14th of May 2015
Match over
Best of 1
(5:10; 10:5) (4:0)
Player of the matchwon with 67.4% of the votes
Fernando 'fer' Alvarenga
Past 3 months Player Diff
Rating 0.00 -1.00
Kills / round 0.94 0.27
Deaths / round 0.62 -0.05
Assists / round 0.32 0.20
First kills / round 0.12 0.02
KAST - -
ADR - -
Maps 1
Head to head
ez keyd
2015-05-13 06:19
ez for huehuebrbr
2015-05-13 06:19
Brazil Jhowj 
train? ez fallen
2015-05-13 06:20
Argentina ECSBOX 
Will always be ez, you always gonna be fan of the team of your own countru, and that's not bad
2015-05-14 03:44
Brazil Jhowj 
i said ez fallen cuz he played train in cs 1.6 :)
2015-05-14 03:53
Argentina ECSBOX 
2015-05-14 04:50
Finland coswell 
Cos im sure no other player ever played train in 1.6... I dont get your argument -_-
2015-05-14 08:32
Brazil gu1d0 
keyd ofc
2015-05-13 06:20
Plzzz Add CsgoLounge
2015-05-14 01:10
Brazil woody77 
train? Close match. The only ones maps that Keyd have chances of losing in this first phase is Cache and Train , then this game will be interesting
2015-05-13 06:24
+1 but fallen its good on train cs1.6 Interesting^-^
2015-05-13 07:16
Brazil DUZ 
I remember the BYOC elimination at DH. Very good! ;)
2015-05-13 17:53
RIP fnx
2015-05-13 18:02
Brazil DUZ 
It's all about ONE unlucky round, yeah!
2015-05-13 18:50
Brazil woody77 
+1 hahahahhaa Fnx/shemp and bit played very bad , Fallen carried that game and yet failed youtube.com/watch?v=mk2YH3-Q88o
2015-05-13 23:22
Brazil DUZ 
I haven't seen him carrying anything, live or watching the same game today. He was killing some guys, just it. Frag =/= played well. He was not even killing like a tsunami. The elimination was his fault too. The blablabla of other's fault is funny, because he had opportunity with a lot of guys, with the same results. He has less potential than before, he needs the perfect team to be the monster that newcomers love to say? Nah. What I'm saying here is: He's a good player, different of these headless that I can see in the brazilian competitive scene, but the community hyped him a lot, maybe because he's the master of every new player with the GA project or the only one that put any knowledge publicly. PS: I can see wrong statements on his teaching videos and there's people listening to him not as an opinion, but as a god, wtf! He is worst/less effective than Ton, Eduzin, Cogu and at the same level of Maluk3. So, why he's treated like a god? There's no reason.
2015-05-14 01:19
Brazil woody77 
Less effective than Ton / Eduzin and flush with maluk3? Maluk3 never won the Fallen, he never proved anything. Ton and Eduzin? You come watch them play? they were shadow of the cogu, Eduzin was an average player at his epoch, imagine now. Who retired the cogu was the Fallen own that destroyed it in two consecutive championships, the closest player cogu in Brazil was the Fallen and Fnx, the only ones who managed to annoy in international matches and always maintain the highest level. About the match against Swecon adding all frags of the Fallen he covered the frag 3 players own team, you can not be ignorant to talk shit like that, or is an anti-ga.
2015-05-14 02:43
Brazil DUZ 
Yes dude, I saw them playing front of me, sometimes at the mibr private lan here in Rio (damn, golden era). I saw FalleN first steps and I'm still with this opinion, less effective than Ton and Eduzin (ps: diff eras - don't compare - it's like maradona vs messi), same level of Maluk3. I can say that KIKOOO and Corassa were avg players too. They were not two aim beasts. FalleN is freakin good with awp(or was?). I have played against him at WCG 2013 quarter-finals of the Assault Fire event after we knockdown FG (hen1, lucas & cia). That's the point. You can see a lot of examples nowadays. The scene is full of good aimers (like hen1 @ 1.6 and fer @ csgo) but there's a lot of space for who know a lot about tactics, game reading(this generation is very bad at this), when you shouldn't put your f* face off the cover etc. Now I can't see him being the awp player he was on 1.6 but he's forced to get better at the other things (tactics, leadership, game reading etc) and I hope that he will finally get there. Them I'll post here: This guy is the best. About anti-ga: His project is awesome, the hype that comes with it not.
2015-05-14 04:11
do you even english? biased fanboy...
2015-05-14 16:59
2015-05-14 16:58
Denmark cabronnn 
dis gon b gud
2015-05-13 06:54
This should give a good indication of KeyD's place in the heirarchy. LG isn't the best team but it should by vying for one of the 4 slots and Train is too new to have generated much in the way of Meta, so everyone should be on an even keel here. LG is probably on the outside looking in, and because of Tempo Storms game on Inferno against KeyD, LG shouldn't be star-struck. Hopefully a close match. I'm sure the Brazilians and most EU folks will think it will be 16-2 KeyD, but I'm betting it's closer. I'll estimate 16-13 KeyD.
2015-05-13 07:16
Argentina ZaraLarsson 
nobody is thinking that will be 16-2. lel.
2015-05-13 07:16
tezay | 
Brazil tzy 
maybe, but i'm going to bet on LG, i don't know why, but something inside me says that LG are going to win this, maybe because i think that keyD isn't that good in train, i've never seen them training or playing in this map and also, LG has some good skilled players.. #GL
2015-05-13 10:11
16-9 keyd
2015-05-13 07:21
2015-05-13 07:28
Bet on LG pls,i want your skins
2015-05-13 07:34
Brazil woody77 
Did you watch the match? Ace played very well! Rather than CLG / Cloud9 and dignitas at least in indiivual skill when they faced Keyd
2015-05-13 08:05
Brazil lokodecrack 
+ fallen was droped on the first armed round, which means they was going to have a full team armed in the 5th round...
2015-05-13 09:38
Brazil woody77 
2015-05-13 14:39
sorry bro im a fan of keyd but dignitas>keyd ;D
2015-05-13 09:44
sorry bro, but ACE made more rounds in inferno against Keyd than dignitas in one of the most important match for dignitas... Keyd qualified and top8 in last major, dignitas otherwise...
2015-05-13 13:41
Keyd is top 3 Americas. Dignitas have improved a lot recently and I actually think it would be a very close match if they played again.
2015-05-13 18:04
Brazil woody77 
top 3 Americas? They are top1, while all teams Americas had recent changes they keep the same team, you could say that the Cloud9 was on the same level them, but now with all these changes who have to prove the opposite is the other teams, for now Keyd is favorite in any game.
2015-05-13 23:24
But dignitas was shitty team when they faced keyd at esl one qualifiers. They became good when they changed fetish for MSL.
2015-05-14 01:14
Keyd were getting dominated by ACE for a good 10 rounds and finally made a comeback just based on experience. ACE has many skilled players.
2015-05-13 22:55
keyd ez fallen best
2015-05-13 07:30
Switzerland banzB1CEPS 
ez for pyth
2015-05-13 07:55
2015-05-13 08:07
More non NA players than NA players in an NA game GG.
2015-05-13 08:52
When 100% of one of the two teams is non-NA, it only takes 1 non-NA player on the other team to make that true. Another way to look at it is: Only 1 non-NA/SA person is playing, or... 9 out of 10 players playing are NA/SA.
2015-05-13 12:58
I was being sarcastic dood you took it srsly.
2015-05-13 13:39
This match! omg #GOkEYD
2015-05-13 09:31
It will be a match to be in train
2015-05-13 09:34
Brazil Collee 
rofl train 50-50
2015-05-13 09:51
EZ for FER
2015-05-13 11:07
Portugal zmkk 
im not seeing keyd winning this one ! but do your best brazilian friends !
2015-05-13 11:26
Brazil Collee 
Thanks bro The problem is the map, otherwise I'd say Keyd would take this But it's a 50-50 game
2015-05-13 15:56
Hm.... train gonna be a good match Teamplay keyd > luminosity Gg 16 x 11
2015-05-13 12:50
im going for my boys LG, should be fun.
2015-05-13 13:06
Brazil mth^ 
keyd so fucking easy
2015-05-13 14:31
Well, it will depend from what they can learn today in practice, because they don't know how to play train.
2015-05-13 15:56
Brazil mth^ 
2015-05-13 16:13
ez for LG.
2015-05-13 16:23
2015-05-13 17:05
You're probably right keys never practice on train and lm seems very good, I don't bet anymore but if I would lb seems the best choice.
2015-05-13 17:45
fallen god of train
2015-05-13 17:43
Keyd just been playing low tiers. Now they're gonna get rocked cause LG >>>>>> ACE or TS
2015-05-13 17:44
The game will be on train.. keyd is rusty for not playing in a long time. I think they LG will win this too.
2015-05-13 17:56
ez for neymar
2015-05-13 18:46
LG will win imo keyd barely plays train steel and boltz played their first pug on train yesterday
2015-05-13 18:49
LG seems like they'll win this one , although neither of them plays train .. id say 55/45 for LG
2015-05-13 18:51
Keyd just won 26-4 a Scrim in de_train , i still will bet onto them :d
2015-05-13 19:26
2015-05-13 19:46
Cool that they found some guys to play with them. At least it gives them some familiarity with the map. What's the easiest way to find these scrims? I suck at the searching.
2015-05-13 20:49
yes my friend, the guys will also learn a lot playing with them.
2015-05-13 20:49
How do you find the scrims?
2015-05-13 20:51
I dont know man, I just found the link.
2015-05-13 20:55
50-50 match, GL KeyD, my skins 4 u
2015-05-13 20:09
"My skins 4 u"? That almost doesn't sound right.
2015-05-13 21:03
Slovenia Josip09 
50-50 rly? 1 team was top8 in katowice other is random mix
2015-05-13 21:16
Argentina ECSBOX 
top 8 only for Cloud9 throw ._. they only won 2 matches. LG, don't even have an oportinity to play the Katowice, just cause they wasn't invited
2015-05-14 03:49
50-50? wtf ez keyd sorete
2015-05-13 23:00
keyd win this i think
2015-05-13 20:54
Probably, but hopefully it's close. 16-13 would be a success, I think for LG, even if they don't win.
2015-05-13 20:58
lg ez
2015-05-13 21:19
NEO | 
Brazil tegin 
go Keyd!! Destroy them!
2015-05-13 21:28
Hoping for keyd but will be a hard match
2015-05-13 21:46
best match tonight but but train worst map
2015-05-13 22:41
Brazilian fans are so fucking annoying
2015-05-13 22:57
are we? lol
2015-05-13 23:44
You never see anyone act like this when Americans or Euros play. So obnoxious on Twitch with the spam, and spam the hltv threads.
2015-05-13 23:54
Brazil DUZ 
Less education here, that's the reason. I feel sad when I see that kind of thing.
2015-05-14 01:35
2015-05-15 03:50
+1 they are dumb as **** it's so embarrassing
2015-05-14 01:12
Brazil ZACKK_SP 
this game gonna be hard!!! hard test here
2015-05-13 22:58
KeyD have got this
2015-05-13 22:59
2015-05-13 23:00
Lounge Addd this. This is going to be good <3
2015-05-13 23:02
Chile shinteiner 
go keyd brazil porra
2015-05-13 23:12
Brazil diixon 
2015-05-13 23:31
Chile shinteiner 
south america is with u my friends
2015-05-14 00:22
+1 tyty
2015-05-14 03:37
fallen was really good at train in 1.6. Maybe the best. He put all Natus vincere and Markeloff in his pocket and carry his team. But this train is so much different.
2015-05-13 23:18
yea, he was, but he is not playing the map for years and we know that KeyD only scrimmed ONCE in train.
2015-05-13 23:21
CIS chlenixon 
gold novas incoming with their "KeyD top 10, over HR"
2015-05-13 23:35
pls add csgolounge
2015-05-13 23:45
Finland no_man 
lg too ez, pyth to ace 16 rounds in a row
2015-05-13 23:45
2015-05-13 23:46
train? ez for LG
2015-05-13 23:47
brazilians are poor then dont have cars, so they know better train, lfmao
2015-05-13 23:50
just a joke guys ;D
2015-05-13 23:51
Europe > Brasil Pyth > FalleN
2015-05-13 23:51
tezay | 
Brazil tzy 
ok, now tell me one team of ur shit small country that beats keyD ?
2015-05-14 02:29
I don't think KeyD is practicing de_train so LG can surprise IMO.
2015-05-13 23:53
KeyD is practicing it. They had a couple of scrims against another team twice today... and spanked them: Something like 24-6.
2015-05-14 00:31
Ohhhh,didn't know,ty for informing me.
2015-05-14 00:41
Finland Smoonah 
didn't know can get 24 rounds when other team gets 6 that's gg
2015-05-14 02:45
In practice you can,it adds more rithym to the scrim.
2015-05-14 03:41
Add PLzzz CsgoLounge
2015-05-14 00:23
Finland f0pZ 
ez pyth
2015-05-14 00:25
GL keyd <3
2015-05-14 00:37
Dosia | 
Russia cann0n 
Da fallen vs da Pyth da battle da da da
2015-05-14 00:39
add csgolounge fast!
2015-05-14 00:43
de_fallen lounge add pls.
2015-05-14 00:48
add to lounge!
2015-05-14 00:52
2 best teams in NA
2015-05-14 01:06
2 of the top 5, but LG probably isn't in the top 2. I'd put KeyD at #1, then probably Nihilum, eLevate, Cloud9, then LG.
2015-05-14 01:22
gl LG
2015-05-14 01:23
2015-05-14 02:27
¿ why you dont add this cs loungee agree of ? yet
2015-05-14 02:34
Brazil Marcola 
best game tonight
2015-05-14 03:10
dis gon be gud
2015-05-14 03:40
boring match
2015-05-14 03:58
this steel should honestly change his name he´s not the NA sensation Steel nigga needa change his name asap
2015-05-14 04:04
his nickname is steelega
2015-05-14 04:05
he should keep it that way ju know
2015-05-14 04:06
steel > Steal
2015-05-14 04:10
OG one of the best NA players steel > wannabe steel
2015-05-14 04:21
Steel is RIP for 1 more year so why should he change it
2015-05-14 04:13
tru but he still fanboyin
2015-05-14 04:22
You must be joking
2015-05-14 05:03
im not doe
2015-05-14 05:06
such a badass
2015-05-14 05:11
ferGOD living up to his name sick pistol round
2015-05-14 04:08
fer kqly
2015-05-14 04:08
2015-05-14 04:09
2015-05-14 04:09
Brazil diixon 
2015-05-14 04:09
kNgV- | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
2015-05-14 04:09
2015-05-14 04:11
he is actually top fragging xD
2015-05-14 04:20
GoGo KeyD! :D
2015-05-14 04:17
2015-05-14 04:17
2015-05-14 04:19
2015-05-14 04:19
Brazil woody77 
Fer is a monster
2015-05-14 04:20
zqk aways die in the first 15 seconds of the round lol
2015-05-14 04:22
All the top teams have a player who always underperform
2015-05-14 04:24
he should be replace by other who is the best player in Brazil except KeyD's
2015-05-14 04:44
Cold, TACO and maybe Felps
2015-05-14 05:12
2015-05-14 04:27
16-13 KeyD Fallen <3
2015-05-14 04:34
HLTV confirmed?
2015-05-14 04:39
a guy from argentina is for brazil? really? no rivalry?
2015-05-14 04:48
Yep,im hope they will show NA Poweeer
2015-05-14 18:36
keyD won both pistols, would be surprised if they lost this now, their game to win
2015-05-14 04:41
3 awps best strategy 2015 kappa
2015-05-14 04:45
both teams seem pretty similarly skilled, both winning only 2 gun rounds on their t sides
2015-05-14 04:46
Yep, but ptr is playing really good we need to see how consistent he will do that
2015-05-14 04:49
Brazil woody77 
Keyd played Train 2 times and destroy LG fuck u
2015-05-14 04:50
they playing muricans though, bad
2015-05-14 04:52
uhm didnt keyd win both pistols lol
2015-05-14 04:58
Ya, its their game to win and lg's raw skill pulled them into of, lg won way more gunrounds than keyd
2015-05-14 05:03
2015-05-14 04:51
2015-05-14 04:51
Brazil woody77 
2015-05-14 04:52
omfg if keyd lose bec of that
2015-05-14 04:52
They deserve to lose
2015-05-14 04:52
2015-05-14 04:58
2015-05-14 04:58
2015-05-14 04:55
zqk is so bad so bad so bad they shoul put me in that team I would be better
2015-05-14 04:55
Brazil Collee 
pls... Horrible map, keyd will win the next match ezly
2015-05-14 04:55
lol win both pistols and still fail BRs worse than NA easily sorry kids
2015-05-14 04:56
2015-05-14 05:13
Pyth too strong!
2015-05-14 04:57
2015-05-14 04:57
pyth ice cold ;d
2015-05-14 04:57
that 1vs3 from pyth keyd so dumb its unbelievable
2015-05-14 04:57
Brazil adre221 
What? Are you crazy? It's just pyth playing greatly, keyd is far from dumb. It's not because they made a mistake that they are dumb.
2015-05-14 05:04
Zqk throw!! :) nice job Zqk nice job
2015-05-14 04:58
What a surprise a euro carrying a shitty NA team.
2015-05-14 04:58
Whose Eurodick are you sucking? Can't you even TRY to go for an NA team? Hell, one of the players are even from Canada; a player who is top-fragging for LG, not your Eurodream player. Or, are you another one of those fakeflagger fags?
2015-05-14 05:05
top-fragging hehe did u watch the game?
2015-05-14 05:09
I meant on his team. Not between both teams. Two KeyD players were top-fraggers overall. Yes. I saw the game.
2015-05-14 05:10
pyth kinda got them to overtime twice
2015-05-14 14:10
kids look for any reason to bash NA. It gets old really fast. If destrukto's dick is so small he has to bash NA CS on HLTV.org, let him.
2015-05-14 05:11
Kids? I am 25 sir.
2015-05-14 05:19
I am a fan of good cs teams/players. Some of my all time favorite teams were NA teams (coL, team3d, NoA etc)
2015-05-14 05:17
LOL @ moses "Solved the puddle, solved the rizzle" um....got your d's and z's mixed up there bud
2015-05-14 04:59
zqk lost so many easy shots jesus
2015-05-14 05:01
Keyd won both pistols and still went to OT. lel
2015-05-14 05:02
And win OT is all gun rounds suck this dick now
2015-05-14 05:09
why would he suck yours, you didnt do anything
2015-05-14 05:09
Brazil Collee 
fer <3333
2015-05-14 05:04
Said it months ago, will say it again: fer is the best brazilian player, imo.
2015-05-14 05:06
Brazil diixon 
2015-05-14 05:07
We've known that for quite a long time to be honest. Fallen has been doing good tho.
2015-05-14 05:09
2015-05-14 05:10
oldddddddddddddd LOL
2015-05-14 05:09
Oh really?
2015-05-14 05:20
fer is so good
2015-05-14 05:06
The whole team works perfectly together :D Probably the first team fun to watch in NA in long time (;_;)7
2015-05-14 05:11
Yeap, no more candles needed for NA Scene =D
2015-05-14 05:16
2015-05-14 05:20
I know lex is igl but he is still brainless.. if Lg couldget some1 instead of him it would be much better team..
2015-05-14 05:07
PTR giving Keyd the win with those two massive whiffs.
2015-05-14 05:08
he was carrying whole ct side
2015-05-14 05:09
kNgV- | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
+1 pyth carried T side
2015-05-14 05:11
2015-05-14 05:09
Rip muricano amigo, retire. [*]
2015-05-14 05:09
2015-05-14 05:09
Why kick ptr clg is crazy lol
2015-05-14 05:09
nice keyd FALLEN>ptr
2015-05-14 05:09
ptr game of the life pt.2
2015-05-14 05:09
kNgV- | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
another one down and i'll ask again: Who's next?
2015-05-14 05:10
2015-05-14 05:12
Wp Keyd.
2015-05-14 05:10
Argentina ZaraLarsson 
2015-05-14 05:10
Denmark cabronnn 
what skins? Kappa
2015-05-14 05:12
zqk, leave awping for fallen
2015-05-14 05:11
then -zqk? :D fallen wouldn't call and awp at the same time I guess.
2015-05-14 05:12
still his awp shots are sick, he is doing great with awping and calling, and its not only in this match but also in Katowice f.e. in match on overpass vs vp
2015-05-14 05:14
He's more like second awper imo. Don't really know if it'd work out if he chose to be the main awper and call at the same time
2015-05-14 05:16
2015-05-14 05:11
Good game by both teams. In the end, LG let the pressure get to them and KeyD didn't.
2015-05-14 05:12
kNgV- | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
Man, keyd didn't let the pressure get to them even against VP in Katowice with that damn polak kid screaming, they won't feel the pressure in a online match against a NA team. Hearing their pov stream at katowice against VP was so funny, they were so relaxed and calm, while I was almost having a heart attack at my chair. I was like "wtf these guys are bots". lol
2015-05-14 05:20
Haha except when I think it was steel freaking out yelling bridge
2015-05-14 17:38
Amazing game to watch even if it was on train, these two teams might just be the two best in NA this season.
2015-05-14 05:49
2015-05-14 09:57
I was only able to find VODs for EU matches :C
2015-05-14 11:00
Brazil AL1en 
ez skins ez life <3 KeyD
2015-05-14 10:59
Brazil zil zil
2015-05-14 14:21
Peru cda 
2015-05-14 15:12
You mean two Brazilian teams are better than any NA team. Between the "scenes" there's no contest. Brazil has 2 good teams and that's it. NA has at least 9.
2015-05-14 17:00
9 good teams? I don't know what you consider good but there isn't 9 good teams in NA
2015-05-14 17:33
2015-05-14 20:06
pyth 2 swedeN
2015-05-14 21:21
huyak | 
Russia Svirv 
KeyD needs to move to EU (like Portugal?) for good prac
2015-05-18 14:48
Norway wowsowow 
2016-03-09 17:39
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