CS:GO update adjusts Glock damage

February 21st, 2013 05:11

Valve has released a small update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, most notably adjusting the damage of the Glock pistol as well as Deagle's accuracy.

With Glock still considered overpowered despite its accuracy being adjusted in the previous update, Valve has rolled out yet another patch where they continue the balancing act as they've also adjusted Deagle's accuracy.

They have also fixed some issues with workshop, added a RCON whitelist and added better support for GOTV relays through commandline. Full release notes are:

Release Notes for 2/20/2013

[ MISC ]

- Reduced Glock damage.
- Reduced Deagle inaccuracy.
- Reduced Fiveseven and Tec9 prices.

- Added checks to prevent clients from executing workshop concommands.
- GameModes.txt and individual map kv files now get updated and loaded everytime a new map is loaded.
- Newly subscribed maps in workshop map selector are sorted to the start of the list.
- Fixed some cases where workshop maps failed to download.
- Added status indicator to main menu that shows if maps are currently downloading.
- Added convar sv_rcon_whitelist_address, rcon clients failing to auth from the specified IP address will never get banned.
- Fixed Windows GOTV relays crashing when running without Steam client.
- Improved handling of workshop maps on GOTV relays.
- Added support for specifying +tv_enable 1 +tv_relay ip:port on GOTV relay commandline.

It's also worth noting this update comes at a very questionable time with Mad Catz CS:GO Invitational just days away and it likely being too late for teams to adjust all of their strategies that might have relied on the strong Glock pistol of the previous update.

Korea ws0 
Cool story, deagle is still bad.
2013-02-21 05:19
f0rest | 
Russia goodjob 
ye... Valve retarded idiots.. 2-3 weeks ago CS:GO was fine.. but now the game worse than it was in the beginning
2013-02-21 12:43
you mean when you did 85dmg with a deagle to the chest no matter how far away the target was?
2013-02-21 13:20
Korea ws0 
no he means the actual deagle b4 they fucked it up in january.
2013-02-21 18:39
2013-02-21 05:14
2013-02-21 05:15
"likely being too late for teams to adjust all of their strategies that might have relied on the strong Glock pistol of the previous update." More like now they will actually have to make some strategies instead of getting a free win on T pistol.
2013-02-21 05:16
Australia lambr 
2013-02-21 05:19
five seven and tec9 might be new pickups then. already seen alot of people start trying out the five-seven
2013-02-21 05:21
United Kingdom an0^_^ 
Yeah, me to... Seen n0thing using it instead of deagle/p250 on his stream to, he seems to like it.
2013-02-21 05:23
57 is amazing :D it was good since it was more accurate - this money change finally makes it a financially worthwhile pickup. tec-9 is still absolute shit though
2013-02-21 05:29
p2000 need a buff... that pistol recoil so slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, nothing compared to p250, glock or desert...
2013-02-21 05:27
Korea ws0 
dgl still shitty.
2013-02-21 05:48
I thought with a stronger glock and most maps being ct sided that it was a good balance. Looks like its back to 10-5 11-4 halves :/
2013-02-21 05:55
It still one-shots without head armor. Before, you had to be scared of glocks even if you had a gun. That's just stupid.
2013-02-21 06:10
2013-02-21 05:57
2013-02-21 06:15
how hard is it to give dmg/accuracy details??? is it that fucking secret valve??
2013-02-21 06:31
2013-02-21 06:44
D:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\scripts
2013-02-21 09:56
2013-02-21 14:50
The nerf to glock doesn't mean its useless for pistol rounds. It's still awesome and fairly balanced, they just need to buff P2000 to even the pistol rounds out that little bit more The reason this update was required was because glock was insanely bullshit vs head armor
2013-02-21 06:56
pistol kills +300$ and smg pew pew's get over 9000$, doesn't make any sense
2013-02-21 07:10
Would prefer if that workshop had GUI ingame. It's very un-useful atm.
2013-02-21 07:45
It's still very op, maybe you need 3 not 2 bullets to HS, also still to accurate ! :)
2013-02-21 08:14
cold be 3x more money for pistol kills and 2x less money for gun kills ;]
2013-02-21 08:19
how silly of valve to update a dead game
2013-02-21 08:19
United Kingdom KINK 
I dont understand why they are updating 1.6 either.
2013-02-21 10:20
United Kingdom Alth 
Boom dey it is
2013-02-21 11:05
United Kingdom KracKeN[A] 
2013-02-21 12:22
"It's also worth noting this update comes at a very questionable time with Mad Catz CS:GO Invitational just days away" No it's not, the damage decrease of the glock is only about 15% (39 to 33) and you can still oneshot vs unarmoured cts at decent distance. But in order to know that you have to actually install the game instead of whining 24/7 on twitter about a game you don't play.
2013-02-21 08:21
+99999999 QFT
2013-02-21 14:47
in that case valve clearly didn't nerf glock enough and will have to update it more in the future. i base all of my opinions on what people who actually do play the game tell me :) umad
2013-02-21 18:02
? And ? That doesn't change the fact the sentence i quote from you is wrong ? I would like to discuss the "valve clearly didn't nerf glock enough" but since "your" opinion about GO is actually not yours and you have pretty much nothing relevant to say about GO, it's not worth the time. And i don't want to waste yours, you still have to investigate on why ESL did setup a conspiracy against ESC and fnatic to prevent them from reading a news on esl.eu and signing up to A-series or the cup. Obviously they are the only two to not understand how it works : better blame ESL.
2013-02-21 18:55
even if the adjustment isn't huge, it's still a terrible timing to release an update. this could have easily waited until monday so that teams could have played the game they've been practicing in vienna. i doubt anyone else knew about the inactivity points either, they just happened to be the ones playing it. besides, according to our sources in fnatic, fnatic were told by esl staff the previous night they got in, so obviously something is messed up if even esl's staff doesn't know the rules well enough :)
2013-02-21 19:00
I know that Valve was aware of the event this week-end. They could have waited until monday probably, doesn't make it a terrible timing nor a strat breaker. You don't realize they also made good improvements regarding bugs with the workshop/gotv that could have been problematic this w-e, and one does not simply patch the game without weapons adjustement.
2013-02-21 19:37
workshop and gotv have nothing to do with this tournament happening this weekend. this patch could, and should have waited till monday.
2013-02-21 19:39
Please don't try to play it clever when you have no clue, a member of our staff is helping Valve regarding the incoming event because mad catz will be using the eBot,and yes, there was some issues with the way maps were checked and gotv. Seriously you have such a big mouth for so little knowledge.
2013-02-21 19:54
funny hltv.org was able to run our gotvs without any real issues. it's enough to get the knowledge from people who are much smarter than you, an angry french ozstrik3r fan i presume.
2013-02-21 20:00
New crosshair type: Take crosshairstyle 3, and make it so when you run the crosshair gap doesnt expand like it currently does, but still keep the bounce of the crosshair when you shoot. So basically, the crosshair while running looks the same as when standing still, but still has that bounce while shooting that none of the other classic crosshair styles have. AWP: Registration: youtube.com/watch?v=HtLmF3uTcjI&list=UUY.. Make it less accurate while moving, more accurate while standing. Make awp scope not move while you move. Or, at the least, remove the blur and keep the bounce. Sounds: Sounds that are heard from player POV are not heard by enemy, needs to be fixed to help with confusion. Radar Expand radar reach to show teammates at a distance rather than arrows at edge of circle. Bomb Beeping Instead of beeping whole plant, only 1 beep when its about to be armed. +$300 after round ends when plant should be removed SPRAY PAINT So I can spray dead bodies :D Deagle RECOIL - Decrease more
2013-02-21 08:35
+1 Especially the AWP registration part ! I think the bomb beeping is fine, IMO it is a little bit to loud, you can practially hear it from across the map, where in 1.6 you could hear while being planted, but it sounded like someone was pressing the buttons on the bomb, which fits better with a person planting a bomb, instead of random beeping sounds as it is now.
2013-02-21 09:05
Slovenia dn1 
Yes, agreed.
2013-02-21 09:29
CT should not hear the sound when the tero is planting the bomb!! They need to fix this shit ASAP !! As for awp, it should be same like 1.6
2013-02-21 10:00
+1 agree
2013-02-21 10:07
n0thing, you can find all tickets about your thoughts in here: forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthrea.. Thanks in advance for interest and support vote. Other interesting thread: forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthrea..
2013-02-21 11:05
+1 about awp
2013-02-21 17:02
Sweden BenneDoT 
Nice little update!
2013-02-21 08:42
interesting ;o
2013-02-21 08:52
You're interesting! BAM :)
2013-02-21 09:16
2013-02-21 09:18
theyve said that
2013-02-21 10:32
deagle is better but still useless.
2013-02-21 09:33
cool good changes ct might win some pistol rounds now
2013-02-21 09:52
the development team need one experimented pro player to make the correct decisions. no a lot of people with different perspectives. regnam, nooky, etc etc etc
2013-02-21 09:58
Most pro players don't have time to help them.
2013-02-21 11:51
One retired pro player should do this^^
2013-02-21 14:49
Few more updates and this game is actually good. Sad that they doesn't make something like "update's test version", so people could 'test' everything before they update the game. Anyway, good job from Valve.
2013-02-21 09:59
That's why League of Legends works so well. They have a test server where they test the new updates and get the feedback from the community first. Something similar in CS:GO would be interesting.
2013-02-21 10:46
United Kingdom Alth 
Same in WoW with the PTR servers. Great utility to have in a game.
2013-02-21 11:08
Yeah, exactly what I want to see. Dota have something similar as well, I don't get why they don't make it in CS:GO.
2013-02-21 13:26
Yeah, we never see stuff like TBC, ArP stacking or champs like Kha'Zix after weeks of PTR ;p There's still huuuge balance issues being released into the official client in both LoL/WoW etc., even though they have a PTR server
2013-02-21 13:39
pro players have a beta key , they test the updates before they come out , in css happened the same when the update comes out
2013-02-21 15:24
not with every update, that only happens on really big ones like recoil changes etc and before big events.
2013-02-21 15:55
oh sorry my mistake
2013-02-21 18:24
2013-02-21 11:50
Please valve we want a matchmaking with mirage and competitive maps. And new vac valve against cheaters.
2013-02-21 10:16
2013-02-21 11:25
2013-02-21 17:15
Netherlands g@M 
very short before a big tournament
2013-02-21 10:16
game still sucks
2013-02-21 10:27
cuz u suck at it..
2013-02-21 15:06
why the hell if I connecting to server where is for example de_dust2_se disconnected me . Its showing me "coz I need download this map" I will download buy workshop but this map is not working still disconnected. If if put that map from folder maps/workshop/XXXX(some numbers) to maps. its working. So why the hell workshop is ?
2013-02-21 10:57
Finnaly glock nerfed but comon dgl so useless
2013-02-21 10:58
someone knows the exact damage now ?
2013-02-21 11:17
2013-02-21 13:37
You're welcome.
2013-02-21 13:42
i really like dgl in go, i dont have to buy it
2013-02-21 11:24
Valve please don't fix any of the guns. All you have to do is make the P2000 either stronger, or make Five-SeveN do more damage!!!, i'd like the Five-SeveN to do more damage.
2013-02-21 11:32
Better something than nothing. But, Valve should check these threads: 1. forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthrea.. 2. forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthrea.. Thanks in advance for interest and support vote.
2013-02-21 11:49
My comment about these weapons balance. Glock: - should be a little less powerful than P2000, - burst fire mode should be the same like it was in 23.01. To balance P2000 and Glock. P2000: - add silencer, - with silencer a little better fire rate and accuracy, - with silencer a little worse damage. Deagle: - should be a god of eco round (more possibility to win deco round), - should be really accurate when we stand, - should have more viewpunch than other pistols.
2013-02-21 12:44
Yeah .. think the deagle should remain this more of undpredictable - a bit more random heavy calibre guncannonish style... an "all or nothing" pistol like it always been. A weapon that you cant comprehend like others, but once in while pulls of wicked sick spectacular insta headshot orgies especially in those more tight situations, like no other pistol or rifle for that matter. You know its a bit luck involved every now and then, but thats where the beautyful skill lies in this particular weapon - predicting the (increased) unpredictiveness. ;D...
2013-02-21 14:06
Your glock and p2000 balance idea is horrible! :O I hope Valve will never implement them. D:
2013-02-21 13:57
So write what is wrong with it, instead "horrible", because I think it's not, it will be similar to USP vs. Glock in CS 1.6.
2013-02-21 15:50
A silencer can never improve the accuracy of a pistol/rifle. Its the opposite. It will probably be weaker also. But thats just IRL
2013-02-21 18:03
Ok, I see your point. So without increasing accuracy it's still horrible idea?
2013-02-21 18:13
Please refrain from commenting on anything for the foreseeable future. Thankyou.
2013-02-21 17:33
Sorry but no.
2013-02-21 18:14
This is perfect time for valve adding silencer to CT default pistol (CS:GO version of USP, - p200 or what it is called) Silencer: Once applicating silencer the fireing frequency rate is slightly increased and just slightly, slightly more accurate, while its firepower is decreased. ..something like that would be great giving the game some further divercity, then no need to nerf glock anymore? rather nerf the viewpunch when recieving dmg from pistols (exept DGL) when having fully strong equipped vest+helm.
2013-02-21 11:57
Five-Seven now best pistol
2013-02-21 12:07
Glock is still better.
2013-02-21 12:20
try Five-Seven, after update Glock was terrible
2013-02-21 16:53
it woulkd be better if they fix p90 and other guns without recoil and adjust recoil in m4 and ak47 when people are running.. its "f" annoying, they only run and shoot and they hit your head !
2013-02-21 12:09
lol, no they shouldn't. Just oneshot the dude who is running, SO EASY. p90 should stay the same, now its between being worthless and worth something, its fine. Atleast its not like in the start, a dude buys a p90 and get 5 hs because he just randomly sprayed.
2013-02-21 12:22
2013-02-21 13:26
2013-02-21 14:24
Good update for the issues that occured last week, ie workshop maps not loading, some not downloading and GOTV clients/relay clients having issues with it.
2013-02-21 12:28
2013-02-21 12:49
glock should have remained powerful :( like n0thing said , fix awp registration and that shitty beep from source , maybe radar expansion
2013-02-21 12:52
did you also get +$300 when planting the bomb after round end in 1.6?
2013-02-21 14:51
"after round"? money immediately after plant like all cs versions(i think even cz has it)
2013-02-21 17:06
yeah I was asking because n0thing complained^^
2013-02-21 17:17
Another update, another Deagle buff. Next week: Deagle nerf. Come again.
2013-02-21 13:00
woke up. red the update. joined a cs:go deathmatch server. shot 7 bullets with the deagle. red the update again and now i'm confused...
2013-02-21 13:02
2013-02-21 13:13
haha, I literally just did the same :) - did they even update it? maybe they forgot :D
2013-02-21 13:13
Estonia TehkarN 
Forgot what?? Their update made deagle more accurate!
2013-02-21 18:33
its still super shite
2013-02-21 13:39
deagle is still shit xD its looks like i have a cannon in hands.
2013-02-21 13:40
Good update.
2013-02-21 13:41
Return 1st deagle
2013-02-21 14:06
Argentina 257 
2013-02-21 18:55
update fail... old demos will not open!
2013-02-21 14:39
again? lol.
2013-02-21 14:52
how can VALVE in the first place even make updates that makes the game so unbelievable random??? Shouldnt there be some sense in making CSGO, for example NOT making deagle like bazooka. I mean where is the structure and why can it fail so bad? Its like a monkey for president, sry, sry for insultes
2013-02-21 15:04
low brain
2013-02-21 15:06
wouldnt be suprised if them "brains" would be ignored pretty much like the community.. For example with molotovs, the MOST players didnt like to play with them, still tournaments allowed them. Makes no sense
2013-02-21 15:16
Molotovs are in most situations quite easily countered if Human. MB Ya'll need a good ole sszzzmoke to enhance brainsIQ, Just. [Question] status: >Bot....< -----> or Not
2013-02-21 16:25
Im talking about the time you couldn't "counter" the molotov with smoke.
2013-02-21 18:48
How hard is it to fix how broken the deagle is atm? Honestly I do like the glock because it gives T's a better chance because most maps in CS usually tend to be CT favoured. Though it does need to be toned down slightly and the P2000 is absolutely horrible. Give it a slightly higher fire rate and increase the damage a little and it'll be more fair.
2013-02-21 16:24
okay valve here's the thing: im gonna piss my pants of excitement when u finally add a silencer to the m4 and the p2000 :D
2013-02-21 16:39
The P2000 must be more powerful than the glock, because the Colt is more expensive than the AK. They should just mimic the dmg and accuracy of the 1.6 Glock and USP. Other pistols should be more powerful than the starting ones since you actually have to buy them. There is no sense in making the free pistols (that you start with) the best ones. Deagle should be a bit more accurate than the 1.6 version, with a slight dmg nerf. P250, Tec9, Fiveseven should all perform on par with their pricetag. With weaker Glock and P2000 you could either base your pistolround on grenades, kevlar or a better pistol.
2013-02-21 18:07
p2000 the worst pistol ever !
2013-02-21 18:34
dont spray try to 1shot
2013-02-22 07:04
It doesn't matter
2013-02-22 19:52
Argentina 257 
2013-02-21 18:57
Deagle is nice if you crouch spam/tap, good recoil recovery.
2013-02-21 21:49
sooo... oops. in regards to the p2k, if it just had some more "survivability" built in, i think increasing the ROF is a good idea. way too many times do i feel like i just get stomped while doing negligible damage as you're getting rushed. waiting to try out the deagle and it sounds like the glock is still unholilly good.
2013-02-22 05:34
Europe midi 
they have simply destroyed glock with just 2 updates, but its still somehow better than hk p2k.
2013-02-22 11:16
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