26th of February 2018
Match over
Best of 1 (Online)
1. Riotous Academy removed Overpass
2. lol123 removed Nuke
3. Riotous Academy removed Inferno
4. lol123 removed Cobblestone
5. Riotous Academy removed Train
6. lol123 removed Cache
7. Mirage was left over
10:16 (8:7; 2:9)STATS
United KingdomUnikrnTVVod
KAUS IV - 2 AK HS kills on the bombsite A retake (2vs2 post-plant situation)
Tham's 1vs3 clutch attempt (T - time limited pre-plant situation) is denied by the round timer after 2 AK kills on the bombsite B offensive
Lyt (T) wins the 1vs3 post-plant situation with the help of the bomb timer in the final duel
Top player in match
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No past matches on record
Head to head
ez for greek god blitz
2018-02-26 00:44
Argentina CrayZ 
2018-02-26 07:14
MSL | 
Sweden Kappa_Pride 
2018-02-26 10:57
s1mple | 
Other loraxxxx 
17.11$ for 2.92$ aight
2018-02-26 11:06
Russia Tridoknait 
Are this corean living in AU? how they communicate?
2018-02-26 11:06
Sweden AlexJonesVEVO 
Round over - Winner: CT (4-3) - Bomb defused KAUS IV defused the bomb KAUS IV killed stat with ak47 (headshot) KAUS IV killed LONS with ak47 (headshot) stat planted the bomb (2on2) LONS killed Jamie with ak47 (headshot) Tham killed BL1TZ with awp Tham killed yellow with awp Jamie killed soju_j with m4a1 BL1TZ killed Lyt with awp yellow killed Valiance with ak47 (headshot) Round started Round over - Winner: CT (4-2) - Target saved Jamie killed stat with awp Lyt killed soju_j with awp Jamie killed yellow with awp Valiance killed BL1TZ with ump45 (headshot) LONS killed KAUS IV with ak47 (headshot) Round started fixed
2018-02-26 11:25
Russia Tridoknait 
2018-02-26 11:38
Sweden AlexJonesVEVO 
Tham killed LONS with awp Lyt killed soju_j with awp (headshot) Lyt killed stat with awp Round started Lyt killed soju_j with awp Lyt killed yellow with awp Tham killed BL1TZ with awp (headshot) Round started Round over - Winner: CT (8-5) - Enemy eliminated Tham killed yellow with awp (headshot) Lyt killed BL1TZ with awp Lyt killed soju_j with awp Tham killed LONS with awp
2018-02-26 11:44
Sweden AlexJonesVEVO 
Round over - Winner: T (1-0) - Enemy eliminated Valiance killed yellow with glock Jamie killed BL1TZ with glock (headshot) Jamie planted the bomb (3on2) Jamie killed LONS with glock (headshot) Jamie killed stat with glock (headshot) Valiance killed soju_j with glock (headshot) soju_j killed KAUS IV with usp_silencer (headshot) stat killed Lyt with usp_silencer (headshot) Round started clean 5v3 clean 0v3
2018-02-26 11:44
stat stop shooting, LONS specially dont watch short when he got info. typical t3 aussie throw
2018-02-26 11:48
Sweden AlexJonesVEVO 
2018-02-26 11:48
Sweden AlexJonesVEVO 
2018-02-26 11:52
Australia ReggieAU 
they knew where he was but took 5 years to go to him
2018-02-26 11:54
2018-02-26 11:53
Sweden AlexJonesVEVO 
gyazo.com/6d9c24fb5ddbccad569cea60d91253.. well, 7 in the row it has to be...
2018-02-26 11:57
Faroe Islands xuan 
throw =)
2018-02-26 12:01
Turkmenistan almighty_so 
2018-02-26 12:01
4 odds wasnt enough for these retards. They took lead 8-3, bet, and then throw ;)
2018-02-26 12:03
Russia Hazel_Eyes 
Sko1ko proebano?
2018-02-26 12:05
20$. Was thinking about bet on DarkSided or this idiots. I choose wrong match
2018-02-26 12:22
4$ to 23$
2018-02-26 12:15
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