2nd of December 2015
Match over
Best of 3 Veto process: 1. Natus Vincere removed Cache 2. Titan removed Mirage 3. Natus Vincere removed Inferno 4. Titan removed Overpass 5. Natus Vincere picked Train 6. Titan picked Dust2
16:14 (8:7; 8:7)STATS
16:9 (9:6; 7:3)STATS
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Match stats
Player of the matchwon with 31.2% of the votes
Adil 'ScreaM' Benrlitom
Past 3 months Player Diff
Rating 0.00 -1.00
Kills / round 0.56 -0.11
Deaths / round 0.71 0.03
Assists / round 0.04 -0.09
First kills / round 0.02 -0.08
KAST - -
ADR - -
Maps 2
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2015-12-01 18:02
Australia BCP 
2015-12-01 18:02
United States NessunDorma 
2015-12-01 18:03
Ukraine twil 
rip titan
2015-12-01 18:02
Russia ReaZy 
Na'vi got dis
2015-12-01 18:02
Canada wdf am u want  
2015-12-01 18:02
Ez NaVi
2015-12-01 19:33
Titan win lol
2015-12-01 19:57
ez guardian
2015-12-01 23:26
rpk and shox to drop 30 bombs in each map
2015-12-01 23:42
*in while match
2015-12-02 11:16
2015-12-02 16:30
*in whole match
2015-12-02 18:20
in the whole match u mean? i think i get it now
2015-12-02 18:39
2015-12-04 10:37
Fucking typo ruined my joke
2015-12-05 05:40
2015-12-05 13:07
Feels like forever since titan played
2015-12-01 23:56
IKR. Last time was at CEVO.
2015-12-02 06:50
Libya Ayudaaa 
It would be amazing if they have been practicing like crazy and destroy Navi :D
2015-12-02 08:27
Sadly they probably haven't :(
2015-12-02 16:02
That's what I'm hoping for
2015-12-02 20:43
Reunion fnxLQK- 
Interesting match up.
2015-12-02 02:38
Reunion fnxLQK- 
Ez NaVi cause they lost to dignitas 2-1 .
2015-12-02 03:52
Japan eoeoeoewowow 
Titan had 2-3 weeks to practice and fix their problems. RIP NaVi.
2015-12-02 04:35
Ex6tenz? Fix problems? aahhahahahaha
2015-12-02 12:01
finally some online games
2015-12-02 06:15
Qualifier for Starladder in Minsk, for Navi home tournament. Hahhaha, please bet on Titan guys, as much as u guys can!!!
2015-12-02 06:18
Yeah just like DHW
2015-12-02 06:39
ez pz sexy tities titan ez pz
2015-12-02 09:26
ez Shox. Titan > Na'Vi
2015-12-02 10:12
titan win
2015-12-02 10:42
Na'Vi always crap against the french. all on Titan ez
2015-12-02 11:19
starladder, sorry Titanic but bye
2015-12-02 12:00
dig 2-1 navi hmmm
2015-12-02 12:48
online hmmm sltv - lan at home hmmm
2015-12-02 12:53
Denmark FeNoM_XD 
Titan hmmmmmm one of SLTV's favourites hmmmmmm
2015-12-02 12:59
Titan favourites kek
2015-12-02 13:09
Denmark FeNoM_XD 
well as far as I know Titan always performed well at SLTV
2015-12-02 13:16
If they are favourites, then nV/fnatic/TSM/Na`Vi are underdogs? lel
2015-12-02 17:04
lol what? they played vs dig for sltv quals
2015-12-02 13:47
this game Will be online
2015-12-02 16:31
Ok, i missunderstood. Then Titan have much bigger chances, because Na`Vi online is so weak and inconsistent.
2015-12-02 17:08
miragevs. NiP3-16 overpassvs. dignitas16-13 trainvs. NiP6-16 trainvs. Virtus.pro2-16 overpassvs. HellRaisers3-16 lol
2015-12-02 13:05
India rohansamal 
NaVi vs Titan This is Group Stage 2 for Starseries. these teams are in Group B, with the other two teams being EnVyUs and Efrag. NaVi have been in a slump lately. I mean they performed decent during the majors, but before that and after that they have been in a hueg slump altogether. NaVi as a team seem to be struggling with some concepts. They dont seem to be playing to their optimum level and if you ask me it looks like a team thats stuck in a pre-rosterchange condition. Titan on the other hand have been perenially trying their best. They have been trying to work out several combinations and several new strategies. yes they were in a slump during their last online matches. But you have to remember that time co incided with the Paris attacks. Both the French teams performed bad during that time. Titan as a team have developed some good communication and aim. They have shown glimpses of their prowess especially online. NaVi on the other hand havent been able to click it at all If Tiatn play well and especially if Bot NaVi turns up, I can definieyl see Titan winning this match. I would recommenda low bet on Titan just cause of the fact that they as a team seem to be trying much more than NaVi My Bet : Low on Titan
2015-12-02 14:38
Acha aur meethay mai?
2015-12-02 19:47
India rohansamal 
I hope you are okay? Or need some mental help
2015-12-03 01:07
Titan choo choo, all aboard please!
2015-12-02 16:28
Edward gonna squash these baguettes
2015-12-02 18:10
ez 4 titan
2015-12-02 18:26
ez 4 slovac
2015-12-02 18:48
hair product vs no hair product who will come out on top?
2015-12-02 19:00
Ask a grill. GuardiaN may beat SmithZz with the awp on every map. But SmithZz beats every girls ass on every bar. Imo SmithZz wins
2015-12-02 19:48
Nice Demos to follen anti strat Na'vi
2015-12-02 19:10
scream HS machine come on my bro
2015-12-02 20:16
I hope practice has made Titan better :) most likely they will still suck and will forever Titan <3 ic :* always sinking
2015-12-02 20:30
2-0 ez. baguettes no chance
2015-12-02 20:56
ez4navi. is the titanic still above water?!
2015-12-02 21:09
why it takes so long to the players join a fucking server?
2015-12-02 21:10
2015-12-02 21:14
United States Rebs 
+GuardiaN +ScreaM
2015-12-02 21:14
Flamie is back, nvm.
2015-12-02 21:18
Can i help get by ppl, cuz sometimes penis gets under table i cant bet on navi help pls father routher isnt online
2015-12-02 21:19
2015-12-02 21:19
flamie is a quite underrated pistol player
2015-12-02 21:21
France StickyRice 
shoxissa >> it's confirmed (even though it was known a couple weeks ago) : shox is dating Missa from Team Acer
2015-12-02 21:21
leggo navi
2015-12-02 21:40
flusha | 
Germany sanos 
2015-12-02 21:43
Iceland xijmplr 
2015-12-02 21:46
Estonia elariBAY 
2015-12-02 21:45
2015-12-02 21:46
Round over - Winner: T (8-8) ScreaM SAIYAJIN killed GuardiaN with glock (headshot) ScreaM SAIYAJIN killed seized with glock (headshot) ScreaM SAIYAJIN killed Edward with glock (headshot) ScreaM SAIYAJIN killed flamie /A/ with glock (headshot) lol
2015-12-02 21:46
2015-12-02 21:46
Round over - Winner: T (8-8) - Enemy eliminated ScreaM SAIYAJIN killed GuardiaN with glock (headshot) ScreaM SAIYAJIN killed seized with glock (headshot) ScreaM SAIYAJIN killed Edward with glock (headshot) ScreaM SAIYAJIN killed flamie /A/ with glock (headshot) ayyy lmao
2015-12-02 21:46
Brazil Collee 
2015-12-02 21:46
2015-12-02 21:47
RpK are you kidding me
2015-12-02 21:48
what a crazy game lol, Scream 4k, then force buy win, then RPK TAPING GOD
2015-12-02 21:48
RpK^ killed Zeus with ak47 (headshot) RpK^ killed Edward with ak47 (headshot) RpK^ killed flamie /A/ with ak47 (headshot) ayy lmao
2015-12-02 21:48
Real talk here. Does anyone else think Titan/Ex6 is using screaM wrong? Ex6 fucking egositic demands AK-47 drop and gives him worst smg, screaM is also almost always one of the people that gets to use the pistol when other team mates have AK like why would you give scream the tec9 and smithz/ex6 the AK? I also see so many times where Ex6 plays with screaM on T-side and uses screaM as bait like WAT LMAO why would you use screaM as bait. He should either be "kio-entry fragging" where he follows rpk and goes for entries or he should be the guy that goes in third after a execution (rpk or smithz and ex6 first) so he can clutch it out. He can easily take 1v2's if hes alone but they always seem to use it wrong at kinguin and even epsilon he had such a free role like I described, why use him like that? why not benefit from his aim and put him either entry frag or last player alive with shox. Ex6 is reason why Titan has never achieved anything, yes sure mastermind but something is wrong with your play/gamestyle when Kenny+Apex leave you and become #1 players. When NBK leave and become #1 player TWICE.
2015-12-02 21:52
wow thats a nice little essay you wrote too bad you forgot shox is igling, now you just look like a salty retard
2015-12-02 22:00
he's playing the same exact way as old Titan you fucking fake wannabe fan, did you even watch verygames right before they went titan when screaM left "LE GENIUZ EX6 XD" was leading? Only difference shox has made to Ex6's playstyle is force buying more, thats it.
2015-12-02 22:11
and vg was #1 team in the world for 6-7 months, 3rd most dominant run in history stay mad, your salty narrative is a huge fail after you wrote an essay because shox is calling lmao
2015-12-02 22:09
"did you even watch verygames right before titan when screaM left" learn to read retarded belgium fries
2015-12-02 22:10
That's pretty much a useless post since Shox is calling.
2015-12-02 22:06
lmfao this is so horrible to read i think i got aids 1. Ex6 has never used ScreaM wrong, ScreaM's best days were under Ex6, same with shox, the two of them have never played as good as they did when the old titan/vg lineup was around. 2. Ex6 doesn't use ScreaM as bait because Ex6 is first in on T side u fucking idiot 3. shox is calling 4. stop giving cancer to people thanks
2015-12-02 22:11
that forcebuy from navi and stack on B won for them the train map
2015-12-02 21:54
cyka go B man x6 genius
2015-12-02 21:54
shox igl
2015-12-02 21:59
2015-12-02 22:02
What a retarted game, jesus...
2015-12-02 22:02
16:14 for Navi lucky Edward :)
2015-12-02 22:03
this game is so cancer lmao
2015-12-02 22:03
flusha | 
Germany sanos 
two of the most retarded teams ever fight for who is most retard
2015-12-02 22:04
it's worse than cancer lmao
2015-12-02 22:05
the most retarded teams are still mouz with botb and penta lol
2015-12-02 22:05
nice force buys titan ahaha
2015-12-02 22:05
Is Shox still calling? If yes he needs to stop. He shouldn't be the one bottom fragging.
2015-12-02 22:05
what a game tho
2015-12-02 22:05
Turkey Grimstborith 
Shox should quit....
2015-12-02 22:05
Shox is retarded as fuck to make that shit call.
2015-12-02 22:05
14-12 to 14-16, nice try Titan
2015-12-02 22:06
Spain Silber_ 
Now 2-0 Na'Vi
2015-12-02 22:07
rpk cheating he always play like a bot and now play like a god
2015-12-02 22:07
Estonia elariBAY 
always play like bot? i think you talking about brazil football team, cuz RpK has been Titan best player since 3 months.
2015-12-02 22:09
hhaha why you talk about football?estonia talking about football? im talk about and rpk and you talk me about football mds.The best player since 3 months and the year is happy Ps:5 wc,try classify to one wc
2015-12-02 22:17
Estonia elariBAY 
try to not lose 1-7 to Germany at home
2015-12-02 22:21
Estonia muruw 
eesti saaks veel hullemini..
2015-12-03 15:53
Estonia elariBAY 
Whats the difference after shox became IGL instead of Ex6TenZ? Now they are both bottomfragging :)
2015-12-02 22:07
shox bottom fragging while lurking, at least ex6 is being the bait on site fakes etc not a good look he should keep igling until this year is over and when 2016 begins x6 should take the reins again for maximum fresh mind fresh start
2015-12-02 22:08
Estonia elariBAY 
yeah agree, atleast Ex6TenZ did some important frags, he had average map i think.
2015-12-02 22:10
Well, after shox IGLeading they started to do dumb mistakes.
2015-12-02 22:08
One of the stupidiest maps in 2015?
2015-12-02 22:07
shitan as always can do a shit. scream & rpk = BOTS shox & Ex6 trying hard but not enough to carry this trash team. Smithz just not care about team.
2015-12-02 22:08
lol carry? both are hard bottom fragging
2015-12-02 22:09
I mean generally.. not particularly this game
2015-12-02 22:34
You didnt even watch the game, pls stfu. RPK was on 26 kills Smithzz and scream were both like 23 frags and bot ex6 and shox was around 11 and always caught out from the back.
2015-12-02 22:35
go stfu gipsy retard scream & rpk 48kill
2015-12-02 22:11
gipsy? :)
2015-12-02 22:34
RpK winning important rounds + topfragger of map = bot Nothing suprisgly from Spain
2015-12-02 22:10
Estonia elariBAY 
That spain scene has taken out your brain already?
2015-12-02 22:11
spanish scene simply does not exist
2015-12-02 22:36
Spain chokOOO 
u saw the game ? shox bottomfragged
2015-12-02 22:13
Regardless the other map scores Titan wont go anywhere with this lu. its just a real cancer to watch them and their amateur mistakes.
2015-12-02 22:08
14-12 - 14-16 yes i love u titan
2015-12-02 22:09
2-1 titan
2015-12-02 22:12
Fnatic wins
2015-12-02 22:32
ex6 is a fuckin bot
2015-12-02 22:44
jesus those afterplants are so bad
2015-12-02 22:56
Zeus is topfragging? Is it real?
2015-12-02 22:56
Zeus is insane.
2015-12-02 22:57
wtf bot zeus suddenly starting playing godlike fuck this shit
2015-12-02 22:57
Zeus winning every 1vs2 titan disband
2015-12-02 22:57
lol how many times titan lost 2v1? :D titan - bots since 2012
2015-12-02 22:58
It should be be 10-5 for titan if they could win those shit 1vs2
2015-12-02 23:01
Round over - Winner: T (10-6) - Enemy eliminated flamie /A/ killed Ex6TenZ with usp_silencer (headshot) flamie /A/ killed SmithZzN with glock (headshot) flamie /A/ killed ScreaM SAIYAJIN with glock SmithZzN killed Zeus with usp_silencer flamie /A/ killed shoxiSSa with glock (headshot) shoxiSSa killed GuardiaN with hkp2000 (headshot) flamie /A/ killed RpK^ with glock RpK^ killed seized with usp_silencer (headshot) RpK^ killed Edward with usp_silencer (headshot) Round started ezzzzzzzz
2015-12-02 23:04
Round over - Winner: T (10-6) - Enemy eliminated flamie /A/ killed Ex6TenZ with usp_silencer (headshot) flamie /A/ killed SmithZzN with glock (headshot) flamie /A/ killed ScreaM SAIYAJIN with glock SmithZzN killed Zeus with usp_silencer flamie /A/ killed shoxiSSa with glock (headshot) shoxiSSa killed GuardiaN with hkp2000 (headshot) flamie /A/ killed RpK^ with glock
2015-12-02 23:04
lol rip titan
2015-12-02 23:04
Jesus that 1vs3 ace just gave me cancer
2015-12-02 23:04
Sweden godname 
flamie aimlock and wallhacking
2015-12-02 23:05
the rippest of all rounds
2015-12-02 23:05
titan just suck
2015-12-02 23:05
RpK deserves a better team
2015-12-02 23:05
Honestly if he keeps improving at this rate he might get picked up by envy next time they change their roster.
2015-12-02 23:16
Norway CC- 
RpK is shit
2015-12-03 02:05
scream only trys to headshot and takes so long to shoot.. even i would kill him if he let me shoot him so long and i am only eagle master
2015-12-02 23:07
Titan have done insane comeback on d2 before wouldnt be suprised tbh
2015-12-02 23:08
yeah against slumping+inconsistent nip lmao rip skinz man
2015-12-02 23:11
yea with kqly
2015-12-02 23:15
ahahahahah scream 150k$ gamesense
2015-12-02 23:10
2015-12-02 23:11
Spain chokOOO 
titan and the throws
2015-12-02 23:11
Shitan is ridiculous :)
2015-12-02 23:12
scream 150k srsly m8?
2015-12-02 23:13
titan lost every fuckin 4v2 5v3 3v1 2v1 rounds
2015-12-02 23:14
How much fuckin mustafa?
2015-12-02 23:20
ur all year salary putin feeder
2015-12-02 23:27
titan is such a rich organisation, i wonder why they support a french trash team without future for years. why someone would waste his money like that is beyond me
2015-12-02 23:15
ty overrated scream
2015-12-02 23:19
gg ez
2015-12-02 23:19
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
would be better if titan donated 150k to kittyplaysgames than buy Scream
2015-12-02 23:19
2015-12-03 00:07
Spain chokOOO 
shit titan
2015-12-02 23:19
Sayjain. More like Krilin.
2015-12-02 23:19
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
ayyyyyyyyy lmao
2015-12-02 23:21
xaxaxa you make my horrible day m8 ty
2015-12-02 23:30
scream what a player axaxaxaxaxaxa
2015-12-02 23:20
Germany Bestgerman69 
this lineup will NEVER workout, simple as that
2015-12-02 23:24
scream fans fucking pathetic vote
2015-12-02 23:32
omg those scream fan girls
2015-12-02 23:57
titan lost ??????????? srsly ??? nooooooooooooo
2015-12-03 00:03
rain | 
Norway Jokki5 
scream fan kids..
2015-12-03 00:34
scream fucking fangays...
2015-12-03 01:03
Guardian is the best awper
2015-12-03 01:06
Vietnam olaolakaka 
meanwhile G2 rekt TSM ayy lmao
2015-12-03 08:11
Hope scream is happy in titan, worst fucking team ever and they will never make it out of groups in majors again or in any big tournament. Titans only recent win is against dignitas tier 2 team even then 16-13 hard struggle LOL
2015-12-03 12:23
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