Hashd.tv launched

February 17th, 2013 21:51

A new livestreaming platform called Hashd.tv has officially seen the light of day, as it looks to take some of the focus off of TwitchTV.

Since own3D.tv was closed down at the end of January due to financial problems, the video game community has been left with Twitch as its only major livestreaming service.

Several e-Sports fans had expressed concern over the fact that Twitch now holds the monopoly over the livestreaming business, but a new company called Hashd.tv has now been created as it aims to provide the community with an alternative in this field.

Based in Zug, Switzerland, Hashd.tv plans on introducing "innovative features" and "grow alongside our community to eventually become the leading streaming service in the world", the company's press release read.

"We have some big features coming up during the next months and this is just the initial part of what we want to accomplish." said Niklas Karoly, co-founder and COO of Hashd.tv.

"From the very beginning we worked closely with known eSports personalities in order to deliver the best possible product we could do with our resources.

"We take community feedback very seriously and there is a good chance that we will integrate suggestions from the community."

To celebrate the launch of Hashd.tv, some showmatches will be played during the course of the next week, in StarCraft 2 and Dota 2.

The Switzerland-based company faces a daunting task to reach the same level of Twitch, which released earlier in the month a new feature called Turbo, a monthly subscription which allows you to watch all streams free of ads.

To find out more information about this livestreaming platform, head over to the company's website by going here.

2013-02-17 21:52
that's good, twitch needs some competition.
2013-02-17 21:52
2013-02-17 22:27
2013-02-18 00:45
it's not like twitch is making shitload of money though
2013-02-18 02:39
Our fault, proud users of adblock plus.
2013-02-18 12:11
interesting simply.)
2013-02-17 21:53
2013-02-17 21:53
thank god, will the crap twitch introduced I'll keep an eye on this. oh and thx for letting us know
2013-02-17 21:55
mean to type "with" instead of "will" :D
2013-02-18 00:35
Rightly timed.
2013-02-17 21:57
Poland seeez 
good for e-sport
2013-02-17 21:57
there will be another one soon called azubu.tv or something like it.
2013-02-17 21:58
Latvia CINDER 
Guy who's streaming now is terrible.
2013-02-17 21:58
United Kingdom Eoin 
i sure am :)
2013-02-17 22:39
dont play with updaterate 10/cmdrate 30 lol...
2013-02-18 08:52
You sound like a pornstar or smth lol
2013-02-18 09:44
couldn't agree more.
2013-02-17 23:18
2013-02-17 21:58
2013-02-17 22:00
2013-02-17 22:00
Brazil th3W 
2013-02-17 22:00
I was surprised when saw, that login "admin" haven't been registered :3
2013-02-17 22:06
Slovakia xarc 
by the way, will be mobile app to watch some streams? please, make some for iOS & Android.. ^^
2013-02-17 22:12
That's on the roadmap,but currently we are in beta and want to make sure that everything is running fine,after that we'll start adding more and more features!
2013-02-17 22:14
Slovakia xarc 
yes yes, okay, because I (and not just me, but maybe thousands of fans) want to spectate/watch some streams of CS:GO, or maybe Dota2, SC2 etc. :), it would be nice if will be app like this in App Store/Google Play :) we should be just patient and just hope that you will something "throw" out in next days/weeks/months :D
2013-02-17 22:18
We'll do our best to provide you with the best streaming experience,we'll take the time it needs to release proper products tho,so gotta be patient with the App,but when it's out,I promise it's good!
2013-02-17 22:22
That's great - would love to be able to watch stuff on my iPad.
2013-02-17 23:40
Why does Open Broadcaster Software keep telling me I'm using the wrong Stream Key when I'm not? A faster mail support would be lovely....
2013-02-18 02:14
nice timing I bought hash 20 minutes ago. great name!
2013-02-17 22:14
2013-02-17 22:14
2013-02-17 22:26
Europe jUN^ 
2013-02-18 10:34
China Specster 
twitch works perfectly, also on ipad for example, wathing streams in hd while lying in the bed is awesome. azubu.tv will come soon too. Lets hope this one will also have those features!
2013-02-17 22:30
I feel this is made by germans, who would spell english with a c? gyazo.com/bc40d6887525263dd1ce6902fc12cc..
2013-02-17 22:42
its sweis? or how the *** u spell that language ;P.
2013-02-18 11:42
Yeah it's swiss, noticed it afterwards. But don't the swiss speak german?
2013-02-18 11:54
yes, around 70% of swiss citizens use to be swiss germans.
2013-02-18 14:22
good competition is very good
2013-02-17 23:05
Azubu.tv incoming :)))
2013-02-17 23:06
lol nubz
2013-02-17 23:12
lol i am from zug :D maybe they i can work with them D:
2013-02-17 23:13
no you can't daniel! stfu!
2013-02-18 04:26
looks the same as own3d
2013-02-17 23:14
So how do I stream at this site with OBS?
2013-02-17 23:15
Create a livestream, click details and it will show you your key and your RMTP link. [On the website, not OBS.]
2013-02-18 00:01
I did exactly those things but OBS is telling me that I'm using a invalid Stream Channel / Stream Key... which I'm not.
2013-02-18 01:56
In order to stop that from happening in OBS, I had to use the key located under : Your complete key/name: Once I did that, it worked. The issue I am currently having is setting up the stream under the Dallas server. The Netherlands server works, but the Dallas one gives me a socket error. [Also be sure to select Custom under the Streaming Service] For some reason I am now getting the socket error on both servers now.
2013-02-18 02:24
I'm getting Socket Error at the Netherlands server. P:
2013-02-18 02:25
Yeah, I don't know what else to state. I had it working, now I get socket errors on both servers. Thing is, the video showed on the website, yet did not save as a video I recorded. [Albeit brief, still should have saved.] I wonder what settings the users are using on the streams up now, because I have tried all different combinations to the servers from incorporating my stream key etc. Question was also posed at the OBS forums here : obsproject.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t..
2013-02-18 02:32
They just finished posting this on the site : "Some of our servers seem to be having issues at the moment, we are currently working on fixing it. Please bear with us."
2013-02-18 03:31
Yeah saw that as well, quite bad. Have taken them like 4-6 hours, still no fix.
2013-02-18 05:24
I was able to test stream stable on the Dallas server, after receiving the invalid stream key error quite a few times. But the video did not save again, so I am not sure what the extent of the issues are.
2013-02-18 05:57
why change when twitch is good ?
2013-02-17 23:16
That's like saying why buy x shoe when y shoe fits as well. It is all about options, variety. I do use Twitch as my primary and never streamed on Own3D, but having the option was more than welcome.
2013-02-18 00:12
Competition is always good, no matter what.
2013-02-18 00:15
Plus competition drives everyone to make their website the best. Wich only benefits us users, because we will get better quality.
2013-02-18 11:44
Own3d.tv 2nd version
2013-02-18 00:10
2013-02-18 00:14
any links to own3d (staff / infrastructure)? Just noticed also based in Switzerland.
2013-02-18 00:21
It has to be linked to own3d. The looks...
2013-02-18 02:36
Wasn't own3d based in Austria? Own3d COO is Oleg Kogut. Edit: I found sth like this crunchbase.com/company/own3d-entertainme.. - own3d staff
2013-02-18 08:41
hrmm maybe, i can recall an office or servers maybe, cant remember ><
2013-02-18 09:14
I guess it's just rebrand, lol.
2013-02-18 15:01
good idea, bad name.
2013-02-18 01:08
agree with you
2013-02-18 07:33
I was surprised to see own3d go anyway but obviously own3d had a lot of debt so starting over as a new website to get rid of the debts was the easiest thing to do.
2013-02-18 05:03
So this is own3d.tv with a new name just trying to get out of paying the money they owed? Can anyone confirm any links between own3d and this new Hashd.tv?
2013-02-18 05:37
No, site just looks similar.
2013-02-18 08:49
similar? it looks exactly the same with a different logo.
2013-02-18 11:27
#D hashd
2013-02-18 09:54
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