cogu completes paiN roster

February 17th, 2013 18:17

paiN have announced via their Facebook page that Brazilian legend Raphael "cogu" Camargo has completed their CS:GO division.

Camargo's future had been up in the air in the last days after reports began to surface in Brazil about ProGaming.TD dispensing with the services of the former Made in Brazil ace.

A former 1.6 player who also had a CS:Source spell, Camargo has so far failed to live up to the hype since switching to CS:GO in August, after almost three years on the sidelines.

The 2006 ESWC champion will now be looking to make amends in paiN, who were on the lookout for a new player after losing Felipe "fbm" Mengue to ProGaming.TD on Thursday.

cogu joins paiN after being ousted by ProGaming.TD

paiN are currently fifth in the Brazilian ESEA Open league, with nine victories from 12 matches.

The team currently have the following roster:

Brazil Felippe "felippe1" Martins
Brazil Frederico "atx" Maia
Brazil Willian "LuL4" Elias
Brazil Lorenzo "lrz" Araujo
Brazil Raphael "cogu" Camargo

pufff, another novel
2013-02-17 18:19
2013-02-17 18:43
Europe jUN^ 
brasilian soap opera at it's best
2013-02-18 15:29
India rathi 
gl guys
2013-02-17 18:18
United States :] 
jesus christ
2013-02-17 18:20
2013-02-17 18:57
2013-02-17 18:20
2013-02-17 18:21
weak team
2013-02-17 18:22
lrz cogu and lul4 = yeah! atx and felippe = oh god why
2013-02-17 18:27
ahuauhhau cogu with 1.6ers... let's see :D
2013-02-17 18:28
who cares they will not travel 4 tournaments anywhere : D
2013-02-17 18:28
you certainly dont know paiN
2013-02-17 18:29
ye, isnt it felippe1 who gives money for traveling ?
2013-02-17 18:30
Only god knows from where the money comes hahaha
2013-02-17 18:32
drugs and hookers i assume, since hes brazilian
2013-02-17 19:03
Brazil lsz1 
cloned credit cards. by him and atx, that explains why atx sucks so much and doeasn't leave the team.
2013-02-17 20:54
Welcome to the Bobby's World.
2013-02-18 19:12
2013-02-17 18:44
know that they was travelling to some tournaments but i think it will be the same as 2 tournaments and yeah.... that's all anyway they will be raped hard if they will travel somewhere : D :D
2013-02-17 18:31
Yes, thats true, they dont have any chance with atx and felippe1 in this lineup
2013-02-17 18:34
Fallen btt prd cogu fnx Could Do something !
2013-02-17 18:39
Hope he practices hard and gets his A game back
2013-02-17 18:40
You don't know Steel. In my opinion the better player in Brazil
2013-02-17 18:58
cogu have been joke in CS scene for sometime, with cogu they dont have chance against any serious team, he is so bad that all his teams lose because of him^^
2013-02-17 18:47
Oh my god, Johnny R is here
2013-02-17 18:54
2013-02-17 19:42
cogu | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
Johnny R lost a awp x1 on 1.6 for cogu and now is mad! lol
2013-02-17 23:12
good luck
2013-02-17 18:57
why cogu? WHY?
2013-02-17 19:10
vacation for free?
2013-02-18 13:44
gl lul4
2013-02-17 23:17
He lost his skillz , he is also too old for this shit
2013-02-18 09:49
And now I have officialy seen everything.
2013-02-18 15:26
cogu eduzin aprendiz dread gaules Could Do something !
2013-03-29 00:10
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