ESEA Season 13 playoff picture

With ESEA Invite Season 13 down to its final two weeks of matches, we take a look at the teams who are still fighting for a spot at the global finals this spring.

In the European ESEA Invite league, Ninjas in Pyjamas have guaranteed themselves a spot at the finals, with VeryGames sitting right behind with a comfortable 10-3 record and favored matchups versus ESC, fnatic and Absolute Legends looming ahead.

ESC Gaming was a favorite to finish third up until disappointing double overtime loss against the recently renovated fm.TOXiC roster, setting themselves up for a close run for the finish line in the final two weeks.

Competing for the last two spots from Europe are ESC, and n!faculty, who opened up the doors for themselves with a surprise win over VeryGames on de_inferno_se this past week.

fnatic actually have a small backdoor still open as well, but considering they would need to win versus Absolute Legends, VeryGames and Anexis while needing either ESC or n!faculty to end up with just nine wins and have them tie at 10-6 with a head-to-head tiebreaker in their favor thanks to a cheap forfeit win they took, it's likely not going to be in play.

ESC is likely going to finish the season with a 10-6 record if they lose versus VG and NiP on de_cache, but score wins over Curse and ASES on de_dust2_se, both of which seem like the obvious conclusions.

Up-to-date ESEA Invite Europe CS:GO standings

The Poles have a chance to upset at least VeryGames if they've prepared well for de_cache, and a win could be huge for them. They have the head-to-head tiebreaker over n!faculty, but not against, whom defeated them in triple overtime on de_train_se.

n!faculty could still finish the season with a 11-5 record if they manage to win three games versus Curse, Absolute Legends and You can expect the Germans to beat the former two, but a loss versus Virtus would put them out of the race with a 10-6 record and lost tiebreaker versus both Virtus and ESC. are the favorites to clinch third place as they have a 8-5 record right now with three matches versus n!faculty, Anexis and ASES remaining. They have defeated both ESC and n!faculty earlier in the season, so tiebreakers are in their favor.

To sum it up, fnatic has a small chance but it likely won't last long. ESC and are likely to make playoffs as ESC would only have to defeat Curse and ASES and have Virtus beat n!faculty for that to happen. However, if loses to n!faculty after wins versus ASES and Anexis, they will advance together with the Germans, leaving ESC back in Europe to spectate the global ESEA finals.

Secured a playoff berth:      Still in the race:
Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas Poland ESC Gaming
France VeryGames Russia
  Germany n!faculty
Denmark fnatic

In North American ESEA Invite the three heavy favorites, Kory "semphis" Friesen's Quantic Gaming (formerly known as Area51 and 4Nothing), Curse and Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert's Team Dynamic, have all but guaranteed themselves spots in the finals.

Fighting for the final spot from North America are Netcode Illuminati, mouseSpaz and High Rollers Gaming, although the latter's chances are slim to none at this point as they are sitting at a 6-6 record and a 5-11 deficit versus Curse.

Netcode Illuminati currently sports a 9-4 record with three games remaining. They still face Curse and TD, so without an upset they will finish the season with at least six losses. They should be able to take down Sour Patch Kids, but 10-6 will not guarantee them a spot.

They have the head-to-head advantage over mouseSpaz thanks to an earlier win, but if they were to draw HRG's record, Matt "Warden" Dickens' team would go to finals over them due to a head-to-head win in week five.

Up-to-date ESEA Invite North America CS:GO standings

HRG still has games remaining versus mouseSpaz, Curse, Team Dynamic and Quack Pack, and would have to go undefeated in their final two weeks to have a shot at clinching the finals. They started their match against Curse last night but had to stop playing due to server issues. HRG is currently trailing 5-11 after losing the second half pistol round, and are in a tough must-win spot.

The third team in play is Nazar "steno" Vynnytsky's mouseSpaz, who currently boast a 9-5 record with matches remaining versus FrostGaming and HRG. Should mSpaz win their final games, as they are expected to, they will make finals over Netcode Illuminati unless a major upset happens, as NCI would have to defeat TD or Curse.

With Quantic Gaming, Curse and Team Dynamic set to fight it out for the all important seedings, right now mouseSpaz is in the driver's seat to clinch the fourth place at LAN finals, but just one loss and a 10-6 could could have Netcode Illuminati advance over them. HRG has a theoretical chance, but that should be over within a fourteen rounds of play later tonight.

Secured a playoff berth:      Still in the race:
United States Quantic Gaming United States Netcode Illuminati
United States Team Dynamic United States High Rollers Gaming
United States Curse United States mouseSpaz

ESEA finals are yet to be announced, but according to Craig "Torbull" Levine's post on forums, they will most likely take place sometime in April in Dallas, TX, where will also travel to provide you with full on-site coverage of the $36,000 finals.

Dynamic <3
2013-02-18 13:34
China Ot1s 
Here is an ESEA 1 week guest pass :) feel free to try :D 1CC5B138866E03F0413BC9A947FDD010
2013-02-21 13:36
dynamic, is that the team with the Swagga Swag Master?
2013-02-18 13:43
with Swag and the Master (n0thing), yes.
2013-02-18 14:23
vp go go ( fnatic scare about rematch with vp )
2013-02-18 13:44
ESC Gaming, they need to keep winning. gl!
2013-02-18 13:58
as if n! are good, i hope for nip vg esc vp to go USA
2013-02-18 14:17
hope fnatic can make it, will be hard with this lineup tough
2013-02-18 14:24
sad for nfaculty; they deserve @top4
2013-02-18 14:44
Germany Dok1 
gogo n!
2013-02-18 15:02
Shame on fnatic. They have scrounged vs
2013-02-18 15:07
gogo Quantic
2013-02-18 15:22
how is vp in-front of esc on that ladder when they have played one match more than esc and have worse rd?
2013-02-18 15:44
head to head
2013-02-18 16:52
2013-02-18 17:26
Netcode Illuminati!!!!!
2013-02-18 16:04
Europe omga 
sad for VP coz they got walkover by fnatic
2013-02-18 16:34
Hope esc make it
2013-02-18 17:00
I like this us vs eu battle but im dreaming for an esea world league with representatives from asia and south america.
2013-02-18 17:03
there's no us vs eu battle lol. top usa teams wouldnt be even top20 in eu.
2013-02-18 17:18
What a bullshit.
2013-02-18 19:34
we will see about that
2013-02-18 20:58
area51 placed 3rd at eswc and took a map from VG which was stronger then this VG lineup with scream..u sir r talking out of ur ass
2013-02-19 22:29
netcode and mousespaz are the only teams that really deserve that NA spot right now. The other two teams contending are just a waste of the 4th spot since they just pug league matches.
2013-02-18 17:04
lurrpis and his obsession about esc "need to prove something" in csgo is really boring imo.
2013-02-18 17:21
lol @ NiP, ridicilously good, and they are even beter on lan!
2013-02-18 17:34
cmon fnatic you can do it
2013-02-18 17:38
is de_cache remake of some cpl etc map or its completely new map?
2013-02-18 17:41
Damn it fnatic! Cmon do IT!
2013-02-18 18:05
Esc vs vg on de_cache will be hard for esc coz its css map
2013-02-18 19:35
It was a css map in the NA scene, nobody in europe had ever played it in a league.
2013-02-20 01:42
Looking at the tournament schedule for April I am hoping they schedule 19-21 of April for this event. 5-7 is Starladder V finals, 13-14 is RaidCall EMS One finals, 26-27 is Dreamhack - busy month!
2013-02-19 11:13
ESC is now on a bad way. n! will probably go
2013-02-19 22:21
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