even saw it on the vod where his girlfriend or someone were streaming
2014-09-27 18:25
Norway aimb 
they used a bug back then who cares
2014-09-27 18:20
Switzerland BVz 
Cheaters will cry about cheats today?
2014-09-27 18:03
Team /12/
2014-09-27 18:04
post 13 i am disappoint
2014-09-27 18:23
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