23rd of February 2018
Match over
Best of 1
1. Rise Nation removed Mirage
2. Mask Off removed Cobblestone
3. Rise Nation removed Nuke
4. Mask Off removed Cache
5. Rise Nation removed Overpass
6. Mask Off removed Inferno
7. Train was left over
15:19 (10:5; 5:10) (0:4)STATS
United StatesESEA (Part 1)Vod
United StatesESEA (Part 2)Vod
United StatesESEA (Part 3)Vod
United StatesESEA (Part 4)Vod
GRAMPZ - 1vs2 clutch (T - pre-plant situation)
tweiss - 3 AK kills on the bombsite A offensive (initial frags)
OT | Hydrex - 3 quick AK kills (2 HS) on the bombsite A defense
OT | Hydrex - 2 AK HS kills on the bombsite A bomb plant defense (2vs2 situation) to secure the match victory for Mask off
Top player in match
Head to head
allu | 
India SUPAPOWAA 2020
2018-02-19 15:55
easy for tyfoon
2018-02-22 16:09
should be ez for rise but mask off can upset
2018-02-22 23:39
Bro what is your upset information based on?
2018-02-23 01:10
his stupid brain
2018-02-23 03:35
Who has the stupid Brain now, kiddo
2018-02-23 13:06
Rise Nation :p
2018-02-23 13:19
It’s quite easy to predict NA MDL matches, and there are loads of upsets that are predictable like this, you can make a lot of money if you know what you’re doing, but betting is bad
2018-02-23 13:40
+1 i was going to put 100 dollars against RN but someasshole stopped me from doing so
2018-02-23 17:28
United States EmeraldCSGO 
upset happened
2018-02-23 04:30
Watching MDL and NA teams over past year
2018-02-23 13:06
Other jNkey 
ace made ace lul
2018-02-23 04:02
third esea throw of the day
2018-02-23 04:21
Australia AusGG 
I put 200 on mask off they better not fuck this up
2018-02-23 04:22
:O 200 on NA shit games? would've saved that 200 for Sl-i
2018-02-23 04:29
typical NA drama both teams trying to throw the match
2018-02-23 04:45
United States n0bodyez 
lmao ofc. Rise was supposed to be the safest bet in this 4 team combo bet, and they are the ones who end up losing it for me. Fuck this shit.
2018-02-23 04:48
gg my money sad bet
2018-02-23 04:53
lost my parlay on this throwclown fiesta... fuck me for breaking my rule of not betting on useless NA teams
2018-02-23 04:56
NA mdl is super predictable if you know what you're doing. This match was a hard skip for me tho. unlucky you lost your parlay on this one :/
2018-02-23 05:28
maybe u are right mate , I have to pick more obvious and predictable matches than this 50/50 fiesta as i mentioned before. The thing is , I started watching mdl 3 or 4 weeks ago and i'm losing the most "sure" matches when upset is not expected at all... lost 2 parlays in a row because of mythic last week , mythic is a no go for me as well :)
2018-02-23 08:38
NAF | 
United States Jammin800k 
2018-02-23 09:15
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