14th of May 2015
Match over
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(2:13; 13:2) (4:7)
Player of the matchwon with 82.7% of the votes
Jacob 'pyth' Mourujärvi
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Vietnam yolesnoobs 
eLelele ez.
2015-05-13 06:20
- elelele + pyth + ptr + hiko + semphis + skadoodle
2015-05-14 13:36
Sweden shrew 
2015-05-13 08:11
Luminosity take this 2-0. They are finally playing like a team.
2015-05-13 16:58
16-9 LG
2015-05-13 16:59
eLevate ez
2015-05-13 17:28
2015-05-13 22:19
Csgolounge is so rood to NA Esl ESEA pro league matches. They either don't put them up at all or put them up very close to start time so not many people get to bet :(
2015-05-13 22:49
i've read that ESEA and Lounge do not get along so it's weird when they do put the games for people to bet on.
2015-05-14 00:22
lounge adds the shitty CEVO matches but not the only one worth betting on. Trash site
2015-05-13 23:45
umm they wont because esea wont broadcast there adds and when csgol asked them to without pay they said not lounge said youll loose halve your viewers and they had a fight about buisness in short esea said you cant post our games anymore thats why not shitty site shitty owner greedy
2015-05-14 02:51
Germany larsmeister 
2015-05-14 00:03
Golounge ADD!
2015-05-14 00:37
add lounge fast!
2015-05-14 00:41
add lounge PLS
2015-05-14 00:55
probably they will not add :/
2015-05-14 01:04
Dosia | 
Russia cann0n 
wow lpkane is foolish kid , he wont ESEA NA matches to csgl ... RIP ESEA
2015-05-14 01:26
How is he a fool? CSGL wants their advert to run on the stream, but aren't (supposedly) willing to pay for it. - OMG lpkane SUCH KIDDY FASHION!?!?! BUT BUT, the stream will get so many more viewers?!?!? Yeah that's true, but he himself stated that the revenue from the stream is maybe 1%? The stream is for the viewer's benefit, and not something ESEA depends on. - So "RIP ESEA" ain't happening for that reason. lpkane comes off as a greedy businessman, but that doesn't make him a foolish kid. Just accept you've got a betting addiction and calm your nerves about not being able to bet on every single CS game.
2015-05-14 01:43
Portugal dracø 
+1, perfect comment.
2015-05-14 01:58
Dosia | 
Russia cann0n 
BUT ... 1) CSGL is giving : X4 Viewers ! 2) csgl viewers are spend money ! Whose make profit from that 1) ofc firsteval Steam , if steam doesnt making profit they r not happy with it i guess ! 3) money is ad 4) ad is sponsors 5) sponsors are money 6) money make product better and develop environment 7) and at all Viewers are Engine ! No viewers - No party P.S. Lpkane can do with his product whatever he wanna do , but if he wanna " Back in a Past " like beginning of 2000-X . Gl with 1k viewers on ESEA matches
2015-05-14 02:38
I guess I'll have to re-iterate myself 1, 2, 3 & 4 - Does NOT matter, and CSGL are not sponsoring ESEA, please understand that. They're trying to get their advertisement shown without paying for it. Thinking they can leverage tournaments into showing CSGL's advertisement in the 'promise' of more viewers... How about this for an analogy. - I want you to trade me a skin, you want something back? But I'm not willing to trade you fair, but promise that if you trade me your skin, I'll go to my friends and have them give you '+rep' on your profile. Which should lead you to getting another trade in the future!! Would you trade me your skin? If yes, please give me your tradelink and I'll request that m4 cyrex immediately. - And yes, people might subscribe to their twitch channel, but as I mentioned in my previous post, the MONEY that comes from the stream, is NOTHING special. 5,6 & 7 - I either agree with you or don't understand what you're trying to say. I'll throw a little bonus thing from what I've read on various posts on the whole ESEA-CSGL debacle. lpkane doesn't like CSGL because it's a shady business that allows uncontrolled and underaged betting and therefor doesn't want to be associated with them. Which is perfectly reasonable. P.S - CSGL can add whatever game they want, so don't solely blame ESEA for CSGL's choices.
2015-05-14 13:06
Sweden Slappy :) 
How old is storm? He must be close to 30?
2015-05-14 02:01
Xyp9x | 
Denmark STATiC^ 
2015-05-14 02:54
Holy fuck this match really shows why the na scene sucks.
2015-05-14 02:25
shows the power of pyth and the knowledge ingrained in his swede blood
2015-05-14 02:40
jk lg throw
2015-05-14 03:01
Vietnam NaMNaMNaM 
rofl 15x15
2015-05-14 03:03
why aren't these esea games on lounge?
2015-05-14 03:08
2 t rounds regulation 2 t rounds ot ayy lmao
2015-05-14 03:12
ptr so bad awper, -ptr +jdm
2015-05-14 03:16
Australia Ap0c 
even Shaz is better than ptr, harry potter is over rated as fuck
2015-05-14 03:18
bad game = bad player id like to see you call and awp just as good
2015-05-14 03:33
+1 honestly, ptr did very well this game. And tbh, his rifle has improved alot since clg, so has his play call abilities
2015-05-14 03:36
he didnt do "very well" at all, he did okay at best but he isn't exactly performing bad much (typically doing fine) so a bad game isn't really a problem especially when he's calling
2015-05-14 03:40
18-18, pretty intense match
2015-05-14 03:19
again OT because of him, single flash on B and he rotate ...
2015-05-14 03:19
ohhh the day when elevate can close out games, they will be the #1 team NA and a top 10 team in the world. But till then
2015-05-14 03:39
double ot lol well played
2015-05-14 03:45
Where is eligie what did i miss?
2015-05-14 04:31
Brazil 1-19 
In liquid
2015-05-14 04:32
France Kairos1g 
2015-05-14 13:42
Norway duffz00r 
Pyth so sick
2015-05-14 05:17
Brasil loves ptr u.u
2015-05-14 19:39
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