Anexis beat EOU to win

February 16th, 2013 11:52

Anexis won the fifth season of the League by SteelSeries by defeating EYES ON U 2-0 in the Grand Final.

After a keenly-contested group stage, played online, the top four teams progressed to the LAN finals, which were held at HKLAN, in the city of Aabenraa.

With the likes of fnatic and HastaLaVista failing to secure places in the finals, Anexis were highly favoured to clinch the trophy, and they sent out a strong message early on by easing past POPPERS, who played the tournament under the wings of Xapso, 2-0 (16-8 on de_inferno_se and 16-5 on de_dust2_se.).

In the Grand Final, Anexis would meet EYES ON U, who had defeated DEJAVUE 2-0, and even though Nicolaj "Nico" Jensen's side had to work hard to get the victory, they still managed to settle the tie on just two maps (16-12 on de_inferno_se and 16-13 on de_nuke_ve). League by SteelSeries 5 final standings:

1. Denmark Anexis - €1,070
2. Denmark EYES ON U - €535
3. Denmark DEJAVUE - €200
4. Denmark Xapso

This victory will undoubtedly come as a major boost for Anexis, who will lock horn yet again with the other Danish top teams this weekend at HKLAN before flying to Vienna next week for the Mad Catz CS:GO Invitational.

4th place no money?
2013-02-16 11:54
ticked for NKLAN
2013-02-16 11:55
5 tickets or only one ticket ? xD
2013-02-16 13:50
thought xapso would be stronger
2013-02-16 11:59
Xapso isnt as good in GO as they we're in 1.6.
2013-02-16 12:11
yeah well the rooster changed completely no ? Bastian 'RAWRiEZ' Skjelstad Arseny 'Z1rK' Lysenko Mark 'SnigerTIGER' Udesen Fredrik 'spAndexi' Wiener Ricardo 'CRMJ' Costa hmmm
2013-02-16 13:58
To be honest i have no clue. I think Vikingdom(The owner of Xapso) sended POPPERS to HKLan, paying for their tickets. But dnoO
2013-02-16 14:27
ok thx ;)
2013-02-16 15:09
That ain't XAPSO. It's pretty much the former Anexis (1.6)
2013-02-16 16:18
That looks nothing like old Anexis 1.6..
2013-02-16 17:43
That has previously been the Team Xapso line-up, but we have recently done a few changes to the line-up that we will soon go official with :) POPPERS were just playing under Team Xapso for HKLAN ;)
2013-02-17 20:16
hmm ok thx mate
2013-02-17 20:39
no problem :D
2013-02-17 20:54
Everyone also won tickets for HKlan.
2013-02-16 12:01
fnatic not even top 4 denmark?xD
2013-02-16 12:19
They didn't even make it for the top 4 :D
2013-02-16 13:20
what a shame...
2013-02-16 13:58
fnatic didnt play or what? how embarrasing
2013-02-16 12:29
They did play but did not make it to the top 4 :D
2013-02-16 13:20
ye, they really need a better team...
2013-02-16 14:34
Good game Anexis, DEJAVUE unlucky on this tour...
2013-02-16 12:36
prizes to much
2013-02-16 12:43
Kinda nice when a below top50 team gets prizemoney for playing. Mom approves
2013-02-16 13:05
so a hltv post for this LAN and not for Frag-o-matic?
2013-02-16 13:58
What teams were in fragomatic?
2013-02-16 15:05
Xapso :/. Out of the main tournament of HKLAN, after losing to and Sophisicated-Gaming.
2013-02-16 14:55
fnatic LAN players
2013-02-16 15:06
fnatic fnatic ... noobs :D
2013-02-16 17:45
Sweden BenneDoT 
Fnatic lost too no name EOU....RIP Fnatic or Do something.
2013-02-16 18:44
Whats wrong with EOU?
2013-02-16 18:46
Internationally you are just not that known yet, hence some will call you nonamers.
2013-02-16 18:50
Jeg synes i er gode!
2013-02-18 10:40
Will there be any HLTV Demos for this event? some good footage in there.
2013-02-17 17:18
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