Assembly Winter groups and schedule

February 18th, 2013 17:51

Assembly Winter have published the groups and full schedule to their 2013 event's 3,000€ Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament.

With the full team list of eight participants finalized yesterday, the organizers of Assembly Winter 2013's CS:GO tournament have published the groups and full schedule for the event.

In group stage maps are selected using the standard veto system where each team removes maps until just one remains for a best-of-one game. In playoffs veto system is used until three maps remain, and standard map picking process takes place.

Group A Group B
Finland TMVG Finland Eternity Gaming
Norway partyastronauts Finland Refuse
Finland eastGamers Finland Paranoia
Finland FR34KSHOW Finland from roihuvuori h00ds

Teams are split into two groups of four teams which will be played on Friday with top two advancing from each group to the playoffs which will take place on Saturday.

Semi-finals, third place decider and grand final will all be played in best-of-three and take place on Saturday, but GOTV will only be available for round robin as playoffs will be streamed.

Friday, February 22:

Time Match Type
16:00 Finland TMVG vs. Finland eastGamers BO1
16:00 Norway partyastronauts vs. Finland FR34KSHOW BO1
17:00 Finland TMVG vs. Finland FR34KSHOW BO1
17:00 Norway partyastronauts vs. Finland eastGamers BO1
18:00 Norway partyastronauts vs. Finland TMVG BO1
18:00 Finland FR34KSHOW vs. Finland eastGamers BO1
20:00 Finland Eternity Gaming vs. Finland from roihuvuori h00ds BO1
20:00 Finland Paranoia vs. Finland Refuse BO1
21:00 Finland Eternity Gaming vs. Finland Refuse BO1
21:00 Finland Paranoia vs. Finland from roihuvuori h00ds BO1
22:00 Finland Eternity Gaming vs. Finland Paranoia BO1
22:00 Finland Refuse vs. Finland from roihuvuori h00ds BO1

Saturday, February 23:

Time Match Type
12:00 Semi-final #1 BO3
12:00 Semi-final #2 BO3
16:00 Third place decider BO3
19:00 Grand final BO3

Although Mad Catz CS:GO Invitational collides with Assembly Winter but we will do our best to keep you updated with results from Finland's capital where the eight teams will go head-to-head for the 3,000€ prize pot.

Easy for NiP
2013-02-18 17:52
There's no nip.
2013-02-18 18:02
iizi for refuse
2013-02-18 17:56
Lineups: partyastronauts (vENdetta, Cy, firesenz, rain, thrax) Paranoia eSports (juhits, fAlsu, MAUKKiS, SAGGERTON, reVicer) Team Refuse (duffmaN, VILZU, cyrex, SHATTE, NOOKIE) eastGamers (el_miQuel, emr0n, THim, Hiiru, Jaukku) HyperX FR34KSHOW (gstus, ociriz, Sp1ky, zwhR, Falleni) Eternity Gaming (KHRN, Twista, SAMITSKY, kononen, nashje) TOOMUCHVIDEOGAMES (shaker, allu, ScurK, natu, jOELZ) from roihuvuori h00ds (countless, God, reflex, KELLI, KIPSIk)
2013-02-18 18:01
Source? As far as I know jOELZ doesn't go any further from home than nearest Siwa
2013-02-18 18:15
2013-02-18 18:16
well now he is gonna attend. :)
2013-02-18 22:03
2013-02-19 00:31
Interesting to see how he gonna perform @ LAN :P ei varmaa puntit tutise
2013-02-19 08:36
good luck duffmaN mate <33
2013-02-18 18:12
2013-02-18 22:12
Easy win for Paranoia eSports.
2013-02-18 18:33
2013-02-18 19:11
GO eternity!
2013-02-18 20:07
eastGamers > TMVG
2013-02-19 04:00
Why is none of these hot matches? with GOTV to spec and suche??!!?!?!?!
2013-02-22 14:29
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