20th of May 2015
Match over
Best of 1
(4:11; 0:5)
Player of the matchwon with 45.0% of the votes
Jonathan 'EliGE' Jablonowski
Past 3 months Player Diff
Rating 0.00 -1.00
Kills / round 0.95 0.28
Deaths / round 0.55 -0.12
Assists / round 0.15 0.02
First kills / round 0.00 -0.10
KAST - -
ADR - -
Maps 1
Head to head
gogo liquid...n1 btw
2015-05-19 07:05
Nihilum needs to put P_C on the roster again instead of keeping him their sex slave. At least let him join other teams if you're not gonna use him.
2015-05-19 22:54
+1 P_C doesn't deserve to be a sex slave
2015-05-20 03:04
+1 him and sancz dream team
2015-05-20 03:36
It appears that dream is dead.
2015-05-20 04:23
Nihilum looking very strong in this last matches, especially with Semphis and Hiko, both strong players can easily carry Nihilum, Medium bet on Nihilum.
2015-05-20 02:58
United States Bacon987 
You were so wrong rofl
2015-05-20 14:53
ez for keyd
2015-05-20 03:05
Replace the observer, he's missing all the action with his camera work.
2015-05-20 03:36
Stop it Liquid you'll destroy Hiko's ego.
2015-05-20 03:46
Ive said it before, Liquid have a lot of talent in their team, some bad results from them and people went mad, they have way more potential than Nihlum and some other NA teams, they didnt even have a 5th first of all and they kept playing with stand ins, slowly they will become better.
2015-05-20 03:46
+1 flowsick seems to be a pretty good 5th for them so far
2015-05-20 03:48
Honestly? Liquid just played better than Nihilum this time. Neither team is playing all that great. Still very puggy and nothing really to get your hopes up on. They still have a lot of mistakes to hammer out as a team, especially if you compare their discipline and teamwork against the likes of Key'd Stars. Going after kills to pad stats instead of securing the site and preparing to defend it against retakes on T side, etc.
2015-05-20 04:03
Ezpz liquid, only NA team to take maps off of multiple T1 EU teams since iBP
2015-05-20 03:46
Apart from C9 at Katowice and MLG
2015-05-20 03:48
They took a map off of TSM at the last major as well.
2015-05-20 03:51
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
its not 1492 anymore
2015-05-20 10:33
4-0 to 4-2 , rip [*]
2015-05-20 03:47
everyone still going to shit on liquid even though they've performed better than almost any other team recently other than keyd stars, lol keep talking shit tho
2015-05-20 03:54
no u
2015-05-20 04:17
No u
2015-05-20 04:51
disband inc
2015-05-20 08:28
ofc Nihilium never practices they just expect to win
2015-05-20 12:30
flowsick revenge
2015-05-20 14:57
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