19th of October 2017
Match over
Best of 1 (LAN) * Group A opening match ** vRn cannot attend due to visa issue.
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Head to head
abs take this 90%
2017-10-18 05:11
Pakistan Edg3 
apparently and Sadly VRN wont be able to make it.
2017-10-18 12:56
Australia aucs 
sad :(
2017-10-18 13:38
SmithZz | 
Australia Kyr0xZ 
FeelsBadMan :c
2017-10-18 14:19
this is why esports will never become a real sport
2017-10-18 19:04
Australia Duncecone 
2017-10-19 09:40
Sweden DEFENSE! 
Fuck the Pakistan government. vRn tried to get their VISAS approved like 10 times but they kept rejecting them. Not only that, AY Gaming (the Pakistan organisation that would send them to Shanghai) lied to vRn countless times and if I'm not mistaken made vRn think AY Gaming was the only organisation responsible for the entire tournament. AY Gaming also forced vRn to sign contracts on how to behave in Shanghai and so on, otherwise they would not help them at all. After some time, when vRn's player HSB posted on social media that they kept getting rejected, people from all around the world started sending messages to ESN, gave them low ratings on Facebook, etc, which I believe resulted in ESN banning vRn from all future events. Appearently vRn coulnt get their visas in time because they didnt have "enough documents" to give them a chance to get approved. Arayan "Arrow" Khan, a profile in the Pakistan esport scene, tried helping vRn best he could. He posted this statement on facebook: When this eXTREMESLAND opportunity came out, I thought this was the major breakthrough Pakistan eSports needed. I went all-in on this. I kept telling myself, that if this doesn't work, NOTHING ELSE WILL! Woke up 5am in the morning to communicate with the tournament managers in Shanghai, because that's only when they are active. This kept on for days, as they had their doubts. Their major concern was "Can Pakistan pull if off?" After a week's hard work, finally produced the most deserving team, VRN, all good to go with passports stuck out in their mouth and a morale sky high, the boys were all golden. Until, the Karachi Chinese Consulate struck us hard and pushed us back. I thought this was it, we're done for. But these boys never gave up. They traveled to Islamabad for Round 2. That effort went wasted as the embassy rejected their applications yet again. Demanding for new letters and official documents at every visit. We had everything. Invitation letters from Tournament organization, Official Government letter, Character certificates attested by the local police and other stuff as-well. Still, the fucking imbeciles kept rejecting the visas application. I'd like to give a huge shout-out to VRN, the boys are an epitome of patience and virtue. They tried for the visas in Karachi, upon failure, they did not give up, picked themselves up, dusted off their apparel and took a flight to Islamabad to try for the visas and upon multiple tries, they failed again. Actually VRN never failed, Pakistan did. Because what VRN did was not just for themselves but for the entire nation. It'd have opened more International tournament gates for Pakistan and other teams in the future could have a slice of this cake too. I'd like to thank VRN for giving me and the entire eSports community a ray of hope and for their valiant efforts and the attempts they made for the visas again and again inspite of the repeated failures. VRN has earned my respect and I'm super glad to meet these young enthusiasts who have become role-models in no time. Thank you Clan VRN. I have a lot more to say. But, not now, there's a lot of dirty politics involved in the back story with the eSports organizations but that is a story for another day. Will shed the light on the back story soon. 17-11-2017, The day every Pakistani gamer's dream was crushed and all doors of glory were shut. #RoadToShanghai ended before it ever officially began. Edit: Just got the update. Team VRN has not given up hopes. They are giving it another shot tomorrow morning. VRN vs Embassy, Final round. I humbly request you to pray for VRN. Because if we get past tomorrow's hurdle, there will be no stopping Pakistan in the future. Tomorrow, either we will break the chains we're tied in or we will be trapped in darkness, F O R E V E R. #WeAreVRN #GoGreen #EsportsPakistan As if it wasnt enough, ESN is now telling everyone vRn is defaming their business.
2017-10-19 10:51
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