Play Dreamteam for Mad Catz

February 19th, 2013 21:13

As Mad Catz CS:GO Invitational is just days away from kicking off, it's time to announce our Dreamteam game for the 10,000€ Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament.

The tournament taking place on February 23-24 at the five-star Imperial Riding School Renaissance Vienna Hotel in the Austrian capital, so you have three more days to create your team to participate.

With teams such as VeryGames, Natus Vincere, ESC Gaming and Lemondogs challenging Ninjas in Pyjamas for the title and bragging rights, it's surely going to be an interesting event.

Groups for the event, which will see top three from each group advance, were drawn earlier today. Dreamteam market will stay open until the first round of matches begins on Saturday.

Who will you select for your Dreamteam?

First two group stages are scheduled to take place on Saturday, with Sunday reserved for the playoffs of the tournament. Market will open only after both group stages are finished on Saturday.

For those new to our Dreamteam game, you can read up on the basics here. If we secure prizes for Mad Catz CS:GO Invitational's Dreamteam, we will post about it in the coming days.

You can sign up for Dreamteam right here. will travel to Vienna, Austria on Friday to provide you with full coverage of the first big CS:GO event in 2013.

Czech Republic PSM 
i will try it :D
2013-02-19 21:16
Join here guys ;))) top1 will get 7days ESEA premium key gl hf
2013-02-19 21:17
here go :D
2013-02-19 21:18
Pieter | 
Netherlands Grifte 
Nice nice!
2013-02-19 21:27
Azerbaijan Talley 
I'm gonna fail again, but still trying lol.
2013-02-19 21:43
MAJ3R Neo Edward NiKolinho Fifflaren
2013-02-19 21:48
w0w dreamteam was pretty hard, good thing lemondogs are all cheap as fuck so it's an obvious choice. Loord starix Fifflaren waver berg
2013-02-19 22:29
WHAT THE HELL? n!faculty players all cost less than EVERY tcm-gaming player?? I mean, n!faculty have beat nip online and ended top3 at ESWC. TCM did nothing, why are they so expensive???
2013-02-19 22:37
Romania tr$ 
It's based on statistics.
2013-02-19 23:09
Oh ok thx. Didn't know that
2013-02-19 23:10
f0rest - sprayer Fifflaren - tac leader kennyS - sniper k1Ng0r - newbie ozstrik3r - whiner gl2all!
2013-02-19 23:04
NBK - he's really strong currently f0rest - currently better than GTR Edward - NaVi beast ... Oztriker - because i had no money left & is playing quite well since Epsilan MaT - because emuLate <3 ! GL !
2013-02-19 23:59
Currently better? he has always been better.
2013-02-21 05:00
For me they are more or less as good each other, maybe at the begining of csgo GTR was better, i think for now f0rest is better. Anyway it's not such a big deal ... f0rest and GTR are the two best player in the world.
2013-02-21 12:10
ceh9 - camper markeloff - sniper oskar - sprayer ex6tenz - tac leader NBK - aimstar
2013-02-20 00:59
MAJ3R - Pistoleer(Dont know if it's god role for him) Neo - Sprayer ed1k - Newbie Xizt - Tac leader qk-Mantis - Sniper(Dont know if it's god role for him)
2013-02-20 01:12
World 121 
dont use qk-mantis because he doesn't awp most of the time, you can use markeloff or KennyS instead.
2013-02-20 21:38
ScreaM Ex6TenZ .PhP ceh9 Fifflaren will own it. :-)
2013-02-20 13:25
First time playing, tried to go a bit for the underdog positions. I don't really know what I'm doing. Dosia - Tac Leader Fifflaren - Camper disruptor - Newbie kRYSTAL - First Fragger Uzzziii - Sprayer
2013-02-20 14:54
Let the lottery begin
2013-02-20 14:57
Tunisia edgg 
im gonna fail, once again :[
2013-02-20 16:21
2013-02-20 21:22
Croatia boba 
So when are old prizes going to be shipped? I have been waiting for my Na-Vi Siberia v2 headset for like 2 years now.
2013-02-20 21:35
World 121 
ceh9 markeloff edward starix zeus
2013-02-20 21:39
ceh9 - newbie shoxie - aimstar GeT_RiGht - tac leader maj3r - pistoleer asmo - sprayer I have a feeling that ScreaM is going to disappoint a lot of people who took him on their dreamteam for 125k. Waiting for his prize to come down 5-10k then buying him for the playoffs = $$$
2013-02-21 12:16
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