22nd of October 2015
Match over
Best of 1
(9:6; 7:6)
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Match stats
Player of the matchwon with 53.0% of the votes
Eric 'adreN' Hoag
Past 3 months Player Diff
Rating 0.00 -1.00
Kills / round 1.18 0.51
Deaths / round 0.57 -0.10
Assists / round 0.14 0.02
First kills / round 0.11 0.01
KAST - -
ADR - -
Maps 1
Head to head
21/10 15 ESL ESEA Pro League Season 2
16 - 6
15/10 15 ESL ESEA Pro League Season 2
17 - 19
1/8 15 ESL One Cologne 2015 NA Qualifier
10 - 16
11/7 15 ESWC 2015
14 - 16
11/7 15 ESWC 2015
11 - 16
21/6 15 iBP Summer Invitational
16 - 13
21/6 15 iBP Summer Invitational
16 - 4
19/6 15 FACEIT League 2015 Stage 2
16 - 4
17/6 15 ESL ESEA Pro League Season 1
4 - 16
17/6 15 FACEIT League 2015 Stage 2
16 - 12
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ez liquid?????
2015-10-21 06:17
Ez Hiko
2015-10-21 06:19
liquid is going to rape c9 again
2015-10-21 06:18
cobble? wtf??7 I BET ON CACHE MAP fucking lounge
2015-10-21 06:40
this here is not lounge hahahaha rip skins fangay :D
2015-10-22 00:43
lol, csgl give me back my skins :)
2015-10-22 05:59
no love lost between these two teams, especially after that shit-talking incident in stockholm. And we all know hiko is still butthurt about c9 even tho he left on his own... who the fuck knows how that works. Anyway its always more fun when its personal.
2015-10-21 06:51
everyone said the ''shit-talking'' incident never happened. Dramaqueen Freak only one who thinks it did. and last night he was the only player who didnt say gg so fuck that guy
2015-10-21 23:36
no one denied that it happened. adreN tried to but didnt know a team overheard them talking shit and told everybody. everyone knows what hiko is like, its no surprise.
2015-10-22 00:22
Finland Smoonah
freakazoid is a toolbag
2015-10-22 01:16
Is this battle who best in US ? :)
2015-10-21 12:30
we already know liquid is
2015-10-21 23:37
We all know Luminosity is
2015-10-22 01:26
muricas, cloud9 are in bootcamp for major ?
2015-10-21 12:47
not atm
2015-10-22 00:11
Hiko going to hit his aim key again.
2015-10-21 15:10
C9 already faced liquid on cobble and it was very onesided for c9 if im not mistaken
2015-10-21 17:03
ye match from 200000 years ago n1
2015-10-21 18:12
liquid is dominating cobble right now, but so is c9. Technically, liquid looks sharp as hell, I just hope the momentum carries them from yesterday to win today as well. LETS GO LIQUID
2015-10-21 17:46
This has to be a troll, you did see liquid almost lose to ex-elevate on cobble last night right? haha
2015-10-22 00:47
Liquid are a much better team on cbble. 16-11
2015-10-21 18:27
just nope...
2015-10-21 20:09
''just nope...'' huh...looks like that guy knows his cs...
2015-10-22 18:06
Liquid won against Fnatic on cobblestone earlier this month.
2015-10-21 19:52
and almost lose to ex-elevate on cobble yesterday (21-17).
2015-10-21 20:11
because they lost two antiecos elevate only won one real gunround on their t side :D
2015-10-21 20:14
Liquid ez
2015-10-21 20:56
Csgolounge please add this match :)
2015-10-21 22:00
C9 will win this. Their cobble is slightly better than Liquid's.
2015-10-21 23:08
It. Isn't be the match on lounge
2015-10-21 23:11
ez 4 hiko's cheats
2015-10-21 23:14
wtf csgolounge ?
2015-10-21 23:16
csgl sleeping
2015-10-21 23:34
csgolounge sleeping wtf hltv tell him pls :(
2015-10-21 23:43
This is ez for C9
2015-10-21 23:44
Very hard match to predict, but who won on cobble vs Fnatic on LAN??? That was Liquid, after their yesterday's win over C9 on Inferno, I suggest u going low on Team Liquid and believe in Hiko's inhuman reactions. Bet here: fanobet.com/r/BetHere
2015-10-22 00:30
ez for eldoodakS
2015-10-22 00:46
fck this match should i bet on c9 or liquid looks like 50/50
2015-10-22 00:54
2015-10-22 00:56
wrong thread
2015-10-22 01:01
what has this to do with csgo noobhead
2015-10-22 01:00
2015-10-22 01:01
CSGO lounge down ? Keep saying bots are offline and unable to connect to steam servers...
2015-10-22 01:10
Finland Smoonah
biggest POS website I have ever used in my whole life. Last game over 2 hours ago and bots still don't work LOL
2015-10-22 01:21
Its not lounge's problem its steams. steamstat.us
2015-10-22 01:21
I don't see any prob coming from steam here : gyazo.com/fb66f2165eaac802b89d0ce1431b9b..
2015-10-22 01:23
2015-10-22 01:30
Auto-betting items on match 6352. Betting for the 232nd time.
2015-10-22 01:30
2015-10-22 01:34
ez liquid
2015-10-22 01:34
Lounge down, FANOBET it is. gl boys
2015-10-22 01:44
Do you have eyes? Do you see this retarded fanobet odds?
2015-10-22 01:54
Really? because the profit is quite identical. use € don't use muslim value pls.
2015-10-22 02:08
1.15 - 0.57 vs 1.31 - 0.75 12% less profit on Liquid and 24% less on C9 And now tell me. Are you blind or dumb?
2015-10-22 02:26
cloud 9 EZ
2015-10-22 01:51
rip lounge rip skins
2015-10-22 01:52
ya :(
2015-10-22 01:54
I wanted to low bet on Liquid if they win this i'll be fucking mad.
2015-10-22 02:01
Deffo mad.
2015-10-22 02:54
omg i was about to change my bet, about 5:01 min =( GL lIquid anyway
2015-10-22 02:05
How did u even fucking bet m8 csgl is down ma friend.
2015-10-22 02:06
mb he had skins on csgl, not just in steam inventory
2015-10-22 02:09
Yeah you're right i forgot that
2015-10-22 02:10
returns mate, ez pz
2015-10-22 02:12
liquid drips over cobbles but clouds float
2015-10-22 02:06
wow, thanks lounge :D not rip today
2015-10-22 02:10
kills 1 b long pistol , spots more then 2 people jumping up and challenging #NAstuff
2015-10-22 02:13
nitr0 god hACko comeback
2015-10-22 02:15
Dat clown9
2015-10-22 02:18
rip 80 cents
2015-10-22 02:18
Hiko nt fat hacker
2015-10-22 02:19
nice gogogo
2015-10-22 02:20
can someone explain me Fugly role in this team? I'm not saying he's bad but I dont know what is its role
2015-10-22 02:20
(Summary) CT: Anchor on most maps. I think Cobble is a little different since he plays drop. T: Main lurker.
2015-10-22 02:25
thx, I thought he's support player :)
2015-10-22 02:30
hes the biggest support player on this team..he throws all the nades sets everyone up and sometimes lurks on the strong side (meaning where majority of team is) as opposed to Hiko where hes solo
2015-10-22 18:08
freak with the smart plays Kappa
2015-10-22 02:23
Shroud and skadoodle playing without hacks?
2015-10-22 02:26
seangares carrying, ive seen everythin now
2015-10-22 02:28
adreN top fragger on the server...droppin 30 bombs..lol shoulda played lotto cuz shit is opposite day today
2015-10-22 18:09
lol so hard vs hackquid
2015-10-22 02:31
Went for Liquid because they beat Fnatic on this map in PGL, good choice :)
2015-10-22 02:32
amazing shroud 4 kills in 15 rounds when i bet against c9 40 kills in 3 rounds gg
2015-10-22 02:31
I think every rifle round Liquid (CT) won has put C9 (T) back onto eco, and every round Liquid lost they've had JUST enough money to re-buy. I think three rounds defined that first half.
2015-10-22 02:32
Shroud got 4 kills in the first 2 rounds, and then didn't get a single kill in the next 13 rounds
2015-10-22 02:33
Shroud silver.
2015-10-22 02:33
-Fugly please , this guy is shit and only brings liquid down.
2015-10-22 02:34
Lol you obviously don't have a clue
2015-10-22 02:35
I actually do ;) , there's a lot of players that would do better on his spot on liquid
2015-10-22 02:50
Haha tell me one realistic who would fill that role better? you obviously don't watch Liquid because FugLy is one of their most consistent players. He's doing his role well on both T and CT.
2015-10-22 02:54
The only people in NA that could do fugly's role better are shroud, swag, and azk. 2 of them are banned and the other one is better than fugly but not as consistent so I agree he is the best fit for his role.
2015-10-22 02:57
Agree with you completely.
2015-10-22 03:02
2015-10-22 02:36
17-2-13 Sean 5-2-14 Shroud and you flame about SeanGares?
2015-10-22 02:37
Reunion ramowarr
shroud lol'd
2015-10-22 02:36
2015-10-22 02:38
Sean best push ever and freak sleeping
2015-10-22 02:42
Oh my. Casters for this match are bad yes. They have little sense of this game, baddies!
2015-10-22 02:44
adreN having a really good game
2015-10-22 02:45
im just gonna assume that c9 is playing without ts/mumble
2015-10-22 02:45
Yea they are doing dumb stuff
2015-10-22 02:46
Cloud9 have won two (maybe three) force-buy rounds, pretty brutal for Liquid. And as I type this, Liquid wins their own force-buy. What a half.
2015-10-22 02:47
Clownfiesta bois!
2015-10-22 02:47
Germany liddeb0b
antiecolose after antiecolose... just na :D
2015-10-22 02:47
Full buy vs 2 aks gg clown9 l2p before u play
2015-10-22 02:48
Liquid is just a better team than C9 tbh Still got to wait for them to face eachother on LAN but.. GGWP Liquid <3
2015-10-22 02:51
C9 is shit
2015-10-22 02:51
hmm c9 losing to liquid thats new, hopefully c9 not gonna fail that hard in major.
2015-10-22 02:52
Liquid smashed them yesterday as well
2015-10-22 02:53
this is the NA elite? ahaha this is cancer vs aids such bots xD
2015-10-22 02:53
C9 top 4, remember :DDD
2015-10-22 18:04
c9 winning both pistols but still losing
2015-10-22 02:54
gg liquid!!!
2015-10-22 02:54
lets hope c9 plays better at cluj xd
2015-10-22 02:54
Thanks for the ez skins c9 fangays.
2015-10-22 02:54
huhhh XD THX CSGOLOUNGE I WANTED TO BET ON C9 my asii loool :D:DD haha luckytime
2015-10-22 02:54
Arden gave up and bought hacks
2015-10-22 02:55
Why do people think he is bad? Miles better than badgares at fragging.
2015-10-22 02:57
Adren was shit and he wasn't even the IGL. Now suddenly he get's shots trough smokes and a bunch of flusha moments. Just watch the demo.
2015-10-22 02:58
Shit i just got baited and replied to a retard have fun
2015-10-22 02:59
Ska is probably wondering why he left Hiko now. RIP9
2015-10-22 02:55
2015-10-22 02:55
Liquid NA's Boss C9 is done.
2015-10-22 02:55
Goddd damn adren 33-16. Thanks for a awesome cobble game liquid
2015-10-22 02:56
c9 winning both pistols and still lost LOL
2015-10-22 02:56
freak and sean on top of c9 and adren on top of liquid k.
2015-10-22 02:56
when freak and sean top of C9, you know something is wrong :D
2015-10-22 02:57
Ez 30$ :D
2015-10-22 02:56
tnx 4 skinz boys Looks like C9 will not win a map @ cluj
2015-10-22 02:56
lost both pistols and still win :DD
2015-10-22 02:56
Adren, in NA, must top the charts in through-smoke kills. Somebody needs to send him on a VACation.
2015-10-22 02:57
Not really, he just spam tho the smoke in the quite classic spot timing was real tbh
2015-10-22 03:00
I know, it's a joke. Dude has insane timing when it comes to hitting those shots.
2015-10-22 03:00
yeah, ur kinda right :)
2015-10-22 03:20
adren in NA topfrag, but adren in EU bot? wtf he so inconsistent?
2015-10-22 03:10
he hacks in online NA matches. I've yet to see him get these insane wallbangs and smoke kills consistently at an international LAN
2015-10-22 09:19
lol c9 only winning rounds with pistols, liquid deserved win gg
2015-10-22 02:57
Reunion ramowarr
kick shnooub
2015-10-22 02:59
c9 fangays crying the shit out of their rip skins
2015-10-22 02:59
Italy 1nf3rn4L
ez money ty c9 fanboys
2015-10-22 02:59
thank u shroud <33
2015-10-22 03:00
LOLOLOLOL everyone wait 2 days to lose their skins :D
2015-10-22 03:00
i waited 2 days just for lounge to close the bet i all inned liquid on and me not notice, yet again i get jewwed by lounge at least fanobet didnt jew me that hard
2015-10-22 03:24
adren dropin 30 bombs on these shitties...lolol
2015-10-22 03:01
Thanks shroud/n0thing fangays for making crazy donations on stream, they don't want to practice anymore.
2015-10-22 03:02
liquid top 1 na at this point
2015-10-22 03:11
internet ma friend.
2015-10-22 04:58
RIP old C9
2015-10-22 03:27
Liquid top 1 NA
2015-10-22 07:09
saving strats and energy for cluj. c9 could ruin Liquid anytime :~)
2015-10-22 07:50
So what? Is liquid cloud9's new ibp? Cloud9 doing better internationally but just can't seem to get a hold of liquid
2015-10-22 09:31
except, i bet TL will start outshining them in the EU scene as well.
2015-10-22 18:34
Well they got the players for it. If elige just stops disappearing in big matches
2015-10-22 19:00
If cloud9 and nip fail at dreamhack cluj we could see -freak -sgares +swag +gtr
2015-10-22 10:15
Poland Redrumowy
swag is banned
2015-10-22 10:56
Swag is banned. Freak wont get kicked from the team. the only person who could really leave is Sgares, and that's because he will move to coach. I think if they fuck out of this major, they will -sgares and +Any good fragger, while having Sgares as coach. If Get_right join Cloud9 top1
2015-10-22 17:43
Why wont freak get kicked? is it because he is an entryfragger? lmao
2015-10-22 19:02
Because he is a great player for the team? He will do whatever he is told? He has great aim? All he needs is to stop putting himself in untradable/unwinnable positions? Contrary to popular belief, freak is a great player. He has the aim and ability to perform on a team like Cloud9. Plus he meshes perfectly with the team. The only way that Cloud9 can make roster changes without fucking up their chemistry is by moving SGares to coach and having Swag step in (as he is a part of the team)
2015-10-23 17:11
Lmao here we go again with dumb excuses, everyone does what theyre told in pro CS, just watch some VODs, some mistakes here or there in comms, everyone has a role and does it, you really think any player in the top tier teams says to the IGL fuck you i dont listen to you? Its true freakazoid does his role but his efficiency is low, he rarely gets entries and dies first often without even getting a kill and they end up having a disadvantage. You fanboys are delusional, a better entry fragger like nitr0 for example would make C9 way better, before you say he only cares about stats watch some recent lan matches where he and ELiGE are always aggressive and running in first even through smokes, even ELiGE who has been terrible in lans compared to online is doing a better job than freakazoid
2015-10-23 18:08
I'm not even a Cloud9 fan. But i realize that he does his job very well. Being an Entry doesnt mean you get the kill. Youre supposed to set up for a trade kill. I'd wager to say that 8/10 times he runs in first with a support (like its supposed to be), there is a trade in his favor (T side only now. I'll admit his CT side is lackluster) And if they really were better, why not pick up them? I mean nitr0 is a little understandable, being on the team he is on. But at the time C9 picked up Freak im fairly certain that ELiGE wasnt on a team or was just signed to a teir 2 US team.
2015-10-23 21:39
ELiGE was already in Liquid and had a contract with them when C9 made the roster changes Get your facts right, its obvious that youre trying to be a hipster and shit like a lot of people try to when they defend players, im so cool i know this guy has a role and he shouldnt be kicked because he does his job even though he doesnt frag. Same thing was said about Fiffaren, he is support he shouldnt frag, he ended up retired, same thing for Maniac, people kept saying he is support its not his role to frag, he got kicked, Devilwalk too in fnatic, and many other players, all roles need to frag no exceptions even IGL nowadays frag. The truth is clear, he is a bad, frags do matter, but people trying to act like smartasses.
2015-10-24 01:32
Something is wrong when freakazoid and sgares are top fragging.
2015-10-22 17:42
2015-10-22 18:07
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