Best of 1 (Online)
1. Knights removed Cache
2. Hurricane Dolphin removed Inferno
3. Knights removed Train
4. Hurricane Dolphin removed Mirage
5. Knights removed Nuke
6. Hurricane Dolphin removed Overpass
7. Cobblestone was left over
4:16 (4:11; 0:5)STATS
AustraliaCyberGamer TVVod
Nighthawk - 3 Glock HS kills on the bombsite B offensive (pistol round)
Straxx - 1vs3 clutch (T - pre-plant situation)
Nighthawk - 2 AK kills on the bombsite B bomb plant defense (2vs2 situation)
void - 2 kills (M4A4, AK) on the bombsite B retake (2vs2 pre-plant situation)
Straxx - 3 USP-S HS kills on the bombsite A defense (second half pistol round)
Top player in match
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Head to head
Canada raynnn 
ez knights ez life
2018-02-09 10:01
suddenly live and knight raped rofl
2018-02-13 12:08
Round over - Winner: T (1-0) - Enemy eliminated Nighthawk killed void with glock (headshot) void killed Jinxx with usp_silencer (headshot) Straxx killed Noisia with glock Nighthawk killed James with glock (headshot) Nighthawk killed YDNA with glock (headshot) Straxx killed sK with glock (headshot) YDNA killed sibe with usp_silencer (headshot) sK killed SkulL with usp_silencer (headshot) Round started 5v3 3-0 almost 5v2 losng 6-1 lol
2018-02-13 12:10
ez throw
2018-02-13 12:17
ound over - Winner: T (9-2) - Enemy eliminated Straxx killed Noisia with ak47 (headshot) Straxx killed YDNA with ak47 (headshot) Straxx killed void with ak47 (headshot) YDNA killed Nighthawk with m4a1 void killed sibe with deagle (headshot) sibe killed sK with ak47 sK killed SkulL with m4a1 sK killed Jinxx with m4a1 SkulL killed James with ak47 (headshot) Round started james lose 3x kill and last 3v1 lose omg knight nice fix it ty gg
2018-02-13 12:20
RIP THE GUY WITH 107$ on knight
2018-02-13 12:20
Latvia Xaity 
0.72$ in knight ;))
2018-02-13 12:29
matchfix 1-1 series knight lose this shits 2k18 RIP
2018-02-13 12:30
Round over - Winner: CT (4-12) - Enemy eliminated SkulL killed YDNA with hkp2000 (headshot) YDNA killed Nighthawk with usp_silencer (headshot) YDNA killed sibe with glock (headshot) sibe killed Noisia with usp_silencer YDNA killed Straxx with glock Straxx killed void with usp_silencer (headshot) Straxx killed James with usp_silencer (headshot) Straxx killed sK with usp_silencer (headshot) sK killed Jinxx with glock (headshot) Round started OMG
2018-02-13 12:31
Round over - Winner: CT (4-13) - Enemy eliminated sibe killed sK with ump45 sK killed Jinxx with ump45 Jinxx killed YDNA with fiveseven YDNA killed SkulL with m4a1_silencer (headshot) Jinxx killed Noisia with fiveseven SkulL killed James with mp9 (headshot) SkulL killed void with mp9 (headshot) YDNA killed Straxx with deagle (headshot) Noisia killed Nighthawk with cz75a (headshot) Round started 5v3 2v2 ydna died fiveseven
2018-02-13 12:33
skull fuck you girl
2018-02-13 12:34
Round over - Winner: CT (4-15) - Enemy eliminated sibe killed void with m4a1_silencer (headshot) Jinxx killed YDNA with m4a1 (headshot) sibe killed Noisia with m4a1_silencer void killed SkulL with ak47 (headshot) Jinxx killed sK with inferno Noisia killed Nighthawk with ak47 Jinxx killed James with m4a1 sK killed Straxx with ak47 Round starte to many 2v3 lose
2018-02-13 12:36
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