Mad Catz viewer's guide

February 21st, 2013 13:40

As the Mad Catz CS:GO Invitational is closing in, we bring you a viewer's guide for the €10,000 event featuring the likes of NiP, VeryGames, ESC and last but not least, Natus Vincere.

Mad Catz CS:GO Invitational at the five-star Imperial Riding School Renaissance Vienna Hotel will feature two group stages. In the first group stage, groups A and B will be played at the same time, followed by C and D later on in the afternoon.

Winners of each group will proceed directly to the quarterfinals while 2nd and 3rd placed teams will have to fight their way through the group stage #2. The second group stage will determine the last 4 spots in the playoffs which will be played in a single-elimination, best-of-three manner.

Saturday, February 23rd:

Group stage #1

Group A
Time Type
Sweden NiP vs. Russia Nostalgia 10:00 BO1
France Imaginary vs. Germany TCM-Gaming 10:00 BO1
Sweden NiP vs. Germany TCM-Gaming 11:00 BO1
France Imaginary vs. Russia Nostalgia 11:00 BO1
Sweden NiP vs.
France Imaginary 12:15 BO1
Germany TCM-Gaming vs. Russia Nostalgia 12:15 BO1
Group B
France VeryGames vs. Germany logiX 10:00 BO1
Denmark Anexis vs.
Germany ALTERNATE 10:00 BO1
France VeryGames vs. Germany ALTERNATE 11:00 BO1
Denmark Anexis vs. Germany logiX 11:00 BO1
France VeryGames vs. Denmark Anexis 12:15 BO1
Germany ALTERNATE vs. Germany logiX 12:15 BO1
Group C
Poland ESC Gaming vs. United Kingdom TeamCRG 14:30 BO1
Germany n!faculty vs. Ukraine Natus Vincere 14:30 BO1
Poland ESC Gaming vs. Ukraine Natus Vincere 15:30 BO1
Germany n!faculty vs. United Kingdom TeamCRG 15:30 BO1
Poland ESC Gaming vs. Germany n!faculty 16:45 BO1
Ukraine Natus Vincere vs. United Kingdom TeamCRG 16:45 BO1
Group D
Sweden Lemondogs vs. Serbia 14:30 BO1
Slovakia 3DMAX vs. France 14:30 BO1
Sweden Lemondogs vs. France 15:30 BO1
Slovakia 3DMAX vs. Serbia 15:30 BO1
Sweden Lemondogs vs. Slovakia 3DMAX 16:45 BO1
France vs. Serbia 16:45 BO1

Group stage #2

Group A, Group B Time Type
Round 1 19:00 BO1
Round 2 20:00 BO1
Round 3 21:15 BO1

Sunday, February 24th

Playoffs Time Type
Quarter-finals 10:00 BO3
Semi-finals 13:00 BO3
Third place decider 15:30 BO3
Grand final 18:30 BO3

The event is going to be broadcasted on FACEIT TV powered by Alienware with one of the commentators being the ex-Lemondogs in-game leader Björn "THREAT" Pers. The editors behind FACEIT TV have put together a short video that should set you in the mood right in time before the event:

Now that you know the full schedule, don't forget to find the right players and put your own Dreamteam together! For beginners, jump over here for more information about our amazing game.

Stay tuned to as three of our members will be on site between February 23rd-24th providing you with exclusive content from what is the first major CS:GO tournament of 2013.

Video down? :(
2013-02-21 13:45
sad, can't watch it
2013-02-21 13:47
Europe jUN^ 
THREAT's gonna cast, nice, love him! <3
2013-02-21 13:49
Really hope Na'Vi do well
2013-02-21 13:53
2013-02-23 03:12
The video is up and running now :)
2013-02-21 13:53
Group A: 1. NiP 2. Imaginary 3. Nostalgia 4. TCM-Gaming Group B: 1. VeryGames 2. Anexis/logiX 3. logiX/Anexis 4. ALTERNATE Group C: 1. ESC Gaming 2. n!faculty 3. Na'Vi 4. TeamCRG Group D: 1. Lemondogs/3DMAX 2. 3DMAX/Lemondogs 3. 4. - IMO
2013-02-21 14:01
nop Group C: 1.ESC/NAVI 2.n!
2013-02-21 15:05
ur opinin is suck
2013-02-21 15:13
Group A: 1. NiP 2. Nostalgia 3. Imaginary 4. TCM-Gaming Group B: 1. VeryGames 2. Anexis/logiX 3. logiX/Anexis 4. ALTERNATE Group C: 1. ESC Gaming 2. Na'Vi 3. n!faculty 4. TeamCRG Group D: 1. Lemondogs 2. 3DMAX 3. 4.
2013-02-22 12:55
Zeus | 
CIS stormyinho 
I hope Russian streams by sL4M and tafa will be on because they are the only who can comment CS:GO, sad they doesn't comment in English.
2013-02-21 14:07
United Kingdom Alth 
I believe everybody will have access to GOTV Ip's and there won't be any exclusivity with the streams so other languages are free to cast the tournament.
2013-02-21 14:08
Oh that's really great! :)
2013-02-21 14:28
R. Lewis is a good knowledgeable caster and I remember Jay Atkins to be good as well. Then I'd imagine Threat to be good too
2013-02-22 08:53
While that's awesome. I now don't know what to do. Do I cast the matches that aren't being shown on the main stream? Or do I watch the main stream? I CAN'T DO BOTH GOD DAMN IT!
2013-02-22 17:50
United Kingdom Alth 
I guess just cast the matches that aren't being cast by the main stream, unless it is a big clash like NaVi vs ESC when CRG vs N!faculty is on at the same time, as pretty much everybody will be watching the NaVi ESC game anyway.
2013-02-22 18:02
A. Nip TCM B. Verygames anelix/alternate C. ESC n4faculty D. Lemondogs 3Dmax/
2013-02-21 14:12
United Kingdom Alth 
Group A: 1. NiP 2. Imaginary 3. TCM-Gaming 4. Nostalgia Group B: 1. VeryGames 2. Anexis 3. ALTERNATE 4. Logix Group C: 1. n!faculty 2. ESC Gaming 3. Na'Vi 4. TeamCRG Group D: 1. Lemondogs/3DMAX 2. 3DMAX/Lemondogs 3. 4. Also, I am guessing the 2nd group stage will work like this: 2nd and 3rd place from each group go through to the second group stages, where it will be 2 groups of 4 right? and the top 2 from there will go through to knockouts.
2013-02-21 14:15
Correct. :)
2013-02-21 14:34
I agree on everything except group c :D 1. ESC 2. N!faculty 3. TeamCRG 4. Na'vi
2013-02-22 18:19
So I guess Im gonna be spending all day watching stream :)
2013-02-21 14:22
sad but true
2013-02-21 14:54
why is it sad? :)
2013-02-21 18:34
I'm pretty sure Group C will be with Na'Vi on top, mark my words.
2013-02-21 14:29
pretty sure about it too
2013-02-21 17:11
The second group stage will determine the last 4 spots in the playoffs which will be played in a single-elimination, best-of-three manner... is it like this?? round 1, a vs b (a wins) c vs d (c wins) round 2, a vs c (a wins and tops the group) b vs d (b wins and d loses the group) round 3, c vs b (whoever win this, goes into quater finals) or its bo3 as am confused between the "best-of-three manner"..
2013-02-21 14:36
Single elimination best of three just means that you play bo3 and if you lose, you are out. As for group stage 2, I am sure that it goes as group stage 1 and the top2 og each group will go through to the bo3 quaterfinals. Who meets who there, I am not sure of.
2013-02-21 14:41
thats where the confusion lies ! Check out the format, bo1 is mentioned as the type for group stage 2. edit.. sorry, my bad.. got it now :D further playoffs will be played in the bo3 format
2013-02-21 14:57
Yes, I know, I am not confused at all, though my post may have given the impression. The 2nd group stage will be played as bo1, round robin, where top2 advances to the quarterfinals, which will be played as bo3 single elimination. If you are still confused, please do tell :) EDIT. Just saw you edited, good to hear you got it!
2013-02-21 15:00
gonna try to wtacg all games))
2013-02-21 14:58
the dreamteam market will open after the end of group stage #1, right?
2013-02-21 14:59
No, after groupstage #2.
2013-02-21 15:01
why? ): i think it will be more interesting if they open the market after group stage #1 D:
2013-02-21 15:06
I don't make the rules, but my guess is that there is a possibility of delays and the processing for dreamteam might take too long if so.
2013-02-21 15:08
actually it is already a lot interesting because if u select medium price players and they perform ok in round 1 and play good in round 2, your team will earn more, but there is also a lot of risk.... btw good luck........ Game on :)
2013-02-21 15:53
yeah, guess you have a point here :p and good luck to you too :D
2013-02-21 16:00
It's all a matter of strategy. Once you know what time the market opens you can base it on that.
2013-02-21 17:15
gl Na`Vi and!
2013-02-21 15:15
Europe jUN^ 
2013-02-21 17:51
:D <3
2013-02-21 19:23
2013-02-21 16:08
Serbia xfm 
2013-02-21 16:13
10.00? I bet there would be at least 1-2 hrs delay! :P Anyway, GL to all the teams. Hf.
2013-02-21 16:16
online or lan? go
2013-02-21 18:30
lan ofc..
2013-02-21 19:23
Europe jUN^ 
...said the voice from the cave... )
2013-02-22 09:42
the topic is already ready with the NIP champion?
2013-02-22 02:56
Netherlands washedup28YO 
cant wait to see Navi. I have very high expectations of them, hope they can live up to them! GL to al! :D
2013-02-22 09:36
are NiP still gonna be undefeated on LAN? I think this might be one of the last tourneys they will.
2013-02-22 09:50
Epsilon, they should attend! GL Na'Vi, VG. Break the monopoly. P.S- Nice Movie Edit. Wonder who did it.
2013-02-22 10:36
I have a question: there will be spectators alowed at the event ?
2013-02-22 10:35
Ko igra za Line up for
2013-02-22 12:07
kassad YNk k1Ng0r emi NiKolinho
2013-02-22 12:37
top3: Na`vi NiP ESC
2013-02-22 16:00
kaman rs.esport :)))
2013-02-22 17:47
fuck csgo
2013-02-23 03:33
fuck you bitch
2013-02-23 12:09
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