1st of February 2016
Match over
Best of 3 * Grand final ** Winners will get $30,000 and a spot at IEM Katowice Veto process: 1.TheMongolz removed Train 2.Renegades removed Dust2 3.TheMongolz picked Cobblestone 4.Renegades picked Inferno 5.TheMongolz removed Mirage 6.Renegades removed Overpass
(8:7; 8:2)
(13:2; 3:0)
United KingdomESL TV (Map 1 - Cobblestone)Vod
United KingdomESL TV (Map 2 - Inferno)Vod
Match stats
Player of the matchwon with 64.2% of the votes
Enkhtaivan 'Machinegun' Lkhagva
Past 3 months Player Diff
Rating 0.00 -1.00
Kills / round 0.86 0.19
Deaths / round 0.58 -0.09
Assists / round 0.21 0.08
First kills / round 0.19 0.09
KAST - -
ADR - -
Maps 2
Head to head
2016-01-31 01:42
grand final on a monday. just esl things
2016-01-31 21:12
2016-02-01 08:57
2016-02-01 19:50
Machinegun 4Headset
2016-01-31 21:48
Kaze | 
Malaysia Swattax
ez cyberzen vs mongolz aussies go home
2016-01-31 01:47
Australia Hexaze
nt fake america
2016-01-31 01:56
nt UK in space
2016-01-31 01:56
nt stolen joke
2016-01-31 09:01
nt flag on the moon
2016-01-31 09:11
great sense of humour, how's it going on UK?
2016-01-31 09:29
2016-01-31 09:42
United States Ablert
2016-01-31 22:39
ez Mongolz
2016-01-31 01:49
EZ Renegades <3 AZR <3 Havoc <3 SpunJ <3 youtube.com/watch?v=d2KWZ44zA0s RENEGADES <3
2016-01-31 01:50
2016-01-31 01:55
omL <3
2016-02-01 06:22
2016-01-31 01:55
Come on. It was not a semi-final my friend ;-)
2016-01-31 01:56
no chance my friend. Final for Mongolz
2016-01-31 01:59
gas | 
Korea ka1ske
2016-01-31 01:52
cyberzen vs mongolz, cyberzen wins
2016-01-31 01:52
Australia kTw0
Like LG beat Na'v... Oh wait...
2016-01-31 12:27
Brazil zezau
omg rng wil beat mongolz, so good noway
2016-01-31 20:11
2016-01-31 07:56
Do both qualify or just the winner of the final?
2016-01-31 08:49
Both qualify for the MLG qualifiers, winner gets extra prize money and a spot at IEM Katowice 2016
2016-01-31 09:01
Nope, only the winnerZz
2016-02-01 05:41
renegades vs mongolz, 1:2 or 0:2
2016-01-31 08:50
easy renegades, 2;1
2016-01-31 08:58
Doubt it will be easy but I think Renegades will take it, close though :/
2016-02-01 02:36
Omg why monday
2016-01-31 09:01
2016-01-31 09:02
:DDDDDDDDDDDDD true storeh
2016-01-31 09:12
RNG will win
2016-01-31 09:02
Come on MongolZ you can do iiiiit.
2016-01-31 09:13
<3 Machinegun :)
2016-01-31 09:14
It's a shame that 2 teams qualify, I would love to see Renegades send these shitters back home to their 0.727 HDI shithole :D
2016-01-31 09:14
renegades throw for chiefs right? kangaroo
2016-01-31 09:22
Yes, not their fault Chiefs didn't win
2016-01-31 10:13
Mad, man? Aus don't have 2 teams good enough to compete at a major seriously, Immunity and Chiefs aren't there yet. MongolZ definitely deserve the chance at a major, and IEM Katowice.
2016-01-31 09:44
Did you read my comment properly? I said 2 teams shouldn't qualify, and you just responded as if I wanted 2 (Aussie) teams to qualify Get some proper reading comprehension and stop fake flagging while you're at it
2016-01-31 10:15
U did wanted to 2 aussie teams to qualify yesterday fag
2016-01-31 18:14
r u alive asswipe
2016-02-01 07:26
What now kid?
2016-02-01 08:36
2016-01-31 09:14
Ez for renegades. Mongolz playing like shit. Basically theyre just like one man team and only playing with machinegun. The rest is shit. I bet krimzmeister is better than rest of mongolz
2016-01-31 09:34
lol not others shit cause machinegunGOD
2016-01-31 09:39
No. Others than machinegun is shit. Even HLTV global would probably better than these bot slaves
2016-01-31 09:40
one man cant carry this shit game and you looks like monkey
2016-01-31 09:42
machinegun is a GOD you can't really compare any other player to him, better than p1mple, oskar, olof, cold, snax, swag, kennys...
2016-01-31 10:12
2016-02-01 02:23
No love for Zilk, huh?
2016-02-01 02:24
much love for zilkmeister
2016-02-01 14:29
mirage, train and cbble Renegades best maps chances to win imo, anything else could be 50/50 or favour Mongolz, all comes down to map vetos
2016-01-31 09:51
7:30 in the morning aw man gotta wake up early I guess
2016-01-31 09:57
Australia Hexaze
Ayyzee for azr
2016-01-31 10:18
eeee bljet tuoh diigin de
2016-01-31 10:49
god damn mongorians!
2016-01-31 11:32
Welcome to shitty wok
2016-01-31 11:34
HQLY Fu , MongolZ will take it sooooo easily.
2016-01-31 11:59
wont be easy but i think 2-1 mongolz. AJA AJA AMJILT!!!
2016-02-01 00:13
ok i was wrong. mongolz are just too good.
2016-02-02 17:42
I am sure, even though they are saying 'csgo2asia', they are still careless about asia itself.. I think only 8K viewers will watching this live. GJ ESL
2016-01-31 13:08
China streams are with a huge num of viewers but 2omorrow ? LOLS only the CSGOLOUNGERS will care about it
2016-01-31 14:08
The num of Chinese stream is not true
2016-02-01 05:07
Mongolz will get that spot
2016-01-31 13:14
they already qualify,rng too Now who win this match win money and a spot to katowice but both already qualify for mlg columbus
2016-01-31 14:37
ez for the chinese russians
2016-01-31 13:19
Mongolia capcop
Fuck off chinese my ass
2016-01-31 14:08
2016-02-01 00:15
You have chinese dna. You definitely forgot about the history.
2016-02-01 04:20
Mongolia capcop
Nice logic keep going idiot
2016-02-01 04:26
I read a lot of history about chinese and mongolian. Whats wrong with you man
2016-02-01 04:30
lol good for you, another theory even propose han ethnic group actually originated from the mongols, that they all came from ancient nomadic tribes in northern asia. that can be valid to some extend since many northern chinese do look much the same as mongolians. but people in southern china do not share that much physical similarity. btw you guys might share some of the same dna with australian natives.
2016-02-01 08:08
ez for renegades
2016-01-31 14:20
Machinegun+zilkenberg good combo!
2016-01-31 14:57
Mongolia capcop
What about other players ?
2016-01-31 16:06
United States MAY0
Tsogoo has had a pretty good tournament but I haven't seen much from menace and ncl
2016-01-31 16:59
Mongolia capcop
Menace . i called him pistol king but he not good at this tourment
2016-01-31 17:03
menace pistolgod
2016-02-01 08:21
Mongolia Gana4st
Mongolz 2-1 renegades
2016-01-31 15:27
go mongolZ
2016-01-31 15:43
2016-01-31 15:53
GO MONGOLZ! Renegades don't deserve the spot, they won't win any match Machinegun, on the other hand, can carry TheMongolz to playoffs
2016-01-31 16:58
Mongods take my Energy & rape REN tmrw.
2016-01-31 17:40
Renegades will probably win 2-1/2-0,would love to see mongolz upset them
2016-01-31 18:16
2016-02-01 05:07
2016-01-31 18:18
Czech Republic csl1337
Mongolz deserve this actually, Renegades dont deserve shit
2016-01-31 18:41
United Arab Emirates Nami
Damn !, its gonna be fun to watch these 2 awesome teams challenging for the 1st place .
2016-01-31 19:08
will be ez for mongolia god machinegun
2016-01-31 19:09
2016-01-31 19:42
Norway Napapijri
spunj, please
2016-01-31 20:10
go renegades n_n
2016-01-31 20:39
They have 1 machinegun Renegades have an AZR and a jks If both fire up in this series I don't believe there's much the Mongolz can do
2016-01-31 21:51
And a Spunj and a Havoc and a Yam apparently. Btw Spunj auto corrected to spunk.
2016-02-01 01:50
id let him spunk on me ;)
2016-02-01 02:35
Finland Jonzu95
Personally I love both teams but I hope Mongolz will take this. It would be insane!
2016-01-31 22:55
yaman has been getting better rego since he switched to the full beard from the dirty mo so i dont think mongolz will win. only problem is he gets regular cavity searches at the airport now. RNG 2-0 16-9 and 16-12.
2016-01-31 23:51
go go mongolz
2016-01-31 23:57
2016-02-01 00:30
ez mongolz
2016-02-01 00:42
go go mongolz ,hope they win
2016-02-01 00:42
Belarus Starvoid
the mongolZ will in. ez
2016-02-01 00:45
Belarus Starvoid
I'm da best bettor
2016-02-01 15:11
mongolz 2-1
2016-02-01 00:48
MongolZ 16-0 16-0
2016-02-01 00:53
ty 4 some nice predictions
2016-02-01 02:29
Mongolia capcop
Predictions of the year ?
2016-02-01 03:42
maybe, maybe not
2016-02-01 04:24
Its time for the aussies to rape Genghis
2016-02-01 01:19
Its time for the Genghis boys to rape sheep fuckers
2016-02-01 06:19
lmao they from stray not nz so nth
2016-02-01 06:55
Would be great if mongolz win, I really like this team
2016-02-01 01:27
renegades plundering casinos in taipei b4 match P.S they're getting PAPER Look at them now
2016-02-01 01:42
GL Renegades!
2016-02-01 01:49
Stomping 3rd worlders so ez leleleleleleeeeleleleelelleleeee nt red baguette w/shreks castle
2016-02-01 01:52
> red baguette w/shreks castle rekt
2016-02-01 02:20
2016-02-01 05:09
The MongolZ will win 2-1 against RNG!!! GOGOGO MONGOLZ Kreygasm PogChamp
2016-02-01 02:23
gogo mongolz,gogo asia!
2016-02-01 05:05
asia win kappa
2016-02-01 05:09
MongolZ <3
2016-02-01 02:59
2ez for la'renegades
2016-02-01 03:20
prntscr.com/9xgvdx is this good offer
2016-02-01 04:02
So the winner got IEM katowice spot and MLG columbus spot? Or they still get IEM katowice qualifying spot aswell mlg?
2016-02-01 04:22
Both the teams have got mlg Columbus spot as qualified for finals. The winner will get the katowice spot.
2016-02-01 04:26
both teams are qualified for the MLG major offline QUALIFIER. + 1st gets a spot at katowice.
2016-02-01 04:31
I believe 2-1 for mongolz , should bet on mongolz all in for aizy skins
2016-02-01 04:49
Mongolz vs Renegades: sounds like biker war. Mongolz even got mug-shots.
2016-02-01 05:08
Mongolz i trust on you, lets rekt burn the Havoc beard
2016-02-01 05:25
only way mongolz win this is if machinegun drops a 50bomb each map
2016-02-01 05:32
this will be good to watch. i hope Mongolz win
2016-02-01 05:33
Ez game for machinegun!!
2016-02-01 05:34
Mongol don't ha r surprise factor like they did in previous maps. Renegades will adapt... Renegades 16-5, 16-8 2-0. 30k to the good guys.
2016-02-01 05:35
Actually i like aussies people and they are very nice, maybe best country to live but Rude , harsh mongolians make them scare and cry.
2016-02-01 05:40
probably renegades to win. they are still salty when mongolz rekt them on day 1. mongolz players be chillin today
2016-02-01 05:48
gas | 
Korea ka1ske
if mongolz win today they double their GDP from sticker money, they go all out
2016-02-01 05:56
rip renegaydes machine gun to drop 50 bomb on these fcking kanganoobs also 16-0 never forget :DDD
2016-02-01 05:50
kkkkkkkkk 3rd World 2-0 in a bo3 ez match not even a single map
2016-02-01 05:57
haha get rekt by mongolz kkkk Also 2-0 against a tired team is not worth remebering (TLvsLG bo3 lasted 4h)... mean while 16-0 is a fckin humiliation bro. 2-0 is a normal result, nothing especial, but a 16-0 is shameful. 2-0'd by mongolz, what a team renegaydes is hahahaha kangaroo go back to your hole
2016-02-01 17:25
MongolZ: we are MONGOLZ!!! GO MONGOLIA
2016-02-01 05:55
who will pick 1st map? any idea?
2016-02-01 05:56
2016-02-01 05:58
this veto it's made to Renegades
2016-02-01 06:17
Go MongolZ! smash them MachineGOD!
2016-02-01 06:20
renegades obviously will win hoping for mongol tho
2016-02-01 06:21
maCHEATgun will lose , thanks me later
2016-02-01 06:34
Renegades will probably win Cobblestone. If the Mongolz started on T side, I'd increase their chances. Renegades T side is really good against lesser teams, especially with full utility, so you need to keep them on their back foot and forcing them to half-buy out of necessity.
2016-02-01 06:47
Mongolz so bad D stupid moves
2016-02-01 06:55
Why would they pick cobble lol thats one of rng's best maps
2016-02-01 06:56
on of their best maps? i remember them getting stomped by liquid or the 0:16 against lg:)
2016-02-01 07:04
both of these teams are 10 times better than mongoloids :D
2016-02-01 07:05
10 times? thats why renegades won the last bo3s against lg and liquid
2016-02-01 07:10
2016-02-01 07:27
2016-02-01 07:27
2016-02-01 06:57
Havoc, use the beardpower!
2016-02-01 07:05
2016-02-01 07:08
Good teams, i.e. ones considered to be in the top-20, don't get eco'd as often as the Renegades do. FeelsEcodMan
2016-02-01 07:08
Maybe you have not seen HR play yet. :>
2016-02-01 07:16
who put hr in the top 20?
2016-02-01 07:27
I considered HellRaisers, but I don't think they've even smelled the top-20 since making those roster changes. Maybe after this EU Minor, maybe. But HR is a good example.
2016-02-01 07:37
Asia 42gami
MENACE is on fire
2016-02-01 07:10
rng best map? they cant even win vs eco, lose on tside vs 2guns and 3 pistols, and another 2 rounds vs pistols, now same on CT side lmao they ar so bad =))
2016-02-01 07:11
wtf is this team? LO MONGOLZ
2016-02-01 07:15
mongolz stickers incoming ?
2016-02-01 07:16
When Mongolz have a man advantage, they play very good Counter-Strike. Very good at having a lurker pulling rotates and hitting the other site right after, then solid trading killing.
2016-02-01 07:16
insightful, thx man
2016-02-01 07:35
lmao azr ahahah
2016-02-01 07:19
AZR best aim AU? lol
2016-02-01 07:19
I think Spunj is competing with him for that trophy.
2016-02-01 07:21
2016-02-01 07:21
2016-02-01 07:21
oh no spunj ...
2016-02-01 07:22
Ukraine velm
2016-02-01 07:22
LOL Zilkenberg mousepad looks like a he found it from a trash can and sewed it
2016-02-01 07:24
2016-02-01 07:24
"Team invited to North American ESL Pro League, based on exceptional results, lose to Mongolian CS:GO on Cache and Cobblestone at IEM Taipei". Edit: "... while a team that deserved it, Denial, had to disband because of this political bullshit."
2016-02-01 07:26
2016-02-01 07:26
>Splyce >NRG >compLexity >Winterfox >Enemy >Sponsorless >CLG 4Head
2016-02-01 07:28
'A delusion is a belief held with strong conviction despite superior evidence to the contrary. As a pathology, it is distinct from a belief based on false or incomplete information, confabulation, dogma, illusion, or other effects of perception."
2016-02-01 07:33
You're deluded if you think any of those teams (bar maybe clg with fugly) could beat Renegades
2016-02-01 07:34
All of them could beat this Renegades, except for SKDC.
2016-02-01 13:23
The performance that Mongolz had that game could probably topple almost every team in the pro league minus liquid and luminosity.
2016-02-01 13:30
Cause spunj was crying on twitter. Biggest fag AU
2016-02-01 07:29
2016-02-01 07:26
omg renegades
2016-02-01 07:27
Renegades bots
2016-02-01 07:27
Why Rng was so fierce against CyberZen yesterday, while fuckin sucks today with facing mongolZ.
2016-02-01 07:28
CyberZen is very overrated. They play a slow methodical style that is easy to read and gameplan against and advent and tb are worse fraggers compared to tsgooo or ncl
2016-02-01 07:31
Tyloo and CyberZen should put together the best Chinese line-up. Savage, fanc1, mo, ... Also they should join huge org like VG, EHOME so they have better gaming house.
2016-02-01 07:34
nice idea but they don't need to add Savage Tyloo will add Attacker into their lineup fancy1 DD somebody Mo Attacker this lineup has 4 players from the national team of China. will be the strongest Tyloo lineup yet
2016-02-01 07:36
-somebody +savage and it's perfect.
2016-02-01 07:37
what sombebody is god
2016-02-01 08:22
Renegades played probably the best they ever played, and Czen played probably the worst they ever played.
2016-02-01 07:34
renegades is trash too much
2016-02-01 07:27
I'm starting to love this guys, hope they can close this bo3
2016-02-01 07:27
what keyboard is it the mongolz are using 0.o
2016-02-01 07:27
Motospeed K40, google it, a cheap gaming keyboard,
2016-02-01 07:33
2016-02-01 07:30
what happened with spunj? i didn't see
2016-02-01 07:32
rip my skins LMAO
2016-02-01 07:33
my too NIP vs Titan
2016-02-01 07:39
TBH I kind of hope Renegades lose. I am so sick of supporting them only to be let down again and again. Time to move on, they have made more than enough chances.
2016-02-01 07:33
time to change flag to mongolian and become a fan boy like all of us
2016-02-01 07:43
Gogo mongolz
2016-02-01 07:35
Don't get why people are trashing Renegades instead of saying good things about Mongolz. Apart from Machinegun, none of them are even getting credit. They're playing good CS, simple as that.
2016-02-01 07:37
cuz renegade just suck, and wiff alot of shots, and also they cant play vs eco
2016-02-01 07:39
+1 you are so fucking right, ive been watching the mongolz for a while now and all i can say is they are all skilled players
2016-02-01 07:39
cuz rng sucks?
2016-02-01 07:40
Well they beat Luminosity and Liquid so maybe instead of RNG sucking, perhaps Mongolz is just playing better. LG didn't suck when they lost to RNG, they just didn't play as well on that day.
2016-02-01 07:42
mongolz sucks so does rng
2016-02-01 07:43
I hope you're watching the game, Mongolz are playing extremely good CS.
2016-02-01 07:43
its useless arguing with people from brazil,ignore them.
2016-02-01 07:50
Don't forget the context of that LAN, one of the worst run LANs of the year: Liquid (and LG) played till 2am the previous night, had a match at 11am the next morning, and by the time they played Renegades it was like 12am the next morning... and that was after LG/Liquid had a five hour match.
2016-02-01 07:45
Even when RNG beat Titan, obviously not better than Luminosity, but the point still stands. Titan are better than RNG, but on that day, RNG just played better, complete CS.
2016-02-01 07:47
The point doesn't stand because it's a bad point. If Usain Bolt drinks a case of beer the night before, and then runs a 12 second 100m, do we draw anything meaningful from the match other than Usain Bolt is still fast as fuck with a hangover? Those RGN matches should have asterisks next to them, because the players were treated poorly. The Titan example is a solid point, but that match happened ages ago.
2016-02-01 07:49
Most retarded analogy I've ever heard
2016-02-01 08:10
That's the intent of the analogy, using the RGN LAN as a serious justification is also retarded (well, anything post the group stage). Same applies to why we don't take Gaming Paradise seriously when it comes to trying to gauge how good a team is... It's just it's the ONLY positive for them, so you need to grasp.
2016-02-01 08:15
I agree 100% Mongolz are playing great but the thing is Renegades SHOULD be able to beat them comfortably. RNG's bitch and moan at people giving them hate when they lose matches they are heavily favoured for but the fact of the matter is they have been given more than enough chances to prove themselves but they keep failing to.....If they do end up losing this it is going to be very interesting to see what happens with them as I get the feeling the Renegades organization will be feeling they are wasting their money and honestly I agree.
2016-02-01 07:45
Japan mameloff
GO GO The MongolZ!! lets beat Renegades gyazo.com/cf72f6c009b630913c4cd8c8ba035f.. but, we of the Mongol Invasion revenge it kappa
2016-02-01 07:37
2016-02-01 07:51
apparently the bo1 was not a fluke :D
2016-02-01 07:46
Finland kappaboi
go go finns!!
2016-02-01 07:46
I have a feeling the Mongolz have watched multiple LG demos on how to play Inferno. Zilkenberg AWPing B as a default is such a Fallen thing.
2016-02-01 07:46
NICE THROW YOU SUCK RNG Round over - Winner: CT (1-7) - Enemy eliminated Menace. <Otto>.. killed RENEGADES azr with usp_silencer (headshot) Machinegun ^^ killed RENEGADES SPUNJ with m4a1_silencer tsogoo killed RENEGADES yam with m4a1 (headshot) Machinegun ^^ killed RENEGADES jks with m4a1_silencer Machinegun ^^ killed RENEGADES Havoc[S] with m4a1_silencer Round started Round over - Winner: CT (1-6) - Enemy eliminated Machinegun ^^ killed RENEGADES azr with m4a1_silencer (headshot) ncl=D killed RENEGADES Havoc[S] with m4a1_silencer (headshot) tsogoo killed RENEGADES jks with m4a1 Zilkenberg killed RENEGADES SPUNJ with awp Machinegun ^^ killed RENEGADES yam with m4a1_silencer (headshot) Round started
2016-02-01 07:47
lol,katowice spot up for grabs plus 30k$,no reason to fucking throw.
2016-02-01 07:51
excited to see renegades getting destroyed by enemy splyce winterfox in esl esea
2016-02-01 07:48
excited to see ga not getting destroyed by enemy splyce winterfox in esl esea 4Head
2016-02-01 07:51
Next season ga is there, because of their hard work, not because free spot when they don't deserve. Until there we have lg
2016-02-01 08:00
RiP skinz..
2016-02-01 07:49
well...so they just cant play their own map pick in normal level. :D
2016-02-01 07:49
someone asked where renegades gets the money to support this assholes
2016-02-01 07:51
This is Asian CS GO!
2016-02-01 07:51
cool to see
2016-02-01 07:58
Yeah it is great to see how they are improving. Valve should invest more in Asian CS GO Scene.
2016-02-01 08:45
2016-02-01 13:06
they cant kill anyne even with rifles. What to do? Ah forcebuy in every fckin round! Thats work for sure :D
2016-02-01 07:52
when your 5 opponents are just superior skill-wise, you start to grasp at gimmicky tactics like they eventually did. Then when they did, Mongolz just got even MORE aggressive and stomped them at mid before they even reached banana. Mongolz deserve more credit for that call, whoever made that decision.
2016-02-01 08:43
Renegades suck hahahahahahahahahahah
2016-02-01 07:52
machinegun fragging, rip rng xD
2016-02-01 07:53
CIS (net)
Sup, aussies?
2016-02-01 07:54
2016-02-01 07:55
so much rekt ahahaha
2016-02-01 07:56
2016-02-01 07:57
Russia kyoto44
2016-02-01 07:57
2016-02-01 07:57
2016-02-01 07:57
2016-02-01 07:57
2016-02-01 07:58
2016-02-01 07:58
I never heard of ''the mongols'' wtf is going on? :s
2016-02-01 07:59
Finland Jonzu95
2016-02-01 08:00
2016-02-01 08:00
Renegades really need to consider some roster changes. Either that or a North American team should give JKS a big pay day. He's a legit talent.
2016-02-01 08:00
what a rape
2016-02-01 08:00
2016-02-01 08:00
Throw confirmed
2016-02-01 08:00
2016-02-01 08:00
2016-02-01 08:01
Scrub aussie scum fucking quit cs and go back to your fucking day jobs as dirty shit plumbers you fucks
2016-02-01 08:02
The fucking sad thing is they used to play better back then......
2016-02-01 08:04
AZK | 
United States Dood
how much?
2016-02-01 08:05
thanks for your skins salty burger
2016-02-01 08:23
and time to mongolz players quit jobds
2016-02-01 08:25
Renegades aren't bad against more "standard" tactical teams as seen by their rout of cyberzen and random wins against LG/Titan, etc. They seem to struggle against superior aimers who attack and disrupt the flow of their strats
2016-02-01 08:45
ty for your skins 'murica.
2016-02-01 09:56
Round over - Winner: T (14-2) - Enemy eliminated ncl=D killed RENEGADES Havoc[S] with glock (headshot) Zilkenberg planted the bomb (5on1) Machinegun ^^ killed RENEGADES SPUNJ with glock (headshot) Machinegun ^^ killed RENEGADES yam with glock (headshot) tsogoo killed RENEGADES jks with glock (headshot) ncl=D killed RENEGADES azr with glock Round started WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS THROW ?
2016-02-01 08:02
not a throw, rng just sucks.
2016-02-01 17:08
Belarus ALBiNh0
dat rape (ncl new sex god)
2016-02-01 08:02
2016-02-01 08:02
AYY clean sweep pistol round.
2016-02-01 08:02
whats up now aussies
2016-02-01 08:02
Despite RNG getting shat on You can't deny MongolZ are playing some fucking good CS
2016-02-01 08:02
I cannot fucking wait for this SpunJ interview :D!!!!!
2016-02-01 08:03
very nice my mongolz <3 best
2016-02-01 08:03
The horror
2016-02-01 08:04
2016-02-01 08:04
The Renegades really need to consider a roster shuffle. SpunJ and JKS are players to build your team around. The other three, eh.
2016-02-01 08:04
AZR is usually better and more consistent than JKS, just not feeling it today apparently
2016-02-01 08:07
Australia Hexaze
Azr is normally the top fragger
2016-02-01 08:08
JKS is a lurker and solo-site player... his role in the team isn't to top-frag. After his breakout matches against Fnatic where he was winning clutches left and right, you could tell he is much better at his role than almost everyone else from the AUS scene. Edit: Regardless of azr, I think we're in agreement there are some players on Renegades who aren't fitting.
2016-02-01 08:12
where is smoking420 / satatardy????????
2016-02-01 08:05
GET REKT hahaha omg
2016-02-01 08:05
2016-02-01 08:05
Way to throw the entire series by straight up being baited into an Inferno pick against one of the best entry/supports machine gun. Cbble should of been dropped Inferno BAN Train/Cache/Mirage or even Overpass outpicks the map pool of the mongolz. This was ridiculous from Spunj for picking the asians best maps.
2016-02-01 08:05
it is very strange match
2016-02-01 08:05
2016-02-01 08:05
2016-02-01 08:06
Europe t.o.p
gg congrats mongolz
2016-02-01 08:06
these guys are great, performing even better offline gratz boys! good luck in the future
2016-02-01 08:06
this is a very sad day for us, well played mongolz
2016-02-01 08:07
gas | 
Korea ka1ske
2016-02-01 08:07
nice team you have monte cristo
2016-02-01 08:07
Finland coswell
These Mongolz seem to be pretty good :D Will be fun seeing them at the IEM! So many tournaments upcoming, was IEM Katowice a major? I need those Mongolz stickers.
2016-02-01 08:07
Katowice isnt a major, though, if Mongolz keep it up like this, I don't even doubt them making it to the top 16.
2016-02-01 08:08
hhahah salty rektegade fangay
2016-02-01 13:35
0/8 reread
2016-02-01 13:36
ur renegades went to las vegas to practice against NA teams and they barely practiced. tey are be partying and drunking
2016-02-01 13:38
wtf does that even mean
2016-02-01 13:38
are u too dumb? rektegay fangay
2016-02-01 13:39
congrats on post 420
2016-02-01 13:39
Germany uRaguuu
They went to usa to practice against NA teams and got worse Expected
2016-02-01 14:04
c9, liquid, clg, enemy, NRG > mouz, penta
2016-02-01 15:40
this was fluke
2016-02-01 08:08
how much? keep saying that fan gay
2016-02-01 08:10
? fan gay? :D u r pretty salty FLUKE
2016-02-01 08:12
how much did u lose?
2016-02-01 09:54
nothing? did i say somewhere that i betted?
2016-02-01 11:16
2016-02-01 16:33
mongols sure do have awesome fragpower RGN did tilt
2016-02-01 08:21
Finland coswell
So having a 3-0 record against Renegades is a fluke?
2016-02-01 08:36
and on all RNG's good maps too...
2016-02-01 08:46
"against renegades"
2016-02-01 11:16
Finland coswell
What the fuck are you moaning about. No one ever said they are the best team ever or they will do a lot of damage at the IEM. They are just clearly better than Renegades. Who have been representing the whole Oceania/Asia scene for a long time.
2016-02-01 15:44
Oh lord.
2016-02-01 08:07
Sweden 4Sweeeden
[*] Renegades lol Happy AF tho that Mongolz won!
2016-02-01 08:08
he seems to have finally un-XANTARES'd himself on lan.
2016-02-01 08:08
World smash143
I hope to see mongolz at the MLG major, they have good potential.
2016-02-01 08:08
2016-02-01 08:08
this was jks vs mongols
2016-02-01 08:09
this mongolian fks not even good they will get rekt by EU anyway
2016-02-01 08:09
mongolz scene > uk scene lmao
2016-02-01 08:09
true that!
2016-02-01 09:59
Asian invasion has begun
2016-02-01 08:09
Brazil AL1en
2016-02-01 08:10
Mongolian CS scene too strong for aussies.
2016-02-01 08:10
brilliant performance mongolz!
2016-02-01 08:11
Renegades picked Inferno then, mongolZ 16-2.... Are you dumb or retard or both? Edit: Congrats mongolZ
2016-02-01 08:13
CIS Laggy
ahah ez
2016-02-01 08:11
Japan mameloff
GOOOOOOOOOD GAAAAAAAAME gyazo.com/5272e986369bb1f1452c6f34f928fd.. Revival of Mongol Empire!!
2016-02-01 08:11
lol you should have covered australia
2016-02-01 08:23
Gl mongolz in the future, they are playing a really good cs at the moment
2016-02-01 08:11
2016-02-01 08:12
-renegades + mongolz
2016-02-01 08:16
Rip aussie scene
2016-02-01 08:12
WP MONGELZZZ shitergades wats new buahaha
2016-02-01 08:13
the sad part is that i lost my skins and i want this team to be kicked from rng
2016-02-01 08:14
machinegun shooting shit up
2016-02-01 08:18
I mean this was sad...It's like they didn't even care. What are those map choices for RNG rofl
2016-02-01 08:19
Bahahaha get rekt rng
2016-02-01 08:20
what i am sleepiong
2016-02-01 08:28
Sweden adam273
Renegades overrated noobs
2016-02-01 08:29
My steam is off but good job Renegades you have another shot at more international CS and exposure to hard teams. This can only be good for your team in the long run. Don't go changing your team and listen to the HLTV scrubs. Good luck in the next minor. CarN
2016-02-01 08:35
i want to see mongol stickers! Keep it up! Rise of the Mongolz!
2016-02-01 08:41
2016-02-01 08:43
sad that there are no stickers @ katowice this year (before you ask why > katowice is no Major this year)
2016-02-01 09:09
yeah, this year is MLG majored by valve, so there will be stickers if they qualify @offline qualifers
2016-02-01 09:38
Go Mongolz Go Genghis Khan's Grand Childen. They will come to Poland for invasion. :)
2016-02-01 08:44
2016-02-01 08:47
kangaroo, wombat, emu, dingo and centrelink down, I Repeat kangaroo, wombat, emu, dingo and centrelink down!
2016-02-01 08:49
Brazil hugoooo
Aww man... Just slept early and missed this :( Was cheering so much for MongolZ, machinegun is a truly rare diamond, what a player.
2016-02-01 09:39
Sweden 4Sweeeden
Can they release the f*cking stats for this game...
2016-02-01 09:50
renegades good but definitely not best
2016-02-01 09:55
Rip my $50. So RNG rekt CZen and to mongolz? Yeah right. LOL. P.S : Rng are even worse chokers than astralis lol.
2016-02-01 10:03
the retards win O_O
2016-02-01 10:24
gz my friends :):)
2016-02-01 10:25
3words: total anal domination any vods guys?
2016-02-01 11:06
rekt xddddddddddddddddddddd
2016-02-01 11:17
NOOOOOOOOOOOO Asian gonna take over in the only e-sports left to take over D:
2016-02-01 11:33
2016-02-01 11:40
2016-02-01 11:51
WP Mongolz!
2016-02-01 11:54
Reunion ramowarr
themongolz best asian team?
2016-02-01 11:59
yes :)
2016-02-01 12:02
u need 2 drop havoc and yam for rick and ustilo time for a revamp shit cunts been getn carried by azr for 2 long
2016-02-01 12:18
Expected. Cocky SpunJ got rekt. Deserved. Feels so gooood.
2016-02-01 12:28
mongolz best finnish team?
2016-02-01 12:28
2016-02-01 13:11
Gj mongolz!
2016-02-01 12:38
16:2 phaahahhaahahh
2016-02-01 12:39
2016-02-01 12:47
nice mongolz, gogo asia, do it like you done back in cs1.6 :))
2016-02-01 13:02
what they have done in 1.6 ???
2016-02-01 15:00
He was referring to Asia as a whole in 1.6, not TheMongolZ. Wnv from China was arguably the best team in the world in 2006ish, Korea had a couple top teams throughout 1.6 history, and without even a scene to practice against.
2016-02-01 18:29
2016-02-01 20:59
Brazil Nobuga
2016-02-01 13:25
I lost 20 dolar but Im not sad cuz tards lost.never bet again shitty kangaroos
2016-02-01 13:30
dont bet what you cant afford to lose >:D
2016-02-01 13:45
lol 20 dolar for me so garbage skins
2016-02-01 14:40
but ur crying like its 200 topkek
2016-02-02 03:39
2016-02-01 13:35
Gengis Khan's army has conquered asia, now it's time for Europe. Would history repeat? :p
2016-02-01 14:01
North America Foxaika
Renegades are pretty poor at this point. And I don't mean to take anything away from the performance of Mongolz, but renegades have had several chances at this point to get things together. They have a good organization now, plenty of resources, and I don't think they work full time other than CS now. No excuses. Need more results than what they have shown thus far, which is mostly losses to teams that are ostensibly weaker than them.
2016-02-01 14:11
At this point? They've never been good. Just like Cloud9, their only wins are flukes.
2016-02-01 17:30
North America Foxaika
Well, I don't think I claimed they were ever good. That wasn't even meant to be the implication of my comment. That said however, I do(or did) think that they perhaps have upside, but it has not at all been recognized, which is where I think your analogy falls apart. They haven't won much besides beating Titan and wins at RGN. C9 has a couple of quite nice wins under their belt, and even if you want to discredit the wins against nV, you still have their 2-0 of Fnatic during the summer. Now I am not going to argue that those matches represent their base talent level, but performance is variable, and what it does show that during a hot streak they can take on the best in the world. C9 needs to take another step forward now. They've shown they can upset, now they need to win consistently and really be a top team. Those are just some of my thoughts though. Don't have to agree with me.
2016-02-01 17:50
- 500€ Ty fckng kangaroo
2016-02-01 14:12
fnx | 
Iceland PrTz1
kangaroo so fckin bad HAHAHA
2016-02-01 14:26
What? WOW! nice gg MOngolz! anyone has a twich link to the winning moment of mongols?
2016-02-01 15:05
youtube.com/watch?v=8UfyljIlVRY Finals bo3,starts from 2-3 on cobblestone though... With winning moment. Facebook page of the team : facebook.com/TheMongolZ/ Hope they get some sponsors ! :D
2016-02-01 17:39
2016-02-01 18:41
uk scene? lol
2016-02-01 15:06
was about to bet 90$ on the mongolz..:(
2016-02-01 15:10
I lost my last 18Euros on Penta Chokesports, regret so much, would have bet on Mongolz :(
2016-02-01 15:20
2016-02-01 15:20
Expected skins. Ty :)
2016-02-01 15:53
2016-02-01 16:32
The reason mongolz won this is because not only did mahcinegun and zilk play well,but tsogoo was on a rampage and so was menace.
2016-02-01 16:35
so basically they won because they played better
2016-02-01 17:24
Yes,and thats the good thing,the full potential of the team was unleashed,as all players played well.
2016-02-01 17:26
any vods for this match plz ?
2016-02-01 17:29
youtube.com/watch?v=8UfyljIlVRY Finals bo3,starts from 2-3 on cobblestone though... With winning moment. Facebook page of the team : facebook.com/TheMongolZ/ Hope they get some sponsors ! :D
2016-02-01 17:37
thx bruh , yeah hope so :D
2016-02-01 18:12
Easiest skins of my life.
2016-02-01 17:30
youtube.com/watch?v=8UfyljIlVRY Finals bo3,starts from 2-3 on cobblestone though... With winning moment. Facebook page of the team : facebook.com/TheMongolZ/ Hope they get some sponsors ! :D
2016-02-01 17:37
Why would any person bet on the Renegades when odds were practically 3-1 for betting on the TheMongolZ? If it were 1-1, sure bet on Renegades, but 3-1 against a team that just ran them over two days ago?
2016-02-01 18:32
ez for tsogoo !!
2016-02-01 19:22
ncl my boy <3
2016-02-01 20:00
nice cheats
2016-02-01 21:52
lol yeah, some poor Mongolians with no connections in the esports industry somehow smuggled hacks onto their first international LAN.
2016-02-02 01:47
hes probably a renegay better and just mad that he lost his lifeearnings, his house, his car, his children...
2016-02-02 17:43
I didnt even watch match, actually I dont care about these two teams just typed it ironically
2016-02-02 18:06
Expected gg!
2016-02-01 22:14
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