10th of June 2015
Match over
Best of 1 * Keyd Stars forfeit due to DDoS at 2:1
Head to head
ez tempo st0rm
2015-06-09 01:13
Brazil isaaccarneiro 
go TEMPO! Tempo 16 x 07 keyd
2015-06-09 06:56
keyd [*] rip in pepperonis
2015-06-09 03:41
Rip Keyd good ole Shazzy too stronk.
2015-06-09 06:18
Keyd need disband -zqk -steel
2015-06-09 07:05
NA = Onliners
2015-06-09 07:08
United States tattiman789 
2015-06-09 07:10
aurora | 
Australia omag 
are we still over hyping Keyd?
2015-06-09 07:11
nah, it seems like all brazilians hate keyd. I love it to be honest
2015-06-10 04:00
United States GeT_ReiCh 
Brazilians lost all their skins on KeyD v affinity, they now h8 KeyD
2015-06-10 04:13
Brazil Collee 
2015-06-09 09:32
nah keyd are supergood im looking forward to see them again on LAN
2015-06-09 10:37
lol, ez KS
2015-06-09 10:39
Ez for TS
2015-06-09 14:01
ez tempo
2015-06-09 14:02
ez tempo
2015-06-09 16:05
ez for BR
2015-06-09 16:46
North America Foxaika 
I actually think Tempo Storm might put up a good fight here. They've been playing alright as of late it seems, though the results haven't all been there.
2015-06-09 17:49
Brazil dg13 
easy ryx + shazam = GG TS
2015-06-09 17:55
just because keyd lost last match vs affnity all brazil is against KEYD EZ GO KEYD lol!
2015-06-09 18:20
2015-06-09 18:46
gg ddos
2015-06-09 18:23
ez for me !
2015-06-09 22:01
2015-06-09 22:08
Tempo Storm will win, 16-9. You heard it here first.
2015-06-09 22:16
GG Keyd
2015-06-09 23:00
No DDOS = easy keyd
2015-06-10 00:04
ez for braziliano ;p
2015-06-10 00:16
tempo storm to eswc ? unless the canadian qualifier gets cancelled like the nordic and central euro ones
2015-06-10 00:26
Gg DdoS
2015-06-10 03:59
no stream?
2015-06-10 04:02
North America Foxaika 
On ESEA, about to be live in a bit. Other game ran over.
2015-06-10 04:11
DDoS :((
2015-06-10 04:10
North America Foxaika 
Maybe it won't happen. Hoping for a good game. I think TS can play D2 pretty well actually, so they stand a chance against Keyd perhaps.
2015-06-10 04:11
Chile Cristoff 
DDOS incoming Kappa
2015-06-10 04:13
North America Foxaika 
Hahaha DDOS. It's funny watching them go down like bots. More seriously though, this sucks for them. They really need to get that fixed.
2015-06-10 04:24
2015-06-10 04:23
srsly? yes
2015-06-10 04:24
lol ez ddos.
2015-06-10 04:24
DDoS 1 x 2 Keyd
2015-06-10 04:24
n1 fairplay tempo storm :D
2015-06-10 04:24
North America Foxaika 
All's fair in love and war, as they say. Have Keyd looked into getting protection? I don't follow them closely, but this has been a problem for over a week now I think.
2015-06-10 04:25
North America Foxaika 
Just read, thx
2015-06-10 04:28
keyd own fault... srsly they just finally fix that shit or stop playing..it's useless..
2015-06-10 04:27
lol dat fairplay murican as it's finest
2015-06-10 04:26
what is happening? i'm watching NBA
2015-06-10 04:27
Brazil Jhowj 
ddos again :/
2015-06-10 04:28
disqualify Keystars from this league already please.
2015-06-10 04:28
You suck kid
2015-06-10 04:29
so mad haha
2015-06-10 04:30
I wonder how hades know keyd players got ddosed , he just went full confident in that retake .
2015-06-10 04:30
TAB -.-
2015-06-10 04:31
just press tab and see pings 300+ maybe?
2015-06-10 04:31
screenshooter.net/102500754/vnvxqlq EZ $$ so, that why they ddos them
2015-06-10 04:32
gg DDoS.
2015-06-10 04:39
thats so fucking terrible and frustrating
2015-06-10 04:46
wow! they gave the game for TS 16x2.
2015-06-10 04:47
2015-06-10 04:47
2015-06-10 04:48
Brazil zly1 
ESEA = sh1t
2015-06-10 04:49
ez ddos
2015-06-10 04:49
ez for Temp Storm. Time to return home to brazil KeyD!
2015-06-10 04:49
I don't know where this DDoS is coming from but I personally wish they'd find out and cut off their Internet for 20 years. I detest DDoS'ers.
2015-06-10 04:50
it's getting ridiculous. people are literally getting robbed. might as well be matchfixing
2015-06-10 04:51
Brazil cinking 
W.O i just wanna see that ddos stoping keyds at lan
2015-06-10 04:50
If they get to lan.
2015-06-10 04:55
fuck ESEA fuck lpkane
2015-06-10 04:52
It is sad to know that the only team representing our country suffer because of an attack ddos
2015-06-10 04:53
Sorry. I wish they could find out who is doing it. I think it's someone that's putting money down on bets and fixing it. Could be from anywhere, unfortunately. I hate DDoS'd matches. I wish betting weren't allowed and I'm sure this wouldn't happen. I never bet. I just like the game and want the best team to win.
2015-06-10 04:55
Thank you friend! I'm really sad because we are unable to compete in many international championships and we are being harmed by a person. sry for bad english
2015-06-10 04:57
Brazil Luca0 
2015-06-10 04:53
ESEA is Shit , the worst championship of America
2015-06-10 04:54
NAF | 
Canada ozboz 
ITT: Mad Brazilians blaming ESEA for Keyd's lack of DDOS protection.
2015-06-10 04:55
they literally begged ESEA to postpone matches until tomorrow because they will be fully protected by then...
2015-06-10 04:57
To be fair, DDoS protection is not easy. You have to identify the source and then you can block it.
2015-06-10 04:58
Brazilians are so salty every time they lose and just blame DDOS NA vs NA , they always get ddosed but they have to deal it with too what makes you fucking Brazilians more privileged than regular NA teams?
2015-06-10 04:59
Do you even know what's going on? Or you're just here to trashtalk the brazilians?
2015-06-10 04:59
they didn't even play the game man, wtf are you talking about? they had 2x0 and 3x2 bomb planted and got ddosed, when TS saw they just went in and defused the bomb... so wtf are you talking about?
2015-06-10 05:00
i think u dont know what is happening..
2015-06-10 05:02
they are in an unknown country! Internet use of another person has no sponsors in place, they do not have enough money to protect themselves. WTF bro? It's no easy
2015-06-10 05:03
lol do you realize they are all in the same house????
2015-06-10 06:23
Lol 16-2 to TS Lol !! Ddos everywhere..
2015-06-10 05:00
2015-06-10 05:03
i love guys that keep saying that brazilians are salty. i wanna see you trying to play a game when your ping is always @300 you guys are morons if you dont understand keyd players. I hope people stop supporting esea cause they are a really bad company
2015-06-10 05:03
NAF | 
Canada ozboz 
Because it's totally not their fault they have 300 ping...............
2015-06-10 05:08
esea "PRO" league they should be doing way better in this type of situations...
2015-06-10 05:09
NAF | 
Canada ozboz 
Exactly they are playing in a $250K league, internet protection is a must.
2015-06-10 05:11
Portugal dracø 
yup, but they asked for a reschedule because they'll have everything ready by tomorrow. While it's true they had some time to fix it already it was kinda of a dick move to force them to play anyway imo.
2015-06-10 05:21
They already let them reschedule yesterday, how comes ks is always ready to play only "tomorrow"? -_-
2015-06-10 05:34
fuck esea fuck ddos
2015-06-10 05:06
Portugal dracø 
Was this game on any real money betting website? Cuz it was not on lounge and therefore there should be no motive for the DDOS unless some salty NA fanboy was afraid of KEYD
2015-06-10 05:19
I don't think anybody here really cares about most of Tempo Storm lol So I see a few possibilities: 1. Real money betting, like you said 2. Crazy Hades or Shahzam fanboy 3. Someone with a vendetta against ESEA (unlikely) 4. Someone who just DDoSes because they think it's funny
2015-06-10 06:30
It was at least on egamingbets: egamingbets.com/tables#84048
2015-06-10 09:38
rip br
2015-06-10 05:21
hey esea rematch please
2015-06-10 05:23
Brazil hugoooo 
Wait the lans... online = nothing
2015-06-10 06:20
they cant get to the lan if they dont perform online, i hope you realize that
2015-06-10 11:47
Brazil hugoooo 
So they are fucked... DDOS will kill their American trip
2015-06-10 21:47
2015-06-10 06:27
Stop blaming Keyd. DDoS happens in almost every match, people need to start to realize that they are all at the same house, you can't just say "yea, lets get a stand-in"
2015-06-10 06:27
So your telling me they never planed to be DDoSed when they moved. Smart Brazilians.
2015-06-10 06:34
because they didnt think because their games were never add to csgolosers before
2015-06-10 06:42
not profesional team, they should to know how protect them. ddos always will happen.
2015-06-10 07:34
Hey shitposters! According to Fallen and many other players, the game was 2x1 and they just could even connect anymore Even tho both teams agreed in a rematch, esea dint want to do so and TS ended up winning by WO, therefore, this awful score....
2015-06-10 10:57
Brazil woody77 
Twitter: Gabriel FalleN T. ‏@gabrielfln there 11 hours I`m trying to reschedule our match since 10AM, no one on @ESEA cares about that. We got a solution on DDoS problems for tomorrow 1/2 Shahzeb Khan ‏@ShahZaMcsgo there 8 hours .@gabrielfln @ESEA @ESLCS @teamkstars @Tempo_Storm We are 100% willing to replay the match! Please if ESEA/ESL can allow this to happen Gabriel FalleN T. ‏@gabrielfln there 8 hours Hey! @ESEA @ESLCS @teamkstars and @Tempo_Storm agreed on rematch our game due to the problems we had. Can we play again please @ShahZaMcsgo
2015-06-10 14:13
2015-06-10 16:42
Spain Alser 
ESEA is so selfish that Fallen might get a two day ban for asking... :(
2015-06-10 17:56
2015-06-10 14:32
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