Mad Catz to be streamed by FACEIT TV

February 16th, 2013 00:31

It has been announced that the official stream for the upcoming Mad Catz CS:GO Invitational in Vienna will be provided by FACEIT TV.

The 10,000€ event in Vienna, Austria is only one week away and after announcing the complete team list today, the organizers have now revealed that they have reached an agreement with FACEIT TV, a broadcasting company which will aim to provide a high quality official stream in cooperation with Alienware as the main sponsors.

The action will be broadcasted from FACEIT studios in Milan, Italy and will feature four commentators in total, including DreamHack Winter caster and former Lions and fnatic player Björn "threat" Pers. Joining him are Heaven Media's Richard Lewis who has been casting ESEA Invite Europe this season, Simen "warclown" Aas Henriksen whom we've had a chance to hear on ESPlanet TV in the past, and Jay Atkins.

threat returns as a commentator once again

Here is the list of casters:

Sweden Björn "threat" Pers
United Kingdom Richard Lewis
United Kingdom Jay Atkins
Norway Simen "warclown" Aas Henriksen

Roald van Buuren, Esports Coordinator at FACEIT gave the following statement regarding this announcement:

"We are very excited to start this cooperation with an established player like Heaven Media. With our top-end production, the casters and Heaven Media's expertise in hosting events we believe this will be a great experience for both the viewers and the players. It is our first step into the Counter-Strike scene, but just one of the many more to come in the future as we bring the FACEIT effect into CS:GO."

Heaven Media's Business Development Manager, Corin Cole, added:

"FACEIT TV's production values are fantastic and we are thrilled to be working with them and an amazing commentary team to bring the community live coverage of the Mad Catz CS:GO Invitational. I would also like to thank Alienware for their support as the sponsor of the official live stream, in addition to providing their powerful X51 gaming systems on which the tournament will take place. Make sure to tune in next weekend, this is an event you don’t want to miss!"

Although this will be the only official stream, it is said that GOTV will be available for those interested in controlling their own spectating experience.

Mad Catz CS:GO Invitational will take place in the Imperial Riding School Renaissance Hotel in Vienna from February 23rd-24th and will be on site to provide complete coverage.

nice 2 see threat streaming again Edit: Ohh noo.. Richard Lewis -.-
2013-02-16 00:32
Hope FACEIT TV and Esplanet doing 1 only super broadcasting company
2013-02-16 00:35
It's goo..wut...wait.. Richard Lewis @_@ . . . .
2013-02-16 00:36
Greece tsack 
its gonna be great and stfu about Richard Lewis he is better than the most casters out there
2013-02-16 00:38
fu sam :D
2013-02-16 16:48
brown nose
2013-02-17 19:38
Yes you are!
2013-02-23 06:35
New Zealand jonzR 
I believe this question was asked here billion times already but why everyone hates Richard Lewis? I heard some things but in general.
2013-02-16 00:39
community consists of elitists. Lewis covers Css that's prolly the reason
2013-02-16 00:42
so wrong
2013-02-16 19:30
Rich writes pretty harsh articles. He's never afraid to bring up controversional issues, if some esports person has some shady affairs covered behind a shiny smile, Rich will be the one to expose him. In other words, while others write only positive articles, something about how esports is growing etc, he writes about the rotten truth of esports, all the scandalous things others either don't realise or prefer not to talk about. He's been doing that for years with Source, slating orgas, community, LANs and eminent persons. Source community never had a problem with it, because they realised his articles have some truth in them, even though it's often hard to admit. However the day he wrote an article about 1.6, all hell broke loose. They didn't even bother to read the article, the single fact that a source writer wasn't praising 1.6 was enough for 1.6 community to start embarassing itself with all the "retard blewhis" and invading-cadred crap.
2013-02-16 01:49
This is insanely biased and inaccurate.
2013-02-16 01:54
World ptR2 
No it's pretty true. He does write about stuff in esport that must people would never dare to do, because they are afraid they might burn bridges.
2013-02-16 02:01
I'm pretty sure he's hated because he edits comments of users who argues with him if they "own" him, because he bans people for the silliest things/because they disagree with him, and because he frequently uses his "famous" position to spread lies about people. Also, he's generally a delusional douchebag.
2013-02-16 02:05
And a idiot
2013-02-16 02:10
i don't remember him spreading lies about people, but you're free to fill me in. he has never edited a single comment, and i've seen quite a lot of his heated discussions with users over the years. that's what i call spreading lies. there were times at cadred when the only way to get a ban was to call someone a "nigger". not even calling admins names could guarantee you a ban. and it's absolutely true that the people who had started the witch hunt didn't even read the article. because if they did, they would've found the "The only thing I can say in their defence is that there is certainly a lot more proof that 1.6 is the best team based FPS ever made than there is evidence of a benevolent creator" line. but they didn't.
2013-02-16 02:19
Well since it hasn't happened to you, ofcourse you wouldn't know. There's a lot of people that have experienced this, both from the 1.6 and the CSS community.
2013-02-16 02:24
i've watched most of his discussions unfold (well, i barely read comments since 2012, but Rich has been in charge of cadred since like... 2009?), if something was edited in the comments i would have surely noticed. so... who was he spreading lies about?
2013-02-16 02:39
There was a guy from UK saying he got banned because he said he didn't like the new Iron Man trailer or something like this.
2013-02-16 03:03
obviously there's much more to it, nobody would ban someone just for hating a trailer, i'm pretty he said things he shouldn't have said. but anyway i'm not trying to make him look like an angel. he did ban some people he shouldn't have, he's very straightforward, loves to argue etc. however that's absolutely not the reason why people on hate him. the reason for this is because of his article in which he said that despite 1.6 the best team-bases FPS game, it wasn't going to last long, so instead of spamming forums with "2STRONK" people should have supported CS:S or CS:GO, or counter-strike as a franchise would have died. guess what - he was right, 1.6 didn't last long. but for a 1.6 community the single fact that a source writer said 1.6 was going to die and be replaced by either CS:S or CS:GO was blasphemy.
2013-02-16 04:42
Was waiting for ^
2013-02-16 08:02
wtf are you talking about? 1.6 was in a decline for years as far as events and money being put into tournaments. The public player base has always been strong but it was obvious to everyone that the sponsors money was drying up. You think this Richard Blewis who didnt even follow the 1.6 scene knew something no-one else didnt? And on top of that everyone knew the reason why the money wasnt being put into it anymore. CS is a game that can basically be run on a 286. Sponsers dont make anything unless gamers buy newer hardware etc.. and the only way anyone would do that is if they promoted a newer game. Valve were making CS:GO, big name tournaments announce they are picking up GO as their new title, the rest is history. And the reason why Richard Blewis is hated (or at least one of the reasons) is because of that whole BS about being to full to allow 1 HLTV guy to report from location at that Heaven Media event.
2013-02-16 10:30
xDXDXDXDXD brazilians new indians ?
2013-02-16 10:35
I dont even know your country LOL
2013-02-16 12:42
Its no suprise and u shouldnt even feel ashamed for that since u dont even have a proper educational system in brazil :D
2013-02-16 12:54
more the fact that your country just isnt relevant, sorry to say.
2013-02-16 15:14
Lol and how would u know. U dont even know his country, thats retarded enough
2013-02-16 15:39
EXACTLY. His country is obviously not relevant enough to be known. Please tell me as to why anyone would give a fu*k about his country? (quick go to wikipedia..) Netherlands on the other hand is known... for their weed. At least you've got that. congrats
2013-02-16 16:12
for our weed? :D i bet we have a ton of stuff we are famous about. couldnt say anything about brazil except for aids.
2013-02-16 16:51
no, you only have weed. And maybe whores in windows, but mostly weed.
2013-02-16 17:41
ok :).
2013-02-16 18:19
Ah dude you just don't know what you're talking about. No one has ever questioned Gonzo's editorial talent (at least no one with a brain). This isn't the reason people dislike him and never was. Frankly his controversial articles were the best thing about the site.
2013-02-16 11:44
seriously who the fuck are you? brand new account defending richard lewis to death...?
2013-02-16 15:59
he does, and has deletes many comments that he doesnt see eye to eye with, not sure about editing them, maybe he does, maybe he doesnt, nowadays its mainly the forum mods that do it
2013-02-16 03:05
banned from cadred cos he was being an arse to someone for being in the navy or RAF, so i said about him being a writer about games, guess thats a good reason to ban someone
2013-02-16 03:04
If your that 12 year old you don't get an opinion, no one gives a single fuck what you say anymore.
2013-02-16 08:29
^ This
2013-02-16 08:31
yeh i was banned for "winning an argument"
2013-02-16 15:56
Romania tr$ 
No need to create a multi account, Richard.
2013-02-16 01:56
Ok richard, go back tto your pokeball now
2013-02-16 02:11
could you pass the link with the article please?
2013-02-16 06:56
he actually wrote that he considers 1.6 a superior game and it was 1.6 community that he bashed
2013-02-16 13:29
He is the Fox News of gaming 'journalism.'
2013-02-16 04:43
Bullshit, the other way around
2013-02-16 10:11
Hes a bit of a dick... but in fairness to him hes probably the best esports journalist around (At least of those that cover CS anyway) and his casting is pretty good.
2013-02-16 13:31
I don't like Lewis as person, but he sure is good caster and reporter.
2013-02-16 00:43
Richard Lewis hilarious, has no clue but wants to stream the games good that there is GOTV so I gonna be able to watch Knochen or rizc
2013-02-16 00:48
I bet richard dsnt cast so much, because he got other things to do, warclown will cast much hope so.
2013-02-16 00:53
Lmao Richard knows hundred times more about CSGO than Rizc. He is a lot better at casting as well for many reasons; for starters he speaks english
2013-02-16 10:12
Sympathy Richard -100 Sympathy rizc +100 I don't have problems understanding rizc.
2013-02-16 13:59
his voice is killing me
2013-02-17 21:47
WHAT A F___?! Where's Joe?! Joe Miller! <3
2013-02-16 00:54
Slovakia shx27 
2013-02-16 00:59
lewis is a dick but he is good caster fo sure
2013-02-16 01:00
2013-02-16 01:17
how can you say he is a good caster? he is a saucer |_@|_
2013-02-16 01:17
and you have the heights of the popular casters such as rahim...
2013-02-16 03:07
well at least he is not a $au$er |_@|_
2013-02-16 09:34
Regardless of what anyone thinks of Gonzo, his casting is top notch.
2013-02-16 01:21
Bring back ReDeYe!!!!!!
2013-02-16 01:29
Norway billson 
Richard Lewis seriously that douche?
2013-02-16 01:39
Threat looks so slouched in that picture, anyway GL to the casters.
2013-02-16 01:51
Peru dbie 
Now we know why Cadred started critisizing rizc :D so obvious.
2013-02-16 02:01
The reason is that Rizc is shit, everyone who had any reading skills would have picked that up from the article.
2013-02-16 10:14
Denmark rizc 
You still seem to forget that is your opinion. Carrying out your own opinion and stating it as a fact is just downright stupid.
2013-02-16 15:51
Yes it is my opinion, I dont even mean it with the intention of offending you, although I know what i say is probably offending. You are a good guy but casting isnt what you are good at, imo. Correction to above: the reason rickeh criticized you was because he had the same OPINION as I do.
2013-02-16 17:20
Denmark rizc 
Glad we understand each other then :-)
2013-02-16 17:40
well, if would be kind of weird to call rizc in to cast after that article anyway? people these days can't handle criticism (pussy generation), not even when it doesn't consern themelves.
2013-02-16 10:38
I criticised RizC (not Cadred, what I write doesn't reflect what Cadred thinks, that's the point in an editorial) for the reasons I described in the article at the time. If you actually read it then you'd realise that.
2013-02-16 13:15
threat > all
2013-02-16 02:20
Fuck me. Hoped we had seen the last of Jay Atkins commentating on anything. Talks a load of nonsense.
2013-02-16 02:30
2013-02-16 11:47
my bad! Right click --> Save As
2013-02-17 05:52
jay atkins is a legend hes casting got me into cs
2013-02-16 03:10
Slovakia kubiaxk 
We need casters like JoeM+ReDeYe , Rahim , ... not freaking Rich THE saucer tard
2013-02-16 08:13
Pls tell me who is he?
2013-02-16 10:13
Simen "warclown" Aas Henriksen I see what you did there...
2013-02-16 08:55
Lewis :D Not gonna watch
2013-02-16 09:51
2013-02-16 10:12
what's with the hate? this casting team is way better than esptv.
2013-02-16 10:32
Hungary sprayK1NG 
guys, some1 link me the tournament's website pls, ty
2013-02-16 11:50
YES warclown! GeT_NaKeD again haha
2013-02-16 13:31
Thank fuck rizc isn't casting.
2013-02-16 13:32
At least one good commentator.. But still, gonna watch Russian stream by sL4M & tafa because they are really better commentators. I wish they would speak English.
2013-02-16 13:51
Can you atleast understand what are they saying? XD
2013-02-16 18:44
Of course, that's why I am saying they are better :).
2013-02-16 20:20
richard lewis is the best commentator in csgo apart from people like redeye and joe.
2013-02-16 16:59
Sweden BenneDoT 
Nice! I look forward to this :D
2013-02-16 20:14
Richard Lewis will destroy the fun. He wont let the co caster talk enough.
2013-02-18 18:38
If you watched any of his casts from i-series you'd realise that his job fits around the other caster. When he casts in ESEA he's play-by-play but most of the time he does colour (and he'll most likely provide colour commentary of this event given the other casters). Understanding that would require brain power though.
2013-02-18 18:41
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