26th of November 2015
Match over
Best of 3 * PENTA will play instead as uX have been disqualified from the tournament Veto process: 1. unu.AiN removed Mirage 2. PENTA removed Train 3. unu.AiN picked Inferno 4. PENTA picked Cache 5. unu.AiN removed Overpass 6. PENTA removed Cobblestone
(3:12; 3:4)
(8:7; 3:9)
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Match stats
Player of the matchwon with 75.6% of the votes
Nicolai 'HUNDEN' Petersen
Past 3 months Player Diff
Rating 0.00 -1.00
Kills / round 0.76 0.09
Deaths / round 0.45 -0.22
Assists / round 0.12 -0.00
First kills / round 0.08 -0.02
KAST - -
ADR - -
Maps 2
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Head to head
gl unu.ain
2015-11-26 17:31
1 reply
thank u nub
2015-11-26 23:20
Denmark NikolajL98
ez Ux, wait
2015-11-26 17:31
2015-11-26 17:40
Germany ezpzlmnsqz
27 Comments just deleted. What happend?
2015-11-26 17:46
1 reply
hail the new #4
2015-11-26 20:15
* PENTA will play instead as uX have been disqualified from the tournament rekt nub hackers
2015-11-26 17:48
Lmao UX banned, fkn cheaters.
2015-11-26 18:07
uX hackers gg
2015-11-26 18:24
Why we not get ours skins back from cslounge if they cheating omg
2015-11-26 18:50
6 replies
Because that's not how it works you dog.
2015-11-26 19:21
Because there's no proved evidence that they cheated. IF they cheated, it was about the guy playing xenn's smurf, which is the reason they got disqualified from this tournament. They got NOT kicked because one of them was (accused of) hacking.
2015-11-26 19:22
4 replies
Actually they were banned because of cheating suspicions, but also because they had fake players + betting on themselves. tldr; UX bets on their own matches and cheats to secure the wins
2015-11-26 19:59
3 replies
Not at all why they were banned.... They were simply banned because 1 player where playing on a smurf account without saying anything about it to the admins.
2015-11-26 20:59
2 replies
1 reply
You can't ban people based on suspicion alone. That's why the official ban reason is player on different account. Ask uX about it.
2015-11-26 23:24
ez for hunden
2015-11-26 18:56
ez for Hunden, 2:0 and 16-0 on Cobble
2015-11-26 19:34
5 replies
I do not understand, why many people like Hunden?
2015-11-26 20:12
4 replies
best stats HLTV bro.
2015-11-26 20:14
3 replies
2015-11-26 20:15
2 replies
2015-11-26 20:16
1 reply
2015-11-26 20:30
Im not sure i understand. AT HLTV it says that PENTA won over UX (UX disqualified) - So shouldnt that mean that we should have our skins back + winnings at CSGL? PENTA is decided to be the qwinners of the game because UX is disqualified???
2015-11-26 20:32
13 replies
gl making lounge get skins back
2015-11-26 21:01
What on earth does the tournament Game Show have to do with CSGL exactly?
2015-11-26 21:02
9 replies
I'll tell you :) UX is disqualified and because of that PENTA is crowned the winner of the match. CSGL has stil UX as winner which is incorrect. UX got disquallified and penta won the match. You can go watch hltv's own statistics, where it also says that PENTA won the game against UX.
2015-11-26 21:10
8 replies
And what on earth does Game Show admins disqualifying UX have to do with CSGL having the obligation to return the skins? Tournament and the gambling website have NOTHING to do with each other, if GS disqualified UX as soon as the game was over, BEFORE CSGL draft the items, then it was possible they would not draft the items at all, but once its drafted, it cannot be undraft.
2015-11-26 21:13
7 replies
I dont think you understand what im saying. CSGL has the game listed as a UX win wich is false. UX lost the game after being disquallified. I am not sure what your point is with saying that CSGL and UX being disqualified has nothing to do with eachtoher. If CSGL has rules that says that a lost bet is a lost bet no matter what happens after the game then thats a different thing, and that would answer my question.
2015-11-26 21:20
6 replies
Once the items are draft'd, theres nothing to do, doesnt matter if a team gets DQ, by the time that happens, the items are already scattered around all the continents.
2015-11-26 21:23
2 replies
allright. i really do think csgl handeled this situation poorly. Thanks for your answer
2015-11-26 21:26
1 reply
except they didnt? ux won and items were drafted as always, whatever happens after cant change anything jeez :D
2015-11-27 11:58
Big problem with what you are saying: CSGL cannot get back the skins they have already drafted. How would they do it? Force people to trade them back. Uh, no. Not going to happen. As an example, I'll use then LDLC vs Fnatic at DHW. The game was won by Fnatic and therefore the skins were drafted for Fnatic. Later on, however, when the boost thing came to light, Fnatic forfeited and therefore LDLC got a defwin. Were skins forcefully returned? No. Think it through - you can not and will not get your skins back.
2015-11-26 21:25
2 replies
i did not bet on the match. I wasnt aware of how the csgl system really works. i do now
2015-11-26 21:30
1 reply
Ye, no worries. I do agree that CSGL handled the situation really poorly though.
2015-11-26 21:46
aaaaaaaaand they're gone.
2015-11-26 21:14
United States Doctor1597
So remember when BoostMeister happened at DHW2014? People who bet on LDLC lost the initial bet: fnatic won the game. Only after the items were drafted did LDLC get the def. win after fnatic forfeited the tournament because of the drama with the replays. CSGL will draft as soon as they have word the game is over unless the admins tell them hey something is up here. That's why they were drafted, rip skins, good luck next time. Edit: Didnt see comment #60. But yeah, pretty much.
2015-11-26 22:06
LukaGod and HundenGod
2015-11-26 21:16
first pistol round OMGGGGGGGGG
2015-11-26 21:28
2015-11-26 21:32
Hunden > Fnatic
2015-11-26 21:33
Russia iHaZaR
mmm nice swap players, dat noobz teams..
2015-11-26 21:36
1 reply
Denmark fujiYEEZY
What? No players were swapped?
2015-11-26 22:11
Russia iHaZaR
2015-11-26 21:46
Penta get ban please
2015-11-26 21:50
1 reply
y so mad? cuz cheating germannis cant keep up to hundens brainpower and great ingame leading? Ok blyad
2015-11-26 21:54
luka is who, dwagg?
2015-11-26 21:57
3 replies
Denmark fujiYEEZY
LukaGG = Gla1ve (first name is Lukas) ;) DawGG = Hunden (Hunden is Danish, and means "the dog," and dawg is a slang for dog)
2015-11-26 22:04
2 replies
Rly evil sweden?
2015-11-26 22:14
1 reply
Denmark fujiYEEZY
Yes, mentally challenged Russia.
2015-11-26 22:19
2015-11-26 22:07
C'mon HUNDEN let's get it boiiii
2015-11-26 22:18
Round over - Winner: T (1-6) - Enemy eliminated dawGG killed strugz/10/ * MSI with ak47 dawGG killed tahsiN with ak47 dawGG killed tabseN?Lily with ak47 (headshot) smF[C] Q killed krystaLAW #niceC. with ak47 dawGG planted the bomb (2on4) nice
2015-11-26 22:19
2015-11-26 22:19
6;0 - 8;7
2015-11-26 22:31
hunden > penta
2015-11-26 22:32
percy hahah 2 rounds 2 teamkills
2015-11-26 22:35
percy on fire today, no chance for anyone on the server
2015-11-26 22:36
2015-11-26 22:39
Hunden <3
2015-11-26 22:45
Hunden best player
2015-11-26 22:47
2015-11-26 22:51
rekt by hunden huehuehuehue
2015-11-26 22:55
If this isn't throw I dont know what is. Penta not checking corners, rushing like silvers..
2015-11-26 22:55
30$ ty
2015-11-26 22:58
2015-11-26 23:20
PENTA so trash rofl
2015-11-26 23:55
2015-11-27 01:58
Finland coswell
unu.AiNs lineup isnt that bad!
2015-11-27 07:43
god hunden
2015-11-27 08:05
4 words The power of Hunden
2015-11-27 10:22
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