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india??? lol
2015-08-30 22:32
and palestine ayy
2015-08-30 22:33
dafuq is palestine?
2015-08-31 02:01
Is an independent country called PALESTINE, which a small country called israel or smh like that is trying to take it since 1970 but will never do it, u get it now what is PALESTINE? Cya
2015-08-31 02:08
2015-08-31 02:38
dude they could have gotten a country a while ago, 29.11.1947, they refused. they should pay for their mistake I guess.
2015-08-31 02:57
This. When they had the opportunity to have their own country on an area much bigger than Gaza, they refused and afterwards started a war. If they need this land that badly, why would they ever refuse the offer they've gotten back in 1947?
2015-08-31 03:56
jews and muslims cancer of earth
2015-08-31 04:11
jesus christ was a jew so christianity as a religion don't exist at all, neither jesus ate pork or drunk alcohol, and he was circumcised on his 8 day after birth, use your latino brain full of tumors before you talk dipshit
2015-08-31 04:41
i dont care any religion bro religion cancer of earth
2015-08-31 05:34
2015-08-31 09:34
2015-08-31 11:32
2015-08-31 13:04
Religion is the biggest cancer of all.
2015-08-31 06:56
Americana , you´re right
2015-08-31 10:40
oh yea france go and invade uk then offer them small land and expect them to agree and welcome them, much logic , but if you didnt get it already they refused because they will get the whole land back again.
2015-08-31 04:19
Israel TalOs 
huh? palestine was never a country the ottomans controlled the area and then great britain conquered it in 1947 the UN offered the palestinian people and the jewish people 3 proposals the jews accepted them all and the palestinians refused them all when the UN decided to split the country like the third proposal all of the arab countries around israel attacked israel and somehow managed to lose.
2015-08-31 06:56
Plus 1 Jews are best at strategy
2015-08-31 07:23
Palestine was ruled by Arabs/Muslims before ottomans and also ottomans were Muslims so it doesnt make much difference, and the Palestinians were the majority there, what hollywood and your schools will not teach you is that after Palestine being conquered by Britain the Jews had terrorists groups and they actually did some terror attacks on British people there and without doubt against Arabs too, terrorists groups were Hagana, Irgun and Stern Gang groups. but of course you wouldnt know about that, and do you know that before 1948 around 94% of the population in that land were Arabs ? but after you invaded the country and allowed every Jew from evey part of the world to come of course its the opposite now.
2015-08-31 10:26
Actually those groups came to existence as a defense to all the arab attacks that were on jews. Ofcourse you wouldnt know that because you dont live here. We learn at school about both sides not only the jewish side. Nevertheless Palastine were never mentioned before the UN tried to split the land into to countries.
2015-08-31 12:35
are you delusional ? there was no any attacks on Jews before 1948 and those groups did attack also the British and one of their main goal was to force the British to leave Palestine to allow unrestricted Jewish immigration into Palestine.
2015-08-31 13:54
"are you delusional ? there was no any attacks on Jews before 1948" pffffff stopped reading right there, thanks for clarifying you have no clear understanding of what happened. Ever since Jews came to Israel Arabs were harassing the Jews and sometimes even killing them. Just for an instance - Joseph Trumpeldor's story - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Trumpeldor Tel Hai was attacked by several hundreds of armed Arabs. Just one example out of plenty. Of course Israel performed terror attacks against Arabs and Brits, but do you know any nation that would get harassed and hurt and wouldn't respond? And btw, our schools do teach us about the Israeli terror attacks, and it's actually a part of our History finals. Thanks for clearing how clueless you are.
2015-08-31 15:36
see how delusional you are ? the battle of Tel Hai was actually a part of Franco-Syrian War and u can see it in ur own link , so it wasnt intended against Jews , stop distorting facts and spreading lies pls.
2015-08-31 15:49
Do you really need me to bring here some proofs for Arabs attacking Jews for no reason before 48?
2015-08-31 19:51
"for no reason" yes pls.
2015-08-31 20:24
Why you heff to be mad bruh? Palestine isn't country lol hahahahah
2015-08-31 11:35
i lost you when u said independent
2015-08-31 12:22
nice try changing the history.
2015-08-31 12:29
Poland kRAMERO 
palestine is country occupated by jews.
2015-08-31 13:42
hh cool story bro.
2015-08-31 17:19
Poland kRAMERO 
it is sad story. u are crying on whole world that noone likes you. you are crying how germans killed you but at the meantime u are doing the same with palestinians. bombing them killing kids and wifes. even if jews are visiting poland they need mosad guards. everyone in your country is brainwashed to hate arabs. norespect
2015-08-31 17:36
Its funny that people who have 0 knowledge like you are talking and trying to tell us what to do. I would like you to put your country in our position, circled around with enemies that are trying to kill you in every possible way, what would you do to protect mother "Poland"???
2015-09-01 06:32
Poland kRAMERO 
im not saying what u should do. im only observing. and im not wondering to arabs. your nation is able to make conflict everywhere where u can earn cash. U re hiding behind America and at the meantime u want to create new conflict with iran.
2015-09-01 17:10
mmm sure bro, we want to "create new conflict with iran", what are you talkin about ? Iran tries to get atom bomb, their target is most probably Israel(if not 100% sure) so what do you want us to do ? sit and watch our country gets erased out of the map? Please before talking put your country in our situation this might change your mind.
2015-09-01 19:12
Poland kRAMERO 
if israel can have atom why iran cant? tell me that. im not wondering iran, since israel togheder with us are destabilishing situation on the near east. They want to defend themselves. is it hard to understand?? but wait u have own propaganda
2015-09-01 20:42
Brazil PHOntivero 
Atually, since 1968 with the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, it's illegal to make any kind of nuclear weapons and countrys that already had it, could keep it but couldn't share their knowledge about it. The countrys that disrespected the treaty were: India, North Korea, Israel and Paquistan, but that's not really the point. The point is: this conflict between these two countries doesn't have a wrong side. Both fight for lands they consider theirs. Palestinians were on the region for a very long time, while jews were forced in a diaspora in 70 A.D. by the romans. Actually, it's a lot more complicated than this, but this can give a basical view of what they deal with over there :/
2015-09-01 21:13
India Gandhii4 
India good but not best
2015-08-30 22:46
you should have shame to use that Name in this site lol And india should be shame to play war games if they are the Peace World Community
2015-08-30 23:03
You h8 gays m8
2015-08-31 07:25
i hate gays?
2015-08-31 07:28
best player has .5 kdr lmao
2015-08-30 23:14
but t5 > t7 tier team anyways ..
2015-08-31 04:30
ttrue but still XD
2015-08-31 04:56
palestine?? lol
2015-08-30 22:33
whats wrong? at least they're not ruining matchmaking, raging every time and annoying everyone in this community ^^
2015-08-31 00:11
lol palestina goats?
2015-08-31 02:41
says a rooski
2015-08-31 08:12
kk osama
2015-08-31 08:46
kk antichrist slave
2015-09-01 03:19
Yeah lol it's not even a real country.
2015-08-31 03:58
Sweden Snipatore 
Israel isn't :)
2015-08-31 04:36
muslim äckel åk hem till mellanöstern
2015-08-31 07:56
Sweden Snipatore 
why so much hate bro? if you were a man you would insult my religion in front of my face :)
2015-08-31 12:37
2015-08-31 12:46
Israel BingoBango 
that doesn't even make sense
2015-08-31 13:10
Sweden Snipatore 
like what u are doing to palestinian while making a foot ofurselfs
2015-08-31 15:02
Israel BingoBango 
..lol You can continue being blinded by the media bro, maybe one day you'll get some common sense
2015-08-31 15:10
Sweden Snipatore 
lol I was there, no media for me they are controled by jews :)
2015-08-31 16:17
cykablyat?? lol
2015-08-31 04:58
2015-08-31 05:08
hypn | 
Serbia hypn` 
ez 4 mOE
2015-08-30 22:33
EZ for mOmooooE
2015-08-30 22:41
2015-08-30 22:44
India Gandhii4 
Go India! Regards, Gandhi
2015-08-30 22:45
2015-08-30 22:57
N4nDu is not living in israel (or as you call the area palestine) he live in berlin
2015-08-30 22:58
N4nDu is not living in PALESTINE (or as you call the area ISRAEL) he live in berlin
2015-08-31 01:17
they are not jewish, not "terrorists" from dangerous territories and so called area of palestine ? their lineup is probably arabs living in Israel? their ranks mg1-mg2 or lem? any betting tips? India 1.116 Palestine 4.255
2015-08-30 23:04
Lemme be honest India gonna win both dere matches...u can see we lost 16 - 7 or 16 - 8 to nip.. those 3 players are in team
2015-08-30 23:13
We are not Arabs living in Israel, 3 of us are from the Westbank, 1 from Gaza and I am originally from the Westbank, but currently living in Berlin. We play on European servers, ranks are obviously global elite (and yes they don't matter). Not giving any betting tips obviously, just stating some facts for everyone here.
2015-08-30 23:58
Gl m8 , hope u win Even tho your people don't like iran xD
2015-08-31 00:02
Who said Palestinians don't like Iran bro? Palestine <3 Iran!
2015-08-31 00:20
Your football team refuced to play a friendly match with us because iran was shia and they were sunni :(
2015-08-31 12:24
sunni and shia hate is so ridiculous
2015-08-31 12:48
Israel BingoBango 
I'm assuming you like israel, too ayy
2015-08-31 13:12
Good luck, hope you win it
2015-08-31 00:06
gl hf
2015-08-31 00:11
Atm you are living in Israel, I mean idk where you consider yourselves to live in but ..
2015-08-31 01:11
He lives in Germany, can you read?
2015-08-31 08:45
sry I meant his teammates
2015-08-31 12:12
GL bro!
2015-08-31 02:25
Gl Hope to see some great counter strike from both sides.
2015-08-31 04:26
ayyy lmao.
2015-08-31 13:12
2015-08-31 04:43
GL Borthers <3
2015-08-31 06:45
global elites???? wooooooooooooooooooow, mate!!!!
2015-08-31 08:30
Just ignore the trolls and hateful people. GL in your match. Sorry for all the ignorant people being disrespectful :/
2015-08-31 08:58
good luck to our cousins xD :D
2015-08-31 09:04
Well seems like highest rate is 0.6 so i would say go icb on underdog
2015-08-30 23:59
BET against India everytime,India sucks.
2015-08-30 23:05
lol at Jews butthurt that Palestine has a csgo team, like wat
2015-08-30 23:09
ez for moe and shahzam
2015-08-30 23:32
shahzam is indian he should play with fns on india
2015-08-30 23:48
Shahz is Paki
2015-08-31 00:05
2015-08-31 05:06
M0m = m0e confirmed?
2015-08-30 23:59
gl india!
2015-08-30 23:35
ez for m0E
2015-08-30 23:36
gll bros from palestine <3
2015-08-30 23:41
2015-08-30 23:44
Ukraine FaZe_UW0TM8 
Lol rip every hateful comment Ty admin <3
2015-08-30 23:55
thanks hltv admins, i always had faith in you remember, keep it clean, its a family show
2015-08-30 23:55
Ty admin for removing my comment <3
2015-08-30 23:56
Keep the politics out of this, this game has nothing to do with Israel (I'm leaving Palestine's match pages for other admins :)) For more info about us read #154.
2015-08-31 00:00
gl nandu
2015-08-31 00:24
wtf german flag to palestina flag even HLTV admins also fake flag
2015-08-31 05:07
Read #154
2015-08-31 08:29
that spray with the 5=7
2015-08-31 13:46
Portugal dracø 
I had no idea it was you playing :O Gl m8, you are still my fav admin :$
2015-08-31 10:22
go palestine WE bieleve in YOU
2015-08-31 00:02
gogo Palestine, all the way with u <3
2015-08-31 00:03
2015-08-31 00:08
viva messi
2015-08-31 00:10
ez for mOE, minimOE and omareloff.
2015-08-31 00:15
roman | 
Palestine ndr[o] 
ela al amam
2015-08-31 00:25
EZ 4 Shazam
2015-08-31 00:29
GO India! Comeback ISRAEL :D 15-15 Kappa No Kappa
2015-08-31 00:37
good luck brothers!
2015-08-31 01:19
Goodluck palastine !!
2015-08-31 01:59
Why no kriSSh?! I hear he's very good. :D
2015-08-31 02:03
i see what you did there :>
2015-08-31 04:01
Malta WATSKy 
viva messi ahaha
2015-08-31 02:27
Dosia | 
North America kqpr0 
ez for mOE
2015-08-31 02:32
Good luck Palestine! wonder how much ping they'd get
2015-08-31 03:25
why there is no pakistani team ;
2015-08-31 06:45
there are, they had some issues applying for a slot lol
2015-08-31 07:14
Idk they never registered or something I guess..
2015-08-31 12:01
70 ms on german servers i guess?
2015-08-31 12:49
Algeria colzero23 
palestine go go
2015-08-31 03:26
add kosovo then
2015-08-31 03:41
gl palestine <3
2015-08-31 04:16
Go palestine!
2015-08-31 04:16
Reunion ramowarr 
Go palestine!
2015-08-31 04:21
ez mOE
2015-08-31 04:22
Indian teams suck.
2015-08-31 04:38
EZ Ganesha
2015-08-31 04:53
2015-08-31 08:26
ez for hltv admin
2015-08-31 05:43
Spain Donra 
the mossad is watching you guys. be careful and i hope that you dont die cuz a mad sionist with an uzi shoot you cuz he thinks that arabs must be in home after 8 o'clock you know what i mean. gl guys in game and in your life.
2015-08-31 05:58
look at those posts , cancers ,man, full of fking racsim fucks , this is cs community , no wonder it is like a shithole, becoz it 's full of racists
2015-08-31 06:02
Finland hzu 
sMx is Shahzam's cousin
2015-08-31 06:13
Palestine t-side tactics op
2015-08-31 07:01
These guys from Isra'hell are mad because Palestine has a national team on CSGO HAHA. GTFO with your non-existent country. Children murderers.
2015-08-31 07:06
Israel BingoBango 
'non-existent country' says the palestinian..lol
2015-08-31 13:18
Stormberg in ones friend list throwerino i.imgur.com/rtNzJNI.jpg
2015-08-31 07:16
one is a very profitable bettor,he has earned like 40k$ from betting
2015-08-31 08:58
cheering for our brothers go palestine
2015-08-31 07:47
Go Palestine :D
2015-08-31 08:15
EZ 4 PALESTINE gogogo ALLAH IS WITH YOU edit:so much butthurt pple here lmao
2015-08-31 08:37
People are annoyed because you Jews generally attract hate wherever you go because of your attitude.
2015-08-31 08:47
+1, i don't have a problem with Jews but when they start talking like they own the world and act all superior, annoys the shit out of me lol
2015-08-31 08:50
In my experience Jews have the most disgusting attitude I've ever seen and are usually dishonest as fuck.
2015-08-31 08:54
ye, well there's reason behind it. israel is on permanent war with the surrounding arabs so everybody here are super pissed off at them and ready to start fights and mock them at any chance given. now let me ask you a question, why do you care about us ?[i mean about the middle east]
2015-08-31 08:57
The only reason I care is because land was stolen that did not belong to you
2015-08-31 08:58
"stolen" u gotta be kidding me ITS YOU BRITAIN WHO GAVE US THIS LAND , go read some history actually u can only blame ur self for making israel exist lol and once again look at you and look at israel on the map, whats happening here is non of ur buisness and you shouldnt care , both sides should be wrong for you and you should just let it be
2015-08-31 09:01
No, it was a UN proposition that gave the land.
2015-08-31 09:06
idk and honestly i dont care. ive been told that it was britain but it doesnt matter anymore. one more thing i cant understand i see alot [ALOT] of pple saying israel stole the land, how could a group of pple [after a fukin holocost] steal a land like its a candy, does it really makes sense to you ? [im not trying to convince u we didnt steal it, its just something i dont get]
2015-08-31 09:13
Because it had the backing of the UN and later on the US
2015-08-31 09:23
not they didnt, the land was already under the occupation of britan [britains mandate] after they took it from the OTTMANS [not palestininas] and then they gave it to israel
2015-08-31 09:27
No, the mandate was passed on to the UN during or after WW2(Can't remember) and the UN dealt with the issue.
2015-08-31 09:29
Britain controls this land we and the palastinians had a conflict and we kept on attacking each other. Britian had enough of us and gave the UN the control which later resolved with a vote for a jewish country which included all the countries that were in the UN in 1947 and the vote passed, we finaly got out country we always wanted. We accepted out small land the the other land which was bigger than ours went to the palastinians who refused to accept the terms and attacked the 1 day new born "Israel" with help from all the other arab countries around Israrl and somehow managed to lose and we got our selves a bigger land (which is called our "Independance war"). Hope it will clear your mind a bit.
2015-08-31 13:03
yeah i wonder why your friends Britain or USA did not give you a piece of land in their country? Yeah you guessed it right, they also knew you guys are snakes.
2015-08-31 09:16
nope,its because the jews wanted israel and israel ONLY the jews got proposal for urganda [lol] but the declined and would accept israel only [cuz its their coutry by the bible and im not going to argue about that] stop with those stupid theories
2015-08-31 09:25
yeah they were allowed to pick and choose.. right, they own the world.
2015-08-31 09:55
2015-08-31 10:35
Can someone tell me more about Palestinian/Israel situation , why this hate?
2015-08-31 08:45
what do you want to know ?
2015-08-31 08:50
Do not listen to the views of a Jew on this matter, they are brainwashed beyond belief.
2015-08-31 08:53
you dont even know how brainwashed the entire world is . you cant listen to anyone who is not israeli / palestinian about this topic , since they dont know anything about it exept what the media tell them.
2015-08-31 08:54
Anybody who is Israeli/Palestinian will have a biased view on the matter and anybody who believes what the media tells them are idiots.
2015-08-31 08:57
I can tell you for sure , the media tells you 1/10 of what happens. there is a war , an on and off one , and like in any war evry side thinks the other one is wrong . you cant blame people for being on 1 side . we dont know how it looks from the other side and the world doesnt know how it looks from either side.
2015-08-31 08:59
Bomb the industrial areas so we can destroy this country economically nice 1
2015-08-31 12:44
you are brainwashed like all the world , no one exept the israelis and palestinians can tell how is it for real.
2015-08-31 13:48
wth are u talking about everyone knows and its a FACT that you stole Palestine land.
2015-08-31 13:52
not a fact , no one came and just took it .
2015-08-31 13:55
There are tons of videos in youtube about it.
2015-08-31 08:55
2015-08-31 09:12
2015-08-31 09:27
we have a team lol , they played vs lithuania
2015-08-31 09:35
2015-08-31 11:25
Go Free Palestine
2015-08-31 09:19
Gl my brothers
2015-08-31 09:20
I hope you win it guys good luck
2015-08-31 09:21
messi ez
2015-08-31 09:24
Where is Shazam?
2015-08-31 09:29
He's from Mexico -.-
2015-08-31 12:46
Hltv last info : Match was stopped on halftime,both teams refused to change theirs sides
2015-08-31 09:36
wait, india against gaza? what is "Palestine"?
2015-08-31 09:48
fnx | 
Portugal lovessd 
palestine = israel you know the land stolen ez pz by some new generation of nazimen
2015-08-31 10:51
Good luck for both teams, ashamed of my country people's comments. Stop involving eSports and politics you fucking cunts.
2015-08-31 09:54
finaly some one with a brain +1
2015-08-31 11:06
2015-08-31 11:36
shitbox stream..
2015-08-31 09:58
i played with palestinians in MM...
2015-08-31 10:31
Its probably israelis, we love to troll .. Sometimes we from iraq , sometimes from afganistan
2015-08-31 11:28
it cant be palestinians cuz u dont allow them to use internet?))nice
2015-08-31 13:22
Portugal dracø 
Player highlight - Jigar 'sMx' Mehta Rating 0.63 (-0.36) Ohh boy =x
2015-08-31 10:42
Great opportunity to show the CSGO community our skills. Thanks for E-frag.
2015-08-31 10:57
Jordan Al-Mufleh 
hope they got enough skills / tactics to get them qualified
2015-08-31 13:24
Good luck palestine, have fun guys
2015-08-31 11:17
gl palestine i hope you win :) and all the israelies that hates palestine, the palestines players are not terror they love israel :D
2015-08-31 12:14
fakeflagger detected
2015-08-31 12:29
lol bro i am mod at fxp :S
2015-08-31 13:13
V1va MeSs1 XD
2015-08-31 12:19
and good odds are gone ^^
2015-08-31 12:29
Portugal dascouves 
ez india
2015-08-31 12:32
Thats odds :D they change serwer and India ez win with Palestine :D TY for oddS
2015-08-31 12:35
yeah bet on indians
2015-08-31 12:52
put all in palestina india will throw dont worry guys :))))
2015-08-31 12:35
bet all palestine india silver team
2015-08-31 12:36
Sup with odds? I've never heard for anyone from Palestine, are they really good?
2015-08-31 12:41
kyrg was hacking they were able to beat India so yea the odds changed bcs of tht xD
2015-08-31 12:43
2015-08-31 12:45
rofl this is stupid.. palastine should playing in the EU qualifiers considering they have lower pings there + Nandu&om4r i played against on mm and they are from germany
2015-08-31 12:45
Really? Political discussions on HLTV? I thought i'd seen it all. Anyhow, Palestine>India.. India threw a weak game vs Kyrgyzstan.
2015-08-31 12:48
Do someone know the server location because if it's in europe all in palestine
2015-08-31 12:48
Jordan Al-Mufleh 
they are in berlin ( not sure )
2015-08-31 13:26
india will again make some eazy moneyz
2015-08-31 12:49
map de_dust2
2015-08-31 12:49
Thanks for skins again,in advance!
2015-08-31 12:51
It's hardly possible to lose CT side mirage 2-13, so unless they threw they should probably lose here aswell
2015-08-31 13:00
ty for skins again
2015-08-31 13:02
on who?
2015-08-31 13:09
palestine of course :D
2015-08-31 13:10
interesting. lets see if it will be so obvious oon palestine
2015-08-31 13:13
rofl germany server again.
2015-08-31 13:05
D2 = ez india
2015-08-31 13:06
India already got 2 rounds,mission accomplished
2015-08-31 13:10
no more pls
2015-08-31 13:11
go home la! waste time! go back and grow potato
2015-08-31 13:15
No man,i carry sg noobs with 5 ping,plus i dont aim to go pro. im doing just fine!
2015-08-31 13:17
you carry with your mouth. joke voices
2015-08-31 13:22
sMx to drop 30 bomb... In deaths.
2015-08-31 13:16
Portugal dracø 
ez ace lel
2015-08-31 13:16
rofl,palestine even worse than india.
2015-08-31 13:16
Belarus ALBiNh0 
will volvo add Palestine flag in the next update?
2015-08-31 13:17
yea. ffuck 128tickrate,. bring us palestinian flag
2015-08-31 13:21
cmon india please dont throw dis
2015-08-31 13:18
Poland Neverik 
negev rofl
2015-08-31 13:18
ROFLMAO that m249 MVP
2015-08-31 13:19
2015-08-31 13:19
7/2 for india ct side dust2
2015-08-31 13:20
India rohansamal 
2015-08-31 13:20
i mean this was nice work by india :D throw first match then odds get swayed so hard and then ez skins on india :D
2015-08-31 13:21
very casual players palestine, who was it that lied about them being globals? only way they could be globals is if boosted by mekelek or brooly
2015-08-31 13:21
Now does anyone still think that india didn't throw vs kyrgystan? :D It's so obvious, now they know how to position themselves, throw good nades, headshot enemies fast when they come... Poor indians having to do such stuff to get some money. ^^
2015-08-31 13:22
india even 2v4ing them xD hehe
2015-08-31 13:28
naa,palestine just bad. Also D2 is national map of India,you will find faggots who play D2 24*7*365. Seriously palestine look so bad. unexpected shit.
2015-08-31 13:29
expected for me
2015-08-31 13:40
Ez skins for curry fuckers.
2015-08-31 13:22
Finland hltv_b8r 
retards with chain logic, them odds
2015-08-31 13:23
people don't understand that game india vs. Kyrgyzstan, was just a throw hahaha, so thay changed bets to pakistan
2015-08-31 13:24
Kry beat India, India beat Palestine,sooo Palestine beat Kry? Kappa
2015-08-31 13:25
This is unbelive able xD
2015-08-31 13:26
Cheeky n4nDu's?
2015-08-31 13:29
Bet on kytrgsdasddasatan > won. Realized how the odds would shift ridiculously even like people dont know sh*t about palestine Bet on india > winning
2015-08-31 13:29
The team which wins 2 bo1 qualifies,so india obviously didn't throw the first game,just got pure rekt. Kyrgyzstan will obviously beat palestine as well and easy qualification.
2015-08-31 13:30
Still higher than the average salary in Gaza
2015-08-31 13:46
Reunion ramowarr 
again 16-2?
2015-08-31 13:30
Belarus ALBiNh0 
inb4 Palestine 10-90 Kyrgyzstan odds.. and Palestine wins
2015-08-31 13:31
322 infos are real c: Thanks for that odd shift lol
2015-08-31 13:38
This isn't even throw they are better thn thm
2015-08-31 13:34
Yup, u are totally right C: They are just better... ^_^
2015-08-31 13:44
Portugal dascouves 
ez skins
2015-08-31 13:32
2015-08-31 13:33
55% ahaha getting rekt by carpet sellers
2015-08-31 13:33
Really a player called Messi? Messi is pro-zionist
2015-08-31 13:33
Really you have letter 'a' in your name? Osama also has it. Nice try terrorist You are dumb as fk
2015-08-31 13:38
it means in hebrew poop's dick
2015-08-31 13:45
2015-08-31 13:46
Portugal dracø 
I can just imagine the amount of rage bets made on Palestine because of India's previous game :D Chain logic boyzzzzz!
2015-08-31 13:33
throw logic*
2015-08-31 13:36
Portugal dracø 
dunno about that, it's a mix vs a mix after all, it doesn't get more random than that.
2015-08-31 13:42
if you bet against india after their first gaem you deserve to lsoe skins :D the india throw was too obvious. Ofc they are gonna play for real when odds arent good for throwz
2015-08-31 13:49
2nd match was around 50-50 so you can't really tell if it's better to bet on yourself or throw ^^
2015-08-31 13:55
lol 2ez for flying carpet
2015-08-31 13:36
throw INC :D CumBack
2015-08-31 13:40
16:14 palestine :)
2015-08-31 13:43
Comback israel ;)
2015-08-31 14:53
nice try palestine....again ez skins for me
2015-08-31 13:44
yea yea. now suddenly you bet on india ? #421
2015-08-31 13:45
" :D "
2015-08-31 13:47
Lmao u said u placed on palestin ? XD
2015-08-31 13:47
i didnt u can see " :D " in that one :D u want screen ? im betting only ultralow anyway im not stupid to bet high on these games prntscr.com/8axwh8
2015-08-31 13:49
Well nice I really didn't know :D is a thing xd
2015-08-31 13:50
well it is :D
2015-08-31 13:54
sooo you call me stupid ? why i.imgur.com/XprnuqU.jpg
2015-08-31 13:56
i do not call anyone stupid u can bet high on these games :D but i do not anything about these teams so ye
2015-08-31 13:59
Nandu why must you lie to me :(
2015-08-31 13:44
rank? Palestine
2015-08-31 13:45
Dmg / le
2015-08-31 13:55
i can boost them for free
2015-08-31 13:58
India watched some warowl's tutorials before this game so it's ez.
2015-08-31 13:46
Nandu said he was playing from Berlin and the servers were European, has 150 ping Why must you lie to me
2015-08-31 13:46
First win in the history of Indian CS rofl
2015-08-31 13:47
Portugal dracø 
they gotta start somewhere m8 xD
2015-08-31 13:48
Portugal dracø 
good game Nandu, you did good my friend. India rekting inventories left and right today xD
2015-08-31 13:47
nandu global? i arent think that, maybe silver elite huehue
2015-08-31 13:47
what a joke these worldcup games are :D
2015-08-31 13:48
thanks dumbasses for switching to palestine xD i.imgur.com/XprnuqU.jpg
2015-08-31 13:55
Is this jews are talking trash again? :((
2015-08-31 13:59
So many mad Israeli here- How many Shekels have you lost?
2015-08-31 14:12
We all bet on india .. So ez 50 shekels 4 me
2015-08-31 14:58
stupid israel
2015-08-31 14:18
LOL they havent updated match stats for this game just because India won. What kind of Biased admins does HLTV have?
2015-08-31 15:02
2015-08-31 16:32
holy shit what a cancer thread
2015-08-31 19:02
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