CGPL Season 1 finals announced

The inaugural season of the CyberGamer Premier League Season 1 is approaching the final stages where the top eight teams will battle it out live for $7,000 with the winner walking away with $5,000 cash.

The event will kick off at the Mantra Hotel is Melbourne on the 23rd of March and will consist of two groups of four. Groups will be played in a best-of-three format with the top two progressing to the semi-finals and day two of the event.

Group A   Group B
Australia Vox Eminor   Australia Qlimax Crew
Australia 3H   Australia Team Immunity
Australia Noxious Gaming   Australia Vol.priv
Australia Auxiliary   Australia We Ain't Mad

Group A see the heavy favourites Vox Eminor sporting three members from the former CGS organisation Sydney Underground. Although seeded fourth in the group, strong competition will come from Auxiliary who have plenty of LAN experience with Mark "destiny" Kagan and Mike "apoc" Alferis, who have both represented Australia at International 1.6 events.

In Group B, Team Immunity sporting COD/Battlefield/CSS players have formed a team that will look to take it to the former CS 1.6 players of Qlimax Crew and Vol.priv.

Trophies for 1st place - courtesy of

The event is open to all spectators and information regarding the venue and can be found here. For full lineups, schedules and GOTV IPs please click through to the official CGPL thread. A Stream will also be present live from the event with casting done by six time WCG representive Byron "simcore" McLean.

2013-02-28 08:29
aussies doing more than chasing down KROKKKKKS
2013-02-28 08:32
6 replies
Canada xb0y
2013-02-28 08:34
It's true we will all be riding our Kangaroos to the Lan event
2013-02-28 12:11
4 replies
Ahoy mate
2013-02-28 13:27
xd u win
2013-02-28 15:36
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_-
Is gaming hard when playing upside-down?
2013-03-02 14:38
1 reply
lol :D
2013-03-19 02:17
Peekay does not approve of the deStiny mention. inb4 Crunchynut post.
2013-02-28 08:39
I wish there were frequent LAN's in NZ :/
2013-02-28 08:39
dat battlefield team
2013-02-28 08:49
Where for art thou peekay
2013-02-28 08:50
inb4 wheres benoR? wheres gazR? wheres panov?
2013-02-28 09:11
1 reply
That was what I was going to ask yeah ;o
2013-02-28 09:32
Azerbaijan Talley
"Team Immunity sporting COD/Battlefield/CSS players have formed a team that will look to take it to the former CS 1.6 players of Qlimax Crew and Vol.priv." L@L, too much free time.
2013-02-28 09:20
I thought CPL :(
2013-02-28 09:31
3 replies
Same here :'(
2013-02-28 09:34
2 replies
same here :D
2013-02-28 09:36
1 reply
Same here :(
2013-03-01 08:44
Wheres that guy who yells?
2013-02-28 09:32
1 reply
GazR :p Ill send him a fb message, been ages since I spoke to him n benor
2013-02-28 09:33
GoMeZ ya play? :D
2013-02-28 09:36
2 replies
Funny story actually, I play most nights with dinQ and sometimes with Qlimax Crew. I'm a pretty average player who only plays with good players and teams. I guess they like playing with me :)
2013-02-28 09:47
1 reply
GoMeZ box.
2013-02-28 09:49
yin from 3h to 30 bomb most games.
2013-02-28 09:44
1 reply
2013-02-28 09:46
inb4 3h win
2013-02-28 09:46
Excellent news.
2013-02-28 10:03
Go noxious. m0nt to carry
2013-02-28 10:26
keen for this, noxious to take first
2013-02-28 10:29
wheres dreamR?
2013-02-28 10:51
Vol to cause some upsets if they actually play.
2013-02-28 11:27
3 replies
wouldn't even call it vol, just ssar, c0ke & mafu(if u count mafu..)
2013-02-28 11:36
2 replies
u dont count heavyH as volpriv ? wow
2013-02-28 11:55
1 reply
woops didnt know he was in the team, my mistake :o~
2013-02-28 13:07
That's fucking tough boys, I ain't mad
2013-02-28 12:03
Wtf didn't even know there was a scene here anymore. I'm living in Sydney atm. If someone could point be in the right direction e.g websites and inet cafes that play CS:GO id really like to get involved.
2013-02-28 12:29
1 reply - One community website, the biggest over all platforms. - Great support to the community -Best pug system -Great forum 2 Some lans - Beyond gaming internet cafe.
2013-02-28 12:54
The only team name I've heard of is Immunity!
2013-02-28 12:59
Greece her-1g
benoR quitted I suppose
2013-02-28 13:23
Australiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Will be watching!
2013-02-28 13:31
look whos playing destiny the online cheater
2013-02-28 13:39
gg australia.
2013-02-28 13:50
3 replies
tincan, where you been my brother!
2013-02-28 20:16
2 replies
good my friend how are u?
2013-03-02 14:33
1 reply
good mate good, you still over here or back in INDIA?
2013-03-02 17:25
tHm | 
Denmark tHm
My guess would be Immunity, but havent seen them playing in GO and I dont know the other teams well.
2013-02-28 14:15
1 reply
100% different line-up to the CS 1.6 WCG Immunity.
2013-02-28 14:50
Glad to see Australia still plays first person computer games :) This is a quote I saved from a dice thread someone wrote that you never replied to and I've always wanted to know too why you let some org tell you to remove a post for them Gomez. I thought you were a community man :( "I always wanted to know why Gomez removed the post of destiny caught cheating, was it because of the influence of team immunity at the time or was it that he is friends with cheaters from the cs community."
2013-02-28 15:39
2 replies
Doesn't really matter, Destiny is a cheating rat either way.
2013-02-28 16:17
I don't understand why you keep bringing this up? I have literally no idea what you are talking about. As you can see by this thread, someone has already mentioned crunchynut and another outright called him a cheater. Yet both posts still stand? Here is another thread where you mentioned it, once again still no idea what you are talking about I literally searched for 30mins, cannot find any quote or anything you are talking about....
2013-02-28 16:26
finally some tournament in Australia :D
2013-02-28 16:00
P. Sherman 42, Wallaby way, Sydney
2013-02-28 16:11
1 reply
hahahah, they called it that because it sounds like fisherman. thnx for the aus scene news hltv :), all I want is lots of close games all the way to finals
2013-02-28 17:37
So man aussies here... didn't expect it^^
2013-02-28 16:51
easy win for noxious
2013-02-28 19:05
Voxe will win, GL all
2013-02-28 22:49
nooobs, all of em where is YGS and NoR?? &_&
2013-03-01 02:56
unbelievable, UNbelievable.
2013-03-01 02:58
Can't wait to play with my team (3H) :)
2013-03-01 12:15
i personally think deStiny doesnt cheat but i dont know since its been ages i have played ipgn with him.The guy is thoroughly rough coz id like to believe he has a military/agressive mind but whatever might be the inside story who knows :/
2013-03-02 14:35
3 replies
This just proves how retarded you are, he's openly admitted to cheating many times and yet you continue to believe otherwise, go back to India will all the other retarded faggots please.
2013-03-02 14:40
2 replies
You're an idiot. You have no PROOFF WHAT SO ever that he cheated in a competitive game, which includes tournaments and pugs. So stfu, im pretty sure his cheated but cheating in a random server and competitive match is different. Im pretty sure a lot of the pros have done that.
2013-03-03 06:02
1 reply
He admitted to cheating in games with anti cheat, so whether that is league games, ipgn tournament matches is irrelevant, i don't see how a personal confession isnt proof? So while we are replied to each other, what does destiny's asshole smell like?
2013-03-03 13:59
rofl dude whatever.
2013-03-02 14:42
Keen for this weekend :D
2013-03-19 01:39
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