4th of March 2015
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(6:9; 2:7)
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ez CarryS
2015-03-03 22:03
huNter- | 
Bosnia and Herzegovina pajk 
RpK > World
2015-03-03 22:04
Since this is close to Katowice where Titan and Penta will be in the same group together, it is unlikely either team will use any form of strats that could give the other team an advantage come Katowice. This being the case i dont think either team would want to lose this and i believe this will be a match purely on individual skill so lets take a look. KennyS and apEX are both top tier players and are in my opinion more consistent (and better) than anyone from Penta. This being said Ex6TenZ and Maniac are usually a liability and are fairly inconsistent, and bear in mind this is Season a map Titan has not played on a lot in comparison to Penta. Meanwhile Penta has not nearly as good a line-up as Titan even though you sometimes see kRYSTAL and troubley play at a top tier level. Current CSGL odds are 75/25 in favor of Titan, where real life odds are more 60/40 i would think it is ok to go a #yoloicb on Penta on this one. my bet: gyazo.com/fdf511cbec2553d68ce5cba98f32f5.. BONUS INFO: Penta won vs Virtus.pro on season in January quite convincingly, while Virtus.pro was considered on a hot streak
2015-03-04 00:38
2015-03-04 22:53
"Since this is close to Katowice where Titan and Penta will be in the same group together, it is unlikely either team will use any form of strats that could give the other team an advantage come Katowice." season not in the mappool for Katowice, but other than that, you were right :)
2015-03-04 23:01
Portugal dracø 
Penta got this so ez
2015-03-04 00:49
Rule No 1, Never bet against kennyS. glhf
2015-03-04 01:01
Russia sone[slash] 
Titan always lose de_season.
2015-03-04 06:35
carryS ez
2015-03-04 11:41
Good bye titan.
2015-03-04 15:08
Mongolia l33l 
55-45 cuz of KennyS.
2015-03-04 20:37
2015-03-04 21:41
RpK apEX kennyS unbeatable combo on season
2015-03-04 21:52
titans win i thnk
2015-03-04 21:52
First I bet PENTA because they were good against VP, but I don't know how they perform on season, and Titan just played season so they're warmed up. Changed bet to Titan!
2015-03-04 21:53
esea link someone please
2015-03-04 21:56
2015-03-04 22:03
what the *** is penta doing....
2015-03-04 22:14
scoreboard pls :)
2015-03-04 22:19
Portugal dracø 
Titan got this :D
2015-03-04 22:20
Literally what the fuck is today. PENTA barely lose to VP PENTA get absolutely raped by CPH.W. Titan wreck CPH.W. ON THIS MAP. PENTA now LEADING on the map TITAN DESTROYED A TEAM ON. WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING TODAY
2015-03-04 22:26
forget about chain logic in cs:go brah
2015-03-04 22:28
chain logic in cs dont work, specially in bo1.
2015-03-04 22:31
Agree and specially when Titans were 0-5 on season before tonight. hltv.org/?pageid=192&teamid=5284&mapid=3.. Penta played awesome against VP on this map like 1 month ago, CW didt know this map at all so geting ran over by Titans on it was nothing to count in. And looking how Titans went up and down the last 3 months the odds were crazy.
2015-03-04 22:35
Germany CrocOGGWP 
So true man i think the same
2015-03-04 23:06
kNgV- | 
Japan kayenji 
in this level, games are close and you should learn to decide the true or real odds and not be fooled by the majority. if you really want to bet the "favorite" when both are close teams then at least wait for a bo3, otherwise keep lowbetting underdogs. best way to win consistently, your win rate migth not look pretty, but your lounge value history sure will.
2015-03-05 00:36
ez win penta. bot kennys never disapoints me.
2015-03-04 22:30
easy penta :)
2015-03-04 22:28
obviously preparing for katowice more....
2015-03-04 22:32
kennys saving his secret awping angles.
2015-03-04 22:34
Penta got arrogant it will be a 9-6. At the end they will lose.
2015-03-04 22:35
Lol.. titan pistol 3-0 .. then penta takes 9 in a row then their brains and aim just died :)
2015-03-04 22:35
Ohh yes..Penta T side pistol incoming:D
2015-03-04 22:38
penta overdo these offensive moves and it ends up in them dying really stupidly. they should play more safe on ct side.
2015-03-04 22:39
lol maniac keeps going stronk, charge with smooke in hand
2015-03-04 22:40
maniac just showing his many qualities
2015-03-04 22:41
well atlest he went with the molotov in hand this time :) Lets see if he can charge a corner with flash in hand also before the game ends.
2015-03-04 22:46
Wow, 40$ incoming! :)
2015-03-04 22:42
RiP Titan
2015-03-04 22:42
wish i was home to bet on this...
2015-03-04 22:44
ctrl+f throw 0 of 0 hmm
2015-03-04 22:44
I cant believe this..
2015-03-04 22:45
how much?
2015-03-04 22:46
Europe Dan Zero 
Hahaha titan bettors, did you forget that Penta won against VP on season? The best EU team on it? :D
2015-03-04 22:51
2015-03-04 22:51
2015-03-04 22:47
i like penta well enough but kennys tho. iirc hes been on fire lately too.
2015-03-04 22:48
whats the score ? I was gonna bet on penta tho I need to wait 7 days coz of changing pc
2015-03-04 22:49
16-8 ggwP
2015-03-04 22:49
Spain raes 
It was obvious.. first one would be ez for Titan and this one for Penta.
2015-03-04 22:49
wow..5 v 3 Titans, they had them all in the stairs with 4 guys aiming on them but still loos the round.
2015-03-04 22:50
Ukraine FaZe_UW0TM8 
w o w r i p s k i n s
2015-03-04 22:50
wow, Titan is so trash team
2015-03-04 22:50
prntscr.com/6crk5n Ty Titan Fanboys
2015-03-04 22:51
GJ MAAAAAAAAAAN prntscr.com/6crk5n NOT MUCH BUT :d
2015-03-04 22:51
holly fuckin shit xD
2015-03-04 22:53
so fucking easy!!!!!!!! prntscr.com/6crkdx
2015-03-04 22:51
RIP Skins D:
2015-03-04 22:51
Yeah Penta looked at Titans last game on season. Maby thats why they were down 3-12 in half in there own game :P
2015-03-04 22:52
2015-03-04 22:52
Titan plays like total noobs.
2015-03-04 22:53
wow Penta realy know when to win... lost 40$ on them today :P
2015-03-04 22:53
Europe chf 
thanks titan fanboys :D imgur.com/fSRrOyB
2015-03-04 22:54
United States Xerolight 
lol so many throws going on
2015-03-04 22:54
2015-03-04 22:55
How to buy the Titan watch the match officially nation. dishonest
2015-03-04 22:57
RIP englando
2015-03-04 23:03
2015-03-04 23:12
What the fuck?
2015-03-04 23:14
Argentina ccritical 
Made my day, ty
2015-03-04 23:18
2015-03-04 23:18
I just lol'd. Thanks buddy
2015-03-04 23:20
How to buy the Titan watch titan.co.in/watches
2015-03-05 06:42
2015-03-05 12:50
nubs lost, match fixing idiot titans. lost skins
2015-03-04 23:25
AHAHAHAHAHAHA many people lost their skins makes me happy :D
2015-03-04 23:26
ezskins bruv
2015-03-04 23:26
kennys deserves a better team
2015-03-04 23:35
gief D:
2015-03-04 23:44
Poland venomstw 
Thank you PENTA !!
2015-03-05 00:22
Russia sone[slash] 
I bet some crap on Titan, but I knew Penta win the game, `cos Titan never took de_season.
2015-03-05 01:43
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