21st of September 2019
Match over
Best of 3 (Online) * Semi-final. Winner qualifies for IEM Beijing 2019 Asia Closed Qualifier Play-In ** 2990 forfeit due to a power outage
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Dosia | 
United Kingdom Noided 
2019-09-21 14:29
2019-09-21 14:42
Brazil ?????
2019-09-21 14:42
2019-09-21 14:43
Some moved to Japan with their parents, some born in Japan to Brazilian parents that already moved over. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brazilians_in_Japa..
2019-09-21 14:48
Andorra monkay 
alot of teams move to US (e.g MIBR), why they haven't US flag? I thought just for having 3 players of the same country the team would automatically representing it
2019-09-21 15:41
I wasn't aware of the players' situation at the time I created the team, just that they were a Japanese team so that's what flag was given to the team. It was a rather low priority earlier to go back and change that. I believe the flag on the match page didn't automatically update to BR because the players don't have profiles yet with flags set, so it fell back to the flag set for the team. (we don't create player profiles until after their first match has been played). Although it isn't quite the same as other teams, such as MIBR since the players of this team are all dual nationals and they are for all intents and purposes a Japanese team, so if they wanted they could choose the JP flag to represent, but in this case they opted for the BR flag.
2019-09-21 17:41
Well explained
2019-09-21 19:44
Lithuania aels 
2019-09-21 14:43
Romania wavyyy 
tf is this
2019-09-21 14:46
wtf mongolia team forefeit to brazil because no power LOLOL WTF
2019-09-21 14:47
2019-09-21 15:14
Japan Lynke 
Forfeit due to power outage but one of their players is currently running CSGO and this same player did not join the match server xD --- GG WP
2019-09-21 14:47
one of the most mongolian thing i've ever seen
2019-09-21 14:51
Wow that sucks. Give them a rematch!
2019-09-21 19:43
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