5th of May 2015
Match over
Best of 3 * TRICKED were unavailable and have forfeited the match. They will play iNation in the lower bracket
No media yet, check back later.
Head to head
Spain JANX 
- lowel + sukitron
2015-05-05 00:43
Spain Ayrr 
lowel isn't in the roster anymore. Add Sukitron hltv.
2015-05-05 00:47
lowel aint in x6tence anymore. you hltv fucktards
2015-05-05 02:08
sukitron is only a stand-in i think but i hope he joins
2015-05-05 02:19
It has been said by x6 members on stream that is not official yet, but Sukitron will join the team.
2015-05-05 03:50
no flash - no party
2015-05-05 09:24
Europe snk79 
-Flipin + Lowel and x6 have a competitive team again.
2015-05-05 11:16
Que pena das!!
2015-05-05 13:54
don't cly Fieliber Flipin is a bot
2015-05-05 14:47
Spain Arnau_Sil 
Flipin is good in his role, he is a lurker and a clutch player. He plays great on T sides, and he sometimes lacks on Ct side, but he usually delivers as a fix defender of the site (usually the b sites). You don't need to be a flashy player like others, or someone with inflated statistics to be a good player, and Flipin is a good player for what the team asks him to.
2015-05-05 15:37
Still better old wizards with lowel and sukitron. Flipin can clutch ipmortant rounds always fail (no aim /sense)
2015-05-05 16:05
Spain Ayrr 
u seem like really butthurt towards flipin
2015-05-05 19:03
what? why?
2015-05-05 20:45
2015-05-05 14:41
dupreeh | 
Portugal n4sh66 
ez for flipin
2015-05-05 11:25
Brazil gTZ 
16-5, 16-10 for x6
2015-05-05 13:28
gl x6!
2015-05-05 16:47
Hungary raffai 
easy for x6
2015-05-05 17:57
2 throwing teams, maybe tricked win. Kappa
2015-05-05 18:41
Tricked ez forfeit when score 3-14
2015-05-05 18:52
zonic | 
Hungary Zsokker 
Bal1 will plying instead of Barcode
2015-05-05 19:02
ty for the information :)
2015-05-05 19:20
zonic | 
Hungary Zsokker 
We had to forfeit, due rml can't play tonight (he had to stay at work) With a mix we don't want to play in a match like this, so we chosed the FF. We guess, that's the best for our reputation, and our fans. Sry guys :/
2015-05-05 20:16
Forfeit, x6 wins
2015-05-05 20:07
how long does trade ninja take to realize that the match is over?
2015-05-05 20:51
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