22nd of September 2015
Match over
Best of 1
(8:7; 8:0)
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Match stats
Player of the matchwon with 47.5% of the votes
Kory 'SEMPHIS' Friesen
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Rating 0.00 -1.00
Kills / round 1.09 0.42
Deaths / round 0.65 -0.02
Assists / round 0.13 0.01
First kills / round 0.13 0.03
KAST - -
ADR - -
Maps 1
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Head to head
1st and ez for stanislaw
2015-09-21 09:20
I guess that compLexity may have it. We'll see. Both team have their chances
2015-09-21 13:34
statistically speaking.. coast should win against complexity in general, since their rating, KDA and their HS % is higher in average. but for some odd reason coL won against them every last recent matches. so I would give them a 65-35% in favor of coL, but if you are betting, bet medium since it might go either way. anyone know which map they'll play?
2015-09-21 15:03
6 replies
lolol, "statistically speaking". you must be a good bettor
2015-09-21 19:23
4 replies
sarcasm? lol, I don't know, since my winning percentage so far is 80%, and i'm passing on this one.
2015-09-21 19:57
3 replies
You can have a 90% win rate and still manage to lose money
2015-09-21 22:45
1 reply
2015-09-22 01:00
You do realize that K/D and HS % means nothing?
2015-09-22 09:07
statistically speaking. stopped reading ALL IN COAST
2015-09-22 03:24
Cmon coast, i trust on you!
2015-09-22 01:46
After yesterday 2-0 ez game from Complexity, odds must be like 90-10. Why people betting on Coast? Because of bo1? But Coast dnt win even 1 game so...
2015-09-22 01:47
EZ PZ for Complexity! Cost NooOOoooOooob Nova 2 max
2015-09-22 02:26
Peru XoWie17
all in compLexity GOOOO GUYS!!! :D
2015-09-22 02:45
2015-09-22 02:47
Lol its Train {Complexity and Coast played yesterday and Complexity won on Train} :D
2015-09-22 03:08
1 reply
Netherlands EJVN
and that was with warden (their coach) playing half of the map
2015-09-22 03:21
valens 4 bomb inc
2015-09-22 03:24
roca rushing same spot for the 6.th round the first half and dies xD GOoooooooooooooooooo coast
2015-09-22 03:28
Omg, Train out of all maps...
2015-09-22 03:29
welp is this some kind of tradition in us? get an org for ur team- play shit for the next few weeks? edit- 0 rounds on ct-side train <:
2015-09-22 03:47
Hungary SancheZjr
2015-09-22 03:44
1 reply
16-7 Col
2015-09-22 03:48
too bad invert's hacks dont work anymore...
2015-09-22 03:45
Lol are coast new to cs? you dont need to push ct after 5 seconds
2015-09-22 03:48
valens gg :D
2015-09-22 03:48
World 3del!
coast played like bots ct half... unbelievably bad... like dmg level mm. didn't see first half, but that ct half was just painful to watch.
2015-09-22 03:51
Valens in the last two rounds was clutch as fuck. Team Coast pre-emptively spammed the smoke (which they should do, since Valens fucks around with smokes so often), but just missed. Complexity has been looking a lot better recently. Although their CT sides are still shaky.
2015-09-22 03:52
1 reply
also I feel like when he wants to he can aim decently as shown by those rounds and some other flashes of skill. The majority of the time though he's attempting quirky, risky plays for whatever reason.
2015-09-22 04:37
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