Counter-Strike 1.6 update released

February 17th, 2013 06:01

After not touching the game in years, Valve has updated Counter-Strike 1.6 with a few tweaks while adding Linux support for the game.

Although the update was initially received with a massive outcry from the community as it broke various aspects of the game, it seems as if most of the glitches it brought over are now fixed.

Valve seems to still be working on the game as they have announced the following updates as Counter-Strike 1.6 Beta, which you can opt in for through properties for the game in Steam library:

• Returned mouse input to using windows messages rather than raw input, this should correct the sensitivity change people have seen
• Added m_rawinput cvar, if set to 1 this enables using the raw input API's on your OS to get mouse input, usually with lower latency but missing the post processing from your OS
• Fixed corrupt HTTP downloads if the url sent by the game server resulted in a 404 error
• Fixed corruption of text input when hitting backspace while composing a message
• Renamed gl_ztrick cvar to gl_ztrick_old, usage of this cvar is deprecated and caused rendering issues
• Fixed mouse clicks sometimes being lost
• Re-enabled a fps cap of 100. You can override this behavior if you want to run faster by setting fps_override to "1" but some mods may not behave properly
• Fixed movement when running at more than 100fps
• Added "speak_enabled" cvar, if set to 0 then the "spk" and "speak" commands are disabled
• Added "edicts" option to liblist.gam file, for use in mods that want more than 900 entities in their maps
• Increased supported entity count in Counter-Strike 1.6 to 1800

Most notable flashes no longer remove fade to black, maximum value of rate is 100 000 and both vertical sync and anisotrophic filtering are controlled via console commands.

Furthermore, the new rendering system which is causing issues to some people can be disabled by setting -nofbo in the launch options, which will revert it to how it used to be.

On top of that, a massive changelog is out for the updates that have already been released over the course of the past two weeks; some of them in beta at first, and others as full updates:

February 14:

• Converted Half-Life to the new SteamPipe content system, for optimized delivery of the game
• Added support for Mac OS X and Linux operating systems
• Enabled Cloud support for save games
• Improved OpenGL rendering pipeline and output to leverage the capabilities in todays GPU
• Improved support for in-game chat in non-latin languages

February 13 (Beta):

• Don't create the SAVE/ folder on disk unless needed by a game
• Fixed extra temporary files from the save process not being cleared up
• Fixed empty chat messages being allowed
• Fixed using backspace when using say or say_team command with non latin characters
• Fixed mouse offset when running in fullscreen software mode
• Fixed copying text from the game console not getting the last couple of character when doing multiple lines

February 12 (Beta):

• Enabled fully localized chat in Counter-Strike 1.6
• Made keypad enter key submit a command in the game console
• Fixed extra keys causing the console to toggle when using a non-QWERTY keyboard
• Fixed maps list in New Games option not showing all available maps
• Removed cl_rate command, "rate" is the appropriate command to use
• Fixed crash when using alt-tab in software mode
• Fixed crash if you set a bind to an invalid engine key

February 11 (Beta):

• Added ability to override default content. Enable the "Allow custom addon content" option in the Video options dialog and then place that content in valve_addon (or cstrike_addon for CS 1.6 ). This overridden data has all the normal VAC and pure server rules as default content
• Content downloaded from servers now goes into a separate valve_downloads (or cstrike_downloads ) folder, so you can easily clean up unwanted files
• Updated Video options tab to better expose new configuration settings and remove unused ones
• Increased maximum allowed rate setting to 100,000
• Fixed in game chat not using correct characters when using non-US layout keyboards
• Fixed bot column in server browser to show the number of bot players (and not a random image)
• Fixed player column sorted in server browser
• Don't lock the game to the first CPU on your machine under Windows
• Fixed loading config.cfg from the wrong path
• Fixed crash on joining server
• Fixed chat text showing previous line of text sometime in Counter-Strike 1.6
• Fixed fps_max to actually run at that framerate, not 1 less
• Fixed timing function used on Linux to better match system time, reducing frame time variability
• Fixed duck key not dismissing spectator UI in Counter-Strike 1.6
• Fixed cl_minmodels cvar sometimes not being applied

February 8 (Beta):

• Fixed a crash if you had invalid data for a key bind in your config.cfg
• Fixed a crash for older opengl drivers (ones without FBO support)
• Don't quit the game if a server attempt to make you load an invalid model, just disconnect from the server
• Fixed crash on changelevel if save data was not available
• Fixed keypad period key not binding properly
• Fixed crash if you tried to manually force on D3D rendering mode (which is no longer available).
• Fixed hang on server connect if you fail to download some assets via HTTP

February 8 (Beta):

• Fixed auto-complete list in game console jumping 2 entries at a time
• Fixed keypad enter not being a key you could bind in the Options dialog
• Fixed mouse wheel up/down not showing in the binding Options dialog
• Fixed Low Violence mode being applied incorrectly
• Made Condition Zero models being used in Counter-Strike 1.6 (if you own Condition Zero) optional and controlled by the HD Models check box in the Options Video tab. 

February 7 (Beta):

• Fixed viewdemo command crashing when run
• Fixed screenshot command crashing
• Fixed HD model packs not loading if available and enabled
• Fixed crash on launch if your graphics cards didn't support FBO's
• Fixed crash on launch under SELinux
• Fixed assorted crashes in Counter-Strike 1.6 due to bad string checks

February 6 (Beta):

• Fixed crash when spectating players
• Fixed config files being written to the wrong folder, they are now always saved to the directory of the mod you are running. For Half-Life 1 this is "valve" and for Counter-Strike 1.6 this is "cstrike". You may lose some settings from this transition if you changed your configuration in the last couple of days
• Don't unpause the game when dismissing the Steam overlay if the game was already paused
• Allow mouse sensitivity to go down to 0.2 (from the previous floor of 1.0)
• Fix say and say_team commands using wrong characters on non-US keyboard layouts

February 5 (Beta):

• Fixed alt-tab not working correctly, the game window is no longer forced on top
• Added "cl_mousegrab" cvar, if set to 0 then the game will not grab the mouse. This may be needed to enable alt-tab with some Linux window managers. You can also add "-nomousegrab" to your command line to disable mouse grabbing.
• Fixed error on launch loading mss32.dll under Windows
• Fixed hang on startup causing a black screen to display on OS X and Linux
• Update Server Browser display to match behavior of Source engine products

February 4 (Beta):

• Fixed keyboard options dialog showing incorrect key names on non-QWERTY keyboards
• Fixed crash when typing in certain unicode characters
• Fixed voice chat sometimes not transmitting properly
• Allowed the toggleconsole command to be properly rebound

February 1:

• Added option to disable use of HD model packs in Video tab of options dialog
• Fixed mp_fadetoblack not applying after a flashbang is thrown (Counter-Strike)
• Fixed fullscreen software mode rendering incorrectly
• Added cl_min_t and cl_min_ct convar to let you control the model used when cl_minmodels is set, the value of the cvar is the model index to use (Counter-Strike)

January 31:

• Fixed fans not rotating after being in a level for more than a few minutes
• Added "-nofbo" command line option to let you disable using the new method for rendering
• Added "-nomsaa" to let you disable MSAA effects being applied to the games output, setting "-nofbo" also implies "-nomsaa".
• Fixed not doing the HTTP fast download path if you canceled a download and then reconnected to the same server
• Fixed drowning damage being applied after respawn in some cases
• Fixed malicious clients being able to upload certain new files to servers
• Fixed some scripts sounds not playing

January 30:

• Made save games cross platform
• Fixed crash when changing video modes under windows
• Removed support for A3D sounds from the engine, this API is not functional on current Windows OS releases
• Removed legacy D3D renderer, assorted OpenGL improvements in the beta make this older API not supportable
• Enabled hud_fastswitch on mouse wheel movement for Counter-Strike

January 29 (Beta):

• Fixed game icon not showing in window title bar and/or dock
• Fixed OK button on Half-Life 1 deathmatch MOTD not being selectable if you ran in a non 4:3 resolution
• Added support for fast HTTP download when getting server assets for Linux and OSX
• Changed full screen render to fall back to changing the desktop resolution if it fails to create and offscreen FBO (useful on older video cards)
• Fixed crash if a game asked to play a sound with a volume that was too high
• Fixed rare crash on startup due to thread race conditions

Currently existing issues with the game include shift toggling caps lock, sensitivity issues and minmodels not working. will keep you in the loop as more updates are released.

here's a list of things i've gathered on how to fix counter-strike 1.6 after the most recent update: if you have anything to add, let me know. after opting into the new beta (properties on cs in steam library, beta tab, opt in) rinput works once again, although only after a few seconds of delay.
2013-02-17 06:02
Lurppis, what do you really think valve is trying to do with these updates?
2013-02-17 06:18
2013-02-17 15:22
Yeah, like that, if you don't want to update (let's say you have some fps issues that are not to be solved), you don't really have to update as of yet: I.e. you can actually wait till Valve solves all those.
2013-02-17 06:30
World 4444 
You need to add "hl.exe" as a game in NVIDIA control panel's program settings (under 3D settings), and change the preferred graphics processor to NVIDIA. why it is need?
2013-02-17 06:41
it is needed because your nvidia graphic card needs to run cs in order to game in playable in 100 fps :)
2013-02-17 22:15
great, now not even open up
2013-02-17 07:50
2013-02-17 09:11
is it stable now?? i cant hear what my teammates are speaking....i am hearing robot like even odd sounds when any player uses mic....any solution?
2013-02-17 10:08
if you want to get the 2009 version that we all love;do as follows: change the old counter strike file name to Half-Life.then replace the Half-Life file wich is located steamapps/commun after you r done go to game properties/batas and set it on beta-beta. GLHF. finaly i have to say: fuck you valve and fuck the horse you r riding on.
2013-02-17 10:42
I have this issue when I press on "Find Servers", I get directed to a server (which probably doesn't exist anymore) An idea how to fix this? Anyone?
2013-02-17 13:28
you can use cl_mousegrab 0 for some sensitivity issues. It worked for me though
2013-02-17 14:55
I have no console. What`s the fix for that?
2013-02-17 15:33
Belarus SLB 
-console in launch options
2013-02-17 16:08
Luppris cant thank ya enough because the link you posted fixed my cs fps problem so now i can play normally as it was before update :)
2013-02-17 22:14
stop. tell me please, how to save this settings? because after every laptop rebooting settings become to first and i need to do this recomendations again.
2013-02-22 12:28
i'm not sure, i guess i haven't rebooted since the update then.. :D
2013-02-22 16:39
temperature of your room? :D
2013-02-25 10:47
my laptop generates so little heat it doesn't affect my room's temperature, plus there's always air conditioning :)
2013-02-25 21:19
all the same, how to save?
2013-02-26 09:26
i don't know if you can or not
2013-02-26 16:46
all the same, how to save?
2013-02-25 12:54
World Moya 
old news :) but it was very good.
2013-02-17 06:04
fancy1 | 
Korea dafNaY 
What? They released csgo and randomly decide to update 1.6? Is this real life?
2013-02-17 06:04
it's to add linux support, presumably in time for their steam console
2013-02-17 06:05
I tried playing a bit of 1.6, but I can't really see what's wrong... Can anybody sum up what actually "fucked it up"?
2013-02-17 06:07
some ppl have bugs... but my 1.6 cs is same as was it.. :) only one more when i enter to the server, roof in the server was red colour... dont know for the other ppl, sry for my english :)
2013-02-17 06:24
I see ;) Well I did have some weird images on Steam and shadows in-game, but that was mostly on CS:CZ though (playing LAN with 2 of my friends which never plays CS), but I thought it was only a weird bug on Steam at first, I didn't realize it was the game itself ;)
2013-02-17 06:35
Sunde | 
World sfu 
Valve fucking business. Killing 1.6 right now for players go play cs:go
2013-02-17 06:14
its a good update, after you fix the problems that it caused
2013-02-17 14:45
Holy shit shut up they fixed the damn game
2013-02-17 06:20
Sunde | 
World sfu 
fixed? you call that fixed?
2013-02-17 06:27
Did you even read the changelogs.
2013-02-17 11:23
did you even played the game?
2013-02-18 03:20
Play* and yes.
2013-02-18 10:03
Sunde | 
World sfu 
btw, anybody know how can i ENABLE acceleration back?
2013-02-17 06:27
try with m_customaccel_exponent, m_rawinput doesn't work for me
2013-02-17 12:27
Poland Kwas 
My sens i still fucked before anyupdates I used 2,6 now i need to use 4 can somone tell me how to fix this?
2013-02-17 06:29
Poland Kwas 
Protocol version 48 Exe version (cstrike) Exe build: 15:00:41 Feb 13 2013 (5956)
2013-02-17 06:30
I can't change weapons with my mousewheel as before, how to fix it?
2013-02-17 06:30
are you referring to the fast switch (fast switch on with keys but off with mousewheel)? if that's it, you can bind as follows : bind "MWHEELUP" "hud_fastswitch 0; invprev; hud_fastswitch 1"
2013-02-17 12:01
cool ! i'll try it
2013-02-17 13:13
Thanks a lot for that; it works perfectly! That was the most annoying thing about the update for me, and I'm sure a lot of other people.
2013-02-17 19:07
you're welcome! :) Indeed, it's just a small detail, but it makes such a big difference when playing :p
2013-02-17 19:21
Thanks man, it was really annoying
2013-02-17 23:40
Brazil Lkas 
fuck valve
2013-02-17 06:32
Cant activate SSW with f9 anymore, how to fix it?
2013-02-17 06:32
Poland Kwas 
Format C:\
2013-02-17 06:35
CounterStrike peak : 43K :'( FUCK YOU, VALVE!
2013-02-17 06:36
13,123 40,756 Counter-Strike: Source 13,110 29,316 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 10,945 43,123 Counter-Strike
2013-02-17 06:51
2013-02-17 06:39
they update VAC too ;))
2013-02-17 06:46
viewdemo is broken
2013-02-17 06:56
+1 how to fix that?
2013-02-17 13:07
dont know, maybe devs repair "load demo" button too? :)
2013-02-17 13:16
I am having a weird problem. Me and my brother use the same PC at home to play. However, we are not able to play with our respective settings (GUI, cfg, etc). My bro does some tweaks with the "common" folder, where he pastes our respective counter-strike folder into it. SO when he wants to play he pastes his folder, and when i wanna play I paste mine. Is there a solution to this?
2013-02-17 07:11
Tunisia edgg 
try making 2 different cfgs (if it was only about config) name the first one xxx.cfg (your cfg) and the second one yyy.cfg (your brothers) once you are ingame you only have to write exec xxx.cfg or yyy.cfg in console
2013-02-17 09:09
What about GUI? He uses ESL, whereas I use SK GUI.
2013-02-17 12:33
Tunisia edgg 
why do you need two different guis?
2013-02-17 12:52
He prefers ESL, and I like SK-Gaming...Thats why
2013-02-17 13:05
bah, there is no way you can do it from cs except replacing folders as you do, try searching for a gui that both of u like and stick with it
2013-02-17 13:09
Nevermind. But what about people who play in LAN centres, and each PC is used by tens of people. What do we do then?
2013-02-17 19:16
Don't Worry Valve IS still working on the Update , yeah i know many bugs at first but soon it will Get fixed and I'm sure this Update is not going to kill cs It is Getting It alive again =)
2013-02-18 12:14
i hate to be the one to break it to you... but guis dont matter. problem solved.
2013-02-17 17:21
when did they fix the bugs? played as late as last night and it was complete shit.
2013-02-17 07:41
Serbia rKj 
old cstrike files?can someone upload?
2013-02-17 07:44
Sunde | 
Hungary Tibbse 
actualy I have a backup 1.delete current 2013 Half-Life folder or archieve the current 2013 updated cs (cuz mby when valve fix everything u will need it) 2.extract backup2.rar and put it to SteamApps\common\ in steam unpype the updates 3. launch game enjoy 2009 + in SteamApps\common\Half-life\cstrike place u're current config.cfg and userconfig.cfg link :
2013-02-17 13:31
Serbia rKj 
ty dude :)
2013-02-17 13:42
cs 1.6 is not dead fuck yeah
2013-02-17 07:49
1.6 Used to have 56-58 k daily on steam stats..Now after the update max 43 k players...Weird??
2013-02-17 08:47
Serbia rKj 
its not wierd now after update game sucks.I wonder why Valve has not made update in cs:go for linux platform O_o...this is bullshit they just wanna destroy 1.6 and force us to move on cs:go...
2013-02-17 08:53
don't worry 1.6 will be fine again..I am sure they will fix it
2013-02-17 08:56
lol what rKj said it's truth. valve is forcing us to go for cs:go no wonder if the same thing happens in source
2013-02-17 09:31
what rKj said is wrong. and you know why ? because cs:go will still be cs:go, 1.6er will never switch ondatshiet and personally i'm glad that 1.6 has been uptated. Once bug will get fix everything will be alright.
2013-02-17 14:17
No one is forcing no one here.
2013-02-17 14:47
just like cs:go used to be fine lol
2013-02-18 03:16
Portugal -nes 
13k players don't know how to use console or are just to buisy talking crap on the internet 0m0mgomg v@lv3 0mg 0mg f1x
2013-02-17 11:29
m_rawinput unknow command :( How use?
2013-02-17 09:23
m_customaccel~~~ 0 =off ,1 =on
2013-02-17 11:02
update for beta users only,you have to opt for it,but its kinda buggy as it is
2013-02-17 21:17
HLTV, please can you do some kind of interview or questions on facebook/hltv accounts of pros how they feel about this update??? I'm just wondering what their answer will be (I don't think it's needed to do the questions to NiP for obvious reasons) PS: In Portugal, the famous communities used to have their servers full, the whole time. Now, most of them, don't even have half of players as the number before the update was made. Sry if you don't understand this part
2013-02-17 09:39
What do you want them to ask? This is mostly to make 1.6 fully compatible with Linux, no significant gameplay changes were made.
2013-02-17 09:45
I feel the recoil different actually. And textures some times get buggy: when I throw a nade to a specific area and does that blackstuff when it explodes on the ground, textures just gets weird as f*ck :S
2013-02-17 09:47
"I feel the recoil different actually." That's you making stuff up or consequence of the textures/particles bugging out. Nobody touched the recoil patterns.
2013-02-17 10:02
do not Use the HD models and in Vid Option Tick only the last one the recoil will feel the same but if You have Mouse sensiv problems Then use the mousegrab command =)
2013-02-18 12:21
Portugal -nes 
Recoil feels the same. About texture bugs I only had 1 problem with de_dust2 floor being black in some parts of the map witch got fixed after restarting the game. Also the sparks when a bullet hits the wall are more whitish.
2013-02-17 11:36
Yeah i also noticed the sparks are white now, why change that anyway?
2013-02-17 15:59
yes The dd2 floor is diff i restarted the game but still..
2013-02-18 12:18
recoil is still the same, you can't feel shit :D
2013-02-17 15:58
these nersd with their fucking placebos
2013-02-17 21:17
Which 1.6 pros should interview? Competitive scene is dead, there is no such thing has 1.6 pros.
2013-02-17 11:33
Let's say this If Cs 1.6 had the same prize money as CS:GO. Which game do you think the "PROS" would prefer? Ding ding cs 1.6, do you know why sir? Because CS 1.6 is a more complete FPS game than what cs:go will ever be.
2013-02-17 16:24
And what on earth does that have to do with ANYTHING about the pro scene and the money beeing all on cs:go, therefore none on 1.6, sir ? Ding ding ding, nothing.
2013-02-17 20:51
There's no such thing as pro-scene in 1.6 anymore, therefore there are no pros to be questioned.
2013-02-20 05:29
Belarus ALBiNh0 
3 problems atm: 1) cl_minmodels 1 doesn't work 2) can't bind anything to "keypad *" 3) errors with eac: "Enable fullscreen mode"
2013-02-17 09:46
Portugal -nes 
I have binds on my keypad and they are working 100%
2013-02-17 11:21
Yeah, I have the problems 1 and 3 too
2013-02-17 15:21
my binds on keypad are working as they were before.
2013-02-17 15:59
Belarus ALBiNh0 
only kp_* doesn't work. do u have smth bind on it?
2013-02-18 08:55
nop, i don't.
2013-02-18 15:15
My steam won't launch at all now :/
2013-02-17 09:54
2013-02-17 10:33
No idea why they are wasting time with this.
2013-02-17 10:04
2013-02-17 11:32
compatibility with their upcoming steam console which runs on linux
2013-02-17 15:40
ever heard about cs 1.6 being released to linux os?
2013-02-17 21:16
They should have added the matchmaking system from CS:GO to 1.6
2013-02-17 10:43
it is bad for business
2013-02-17 11:07
haha +1
2013-02-18 07:59
do you guys know how to fix that half of people speaking through microphone sounds like aliens?
2013-02-17 11:11
Portugal md. 
I also have this problem...
2013-02-17 15:31
Haters Gonna Hate :)
2013-02-17 11:38
i have the same problem with sensivity old 1.60 new 1.5 1.6 1.55 all sucks grrr
2013-02-17 11:46
now non steam better
2013-02-17 11:50
Finland pulu 
i hope they make cs 1.6 unavailable in steam. or time limit if you dont play 2h csgo everyday then you cant play 1.6.
2013-02-17 12:02
I'm sorry, I see there are a lot of complaining whiners as usual. Are you talking of 2/16 Beta, or 2/14 Gold version?
2013-02-17 12:16
greatest videogame company known to man, has released epic games like the Half Life Series, Portal Series, Team Fotress , Counter-Strike still gets disrespected and flamed by fanboys who complain about tiny imperfections cs1.6 fanboys : the douchebags of gaming, along with WoW fanboys , always complain about their games instead of supporting the company to actually do something about it.
2013-02-17 12:25
It's worked like this since the beginning of time. These communities behave in a way we can't comprehend. I am ready to bet that 99% of the complainers haven't tried the new beta fix.
2013-02-17 12:33
Where can I get this beta fix? I was under the impression that Valve was with the job, since - the heck - it`s their fault that it need to be fixed..
2013-02-17 14:03
your two statements differ quite strong lol
2013-02-18 03:55
I somewhat agree with you. After seeing CS steam forums I came to conclusion that nowadays 90% of 1.6ers are eastern europeans. I dunno, it feels like only the ones from sauce community are contributing positively to CSGO, like moviemakers, mapmakers.. while 1.6 community, with the exception of HLTVorg and some pros, contribute negatively, like trolling and whining. However they still bring the numbers so who am I to complain :D
2013-02-17 12:47
>greatest videogame company known to man Keep telling yourself that.
2013-02-18 13:56
Bulgaria sN7 
It is.
2013-02-19 04:37
Not bad, I like: - sensitivity fix, - rawinput, - fps cap, - fixed slowmotion when more than 100 fps, - faster starting and closing the game, - faster connecting to the server, - they don't f* recoil etc.
2013-02-17 12:26
Algeria SHeTaN 
2013-02-17 13:20
recoil is broken as fuck random shit.. yesterday it was fine BUT RIGHT NOW...
2013-02-17 13:45
its not broken LOL placebo effects
2013-02-17 21:15
u must be newb if u don't see that recoil is changed a bit... rawinput? unknown command. fixed slowmotion? bullshit
2013-02-17 14:54
I have to disappoint you, but I'm not a newb. Simply I don't test it in-game.
2013-02-17 14:57
- fixed slowmotion when more than 100 fps, - not today i had an official game and the server on rr forcen us on 1000 fps and the movement was slow, when i reverted 99 fps it was fine
2013-02-17 16:54
because some updates only work if you are BETA have to opt for beta in counter strke and in Half life games..but its still bugy when ducking when using more than 100 fps so lets just wait until they fyx
2013-02-17 21:15
Brazil th3W 
I just have some breaks, the game stops for 1 2 secs, thats all
2013-02-17 12:34
GG 1.6
2013-02-17 12:52
update is im playing on non steam.fucking update.
2013-02-17 12:56
My mouse sens is still 2fast... before update 2,0 in cs and after is like half faster than before with sens 2,0... My start parameters are "-nofbo -32bpp -noforcemaccel -noforcemparms", no mousefix. other commands to use ?
2013-02-17 12:58
so the rate must be now 100000 not 25000 ?
2013-02-17 13:09
lurppis some of my friends play with acceleration,without the noforce commands,do you have any fix for that?
2013-02-17 13:16
2013-02-17 13:26
I like the new stuff like rawinput and the new minmodels options. Asked for this since 10 years. But they should really fix all the problems caused by this update.
2013-02-17 13:34
Sunde | 
Hungary Tibbse 
cool update but still doesnt solves my problem.. these white things instead of menu buttons, symbol fonts and vgui images. edit : I have an integrated card. Intel(R) 82945G Express Chipset Family If this is the case...
2013-02-17 13:38
I have the exact same problem and I also use an integrated card, so guess that is the problem. :D
2013-02-18 08:01
Sunde | 
Hungary Tibbse 
seems it is since they're did something with the rendering, menu and ingame looks so disgusting and a simple gui does not solves our problem:/ hope they do something with this bug aswell:| anyway this is my only problem, nothing else.
2013-02-18 08:33
I used to get around 50fps in 5vs5 but now I'm getting almost 70. So, that little bug ain't a big problem to me :D profit
2013-02-18 11:17
Sunde | 
Hungary Tibbse 
well I dont realy like it. I cant create new user interfaces yet :/
2013-02-21 14:40
noforcem commands doesnt work now? need urgent help plz :)
2013-02-17 13:35
I don't know how it is with you, but this update turned my CS to shambels. For starters, I don't have an in-game console, so the inputs must be done through the main menu options. After that, It moves like I run it from a 90s computer (I have a 4.4 quad core with a 2gb dedicated graphics card.)So now, I have a game totally unplayable and it seems only fair that Valve should`ve asked around before changing the whole idea,especially since, well ...we paid for it.
2013-02-17 13:53
luv adding rimput...GJ Valve..late but done!
2013-02-17 13:59
fully localized chat? bullshit - i can write polish characters, but when i press ENTER they're gone...
2013-02-17 14:02
People I hate it, I mean it dont feel smooth anymore, mouse bugs, hz 120 works only if windows resolution is 640 and 120... I just dislike the patch very very much and wanna say that Valve killed CS for me - is there anyway to delete this patch and use normal version?
2013-02-17 14:02
fix the audio
2013-02-17 14:04
1.6 <3 georgia
2013-02-17 14:07
Why they did these fucking update useless stuff? As I said that cs 1.6 is perfect as it is
2013-02-17 14:17
their console is going to use linux as kernel they're adding natively support for it
2013-02-17 14:34
cool LOVE 1.6 !!!
2013-02-17 14:28
Still the same for me (and for the 43k of people) Unlucky bitches
2013-02-17 14:30
United Kingdom rdd 
Haven't played it but going by the comments on here it looks as if they trying to ruin 1.6 forcing people over to CS:GO.
2013-02-17 14:40
It's just the usual vocal minority of drama queens throwing a fit. Adding native Linux support is not some great conspiracy to make people play other games.
2013-02-17 14:57
Trust me, I'm a software developer. If they add linux support and after they test the game on Widows op, and they saw, how the game screwed up and even with these bugs they give a GO to the update, that means, they are mad or they would like to an unplayable game...
2013-02-17 21:20
You'd think a software developer would be aware of the fact that you can't plan and predict the behaviour of your product on every single setup your consumer base is using. This is why companies do large scale beta testing nowadays, it's quicker to iron out kinks that way instead of relying solely on in-house testing. The game is working flawlessly for me and many others, I suppose that's a bug too? I'm not sure how that fits into your conspiracy though.
2013-02-17 21:39
Beta testing is just for the bugs, feedbacks, what cannot be recognized in in-house testing. It not means, that they shouldn't test their product before release ANY version. The game is working flawlessly? The game is now a bullshit, movements are strange, menu-screen totally screwed up, there are many response, that game is stucked, or a green screen appear. And yet we don't talk about the gamplay itself... If you said, it's flawless, then I don't know, what should I think of you...
2013-02-18 10:57
"Beta testing is just for the bugs, feedbacks, what cannot be recognized in in-house testing." Yes. That's the gist of what I said. "It not means, that they shouldn't test their product before release ANY version." And bugs making it through does not mean they don't test their game. There's no logic in claiming developer's are conspiring to make people not play their game just because a bug made it into an update. If that was the case, then there's not a single software developer, ever, that wants people to use their product. Yes, essentially nothing has changed on my setup. Do tell how it's suddenly become flawed when nothing has changed.
2013-02-19 18:28
It's not really like that, they're adding some cool stuffs to the game, but many people are complaining about bugs, so the conspiracy theories started :)
2013-02-17 15:33
whiners will always find something to whine about and someone to blame, even though they could easily fix all the problems theyre having by changing commands in console
2013-02-17 15:44
not rly xD
2013-02-17 17:58
double zoom fucked up :/
2013-02-17 14:46
CS 1.6 NO DEAD !!
2013-02-17 15:12
never dead :)
2013-02-17 15:39
I cannot disable gl_ansio after restart of cs again gl_ansio 16 pls help
2013-02-17 15:59
-nofbo launch options
2013-02-17 21:13
put it on userconfig.cfg that command
2013-02-17 23:26
Bulgaria Ted0tw 
Dont worry valve we wont buy cs:go because of your retarded update stupid motherfucking cunts :)
2013-02-17 16:01
anyone having trouble moving while ducking?
2013-02-17 16:03
2013-02-17 21:13
Which rate should one use after the update, 25000 or 100 000? Is rinput.exe useful anymore?
2013-02-17 16:03
raw input is already activated by CS. no need for rinput.exe anymore. a new update is coming which will make raw input optional; the CVAR will be m_rawinput 0/1. don't know about the netsettings.
2013-02-17 16:17
HELP-ME The instruction at "0x0a313a89" made &#8203;&#8203;reference to memoriano "0x00000cc." The memory could not be "read"
2013-02-17 16:57
why can't i use viewdemo for watching demos ? everytime i do this my cs get crashed..any solution ?
2013-02-17 17:25
Still 270900 people playing the game! :D
2013-02-17 17:32
Such bullshit.
2013-02-17 20:56
it's accurate you mad gokid?
2013-02-18 03:57
I mean for real? You actually, literally believe thats accurate? Damn son....
2013-02-18 15:48
It's actually pretty true. It's counting non-steam users as well :) You mad?
2013-02-18 18:41
Thats even more bullshit lol theres no way to actual count all non-steam users ;) and no, i am not mad cause 1.6 is competitively dead anyway.
2013-02-18 22:08
everyone knows that competitive 1.6 is dead competitive 1.6 makes out about 1% from cs players that's why 1.6 still has tons of players compared to go/source
2013-02-19 04:52
Still, you cant possibly count non-steam users ;) therefore the numbers that guy posted are totally bs
2013-02-19 12:43
yes it does. search for servers with no-steam in the name to find a handful, and try to join. you can't. cause its no-steam You mad?
2013-02-19 16:20
I didn't recive this update, wtf?
2013-02-17 17:34
its for beta users,you have to opt in the beta program in counter strike and in half life,but some updates are buggy so i wouldnt do that
2013-02-17 18:03
hmm.. But I recived previous update witch screwed most of my settings :/ Confusing :D
2013-02-18 00:40
it is so different, I play with the keyboard arrows and I need the keys next to the "enter", and now they open the console, I can not use them. I can not have the black bars on the side of the screen because the widescreen does not work anymore in 640.... I was playing this game for over 10 years and now valve destroyed the game and I did not even feel like playing. Valve ruin my favorite game. I play when I have an hour or two when I have nothing to do in my day, now I'm back battlefield. FUCK YOU VALVE, LET CS 1.6 QUIET !
2013-02-17 18:11
2013-02-17 21:12
>> it is so different, I play with the keyboard arrows (...) I lol'd.
2013-03-11 20:02
Romania C1pryaN 
remove the update ...
2013-02-17 18:57
after update viewdemo does not work
2013-02-17 19:51
before update I had 99.9 fps, now I have 15 (HD models off) GG
2013-02-17 21:15
its not about hd models..hd models are cz models gl_vsync 0 fps_max 99 -nofbo in launch options?
2013-02-17 21:31
2013-02-17 22:57
got the same problem
2013-02-17 23:25
have you set gl_ansio to 0? anisotrophic filtering can rape your fps if it's on 16x as valve defaulted it
2013-02-18 02:06
"• Fixed extra keys causing the console to toggle when using a non-QWERTY keyboard" fuck you, not fixed lol
2013-02-17 21:19
worst update ever !!!
2013-02-17 21:31
Now every retarded robot that could've only make 10 damage/map knows how to play. Every aspect of the game that was better than in CS:GO has been destroyed. At least VALVE listened to what the community liked about 1.6 because they knew exactly what to fuck up.
2013-02-17 21:50
Brazil chb 
Man, there're just some bugs that will be fixed. Calm down, they didn't changed anything. They tried to improve. Stop being conspirator.
2013-02-17 23:54
i have benq xl2410t and after this update mine aspect ratio doesn't work in cs 1.6 for some reason but in source it does work. i had put the aspect ratio straight from the settings of the monitor. everything else seems to be fine.
2013-02-17 22:22
-nofbo didn't work?
2013-02-18 02:05
yes, it works now with -nofbo. ty! dunno why it didn't work 2 days ago with -nofbo. weird!
2013-02-18 13:35
Belarus ALBiNh0 
lurp, what should i do if minmodels 1 doesn't work for me? or it works only for hd models?
2013-02-18 14:16
not sure, i don't use minmodels
2013-02-18 14:19
want my money back valve
2013-02-17 22:46
lol without doing the fix lurppis posted, here is how I feel what changed: the m4 shoots slower, jumping feels like you are on the moon, russian walking is weird, and it just doesn't feel right. lets see what happens after that fix. brb.
2013-02-18 02:31
it now works perfect after the pastebin fix, but i'm going to test to see if the fps_max 120 really does slow down movement like it used to. edit: fps_max must be set at 99 for movement to be regular, ok nice. 99 = 100 true fps
2013-02-18 02:54
120 feels smooth but at the same time, a bit slower :(
2013-02-18 15:17
I do not know very much English, so read all the comments is hard. Someone showed any solution to this error:"microsoft visual c + +, halflife.exe abnormal termination"? I have installed the 2010 x86.
2013-02-18 03:57
Anyone know how to use viewdemo after the update? every time i try to load a demo cs shuts down, without any error message.
2013-02-18 14:28
When I try to open the game it says that it cant be opened in openGL. So instead it tries to open it in software mode and the following message appears: "Failed to create SDL window" What to do??
2013-02-18 14:36
It could be something that next update will fix, but years ago the main reason for such error was GPU Drivers. Try any others (older or newer). If you really like the one you already have, remember their version, uninstall them and wait for update fixing the problem then go back to them:)
2013-02-18 16:48
No bugs, everything is fine. The game loads faster than before!!! just a problem with sens : 1600 dpi + 3/11 on windows --> 400 dpi + 6/11 Only me ? Oh and now in AZERTY for french players :p
2013-02-18 15:08
Brazil chb 
Here, I accent the words, they work while I'm typing, but, when I send they don't show it in the chat. Just while I'm typing in the messagemode.
2013-02-18 15:53
I don't have this problem :s
2013-02-18 15:56
valve return old cs 1.6 !!!!!
2013-02-18 17:08
Japan mameloff 
Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease!! compLexity Demo Player update. I want to watch many splendid demo. There is not the meaning that I register with this site if I cannot watch demo. Please I want to update it to watch demo...
2013-02-18 17:30
why i cant set gl_ansio to "0" after restart 16 again is this command bad or why to set to 0 i have 0 fps issues Would be happy if you answer :)
2013-02-18 18:57
As for the command causing fps issues check, In order to make the setting persistent you have to set it to 0 in f.e. your userconfig. That way with each restart it should be set to 0 automatically.
2013-02-19 22:27
cant get the accel off, mousefix doesnt work ingame. -noforce commands does not work either? anything done in OS does not work in the game. like gapa.exe et cetera. any suggestions?
2013-02-18 22:25
i can shot but can't move the mouse now.. don't know why -.-
2013-02-19 01:31
Bulgaria sN7 
Lol so many retarded kids out here, hating on valve and such. Why are you even born? People are trying to improve the game, give them some time, updates are not an easy task.
2013-02-19 04:42
Guys please stop whining ....... whatever changes Valve doing are very necessary ---- they already addressed a lot of issues ---- updating an old engine like this must need some time -- i know there are movement and graphical issues ( i have not experienced any graphical issues , but my movement are slow ---cant bunnyhop anymore) ---im sure they will fix these ---upgrading graphics in cs1.6 was necessary--- actually more hardware requirement is NECESSARY--- otherwise no sponsors (for example :intel) gonna spend money after a game that runs even on a 10 year old pc---why dont you understand????????????? ---- most updates are in beta phase ---- please wait for a stable release (2-3 weeks more hopefully ) ---- im sure cs1.6 2013 (cs 1.7?? :P ) gonna be awesome :D (sorry for my bad english)
2013-02-19 05:03
somenoe help me fix microphones , everyone sounds like transformers to me now what the hlls going on ? but everyone says they hear me clear as an angle
2013-02-19 05:39
personally , i dont like these updates
2013-02-19 16:48
I have a few questions, would be really happy if someone could help me out. 1) I used to use -noforcemaccel & -noforcemparms before the update. Windows sens 4/11 & ingame 1.7. Now after the update my sens are all messed up. Especially the accel. Tried the m_customaccel shit n still dint work. the cvar m_rawinput does not appear in console, and yes i am using the beta version. Please help. 2) Whenever i press duck (leftshift), the sound when you 'use' in cs comes. Is it happening with you guys as well? 3) there is a delay in the nades being released. ??
2013-02-19 17:00
They are f*cking trying to kill the game? All my settings f*cked up, the screen is partly green and this shit dissapeares only on 1024*768 + sound problems. Awesome update! TY!
2013-02-19 22:53
1) What rate should I use after the update? 20/25k as it was before or 100k as it is the current max? 2) I reinstalled the "classic" models, but cl_minmodels doesn't work, my models aren't all the same. What should I do? Thanks :).
2013-02-20 00:44
2013-02-20 04:02
its just a marketing move - they want ppl to stop playing 1.6 by making it boring....i cant play anymore this game, but i wont play csgo BYE
2013-02-20 04:24
Yep, wouldn't be surprised if it really was. A new installation with no knowledge of special settings makes the game unplayable
2013-03-26 11:49
Valve I fucking curse you from the bottom of my heart.
2013-02-20 04:58
Thank god I have my good old wacraft III and starcraft II, steam & valve suckzzzz
2013-02-20 05:00
non steam better no lag better recoil fps rate much better game non steam now
2013-02-21 15:23
+1 non steam now
2013-02-25 13:41
isn't rawinput on 1.6 and anti aliasing + vertical sync ingame control good?
2013-02-22 17:11
it is indeed, but some kids just whine the whole time
2013-02-22 22:45
Hello, I have an issue with my mouse movements which seems to "block" when I give a quick move. Small movement seems to work fine but as soon as give a quicker move, it blocks. (Dunno if I made myself clear). Does anyone have a clue ?
2013-02-27 16:08
Eng Who wants to roll away CS back before updating here blank copy . There is one more copy the updated Steam with the intact files much helped to solve some problems . as we don't forget to register in Steam->t; Library->t; Counter-Strike->t; Properties->; — to Establish start parameters->; we Add>;-nomsaa -nofbo -refresh75 -mousegrab . As there is an adjusted cfg for the updated CS . &#1045;&#1089;&#1083;&#1080; &#1073;&#1091;&#1076;&#1091;&#1090; &#1087;&#1088;&#1086;&#1073;&#1083;&#1077;&#1084;&#1084;&#1099; &#1089; &#1084;&#1099;&#1096;&#1082;&#1086;&#1081; &#1090;&#1086; &#1087;&#1088;&#1086;&#1087;&#1080;&#1089;&#1099;&#1074;&#1072;&#1077;&#1084; &#1089; &#1082;&#1086;&#1085;&#1089;&#1086;&#1083;&#1077;---if there are problems with a mouse that we register in the console m_rawinput 1 or 0
2013-03-01 15:43
rate 20000, 25000 or 100 000? how it is best guys?
2013-03-14 11:31
I also want to ask for those commands that put them or no... -nomsaa -nofbo -nomousegrab fps_override "1" Thanks in advance.
2013-03-14 11:33
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