27th of January 2008
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Romania xtS. 
Denmark for sure :D
2008-01-26 00:19
United Kingdom drail 
denmark easily >
2008-01-26 03:01
denmark 16/3 gl
2008-01-26 10:14
denmark ofc
2008-01-26 12:27
Czech Republic aryy 
Dansk line-up?
2008-01-26 13:36
Spain MaY1 
spain will go over denmark easily :)
2008-01-26 15:38
Denmark Nix0n 
There's nothing wrong in being a dreamer :)
2008-01-26 15:43
Spain MaY1 
hahahaha and thats what you are ;)
2008-01-26 15:49
Time will tell. Haven't seen Spain or x6tence playing any good for a very long time.
2008-01-26 15:53
Spain MaY1 
no one from x6tence will be there :P the same you with mTw.dk but there are some good players: Jonathan "MusambaN1" Torrent Aitor "k1Tek" Ibañez Enrique "eNnok" Ampolla Sergio "MueRTe" Bello Borja "GuMmY" Fernandez Alberto "neptuno" Gonzalez Yzan "rai" Cobacho Francisco "FamseK" Alarcón i think they will play with MusambaN1, GuMmY and neptuno, the others i dont know but what i'm sure about is that ot will be a nice match
2008-01-26 16:03
It will be interesting to see what nextlevel guys can do if they are in the lineup. Nevertheless Denmark has too some interesting players to watch in their national team. Hopefully it will be an interesting match :) (and that auto director works xD)
2008-01-26 16:40
pfff denmark thats very easy .... ;]
2008-01-26 16:00
KK is good player but i think , Denmark won't win this match. Good Luck SpaiN 4 Nihat KAHVECIIIIIIII
2008-01-26 16:34
2008-01-26 16:40
Damn son....Denmark will pwn them, id nobody from mTw plays i hope the line-up will be like...: KK, Woodi, ArcadioN, spx, FaagaN or pzyclone....good luck
2008-01-26 18:12
2008-01-26 18:55
nextlevel won against SoA in a pracc.Team Spain have MusambaN1, neptuNo and GuMmY from nextlevel, and Team Denmark have players from SoA and Gravitas. It will be matched, but I bet for Spain :)
2008-01-26 20:00
That is your only hope even though that wouldn't count for anything.
2008-01-26 22:16
sorry but musamban1 is overrated :p
2008-01-26 23:16
Easy for Denmark :)
2008-01-26 21:54
denmark will take this
2008-01-26 23:58
Korea xff 
spain win.
2008-01-27 03:43
Denmark ofcours
2008-01-27 10:07
gl both :)
2008-01-27 10:41
hungary will win...too easy. gl hun! 16/0!! :D
2008-01-27 10:51
spain GL .!
2008-01-27 11:51
mixwell | 
Spain m4t4 
spain can win no x6 isnt a problem for spain ;) no mtw is a problem for denmark ;)
2008-01-27 11:52
I think you got that one wrong :p
2008-01-27 12:04
Maybe he is wrong, but all denmark fanboys are understimating our team and they are making awesome praccs against topteams as I said in #22. I think it will be a nice match but, again, I bet for Spain :)
2008-01-27 12:50
And you call US fanboys. hmmm
2008-01-27 13:33
I call fanboy to answers like "denMaRk pWNZ" or "EaSYYY foR dEnMAArK"
2008-01-27 14:00
Good luck with that.
2008-01-27 14:32
3/5 of mTw.dk is on Team Denmark. So your not right.
2008-01-27 15:08
Other way around DUUUUDE :D
2008-01-27 12:23
Spain stvn 
#33 ;)
2008-01-27 12:18
Haha easy for Denmark, zone,KK,whimp,pzyclone and arcadion < x6 or spain
2008-01-27 12:49
Team Spain hasnt got any player from x6, we have great players from nextlevel like MusambaN1 =)
2008-01-27 12:51
I was meaning that this danish team would be better than the x6 quad, if they´ld play.
2008-01-27 16:48
Russia FTW! :P
2008-01-27 13:07
mixwell | 
Spain m4t4 
wanted to watch this match :(
2008-01-27 14:45
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