15th of December 2017
10h : 7m : 16s
Best of 1 * Group B opening match
United KingdomFACEIT TV374
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gl faze
2017-12-07 08:08
jdm > guardian nitr0 > karrigan elige > olof twistzz > rain steel > niko
2017-12-11 10:25
GuardiaN > JDM karrigan > nitr0 Olof < Elige rain = twistzz ? NiKo > steel Honestly rain>twistzz but I can dream right?
2017-12-12 10:05
United States burz3u5 
twistzz is better but because rain has experience since 2013/14 hes better, twistzz has been in tier 1.5/2 since a year only,in the long run i think twistzz is better due to his age and lack of experience
2017-12-12 13:55
North America YungRiceG0d 
Really? Rain is arguably one of, if not, the best rifler in cs rn.
2017-12-13 14:48
India =_= 
Both of em are my favourite :( but ez FaZe.
2017-12-07 08:09
f0rest | 
Lithuania Stanc1k 
Feel you, same here :/
2017-12-07 23:00
fake fans both
2017-12-13 16:44
so ez for faze
2017-12-07 19:19
ez 4 EliGE
2017-12-09 19:08
Come to grandpa's bed, he's got a chocolate for you
2017-12-10 01:11
Canada Krenos 
Ez liquid
2017-12-10 06:21
nitr0 | 
United States Tivexd 
please stop bullying us faze
2017-12-10 06:32
North America noahborel 
monkaS come on Liquid I believe you can do it, they were close to beating Faze with zews stand in before they choked
2017-12-10 06:34
Liquid fan, but so easy for FaZe. Until Liquid can actually get rid of jdm. -jdm +Rickeh, or +CeRq. CeRq would actually be a such a good steal, underrated and shown a little he can play vs t1. Honestly worth the risk and tbh is prob easy to get due to an NRG contract. Personally, though I think Rickeh would still fit better in this team. More experience, and personality wise too. For those whose going to say Nifty, 1: he's not proved himself to be able to compete with t1 yet. Also yes he is a AWP/IGL, but liquid already has an IGL in steel. EliGE Twistzz nitr0 Rickeh steel EDIT: would be cool to see American, Australian, Brazilian, Canadian, players playing on one team.
2017-12-10 16:06
-jdm64 +kennyS
2017-12-11 10:17
France Ghoul98 
What's wrong with JDM?
2017-12-12 13:52
the part where he has been underperforming for practically 2 years now and the AWPer of the team tbh is supposed to be one of the strongest parts of a successful team. Another reason he can only play with AWP and sucks with rifles.(He's not even that good with an AWP, being said.) Liquid as an org could definitely get someone better than jdm. There are tons of options, they could get someone overseas, or maybe some young AWPer in NA. Honestly, at this point, ShahZam, and koosta are better than jdm. yes I believe these two are better than jdm but I still wouldn't put them in liquid. Rickeh/CeRq as of now is honestly the best and easiest option.
2017-12-12 21:03
France Ghoul98 
I think he's just a prudent awper, not shining like kennys and stuff but doing the job and also having good peak performance like we saw VS SK at cologne I think he needs some time to rise again with Steel and nitr0 as igl, give him time and u will see
2017-12-12 21:06
yea sure he isn't a shining AWPer like kennyS. And well that's ok if you're not a flashy AWPer. The thing is he is not consistent, and his performance usually relies on the economy, and even then its really like a 50/50. Also, jdm has been filled around with decent IGLing in nitr0/stanislaw. Anyways, nowadays the focus isn't on jdm. I think he even knows that he is no longer a star, and just supports Twistzz, and EliGE. I don't know how much steel can change in his game, when stanislaw or nitr0 couldn't when they were IGLing. If liquid don't make it to the major/ (and dont make it out of groups here) you can bet for sure jdm is going to be the first one out.
2017-12-12 21:27
France Ghoul98 
I think he needs some time to adapt due to the big CLG/Liquid transition, back in the days he was playing only for himself and all CLG was doing the dirty job, now he needs to support and play for the other. But yea if he can't step up next major I agree they want find an alternative
2017-12-12 21:33
United Kingdom 5AL 
I agree completely about JDM, however, would like to steal Nifty rather than Rickeh.
2017-12-13 12:38
Steel isn't Liquids IGL, nitro is. And to be honest, nitro barely IGLs. They mostly run strats there coach made.
2017-12-15 03:30
Australia mbx3 
Rickeh is the absolute best option simply because he is a free agent. Nifty ain't gonna be leaving RNG any time soon as they are doing better than ever before and Cerq is under contract with NRG. Worth just even trailing rickeh in place of JDM to see how he does and if he does well sign him on a longer basis.
2017-12-15 10:06
United States KennyIshCool 
2017-12-11 02:52
rain | 
Norway Luckyy2k 
Just 2 ez 4 faze RainMONSTA <3<3
2017-12-11 07:38
LUL these head to heads
2017-12-11 21:32
rain | 
Norway Kimmiix 
I like seeing rain on player highlight (highest rated in the past 3 months) :D rip NiKo
2017-12-12 10:42
+1, Rain <3 rip in piece nikolino
2017-12-12 21:39
Liquid <3
2017-12-12 21:38
Ez 4 Twistz the American Tom Marvolo Riddle.
2017-12-12 21:43
Hungary ImNATrash 
Zews or steel play??
2017-12-12 23:07
Portugal shoxie[A]  
2017-12-13 01:25
Hungary ImNATrash 
Ty then ez faze and liquid advance
2017-12-13 16:57
Ez for Steelega<3 Faze down
2017-12-13 06:27
rain | 
Norway Luckyy2k 
Rain top 1 2018! :)
2017-12-14 02:48
Sweden TDK Em1L 
liquid is ready to rekt faze with the help of STEEL!
2017-12-14 11:35
Europe PWorst 
Head to head FaZe 7 Wins 0 Overtimes 0 Wins Liquid
2017-12-14 19:41
Spain Ywach 
Ez for Liquid
2017-12-14 19:45
Germany uRaguuuu 
50-50 upcoming team vs major final team
2017-12-15 00:14
Venezuela Awki2 
FaZe 8 0 0 incoming
2017-12-15 01:34
Croatia Netkov 
2017-12-15 07:26
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