vTi bring in peacemaker

February 17th, 2013 17:14

Vince te Ipsum have announced that they have decided to swap Vitor "vass" Tercero with Luiz "peacemaker" Tadeu.

The Brazilian team were created in December with big goals and a star-studded lineup which included former GameCrashers trio Arthur "prd" Resende, Thiago "BTT" Monteiro and Olavo "cky" Napoleão.

As vTi wait for the first big CS:GO tournament in Brazil to be announced, the team have now been forced to reshuffle their squad a bit after Vitor "vass" Tercero decided to step down from the active lineup due to him getting married soon.

To replace him, vTi turned to Luiz "peacemaker" Tadeu, who was a big-name player in the CS:Source scene, with spells in TargetDown, CnB Gaming and vsONE.

With this change, vTi now have the following roster:

Brazil Arthur "prd" Resende
Brazil Thiago "BTT" Monteiro
Brazil Olavo "cky" Napoleão
Brazil Pedro "gordoo" Azenha
Brazil Luiz "peacemaker" Tadeu

Sweden zende 
2013-02-17 17:17
Not nice :| bit.ly/12xTYtF
2013-02-17 17:38
Nice one.
2013-02-17 17:17
2013-02-17 17:19
Dominican Republic pabeL 
2013-02-17 17:22
Brazil VoxeL 
2013-02-17 17:23
needs fnx and fallen
2013-02-17 17:23
2013-02-17 17:26
not need anymore =)
2013-02-20 12:15
GL =)
2013-02-17 17:26
gl Luiz
2013-02-17 17:26
n1 GL :DD
2013-02-17 17:31
prd - fart in our language
2013-02-17 17:31
dude, is 'prd' a WORD in your language? hahaha lmao
2013-02-17 18:02
yeah :D
2013-02-17 19:02
haha nice :D
2013-02-17 19:35
Europe eler 
prd go!
2013-02-17 17:32
gl :)
2013-02-17 17:34
its peacemaker from kick Ass? hope not.
2013-02-17 17:34
2013-02-17 17:51
World Moya 
Nice team, great chances to play outside Brazil
2013-02-17 18:04
will never achieve anything with gordoo.
2013-02-17 18:09
peacemaker > TD.zews, TD.rkz haha
2013-02-17 18:17
I can see this team accomplishing alot no sarcasm intended.
2013-02-17 19:19
cogu | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
they'll not attend any international event, so... who cares???
2013-02-17 23:13
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